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SOTY incoming general


SOTY incoming general


1100×10803.70Mb00:10210627 Backstage Behind DAY9 OH MY GIRL KCONTACT 4 U

also, remember to stretch and drink plenty of water




remember to stretch

I haven't done that in years...




first time seeing that pic

Sua is teaser mogging this comeback


>>620934 ➡

they both look miserable during this performance. Is it to prevent retarded fanwars?



I honestly only looked at Arin, most of the time in OMG fancams I only look at her too and she was her normal self. I've read TXT fans like the couple, so there aren't any fanwars.



write an email to happy:) with a complaint

540×9602.28Mb00:086ft 3




first Taeyeon now Heejin, small thin qts are packing some now



barefoot performance




wtf Mijoo this is way too sekshie even for you



why are gooks so shy near the white boys?


same energy



dunno he looks like a typical guy here


well the streams are dead but tbh it was pretty boring, since I got in 40 minutes ago it was just talking and 5 minutes of dancing


pick one


What i've been doing while on a brake

Turns out she wasn't preggo

She was just testing out the weapons of their parent company



PlayM doing things right

I like the little bits of her high notes



I was talking to a Korean guy about guns and he said these places are very uncommon.




orbits thinking that whole kpop revolves around loona




nigga she's showing her back and with no visible clues of even what group it is



I regret not buying their concert now!



but memes about kpop agency selling weapons and dirty secrets behind Loona's huge funding were pretty funny


I got it instantly based on the info he posted



son heung-min is like the only internationally relevant korean athlete and because of that he mogs the rest of his nation




Twice bootycall

but why if he can do better?


there is a "stylist" in korea who saw this and thought "yeah she needs meme bangs to look better"



Soeun looked very funny in their latest tiktok, it's not fair...



oh no... it looks even worse than in the teaser



I wish I didn't have to very true this post but it IS very true


at least Monday got silver memehair


some of you guys are alright, don't go to PlayM's headquarters this week


Nice collar bone



but I have a date with Zoa there tomorrow...


Nice clothes

For a clown to wear

To the idiot circus



Weird meme clothes I guess


been watching dramas and now i miss the feeling of having crushes and girl interests...



I have waifus, that's enough for me




he had crushes and girl interest before




so this is why people get butthurt so easily here....



she spends too much time in korea and is being infected with their fashion sense




wasting life


watching kpap and kqts

Pick one



That is subjective.

My friend's older brother is getting divorced.

He is now 40 year old broke man living in his parents' appartment.




n case forevers are as jewish as miracles

pay for it, you stealing negro!



I don't agree with that either.

Generally, I believe you should have some sort of middle ground.



I literally have no real problems in my life, I have job I like and after work I just chill

I feel like I'm the luckiest man in the world



of course my motto of enjoying it has some deeper roots, it's not like you should be ok with being a homeless druggie because you're enjoying it




dumb zoomer escapist

projecting bro...



I am gonna escape this world whether you like it or not


I'm gonna hit the world with Rocket Punch


First we gonna rock, then we gonna roll

Then we let it pop, go, let it go (what)

X gon' give it to ya (uh), he gon' give it to ya

X gon' give it to ya, he gon' give it to ya



good thing I'm a schizo and don't need one




X gon' give it to ya, he gon' give it to ya




I would owerpower that little shit easily

664×8564.24Mb00:06210713 SBS MTV 더 쇼 (269회) 1080i HDMI.KPOP24hrs


600×8601013.22Kb00:05210627 OH MY GIRL(오마이걸) FanPick Cam Vote winning performance KCONTACT 4 U

just dance ~

700×8762.65Mb00:06210627 OH MY GIRL(오마이걸) FanPick Cam Vote winning performance KCONTACT 4 U

dun dun daance ~

796×97819.16Mb00:09210725 드림콘서트 비하인드 오마이걸

how can anyone be so sexy and so cute too?


Somi reveals weight and height on IG


172 cm


46 kg

I don't believe it.

She must be heavier



And Somi has nice chest as well

I swear to god, if she comes out on the comeback with all her assets lost....



from the little I've seen in recent pics, she looks the same so maybe 46 kg is her unachievable goal

I think Nana in Real Man (lol) she was ~52 kg, and she's around her height and build


I think the effort was worth it, interpolation and stabilization



this is literally us




Nana in Real Man (lol)




dad asking her to buy him a car because Loona won a show lol

how much money do they get from one win?




and apparently she isn't

that means she will look for rich chaebol once her Loona career is over



thinking about that twin tails video


tfw handed in masters thesis

kpop for this feel?



That is why I say it's bs

She is skinny, but no way she is that underweight




Haseul is truly wife material

Always knew that. She was doting on the younger members so much.

Her vlog was comfy as fuck.



Yeah, but 46kg is the weight of my 13 year old sister that is a literal stick while being ~165 cm tall

Somi with her womanly bits cannot possibly weight that much while also being 172


i mean i used to weigh 57kg as 180cm, and i wasn't unhealthy or anything, just a sticc nerd



maybe kpops tell their absolute lowest weight when dehydrated and shit :D that's easily 3kg lower than normal dayweight



this doesn't sound like a cute concept... Yoohyeon is a liar!

I like it tho, the beginning reminds me of their first 3 songs since debut


bros I will have no hot water at my apartment for the next 2 weeks

kpop for this feel?



showering in cold water kills the gains


good news

Nancy stopped crying


ask Odd Eye Circle to sing Odd Eye




when I see this teaser all I can think of is how bad the Soeun teaser will be


if i could pick any kpop to marry it just might be Nancy...




not picking Eunbi

I don't believe you


I think the prettiest kpop currently is Minju but if I got married with her we would be the least functioning couple in the world

I'm a schizo machild and she's clumsy and shy af so we would get nothing done



This would be a 10/10 sitcom to watch though


imagine getting married with Lee Luda, having two sons and then leaving them because you can't accept that your sons are manlets




after the accident?

He just confirmed she's got what he wants.

I would wanna see my waifu naked before marrying her



Are you one of them puritan guys that averts eyes when woman exposes elbows?


today while driving a car I realized why I liked Paint the town so much

the catchiest parts are in english or are just lalala, tatata, nanananana etc so I can sing along


Is Nayeon a womanchild?



she's just not that pretty so she had to develop some kind of personality


Nice dance

Better quality juseyo


I am not a footfag, but even I can tell these are uggo feet




walking right behind her staring at her yogapants butt all day..

Even in your wildest fantasy, you are still just watching....




she said she went to a very good school but she just took a few classes there

she went there few times tho?



no but she said she was a student there, you can't say that if you took only an external course


but I forgive her



when was this?

she's obviously found Jesus recently maybe I should forgive her this one lie



she just got into the concept too much



She didn't lie, the reality is just wrong

If Yooa says it, it's true



she's always denying our relationship, over 20 times




sullie dies


releasing Psycho


irene scandal


releasing Monster

SM is truly weird



A deep dive into the judgement article of the "Idol School" manipulation case


The court stated CP Kim manipulated the results of 33 contestants out of 40 in episode 2, 39/40 in 4, 26/32 in 5, 27/32 in 6, 21/28 in 7, 27/28 in 8, 26/28 in 9, 17/18 in 10, and 17/18 in 11, abusing their power to obstruct the production of the show and the viewers' rights to select the debut members.

I think we all expect the show to be a little rigged, not almost 100% fake lmao, they went too far.



I like the final result though, they should just added the "experts panel" or something, bunch of dumbasses lol



it also means they got rid of Natty so it was a win

Haein was cool though, she was going to be the Eunbi of the group



you seem to be an expert on survival shows

why was fromis so much less successful compared to produce groups?

less marketing?




However, 'Girls Planet 999' emphasizes that the selection method is completely different from the 'Produce' series. Audition programs may have similar themes, but they have eliminated the most problematic text voting. "Girls Planet 999" counts votes through a fan community called Universe. Universe' is a K-pop entertainment app developed by NC Soft. It is a platform that allows fandom activities to be carried out smoothly online. Earlier in January, errors in the pre-voting data management program were found ahead of the final live broadcast of Mnet's audition program "CAP-TEEN," so this time, they decided to join hands with NCsoft to vote. It means that it will block the production team's intervention in the ranking selection process. It presents Mnet's willingness to regain viewers' trust by enhancing fairness.


In addition, "Girls Planet 999" plans to have outside observers at the site. It said it would prevent manipulation from happening in a double or triple basis. A broadcasting official said, "Giving viewers the perception that the final group was selected fairly is the biggest task of this program."



Universe is one of the worst apps I've used




Haein was cool though, she was going to be the Eunbi of the group

have you seen those fancams?




you seem to be an expert on survival shows

lol I have actually watched them all, and yeah that's pretty much it, less marketing, trying a new brand when Produce 101 was the best program out there, they also had much less money, no big agencies involved (only ex-JYP Natty), the overall school girl theme wasn't everyone's cup of tea

so in short, it was like Produce 101 but crappier, they gave that image




, they decided to join hands with NCsoft to vote

ah yes, the company that made the worst app possible is trusted with this lmao




how to please your chinese host 101




Handong on tik tok

what a liar


I would avoid the eye contact with them so fucking hard if I meet them wearing those dresses



they've had a lot of bad luck. OTR putting them on hold while IZONE promotes, hiatus while Idol School lawsuits clear up and then covid times. They've had two comebacks but it still feels like they're dungeoned, sales and ratings have been fine though.



yooa getting a piece of both in the last one



vocals, raps, dance and of course visuals, I want this subunit

900×8631.02Mb00:05episode 2 i think


ah you're talking about Laboum! I'm talking about Lee Haein



I've seen them all, only Produce 101 and Produce 48 are worth watching. Maybe the Chinese Produce 101 too, they had plenty of money to produce that one.



some girls were VERY cute though, and I started to like the language, it's only awful if I hear it from an old lady with a very high pitch













yes, and the male produce 101s, Idol School, ILAND

it's not that they're that awful, but only Produce 101 and 48 have a great payload at the end. I wouldn't watch them if they were that bad,



that sounds like paid content, you'd need to subscribe and pay money for them




yes, and the male produce 101s, Idol School, ILAND


I don't have motivation to watch so many kpop shows



I think youtube-dl has support for downloading it, but you need to have a link to the video



don't get me wrong, it's not like I have to watch them, I give them a chance on the first episode, and if they do things right I keep watching


girls for the cute, dudes for the relatable stuff, plus they have little gay stuff



"group name"+ is usually paid content, like not paying for each one but you need to be a member




BP ones were ripped out and uploaded to bootleg sites. Maybe some commie Loona fans do that as well




tfw they've done 2 seasons of Broduce Japan but no sign of Girls ver.

PD101JP was pretty depressing to watch, I think the contestants couldn't be with an agency so most of them sucked ass at singing and dancing and they knew it. Plus not having an agency meant they had nothing to go back to and many of them quit their jobs and moved homes to participate, the desperation was intense. The japanese editing was too real, way more docu style, maybe they changed it for season 2. You could tell the dudes put on a happy face for the latter part of season 1, probably after watching the first episodes and seeing how miserable everything looked.



damn I need to watch that one, nobody was watching so I didn't know much about it, I was only aware of it


I have just watched The Mole: Undercover in North Korea.

It is about two con men who dabbed on entire North Korean regime which is pretty funny.


ofc the gook barber shaves his friggin FOREHEAD



I have good memories related to this hairstyle



that is exactly what it reminded me of



Say something nice to Candy Leader, it's her day


will Loona restart promos or is it already over?


kinda like this cute concept



Czech Republic to donate 30,000 COVID jabs to Taiwan


Thankful for vaccines, Taiwan praises Czech Republic as democracy partner

I am not getting that stand mandated Chink waifu after this....



A-At least, we are getting Taiwanese refugee gf, right?



No, but the supplies are probably reaching expiration date because the population doesn't wanna get jabbed




the population doesn't wanna get jabbed

why not? I thought that country was smart



you deserved it for shitting on soviet union



you can't even make a cool nickname with this. I think fans will just stick with ciggies or something


why do you associate cignature with smoking

for me the closest word is signature


Maybe he is a Brit so he smokes fags



not allowed to watch fancams in such detail




last year

no wonder I remembered this from somwhere around 2020

my monitor already rotates so it's weird to have that



But this rotates on it's own, no bullshit with cables, you just click button and it goes.




, you just click button and it goes.

I mean, I click the bottom that controls my hands and I can rotate it, cables are not an issue though, it has a hole in the stand




I have no idea why I made it as a reply to your post



maybe because you noticed that I'm a shy chad with good taste and decided that I would want to see those Goeuns



their standards aren't that high for sure...



I think it's very ordinary pop song. Dadada at least has the meme nature to it and the choreo really elevates it.



can't wait for my album to arrive

the photobook will be kino


Sunmi noona.....


Look how they massacred my girl




I am boycotting this Weekly comeback



hooooly fucking shit literally a perfect 10



I think I am going to wait for the MV



do you seriously think you are the only one who knows about Twice's jap comeback?




no but this guy discovered it because of my post

holy shit take your meds




TWICE JAPAN 3rd ALBUM『Perfect World』


2021.07.28 Release (that's today)

kpg talked about it today a lot you cringe motherfucker


take your meds or kys please


wow comment from the future

or did they hack youtube to change post dates so that kchanon could win his argument?



where did I deny that?

I said the ALBUM was released today and kpg talked about it, you should get some reading comprehension classes



why did he link MV released ages ago instead of the album?


are all people in the other thread so autistic?


in the other thread

he's on that topic again



it's oncels and they were cucked by their girls so many times it fucked up their brains



They hit the wall like they'are waifus, but they did it physically not metaphorically



what about Tzuyu and the mysterious caller in one of their vlives?





our Jiho is pure and would never do that



wow it's really good

thanks for linking that, I usually miss all the jap releases even when I like the groups


this is what posting in both threads does to a mf


it makes you shizo?


mom's father?


we should stop (You)ing each other

thread looks prettier without those links


my IQ is 1488


what did Yukyung mean by this?



is she doing adult stuff off-camera?



that wasn't my original idea but.... now I want it



he slapped her for having polish name



Chinkland doesn't have the ban on porn like SK

there is plenty of amateur and proffesional stuff from china



I recently got like some sort of sexual tiktoks from a chink, she looks like an idol (in some ways better than an idol)


back in simpler times....



[Today’s K-pop] Girls’ Generation to appear in variety show to mark 14th debut anniversary: report


Dami looking feminine

rare skirt

1794×17482.91Mb00:05[MPD직캠] 드림캐쳐 한동 직캠 4K 'BEcause' (Dreamcatcher HANDONG FanCam) | @MCOUNTDOWN_2021.7.29 <>


cute pits concept



I know but I still find it creepy

there were warning signs, we could have saved her


my evil elf wife







there are many of us!

1000×15642.53Mb00:074K 160828 오마이걸 명동 팬사인회 모듬5 (OH MY GIRL)--AnEzIr_IrU

imagine making your idol cry because you told her the story of your life...



That should be fairly easy. Just tell her your dog died last week and it's almost guaranteed



being honest doesn't mean she needs to know about my 20 GB collection I have of her



she would never ask something sexual, she's not a Korean for me if she asks that

if I notice she's very shy before doing it, I'd just say "haha, it's my first time too"




goes the Ellin route

like making reviews on dildos?

1582×15962.88Mb00:044K 160828 오마이걸 명동 팬사인회 모듬5 (OH MY GIRL)--AnEzIr_IrU


the vlive was an accident!

I think


why is he always a cunt like that?

a nigga just made a honest mistake


Would love to see that dress tho



Jiyeon said they will do it without any company so I guess it will be a ballad with no promos...


tfw no Mimi gf








you can register your bank account only when you're 18 though?









There are accounts for kids that you can make with your parents' signature


I would register account for my daughterwife iykwim


Dong flexing on us



very cute



a bit embarrassing to browse kchan in korean cafe, people would think I'm koreaboo or something



We went over this, nobody gives a fuck about what you browse on your phone as long as it's not porn blasting at full volume from your speakers.



how do you know that, I'm always looking at other people phone screens and make assumptions about them based on the things I see


great outfits




It is good. All Day Long is very comfy.



I surprisingly like Airplane, it's a meme but a very catchy meme

still I will have Whistle for repeat for few hours now, other songs will have to wait


[HT] 210730 @ 20:40 KST

#Dreamcatcher (@hf_dreamcatcher) Special Mini Album <Summer Holiday> 47,041 copies sold (47,041 total) [1st Day] still counting

It's already their highest 1st day sales



you've already posted this one, sorry


looks like Love So Sweet, Moon and Whistle are the Holy Trinity of kpop in 2021



that would be too good to ever be true

they look really good btw, I wonder how good Yuki's spanish is


thank you choreographer-nim

very cool


gahchub-bros, report the status



the best in the omo department

I think Odd Eye is still the most a e s t h e t i c s

752×538970.89Kb00:01[MPD직캠] 드림캐쳐 가현 직캠 4K 'BEcause' (Dreamcatcher GAHYEON FanCam) | @MCOUNTDOWN_2021.7.29 <>


looking good



kinda like this song more though so im biased, and the dark concept is really visually pleasing

tfw no jiu vampire gf



they kept talking it would be a cute concept but at least the MV is actually more creepy than the whole dystopia trilogy




Gah and Yoo talked about it on multiple occasions, I'm glad it didn't happen tho



what do you think about Airplane tho?

I think they will promote it and kpg has really mixed opinions about it



generic meme summer song to the point i cant even point what group its from lol, i dont really like summer songs to begin with, whistle is way better



someone called it a "shitty Izone b-side" and I can kinda hear it

but still I have the LALALALALALA stuck in my head, I think it's the most gook friendly DC song ever tho



It is probably what they meant by cute concept

They should promote Whistle instead



it sounds to me more like omg, and it is the type of stuff gooks would listen to so not a bad choice i guess



stop fatshaming idols

we have enough skellys already


jiu's voice in the first whistle chorus just hits me




They should promote Whistle instead


no Silent Night promos


no In the Frozen promos


no Whistle promos

you gotta live a happy life huh?



based literally me

I'm a high test chad but it almost makes me tear up



i think its the most beautiful it has ever sounded for some reason, so same


Listening to Airplane now



it sounds to me more like omg

how dare you, Airplane is a lot more generic

the other anon had a point, it has that certain sound you can't tell from who it is, this reminds me f(x) but a bit more modern



fx had a very particular sound imo, in their golden age at least



for me it's full moon when they sing "Please remember me, Please meet me again"




this reminds me f(x) but a bit more modern

the latest album with 4walls on it?




not that it's like f(x), but in its genericness has that sound too

I don't think f(x) was that unique other than Red Light, but their voices made it different from others




I don't think f(x) was that unique other than Red Light,

brother Nu ABO was the most unique song kpop has ever seen



the most unique kpop song is obviously IGAB



they had a lot... the entire red light album is really unique, some of pink tape too and the really early songs like nu abo and danger were particular to their sound


Airplanes biggest problem is that it's right after BEcuase, first it gets sound mogged, second it feels out of place

if I heard it on a Twice album after Dance the night away I think I would like it more


Bianca Volkova...



maybe not unique but at leaast half of the songs from those 2 albums arent generic at all imo



not really, I can only think of IGAB, Zimzalabim, I Don't Like Your GF and Red Light as unique, maybe a couple more


bros kpg is shitting on Dami for her rap part again





honestly this is one of the few times where i felt like her rap verse didnt add much to the song, i liked the boca and odd eye ones a lot more

1920×10802.57Mb00:02Dreamcatcher(드림캐쳐) 'BEcause' MV-PEKkdIT8JPM

how the tables have turned



nigga, are you also confusing good with unique?



thanks for your honest thoughts



do you like popcorn?

I think it is necessary for happy life




I'm looking for Joe




Joe Mama lol does fortnite dance





Pyo Hyemi is showing feet on youtube

this isn't how we wanted it to end



the popcorn bills won't pay themselves


pyo is gonna make me a footfag...






not being a footfag




more like fag





while going through the pics from yesterday I noticed they have a new car

based CEO bought them a Mercedes




#Dreamcatcher has surpassed 300,000 copies sold on Hanteo with all of their albums.

Given the success of last two albums, it is well deserved



he also grows some magic healthy gook carrots for DC

he seems like a nice lad



It is great that they have a good relationship.

Hopefully being part of smaller company means there is not that much pressure put onto them.




Hopefully being part of smaller company means there is not that much pressure put onto them.

lots of pressure in any company, but I'm sure there are other advantages of a good relationship, like how maybe they were tired and sad of MINX's concept and that's why the CEO decided to do an entirely different one for DC, which is very rare in kpop, they usually just ditch the girls



At least my delusions are about having cute girl for a wife.


I am at family vacation, celebrating uncle's birthday. ~20 people and the whole commotion was really village-like. At times like this I wonder how my waifu would think of me and my family.




A rapidly increasing form of female migration is for marriage. Since the 1990s, foreign

brides have been sought by farmers in rural areas of Japan, South Korea and Taiwan, due

to the exodus of local women to more attractive urban settings (Lee 2008). International

marriages accounted for almost 14% of all marriages in South Korea in 2005, with even

higher percentages in rural areas. Marriages are often arranged by agencies. This is one of

the few forms of permanent immigration permitted in Asia.

Is it over?



On the other hand, some kqts are from rural areas in SK and some of those are literally middle ages tier. Maybe there would be some thst would lile the atmosphere of my slav village






marriages accounted for almost 14% of all marriages in South Korea in 2005,

We can make it lads




tfw 20.2 BMI but still fat-fingering words on phone keyboard



not sure about that, we would need to see the statistics of marriages, maybe they're doing it more with other Asians




20.2 BMI

I'm feeling quite bad at 22.5, are you ok?

23 works much better in my case so far


40 BMI bros ww@


I think I was 25 at max during corona times and almost fast food diet





This is one of the few forms of permanent immigration permitted in Asia. The young women involved (from the Philippines, Vietnam and Thailand) can experience severe social isolation. China’s one-child policy has led to considerable gender imbalances, so that Chinese farmers are beginning to seek brides through agents in Vietnam, Laos and Burma. By 2003, 32% of brides in Taiwan were from the Chinese mainland or other countries, and births to immigrant mothers made up 13% of all births



not sure how statistics would help here, there're not so many foreigners in SK



I lost some weight since Christmas and I finally managed to stop the loss and stabilised it. Was feeling quite weak and nauseous at some points.

I think I just didn't eat enough.


Airplane la la la la la la

Go up into the sky


Bin Bin Dance


Cool place



I just always wanted to get an arthoegf and figured a room like that would help


I just want cute girl like Minju



Bezos with that tranny thing as well. Maybe the ultra rich get weird fetishes and can pull them off even in public


Whistle should have been Jiu's solo


Noonabros get in here



hoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooly shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt ...


hmm it starts well



what the fuck....

I feel bad for not knowing about this earlier




kinda reminds me of Stranger Things

yeah, a 70s/80s feel, like most kpop songs nowadays...

not hating though. even though I had enough of that concept it might be cool




like most kpop songs nowadays...

BEcause, PTT or First weren't retro


210731 aespa rumored to comeback with a full album in September

Please be true, Please be true, Please be true, Please be true, Please be true, Please be true, Please be true, Please be true, Please be true, Please be true, Please be true, Please be true, Please be true, Please be true, Please be true, Please be true, Please be true, Please be true, Please be true, Please be true, Please be true, Please be true,



and the avatars will dance with CGI Paul Walker...


I was visiting father today and we watched F1. I have not seen it in like a decade. Is it always this much fun? That one guy took out 3 other cars.




Is it always this much fun?

from what I remember it was boring as HECK

2490×21608.55Mb00:09[8K] 210801 오마이걸 효정, 비니 출근길 직캠 (OH MY GIRL Hyojung, Binnie)-zXlSHqnYIag