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actually 3 weeks

I'm back on 10th, gonna watch all kdramas on netflix



That is really good. I am going back on the 3rd but I am not actually taking any days off.

I am currently watching Train (2020) which is pretty cool thriller with slight scifi elements.

Also, I did some research last week and wrote down like 15 shows that seem interesting.




I am going back on the 3rd but I am not actually taking any days off.

uh? how does it work?

you have bank holidays since Christmas till new year?

I had to take 12 days off to pull this off



wow, that's pretty based

I "only" got a christmas bonus



Many companies may give you extra 5 days off instead.

So it is a bit like gamble. This year, the gap in between holidays is 6 days.

Therefore, I am getting one extra day. May be different when Christmas are not on the weekend



Now that I think about it, do Japanese idols dye their hair blonde regularly? Or do they avoid it because of stigma?




do they avoid it because of stigma?

they avoid it because of ligma




she wasn't the lead right?

she was the lead, she had like 90% of screentime, only like 3 scenes were without her

there wasn't any need for kisses anyway



listening to it now on spotify. it's kinda meh. the start of the chorus is annoying sounding



yeah, the chiki-chika-choo lines are kinda abnoxious

but at least the song's intro isn't annoying like in Pirate or Savage



that's the best part. the feels like a shark part right before that is annoying. they look good in the mv though

i have listened to a very minimal amount of new kpop this year and everyone says they're bad so i'm just gonna trust them


feeling freaky about those purkies



I don't dislike it but the intro just feels like that Hot Issues song


we can at least agree that both of their albums were great, right?




we can at least agree that both of their albums were great, right?

we sure can

Hide & Seek was my second most listened album this year


I started doing this face irl after seeing booba

this place ruined my brain




I first look into someone's eyes to see with how much I can get away with



who said I meant real people?

I don't go outside so it's mostly about TV shows


tfw no Binnie goth gf



I've read both good and bad reviews, average score is not so bad

it was good for what it was



average is not great for such a revolutionary franchise

based on the reviews, it appears as a cashgrab as most of these sequels after many years




revolutionary franchise

revolutionary first movie*

you should have seen the reception of the other 2 when they came out, this 4th one is not so far from them; lots of people like my dad watched the 2nd and 3rd movie once, and came out with a disgusted grin on their faces, and they never watched them again, that's how bad they were

I was a retarded fan so I watched them many times




and came out with a disgusted grin on their faces

was it about all the niggers in Zion?


if kpop existed back then Neo would have taken the blue pill



I think mostly because it turned into Matrix - the Goku Saga, but I like Dragon Ball too so I liked that



never watched dragon balls

I'm not into hentai





honestly, the original is the only one I have rewatched in recent years

people still claim that 2 and 3 were way more ambitious than just memberberries though


I liked the scene with the bikes

they went fast and they went vroom, that's what action movies are about



they weren't more ambitious, they just had an unlimited budget because the reception of the first one was so good

I mean, they built a lot of things from scratch, like the whole section of interstate road from the chase scene in Reloaded, which was later used by many other movies


makes the booba face irl




chocolate flavour paleo nutrition

now that's what i call based



Imo universe is an abomination that will ruin kpop

t. schizo




they go to some private school and realize they're sharks

sounds like some A24 kino plot



i think i understand it now

they have a strict nazi teacher who dies in the car accident at the beginning and after that the girls feel free, start partying and feeling empowered




do you understand the concept?

I'm a simple guy, the concept in my mind is hot girls dancing in nice outfits




feeling empowered

you mean they act like sl*ts?

ok I'll watch the MV


Merry Christmas


Christmas without kgf is fucking pointless and depressing

unless you really like food like this mofo >>687154 seems to



It is the classic visiting relatives and getting tons of meals

I don't want any more of it



idols pretend to celebrate christmas to be inclusive but Koreans don't do anything for this holiday, it's just another day



it's the opposite here, people don't care nearly as much about new years here. Then again it kinda makes sense to celebrate new years more


tfw recently found out that christmas is on the 24th not because of Jesus' bday (nobody kniws when he was born) but because it's winter solstice and they just wanted to continue the pagan tradition of celebrating then

my entire xmas experience has been a lie


omo, perfect xmas gift from arin



I remember that they taught as about the pagan origins (like Christmas trees) in middle school. It is true there is little known about Jesus outside of the Christian sources.







twice concerts look fun


that tattoo

is Cub mentally ill?


I've rewatched Matrix 2. It was very entertaining.

But they have just made Neo too powerful and some action scenes too ridiculous.



are those her...



for me girs are generally hotter with short gair