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Happy new year 12,022



i have very little interest in karina when she's not showing her tits



is this the famous korean age?


Netflix's new series 'The Silent Sea' debuts to mixed reactions

I enjoyed it even tho the actresses weren't cute, I would even say they were all uggos


why is Netflix pushing out so many korean shows? is it because they've become a profitable meme?


I think they make lots of shows from various countries but the gook ones get popular because they are good/kpopfans watch them



Was it better than Hellbound? It stars Bae Donna so at least the acting was likely solid.




Was it better than Hellbound?

Hellbound pissed me off because it was like twice too short but it definitely had a better story than silent sea, it also made me think



I would say Hellbound was strong in premise and not the story itself because of its execution.

Save Me is supposed to be way better exploration of the topic.


true kween of kch




It nay be interesting to watch one where she talks about her mental illness




he still doesn't have weverse

what's your excuse?




the man

were the manface memes true???


tfw wanted to go see the new matrix at cinema but got cucked by coronapass



Koreans have been creating top quality shows for a decade before Netflix, but how was the average Joe supposed to watch them?

For some strange reason, my niece hates Korean stuff, so I just checked her Netflix profile and there are 0 Korean shows being recommended, except the few in "most popular in your country"



I use discord instead, people autistically compile stuff from all their social places so I don't need to


lel get rekt!


anon, it's my last egg, make it count




I don't even know if Nayeon is still watching my videos

top fucking kek



when did the Josh saga started? I think it was few months before covid...



what was the craziest moment? I remember that he tried to approach Nayeon on a plane or something



I am not that familiar with entire timeline but the plane approach was probably the peak.

He will get arrested if he ever returns to the country.




He will get arrested if he ever returns to the country.

for real?

any news articles about it?


I like this noona.


TWICE's Nayeon Withdraws Restraining Order Against Foreign Stalker

wow, you can tell she wants Josh's BWC



sure love Tae, but that comment was a bit icky


josh hwaiting!



it is the actress Shin So-Yool.


love white girls


1920×108034.23Mb01:27JY 1st LIVE TOUR 'Many Faces' 2017



post that mister performance with those huge statues



she looks super uncomfortable here

is this from some drama?



lol yeah from a drama, later some dude gives her a coat for the cliché romantic moment of a powerless princess




later some dude gives her a coat for the cliché romantic moment of a powerless princess


no wonder dramas with idols don't make it to Netflix....


Important announcement.

After a detailed analysis of this performance, I'm finding strange movements in Karina's boobs. It is not out of the question that they're fake, even though previous evidence has shown the typical behaviour of natural breasts.

More analysis is needed to have a final conclusion, but for now we have to consider this importan piece of information.


I've finished Train. It was very good thriller. I think it even surpassed My Name for me.



what's wrong with the movements here?



I don't see anything wrong except them being squeezed weirdly by this outfit


just opened Siyeon's hand cream

smells a bit like a hair shampoo

it's not bad but it's smell mogged by Jiu and Sua creams



What about the others? Haven't tried yet?



European noble-bro...




What about the others? Haven't tried yet?


I started with Jiu and I'm going down by age, sice they last 6-7 weeks I will have to wait few months to try them all

Jiu was the most girly by far



as expected tbh

I wonder if Gahyeon's will smell like burgers



already bought stove so no more consuming for now

1280×7201.92Mb00:07Cooking with Dreamcatcher's SuA Vlive Special [09052017]


you didn't have a stove before?

how did you cook your ramyun?



No, it was just too old. Everyone thinks it became a fire hazard.



Maybe. But it was pretty good deal with cooker hood and few other small things.




cooker hood

bruh do you have your own flat?

I would never buy that for a rented apartment


lucky af

I will probably never own one without sucking some bank's cock for 30 years

1920×108017.40Mb00:52Apink Diary 2021 EP.4 (웃음 가득한 초봄의 유어바이브 화보 촬영 현장)
1920×108018.40Mb00:54Apink Diary 2021 EP.4 (웃음 가득한 초봄의 유어바이브 화보 촬영 현장)



While it surely is an advantage, I don't want to live in the middle of nowhere.



at least ZOGbots won't find you easily when you skip one of the n+1 boosters


can't wait for their 3rd album



On the contrary this made me think more that they are real

They behave like liquid and flow out of the tight constraint of the outfit through a small gap. Silicone booba wouldn't slip out like that IMO


When did she getg so.... gifted?




When did she getg so.... gifted


gonna ask dr Kim



a new year is coming, you either choose the dark path or change yourself



introduce your parents to this website



if korean women look like this then i dont want anything else


I have about 20GB of Lee Hee stuff

I can share some later on if you want




I follow her on on ig but she doesn't have much vids



that would be great

maybe I can drop porn thanks to that



they all look good so far so yeah, ill check here on the weekend then


12MB pics

based healthy porn enojyer


i shall dedicate my last nut of 2021 to this goddess



wasn't wooyeon super popular even before lee hee express?

her maxim vids have lot's of views



you mean like edging till the midnight and then coom continuously from one year through to the other?



didnt mean that but interesting suggestion

1920×108013.81Mb01:13♥RANIA TV♥ 라니아 혜미 '맥심 MAXIM' 촬영현장 스케치 영상_180424 <>



I have been thinking about it too.

What do you think of Bible so far?



tbh it's frightening so far

when jews got to the holy land they just started murdering all the other tribes and Gods helps them in that

God is also a cunt who kills people for every little thing

it's not amazing or anything but if you are into history meaning how people thought and lives few thousands years ago it's very interesting



Interesting. I may be worth checking out interpretations of those stories and discourse surrounding it.




interpretations of those stories and discourse surrounding it.

isn't that just some rabbis head cannon

also idk if you know but bible is looooong as fuuuuck

reading the interpretations would make it even longer



There are definitely problems with interpretations but I think that even mainstream Christianity doesn't take the stories at face value as until recently the history basically everywhere was "recorded" in very literary way. That is why for example you have historically proven kings but stories about them tell they ruled for hundreads of years.

Length depends on the source. I know there is this popular guy that makes videos named Barron Bishop. He is well read in literature so he can point about interesting topics about life regardless of beliefs. It can be used as a background noise.



are you saying that Samson didn't actually singlehandedly kill thousands of people?


i saw some Jordan Peterson podcast with a traditional islamist and now Islam makes more sense to me. I still need to read the Quran before converting though


biblebros we just lost



The problem is that Quran (in comparison to Bible) claims to be literal word of God. I don't trust God that says the Sun sets in pool of water.



doesn't bible claim to be word of god at multiple points though?


For truly I tell you, until heaven and earth disappear, not the smallest letter, not the least stroke of a pen, will by any means disappear from the Law until everything is accomplished.

t. Jesus in Matthew 5:18




The general concensus seems to be that it is only inspired.

that's what I heard as well




i saw some Jordan Peterson podcast

don't listen to that benoz addict




that's because church these days has to pander to science

protestantism was based on believing that scripture is the highest authority on everything though

but anyway good thing is that we can all have our personal beliefs independent on public authorities, so the general consensus seems to me quite irrelevant.

the books matter though because they're the only thing we can base our beliefs on, and you have to believe that at least some of it is divinely inspired, otherwise you're just a general deist

one problem i have with the bible is how tribalist it is. why would a god choose the israelites to be "his own people". it's clearly just a remnant of the times when all peoples had their own gods. being a christian feels like being cucked by jews


if god was real he would chose korean women and white men as his people


Happy New Year btw

let's all get kgfs in 2022

1920×108037.81Mb01:49운전만해 (We Ride) - 브레이브걸스(Brave Girls) [뮤직뱅크 Music Bank] KBS 211126 방송



I read it as Yooa and got really scared

Yoona is old enough to frick people so it's ok



visiting a shrine on the New Year's Day with j-idol?


such a cute group



unfortunately, fireworks are slowly disapprearing


rich knoonagf 2022 let's fucking go




God is also a cunt who kills people for every little thing

I've never had a discussion with a religious person to bring this up, but this exact point is what I would use against them. God is a dick, because even if there's one, the character from the Bible was written fully by humans, so they project themselves on it.





that's degenerate, you should just think about her and one of her songs that might suit the new year



even with this look miyeon has this implied promiscuousness that still makes me think she's a bigger slut



seriously though. even though she doesn't do outfits like soyeon above she has that look that she knows A LOT



im sure she knows a lot but i think she s far from being as slutty as soy




those panties

purebros please pray for my soul



but soyeon has been considered "ugly" for a lot of her life. even though she looks like that now i think it's more of a means to express herself and that she doesn't really partake in such activities in comparison



yea but looking slutty isn't the same as acting slutty. that's my main point



sorry poor choice of words from me. i think we're saying the same thing though



yeah i agree with this

maybe soy really isnt slutty but just acting like it...

maybe miyeon is slutty but never acting like it...

dark thoughts


i know she's not kpop but i think we should all blast one to betty white to show respect



she was a golden girl. that's close enough


damn, this is the first time a "nugu?" response has me shook


me on the right


effortlessly mogs past kpops, current kpops and all the future kpops

478×7202.94Mb00:05[🎤LIVE🎤] 2020년 KBS 연기대상💓💓 레드카펫 💓💓 01_18



refuses to elaborate further




comes back next new years eve and giga mogs everyone as always



imagine having a waifu like nana and whenever you re out with her you are basically 100% sure she will gigamog everyone in sight


trying to cheer your waifu up after anon showed up to a party with his nana gf and your waifu got mogged



she wont even be mad, she ll just fangirl herself aswell


in 2022 i will blast less to my waifus, and i will love my waifus more





jupppal the absolute madwoman

she was my first waifu ever because of Invincible Youth




guess i should watch that

if you enjoy watching shows in 240p



ive seen some of the first season with hara and narsha and hyuna and hyomin and sunny i think and it was decent quality should continue it


meeting Jooyeon after school...


when I think about it 2021 was much better than I expected

I made new friends, I made more money and I was healthy

I hope 2022 will be at least as good, for me and for you my dudes


2021 was unironically by far the worst year i've ever experienced

2022 can only be an upgrade



2021 was one of my best too, but i think 2022 will be worse


2021 was far from perfect but many things worked out.

I wish you the best too.




2021 was unironically by far the worst year i've ever experienced

this niggas waifu started dating lmao


C in crush stands for cuck

imagine letting your gf show her tits on national tv



theres nothing pure about pits in this world


how do i get a girl with pits like joy


joy's tits

joy's pits

joy's legs

joy's ass

that's the perfect woman



i like her face but its not perfect for sure in my opinion, i was trying to match her with another perfect face from red velvet but i couldn't find one


it is here


2022 bros

we are here




still no kgf

wtf bros???



there are still 364 more days, you can do it


1216×216032.44Mb01:18181004 베리굿 조현 ( 풋사과 ) 강남페스티벌 4K





any zoomers here? why is this hairstyle so popular?

I keep seeing it on young dudes



watch towards the end when they hug each other

1920×10802.96Mb00:02[페이스캠4K] 아이브 장원영 'ELEVEN' (IVE WONYOUNG FaceCam)│@SBS Inkigayo_2021.12.12#

so who's kch's official ROTY?



might be true

musically - for sure

looks - pretty strong, yuki-chan is next level beauty, piggy should lose weight tho and they should stop experimenting with Dosie's hair

stability - good sales, probably won't randomly disband

lewdness - much work to do but they have potential

content - subbed YouTube channel, get invited to many shows, active on twitter and ig

also Geoun is a literal Nazi enjoyer which is based af




piggy should lose weight tho

everything you said is based except this


HANTEO: Best-selling Girlgroup Debut Albums (2021)

#AESPA - Savage: 406,513

#IVE - Eleven: 203,128

#LIGHTSUM - Vanilla: 35,640

#PURPLEKISS - Into Violet: 22,177

#BILLLIE - Billage of Perception: 17,736

#BUGABOO - bugAboo: 5,152

#HOTISSUE - Issue Maker: 4,792

never heard any Billie or Bugaboo songs


finally find a muslim "intellectual" and get into his debates on youtube


turns out he stalks people in chats and tells them to kill themselves and to commit all kinds of sexually deviant acts (incest and golden showers in particular)

why does this keep happening? they always seem normal on the outside




muslim "intellectual"

based living in 6th century bro



Because their narrative is not supposed to be questioned. That is why they go ballistic when they see something like David Wood's Before You Convert




and those collarbones



God save the Queen. Ma'am, I am paying my monthly kpop and television fees in timely manner.



resists arrest

you'll have to pin me down and handcuff me first


waiting for those sets~



not many idols are wife material though, my Mimi is one of them


it does look familiar


I used to hate purepop but aesthetically it's so much better than gurl crush imo


Yuri actually sold 90k

2560×144015.87Mb00:50[다이아] 2022년 첫 시작을 함께한 토마토즈 2021년에 시작해서 2022년에 끝난 브이앱 하이라이트

1920×108021.62Mb01:08(SUB) Apink Diary 2022 EP.1 (팬미팅 VCR 촬영 현장)





now that's a blast from the past


really miss gidle

why did Soojin ruin them?


Uploading the Lee Hee stuff now

It's gonna take me an hour and a half to upload so you fuckers better be thankful

It's 32 Gigs of high res pics



oh no, I don't think we can download that bro, there's a 1.5 GB limit download

I've downloaded big files (like 3-5 GB) with the desk app, so it resumes after 6 hours but it'd take a month to download this one in that way




alright then, I'll upload the file directory so you can pick an choose

but that might take a few hours so I'll post it tomorrow


thank you for your hard work


seems the individual upload is actually going fairly fast so I think it should take ~2hours if it doesn't slow down during the process



do you have a paid account? I also can't upload much because mine is free



I have a free one, but there were ways to expand storage at some point for free users

I did consider buying the cheapest premium but I don't use the cloud enough for me to justify the purchase

the free capacity is good enough for me



thank you brother

I have shitty internet but one week should be enough



also, keep the link to yourself

if it spreads out, it can quickly reach a download limit and Mega will throtle it




they kept that one Binnie for themselves for so long, fuck them


downloaded the first set and heol is all I have to say



there are several sets that almost fried my brain first time I saw them



honestly it's a heresy to compare some of these sets to porn



Binnie-free ya selfish bastard

god knows how many great binnie videos you are hiding from us





same, curse those JAV stars for setting my standards absurdly high


what happened here?



it's stretch marks

the most common cause is pregnancy

she might have a kid already



some people are even less fortunate, one of my friends has stretch marks on his arms



you can easily prevent that with some creams, most pregnant women use them

I do remember Yulhee had some stretch marks though, but maybe because her baby was huge



there is a chance that she just had a phat ass and lost weight afterwards




maybe because her baby was huge

good thing she had big milkers to feed it well



shouldnt have picked a lewdable waifu for new years eve


miyeonbros we are leaving




no matter how little she is wearing, her eyes are still the sexiest bit of her body



this is such a true post

did you know she has 'uneven' eyes? (one double eyelid and one mono) which makes the one look smaller

it's basically noticeable in every single pic of hers, one eye just looks off but its her charm

786×8002.65Mb00:04160813 여의도 팬사인회 나인뮤지스A 경리 직캠-LprKKJvo8NU



Nine Muses’ Kyungri also makes it onto this list. Her uneven eyelids are definitely a little more noticeable than others, and she looks so good with them. In the above photo, one could tell that her right eye has a more prominent double eyelid while her left eye does not.


Kyungri has previously stated that her uneven double eyelids were a feature she didn’t like but her fans love them! Fans think that her uneven eyelids paired with how long they are make her look like a cat, which is quite an attractive trait.

one of her eyes just looks 'lazy' because of it, it's kinda cool


i thought that too until i read the article explanation


can see it here better



wow, you almost made me fall for a retired idol but I closed the webm in time



what the hell, no man can resist her charms though?



very awkward hug

but I am still so envious of him



have I reached a point in life, when I'd wish to be a toothbrush?

surely not....


i just wanna be this fucking dog



they're so close to our waifus



sometimes i just feel like humping her legs, but she understands it




the fucking dog got to have its head crushed by those thighs


dr Kim jr. is a photographer?

his dad must be disappointed



I think it's actually good idea for family business

father turns them into goddesses and immediately points them to the son to take pictures of

it's a pipeline for qts

all they need to top it off is a grandson who can move around in chaebol circles and work as matchmaker for rich CEO's and they are set forever



nice, I didn't read the combo that lead to this mega, so let me ask

1. Are they Korean?

2. Is this paid content?

3. Are they supposed to show nipples? I found one




1. Are they Korean?

Yes, I think most of them are


2. Is this paid content?

Yes, that is why I am gonna delete the link.


3. Are they supposed to show nipples?

I don't think so. Usually they have nipple covers stuck on.

Though there are supposedly Extreme sets with full nudity but theybare extremely expensive and I couldn't find them on the interwebs

1920×108033.10Mb01:20[2010~2014] 군통령 직접 예비군에게 물어봤지말입니다~❤️ 그 시절 밀보드는 어땠을까!😎 KBS 방송

1920×10809.47Mb00:21(SUB) Apink-log 나은 운동🧘‍♀ + 먹방🍽 + 인마이백🎒
1920×19209.85Mb00:23풍선 터트리는 손나은



Kepler debuted today but I couldn't care less

Yena is debuting as solo soon

Hopefully the Kkura/Chaewon group debuts this year

Rumors are that JYP and YG will debut new groups this year



they have the ugly tranny in the group




Only sometimes yeah.

She is too plastic


Btw I have concluded that #2 >>690490 is doing the Rose lookalike think on purpose

Her oldest pics she barely looks like her and then at some point she changes her makeup and hair and never turns back



mommy be looking good



Dunno, for some girls it would be very hard to deal with the fact that 70% of the comments on their social media is "wow you look like this other person"


update on the Lee Hee folder

I found a few more albums on my laptop so I added them to the cloud, can't be bothered to make a list so just browse through and find them

my personal favourite is



pics are very much related

I have also found some more, gonna download that and add them to the folder later



I have like 10 more Gsu albums

curently trying to stop my brain from meltdown



I'm going through your folders and tbh Wooyeon mogging so far

Min.E is really pretty as well but I can be biased because of my love for manfaces



Wooyeon is like the second to last one for me.

Her face is not that great imo and I prefer less thicc girls



kahi, momo, krystal, nana (according to some people)


guess im a manface lover then



would love to love this manface


Samples of the new Gsu albums to look forward to



wow she looks so good I wish korean women were real




new albums are uploading

give it ~30 minutes


it's almost 40 gigs now in total

to think this started when somebody posted a video of Gsu playing piano here.....




video of Gsu playing piano here

I think this vid got deleted from lee hee's channel



I think some people have vids from their YT downloaded, I never bothered to because they are low quality compared to the pics and take way more space


those pics are really nice and all but I can't believe niggas actually pay for those lmao

goes back to ordering $100 photocard on e-bay



I have only ever once spent money on porn and I regret it to this day

never gonna get that 15 bucks back



same if you can count ppomo's content as porn



If posting on image boards influenced me, it's the pits

feet don't really do it for me even after all these years of seeing footfags spam them



i think the short hair is fjne, i do prefer it longer too though



short hair is for cute pics

she is always doing poker face in shoots so it looks weird imo

she is hard beauty main and that goes hand in hand with having long hair



kinda same

there was a time when I was obsessed with pits, with feet I do appreciate good feet but I just like them, nothing more


i do wish she smiled more often



Gsu folder is updated to all the new albums

don't fry your brains



nice CGI

Krystal never smiled in her entire life




just got drunk and fell of stairs







certainly feels like it sometimes




whatever team jisun is on


tbh I'm not really following kpop recently


kekler sold like 150k albums on the first day

kpop is over



people are emotionally invested because of the show




My biggest issue is that the show was dogshit

PD101 and PD48 were miles better


I hope Solar will teach Swan about the power of

I don't really follow mamamoo but I don't remember solar's face looking like that, I guess she got kim'd



I just don't see it. She most likely had ps but not recently.


love Yooa's natty lips


T-ara's Hyomin and soccer star Hwang Ui Jo are dating



Hwang Ui Jo, dating rumors with Hyomin, who is 3 years older than him

chigga is living the dream



I'd understand if they went for gaypops, but why are they going for sportsball players that are uggo af



really fucking hyped! nothing but bangers from them, so worst case it's a good song



How is ugly player from bottom third of French football league higher than some handsome gaypop?



eh, she's +30, I'm more like worried about Qri not dating


soccer players are top desirable men in Korea: so much that face literally doesn't matter

reminds me of that one variety, where a very tall and pretty cheerleader was saying that Yoo Jaesuk was her ideal man and she was dead serious




soccer players are top desirable men in Korea: so much that face literally doesn't matter

I guess that 1.8 million euro yearly salary helps



most gaypops are very feminine though, not only in looks but probably also in behaviour, can't blame Hyomin for wanting an actual man


185 cm

That is like 250 cm for non-Asians.



if you wanna fuck some feminine asian twink just come out and say it



The amount of girls that said on KB that Ho Dong is their type is ridiculous



kek I don't remember that, the episodes I've watched they say they want to be partners with him because he's cute



it's the other way around

if kpops date some handsome gaypop I can feel like I never had a chance

if she is dating some uggo bastard that looks like hentai protagonist it makes me feel bad for not having kgf




if she is dating some uggo bastard that looks like hentai protagonist it makes me feel bad for not having kgf

he wallet and status mogs you


just say it nigga, you love gaypops and wish to date one



they usually said he reminds them of their dad (go figure )

and that he looks cudly or that he looks strong and reliable



I've only ever talked to one kqt and she seemed like she wasn't disgusted with me so that was good sign



I am on it




you also can't rely on public answers too much. plus the other choices on the show are the short funny guy, the whiny giant basketball player, the singer that isn't heechul (who looks the best imo but is pretty boring), and heechul which might be a scandalous answer because it may be too real



He is really lame most of the time

didn't get the memo that 90's ended



he's pretty boring too. he gets like one line in per episode


Jithoo is 27 now

On her way to that noona age



i like restaurant salads because they add so much shit to them that makes them unhealthy but i never order one because i'm not trying to pay like $20 for a salad



wtf i thought you were saying korean age and was gonna make fun of you for it but it's not. i thought she was like 25 at most



I don't eat salads at all because most of them include tomatos and cucumbers both of which I fucking hate


cucumbers and vinegar ar ehte devil



yeah, she debuted at 21 which feels normal for starting a job, but I guess kpap usually starts way younger

for better or for worse


she is the same age as Seolhyun, it's her bday today as well


on a semi-related note there was a kpf post of choa but she doesn't look as good anymore prob due to her being 31 and all


such goddess




I had to mentally remove Hitomi after she went full diet goblin mode



i liked her face so i focused on that. it was still chubby looking which is probably what she had issue with

1280×7205.32Mb01:10T-ara's 'Sweet Temptation' Episode 5: BoRam's 'Recipe of Love' Part 2





Why is she hiding her magnificent moustache


I was checking one of the Lee Hee sets and in one of them she hard hairy pits

I almost vomited




It is. They seemigly haven't been up to much recently.

Hopefully comeback soon.




Hopefully comeback soon.

I hope we will get an anniversary single



That would be nice. Maybe also some event.

Mamamoo got theatrical cut of their concert for anniversary.



there will be a coffee event for gooks and some "online event" for westerners

probably some vlive



I've been clean for almost 3 weeks now



The more you treat it as a taboo, the more tempting it will be.


1920×10801.13Mb00:04FUNNY K-POP IDOL LAUGHS <>



I'm an incel by definition but I don't hold traditional incel views but after talking to some girls it's awakening something in me



I'm just tryna talk and they just full ghost. I just want the respect of being told at least why. Like did I say something wrong, is the conversation dull, or am I not their "type"? Like bitch I know I'm ugly. You can go say that but at least let me keep some dignity and let me know.

So how's your day going? :)



ngl I was hoping you wouldn't respond for a bit longer so I could call you a stupid bitch for ghosting me. But yea online. I mean I get it, that's just how it kinda goes online but still



I have this average female friend, she's kinda uggo and she gets DM from 20+ new guys everyday

even uggos have so much attention online they can afford to treat dudes like shit

and with ghosting, I can understand them if they are autistic

for me it's really hard to tell someone I don't like them, just not responding is easier




if they are autistic

I doubt they are. I think it's just that as a girl with so many more options like you said, it's just not worth their time. But I just want that human empathy of saying bye and why. Wouldn't take more than two sentences. And then it's cool, no hard feelings.

And honestly, if they're autistic they might even be better about it and telling it straight since they're not aware of other people's emotions as much.




Wouldn't take more than two sentences

I bet lot's of dudes would try to bargain or take it badly and call them whores

tbh online dating fucking sucks

and when you finally get to date irl you find out that your waifu is much prettier and lurking internet is much more entertaining than talking to people




I bet lot's of dudes would try to bargain or take it badly and call them whores

Yea that too, I forgot about that.

And yea I'm fine by myself on the internet like 95% of the time but then comes these waves of loneliness and as I get older that 5% gets bigger and bigger.


your waifu is much prettier

I don't even want like celeb or model tier pretty. I just want someone cute I can do cute things with. At the same time I wanna improve myself so I can be shallow/picky. As I am rn I don't have that luxury.




And yea I'm fine by myself on the internet like 95% of the time but then comes these waves of loneliness and as I get older that 5% gets bigger and bigger.

it's Christmas and New Year

tfw no gf always hits harder on that time of the year

anyway good luck with finding cute tradfu



Thanks. Good luck with whatever you have going on in your life



So does team thot encourage necrophilia?


tbh i would prefer getting ghosted on Tinder than going through some awkward stuff like 'i don't think you're my type :)' kind of messages

it's much faster and less awkward, if you don't take it personally


Is it normal that I want Yooa to step on me?




Have you actually bought it?


I stick to albums and hand creams


I would buy the calendars if it was possible to buy them separately tho



as in punish your balls with that heel? absolutely



You're right. Those would be nice to have.





No wonder she is as as she is...

she knows

720×720405.25Kb00:04pit 1


the final redpill is that they all know everything



i wanna touch her armpit like that too




chad flowers, alpha font





wearing undergarments on top again


this is not what we wanted to see




when did you guys most enjoy kpop

musicwise or as a whole?


when you first got into it

10th May 2017



yea similar for me. got into it 2015 and i'd say 2015-2016



I am really enjoying it now

At the start of discovering new things you always have the rush of excitement because everything is new and you feel like there is endless amount of things to discover.

However now that I've explored it thoroughly I can say I really enjoy it, because I know what I like and what I dislike and just focus on the former.

Everytime I think I am losing interest, something comes that grabs me and I am back in it again fully.


I miss 2020 my ADHD was so mild back then that I could watch hours long vlives without distracting myself



now imagine putting that attention to good use and not watching hours long kpop vlives but something educational



I already have a job and a degree

I don't want to learn any more nerd shit tbh



why else would you watch a kpop talk for hours? you're certainly not activating your brain cells with that content



I want to stare into those eyes until my eyeballs dry out


shame there isn't really much in terms of information about backup dancers in kpap

some of them look really nice and they are mostly way more T H I C C than kpops themselves



If she keeps leveling up at this pace, Yujin will be this generation's sexiest kpop


blessed day


is Dayoung natty?





in New York

never clicking that


Gonna watch Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: Return to Hogwarts, bros




when did you guys most enjoy kpop?

you're doing something wrong if you're not constantly enjoying kpop, and I can't picture myself browsing kpop related sites if I didn't enjoy it as much as the first time



lol that thumbnail


NCT x Beethoven

the man himself waking up from the dead to do a collab with SM



most of them have an instagram though, I remember talking about some qt I liked from Yooa's performances, and some guy in /hr/ managed to get the account from the dance team and individual accounts of all the girls; maybe it really helps to know Korean though



People were saying


funny how Beethoven has been quiet since "my group" released a "song"

Well now he has

I watched it like 10 times already

I fucking love it

Yujin especially, but both Leeseo and Gaeul also looked great



That requires more autism than I got.

Wish we just had a kastden for backup dancers


also, with rare exceptions backup dancers don't get fancams



lately we have full-group fancams from broadcasting companies, so it's cool