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Kpop Bangers 2: Bang Harder



Thanks I've picked them myself


the final video wasn't so crazy, but this teaser was great


she can't stop smiling huh




there's no way to detect bully from the photo

true physiognomist can easily do that



Love Dive is so good I might actually give Ive a chance and try to follow them

Glitch is even better than Love Dive and my favorite solo song since Tiger Eyes, Woolim delivers yet again



I don't like Glitch at all, but Love Dive and Tiger Eyes are great


getting filtered by SOTY



Mommy be looking good



absolutely perfect and i wouldnt change them in any way



It was needed to save lives

I shall accept it angrily


still thinking about eunbi mommy



It tend to avoid medleys because I never get a proper feel for the songs from those clips. So I will wait for the release. Visually, it looks nice though.



i can't suspend my disbelief this much bro



i mean, half of it was factual bullshit


she got kicked from Starship for bad behavior

when she never was in that comapny



that is probably true, just makes her more omo, don't worry about it



I was half joking, physiognomy is real but it's not about some first impression of a well crafted teaser, can't do much there. She does have the typical bitchy face though, that's why I started thinking of GLAM, not so much that I truly detected she was a bully, but it was funny how it was revealed that she probably is.

(Not from a picture btw, from her video teaser-showcase)




but it was funny how it was revealed that she probably is

agency later said that she was bullied herself


She does have the typical bitchy face though

don't idols make face that is required for the specific video material? it's not that hard to control your face expressions you know, look at what Tsuki does

you can eventually get some impression from her videos from the shows, vlives, communication with fans, day to day situations, etc, but we're at not that stage yet

e.g. both Karina, Yeri and Irene look pretty bitchy to me based on that



Physiognomy is real but it works the other way around. It is definitely used and used very effectively when designing characters, be it cartoons or picking actors for certain roles. I am sure it also plays a part in choosing people in commercials, because they can condition you to expect certain tropes eg.


evil queens in disney story is dark and usually ugly with sharp facial features, while princes is blonde beauty with soft features

However being able to tell actual person's personality from just their face is horseshit




However being able to tell actual person's personality from just their face is horseshit

yeah, it seems like

- you give special face features to character -> people think character has specific temper

- a person has specific temper -> people can't read it from the face

i.e. you can read temper only in rare extreme cases, mostly artificial ones (movies, cartoons)




However being able to tell actual person's personality from just their face is horseshit

Let me play devil's advocate here and say that the fact that people DO judge character based on looks does in fact indicate that physiognomy is real. From an evolutionary perspective it wouldn't make sense that we all find a certain type of face "evil", if there was no basis for it in reality.

A case in point: people intuitively consider people who wear glasses more nerdy or smart. You might think this must be bullshit, what does eyesight have to do with intelligence? Who knows, but studies show that this intuitive thinking is actually correct and glasses-wearing people are on average smarter. Maybe our gut feeling when it comes to faces is just as correct.




Let me play devil's advocate here and say that the fact that people DO judge character based on looks

It is true, I avoid niggers




glasses-wearing people are on average smarter. Maybe our gut feeling when it comes to faces is just as correct.

yeah, if you are ok with 50% chance of being wrong


Most of my waifus need glasses

That means all of them are smart



but the point is that it's not 50%, but that the odds are in the favour of the physiognomy-chad when making judgement calls. it's just statistical thinking

i mean it's not impossible that people who looked a certain way also had genetics that made them act a certain way, it's not different than thinking that black people are more violent



you're just repeating the same thing

sure, there could be some correlation, but the chance of correct guess is just too low, so you would make wrong guesses all the time



physiognomy is not about facial expressions, she was doing a cool/chic concept but her overall eyes give a different feeling; but again I'm saying this isn't very serious since you can't jump into conclusions from one single video

Karina looks bitchy to you? her face is more like, "I'm better than you" instead of bitchy, Irene definitely has one; someone that probably isn't (or wasn't) a bad girl but still has a bitch face is Weeekly Monday




Karina looks bitchy to you? her face is more like

based on the gaypop insult controversy

I can believe she's the type who insults other people behind their back



insulting gaypops should be encouraged




Karina looks bitchy to you? her face is more like, "I'm better than you" instead of bitchy

Yeah, but she is actually hella funny and down for stuff on variety show. She jumped my rating so hard after watching those shows. Whereas Gigi who looks way cuter atcually reacted like she hated being there. And Ninga looks really fierce and chic on all pics but is actually a turboautist. Only Winter looks somehwat like what she behaves

So based on phisiognomy is was wrong 3/4 times in Aespa




Physiognomy is misused by many, and it shouldn't give conclusive details about someone. Plus, I was joking but a lot of people do make a full psychological analysis from just one picture or video, which is completely wrong. For me it took hours of vlive to understand more about the girls I like and their true feelings, which are always changing.



Word. Obviously it determines your initial reaction to new people on subconscious level. But determining their personality on that initial feel is stupid

Now that we've covered that.

Time for more Eunbi pics




So based on phisiognomy is was wrong 3/4 times in Aespa

It takes practice and time, I only had a bad impression from Giselle. From the first videos she didn't want to be there and it felt like she was looking down on others. Although like I said before, a first impression is not the same as physiognomy, maybe she had a shit day.


Jiho was comically nervous when she met Irene on the radio. She was also extremely nervous meeting Taeyeon.

Tae is her role model, makes sense, but Irene too? Do you think Jiho is...




It takes practice and time, I only had a bad impression from Giselle

you're making this up, you're only noticing cases when you was right

it's called survival bias



anon I think you're completely misreading my comments




it shouldn't give conclusive details about someone

what can it give then?


For me it took hours of vlive to understand more about the girls

you weren't considered faces, you looked at behavior


I can't believe you are really that stupid and believe in that stupid shit and can't notice your own incompetence

you better be trolling




what can it give then?

Becoming friends with someone can give you a clear picture of that individual's personality.


you weren't considered faces

You consider both, because behaviour can be misleading or faked, specially in front of a camera.


getting so mad

Ah, the physiognomy of anger I see.



yeah, your science can't say anything based on the photo, because person isn't doing anything

congratulation, you made me mad with that stupid shit

you better check out other studies where it was proven that genes make you smart and you wear glasses because of that



I so fucking hate when person keeps arguing when he's clearly full of shit




my science

what, there's only one science, and yeah seems like you misread the whole conversation, please read it carefully

the glasses thing was another anon


mfw witnessing the autistic arguments




highest preorders yet



good to hear

especially because it's their first album in years I didn't preorder so I would blame myself if the sales dropped...




you are literally the opposite of me...

what convinced you? the teasers or do you just have more money now?



I like the teasers but it is also the first album released after I got a full time job and the tax return is coming.



congrats on being a full time waggie

NEET frogposters from /biz/ will disagree but imo it's a peaceful and comfy way of life



yeah, some days drag but if you are doing something you generally like working is fine

being neet must be pretty soul crushing for most people




being neet must be pretty soul crushing for most people

I've been at home for 5 days with rona and I already can't take it



I don't mind being at home that much as long as I have something productive to do but going to places makes me feel more accomplished at the end of the day




being neet must be pretty soul crushing for most people

few years ago I've been a neet for 2 months and if it continued for a bit longer I would kys myself



I guess you could last a little longer with better habits but there must be always a lot of social pressure.


True and you can get acquainted even in mass transport.


first rookies since purple kiss' debut that got my interest

not even because of Sakura and Chimp, all the members look attractive imo















Chimpy and Kkura are debuting now

Hitachi is doing her AKB stuff, I am not sure about what Nako is doing

Chaeyeon was on that dancing show where they rekt her so she is not doing anything rn.

Hyewon is busy being a model and Youtuber.

Minju is doing commercials and MC work.



Just giving you a heads up that this might be the last post-IZONE debut



It seems like most of them are doing well.


220410 Day 6 [1:10PM KST] IVE (LOVE DIVE)has surpassed 300,000 copies sold on Hanteo Charts

Really nice




this might be the last post-IZONE debut

it's ok because le sserafim is the best one




Minju is doing commercials and MC work.

she betrayed us the loyal Minjumen

1920×1080800.95Kb00:03LE SSERAFIM 'KAZUHA' [-91V2mOga58]



looking good but nothing impressive, their song is more important to decide if I like the group or not, like I didn't care for IVE at all until we got to know their music, which is fantastic


talked to two guys today and imagined getting double teamed by them. someone please put me out of my misery


Jiho and Irene have immediate autistic chemistry




lewd stuff

I wish. What we imagined was depressing as fuck



I'm surprised red velvet fans haven't released subtitles of this. There's a new OMG sub team, hopefully they'll do it


that new thread in /wood/ made by such retard

I'm posting here for a while


tfw drove Wonybro away with my autism



He probably left because the thread is mostly dead



oh interesting, I thought this was one of their best, the mixing is really nice in comparison, MV is great too

I'm not a huge fan of them but some of their good songs have a terrible mixing, and some others feel like yet another DC song, but not this one



I keep seeing posts like that

people who are DC fans are disappointed and people who aren't really into DC like it

I hope gooks will like it too


maknae line




more of those outfits when the new episode premiers


I'm buying that mood light



yeah lol

comfy pre-bed shitposting will get even comfier

I just hope the shipping won't rape me



we wanted Starlight/Together performance



yeah, the shipping is really expensive

if I decide to buy something in the future, I will look into local re-sellers



judging by other posts on that profile it will be a video call event



Yesterday, some fan accounts were saying that this is the company that produced 8-part series about some gaypop group. Seems like that they did the same for Purple Kiss.


the most popular words in kpop

1. 마음

2. 눈빛

3. 몰라



As a white man, i love korean and some japanese and chinese chicks




I'm just a shy chad who likes korean pop music


best solo song


looks hot with long hair

I'm starting to like Dami



it was fine until chimpy showed the tongue

wtf, that's too much

1080×1080589.76Kb00:04We’re LE SSERAFIM l 너무 귀여워서 10분 동안 광대가 안 내려옴🥰💕-PwqWMjZ2fF0





tfw always liked her

feels good to be ahead of the curve


I didn't even like her in Minx



Impossible. Jihan thought so too and see how that ended up





yeah, at least she was ready for the concert



Why did this become such an issue? I can't imagine many people are actually willing to pay for some AI generated pictures?



in terms of kpap, isn't it more like virtual photocards? people probably want "unique" pics of their waifu




I did some research, seems like both 머리에서 and 머리부터 are possible, but 머리부터 is more natural


the Easter weekend is here

hopefully, it will be a comfy one



yeah, I would probably not be able to tell who this is if I did not know beforehand



OMO it's this year? World Cup is peak soul and every summer with it is always special for me. Too bad my team has never qualified for it.


I hope Qatar and those oilnigs don't suck all the soul out of the competition, fucking FIFA magnates must've made a good buck selling them the competition. Looking forward to the bantz anyway





OMO it's this year? World Cup is peak soul and every summer with it is always special for me.

yes it's this year but during winter because Qatar is too hot to play football during summer



I thought you were joking, 머리부터 is in tons of songs to this day. 에서 is more like "the mole from her leg", and 부터 is also from but more like starting form a place, like "from head to toe", moributo balka kaji.



There was a cool digital artwork I saw recently, if you like zoomed in into her button you could see a completely new and hidden artwork, and this happened like 5 times. That would be cool to buy.

I see a lot of twitter and reddit "experts" in NFTs talking about the issue, but I haven't seen an official source talking about them. Are they trying to sell them for thousands of dollars? Or are they more like digital photocards, selling for like 20$ and they're expecting them to be worth more? Becase Dreamcatcher's company is not new, I'm sure they know the fandom is not rich and it's not going to pay that much for that stuff.



ah interesting! must be some other poetic meaning lost in translation, maybe a bit more romantic



It is hard to say. You always encounter huge amounts of whining and not many people who actually buy these things or are interested in them outside of ideological terms.

Selling 10-20 dollar photocards may be the best solution for them. Just don't end up like the creator of Pepe who is being suit for half a million. I don't know much about the case but he really may be THE dumb frogposter.



fans already boycotting it and sending e-mails to Happy:)

I really wish their response would be the same as Sunmi's


NFT is one of those things people don't have any idea how it works but love to show their opinion about (one of the 2 popular opinions they found on the internet)



screenshots your NFT


nothing personal kid



she told me to not share those pics with anyone :/


Remember when people were saying Swan should lose weight pre-debut?


yeah we keep saying that

big boobs on fat chicks aren't very impressive



maybe I'm purky freaky but I like "fat" kpop girls

they aren't fat enough to be disgusting but look more interesting than anorexic girls like Dosie or Wony




anorexic girls like Dosie

I disagree again

but word, very skinny girls are usually not attractive to me



I have been listening to the Japanese album recently.

Good stuff.


The only AV work directed by Sion Sono

is it worth looking



There is a lot of sex in his movies but I don't think it is usually very pleasant to watch



kek funny that you say that, but Arin is both; anorexic from her torax and fat in her thighs, so best of both worlds




and fat in her thighs

too lewd for pure group member



couldn't have architected her better myself



I identify as purkybro but Dosie looks extra cute lately





Ripping clothes like that would be very costly very fast




first one is so violent

that's how I will rip clothes from the Kim Lip waifu during our first night



women are afraid to be raped/dominated so when do that in a safe form (with partner or just in fantasy) it helps to decrease anxiety

same as cuckold fantasies in case of men

the whole psychological mechanism is kinda complex of course, that's the basic idea



i think thats just a select group of women who have hard kinks like that


daily dose of dosie



love Goeun

love Yuki

love Chaein

love Dosie

love Ireh

love Jieun



kpops and stairs

name a more iconic duo


kidnapping Swan and Wony and making a fat transplant from the fatty to the skeleton


remember seeing Whiplash as a young gun in 2014 and i just hated Fletcher (the teacher), just rewatched it and realized that maybe he was in the right

anyway thinking about rewatching a whole lot of my favourite movies from the past and Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter... Mother and Chaser are up there for korean ones




realized that maybe he was in the right

it's a movie. in reality you need to choose the most effective way of study. most people will just burn out using the Fletcher way.


Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter



omo, those are my favorite korean movies too. have you seen Peppermint Candy?



is it korean? need to check it too




omo, those are my favorite korean movies too. have you seen Peppermint Candy?

nice taste, no I haven't seen that, should I?


yeah that one. I remember loving it back in the day, I mean I love Memories of Murder as well and it's the same director with a similar vibe, before he sold out with Parasite




should I

it's my favorite, but it could be too depressive for you. though you liked Chaser so should be ok


yeah that one

thanks, will try. I scrolled through Joon Ho's filmography, but ignored this one. but the plot looks ok

tbh I like Parasite more than Memories of Murder. and I've also seen his Snowpiercer



didn't get Snowpiercer either, maybe I just have an affinity for mystery/murder stuff so I really like his earlier work

I should give Peppermint Candy a go, a lot of people seem to be praising it



Even Eunseo was saying "the familiarity of the song could work against us". It seems like she was told to say it, because they did exactly that, take away the familiarity and the nostalgia the song gives you. In any case, it should have been an even heavier string section and even more dramatic; Yuju sings in a very desperate way, Yeonjung could have done a good job at it.




nice taste, no I haven't seen that, should I?

Mother has such a kino intro





Dosie's button was too hot to keep it public huh




He also directed okay dark comedy Barking Dogs Don't Bite. Bae Donna is great there.


Sounds pretty good. The plot appears to be in a similar vain to Koreeda's Shoplifters which was an absolute kino.


gave my mom DC's handcream Dami scent as a gift and she loves it, says she has never had a handream that smelled better




Koreeda's Shoplifters which was an absolute kino

the one which won at Cannes I've heard a lot about it but never tried to watch it



It is probably my favourite movie of his but I have yet to watch some of his older stuff.



yes, just take your hound to korea and give him that handcream scent to track her down




sweat extracted from her socks right after dance practice



I'm not much into japanese directors anymore because I'm koreaboo

I've watched a lot though, such as Air Doll



I have not seen that but I also liked Our Little Sister and After the Storm.

I am curious about his upcoming movie with IU.



all korean thrillers are dark and depressing



I have watched Midnight FM recently. Pretty cool thriller people rarely talk about.


OMO neck



thats how gook kino thrillers make you feel



don't remember it much, may need to rewatch




Yuqi with a jacket

noooooo but at least RBW recognizes it's a bit much but hey, no pain no gain


thanks for sharing Subin, thats a beautiful view


I hope I will be able to travel this year

I kinda want to go on vacations abroad now


I hope everyone except that one guy Im not saying who I meant had happy Easter


tfw I don't celebrate Easter

I only know you guys hide eggs or something



I tried to hide Taeyeon's eggs but I couldn't find any....



she can't even get up kek

but she's at a point where it's cute, fattie qtie


Swan on the other hand can't even lie on the ground otherwise she won't get up without help

purkies have serious weight issues in their group




purkies have serious weight issues in their group

it's just babyfat




life is beautiful

oh it's a famous quote from Peppermint Candy



tbh it's a pretty basic sentence

I tell that to myself 10 times before going to bed and 5 times after waking up without even knowing who the h*ck Peppermint Candy is


me on the left



I bet your waifu is babysoul or soob lmao



yeah, thos two I actually considered a bit, would need more photos to decide



yeah, she's cutest and also the lewdest



I think this is the Jap girl

17 I think

You are safe if you aren't american cuck




if you aren't american cuck

thank god I'm not

death to america





Nice. Is this from a fan sign?

I have just finished the Weekly Idol episode and the Something performance is very omo.




is this from a fan sign?



I have just finished the Weekly Idol episode and the Something performance is very omo.

I tried to watch few episodes of the new weekly idol but I can't fucking stand those faggy MCs



Dosie: toned abs

Ireh: can do scissors

Chaein: can get up

Swan: can't get up

choose your destiny



I don't mind it that much so I watch it here and there if there is a good guest. Lunarsolar vs Woolah episode was fun. This one was alright but the last game they played relied a lot on knowledge of the language.


(re)watching peppermint candy today, that one guy will be very hyped


he's also author of Burning btw, another masterpiece



His other movies are supposed to be good as well but I have not seen them.

Secret Sunshine looks as an interesting drama.



I looked Poetry and it wasn't very good, and Oasis is way too weird though some people here may like it


His other movies are supposed to be good

that's not always true with directors unfortunately, sometimes only few out of dozen are good



I have heard good things about them.


sometimes only few out of dozen are good

Yeah. That goes especially for those who made a lot of movies. Like Miike who directed 100+ movies.



some directors made only 10/10 movies like Kubrick for example



He was very talented, took his time and had an eye for an autistic detail.

I guess that was also Satoshi Kon's case but I need to watch more of his works.



Perfect Blue is great. I wish more people made anime akin to this.



finally a group for high test males and not some roastie shit



I watched Memories, Perfect Blue, Paranoia Agent and Paprika but I prefer not remember my weaboo past


Garam is android woman confirmed



the moment androids start looking like that women will be obsolete and the human race will die out



roasties will never let that happen, android women would look ugly as hell, like those female game characters



Did Chimpy get her booba done? Or is it just some clever pushup trickery



the latter I believe, kpops rarely enlarge their boobs

small boobs with deep cleavage work fine as well



what are you talking about?

just celebrated smigus-dyngus with my village



what do you mean


we do, but I have to work because I had the coof so I have shit to catch up with



it's dying out over the years, slowly but surely




what do you mean

I mean I heard something about Passover but for me it was just an usual day


I wonder what's the percentage of slavs ITT


You make these out of willow twigs, gather the boys to form a group and go fro m door to door in the village, beat the shit out of their women and they give you sweets and alcohol as reward.

Best holiday of the year hands down




beat the shit out of their women

based holiday



good to see that my perspective hasn't changed since last year

still the best holiday

I am just old boring shmuck that doesn't participate anymore


Miyeon is the purest girl in the universe



except she was kicked for bad behavior from a company that tolerates even junkies




I don't understand why but I have fell asleep not once but two freaking times during Oasis. Which is extremely weird because I never fall asleep watching movies or series.



no, Cube only kicks you when somebody makes up bullying accusations about you



I can only vouch for Paprika, I was never a weeb and that movie should be for everyone (into weird stuff of course).


god i need more korean movies to watch



solid 4.5/5 like i rated it the first time a couple years ago when i saw it


just watched the new Barman

still can't believe it but... I'm literally vengeance



it has some interesting elements, but is isn't that good

also, I'm the first to make fun of zoomers not being able to stand long movies, but this was certainly unnecessarily long



gopniks gonna do their thing if you let them up the chain of command


I opened the last DC handcream yesterday. It was Gahyeon scent and it's easily the best smelling cream from all the DC package. It has only one issue that makes me wonder whether I will keep using it. It smells exactly and I mean exactly the same as perfumes my ex-gf had. Smell is such a powerful sense that the memories it brought back were as vivid as if the things happened ten day and not ten years ago. Maybe I will use it but definitely not before bed, it made me think too much

Overall buying the DC handcreams was a great decision and I highly recommend it. They are a bit more expensive than normal handcreams but most of them small great and make up for the higher price.




but is isn't that good

didn't say it was but the main character is without a doubt literally me



it was added to HBO Max yesterday



I'm getting 4K HDR version

but I'm not sure I have time to watch it



remember to watch at night and turn all the lights off otherwise you won't see shit



watch the music show fancams, she can do it easily!

she was just drunk here




she was just drunk here

omo, easy access to the body



do you have champagne ready DCbros?


Fearless chads ww@?


what's the name of girl #3? she seems nice

interesting that she's acknowledged by others from the first sight and they don't even aware of the facebook incident

she's really the best member



oh wait, that anon was trolling, I meant Kazuha, without even knowing her past, Garam has a weird face for my taste, and of course I know all the incidents about her



no wait, he wasn't trolling, more like I can't count, meant girl #4



I made a similar mistake yesterday too lol


you can enjoy your lame members as much as you like

Garam will be only mine then





get a load of this loser



Chimp is my #2, he was talking about Kazuha and she's boring


Kazuha is the pretties member actually


It's all about Yunjin and Eunchae



are you part of anti-sakura bot farm who started shitting on her recently? you always mention plastic surgery and "the new nose"



no retard

I'm part of people with working eyes, I like Sakura as a person because unlike many idols she actually has a personality but she looks like a completely different person now





word, she's really pretty, sometimes I want to put her on #2 but Chimp and Sakura are also great




you always mention plastic surgery and "the new nose"

that is me, and I like her new face


the fun about new groups is that the members should be fresh to have popularity and doing things for the first time, that's why I don't have anything against Wonyoung and Yujin but I don't really like them at all in IVE; similarly, Chaewon and Sakura will be my last favorite



do you just like her because of the scandal? that won't last much as a gimmick


looking for Kazuha stuff, I was reading that Le Sserafim is tecnically under Source Music (business wise under HYBE), so chances are the song will be good; I was thinking it was going to be okeyish due to being HYBE



I think it was some sort of Baby duck syndrome

I really liked her visual and that surprising hidden part of her personality which might be 100% fake though made my reptile brain to instantly perceive her as a perfect waifu



ah ok, seems fair to like her since the beginning



new members don't have much experience though so they may behave a bit awkward



it was great, and the people involved knew what they were doing



that's good! I've been enjoying how awkward and cute NMIXX is, usually big 3 groups stop being charming for me in a couple of years so I'm liking them now




I was remaking this moment, Chaeryoung was cute doing a weird sound





It was actually

네, 안녕하세요 있지...


괜찮... 아이고...



not really, but it should be that since it's the usual thing to say, but she said it in a very cute way



still thinking about sekseu with Kim Garam


Watching dance practices of Eunchae every day until she debuts




dance practices of Eunchae

what, such thing exists? post the links



you mean outline of lower part of the skirt? yeah I noticed it too, looks suspicious




interesting, she looks better now

how old is she there? just 13?



ive seen skirts with a jagged look like that but this one just looks shopped



I just enjoy the performances

She is by far the prettiest of the 4 as well




every day until she debuts

is she your serafimfu?


yeah I really like her visual, she's too cute

Garam on the other hand is cute/sekshie, that's even better




is she your serafimfu?

It's between her and Yunjin for now


yeah I really like her visual, she's too cute

She reminds me of Hyunjin and Tzuyu which are two absolute top tier qts so the potential is really high for her imo



always happens that groups win with the most average song when they had put out bangers before that didnt get shit...


still can't believe it

my girls finally did it



geez, make up your mind already

either they are Minx and should continue with cute/sekshie, or they are meme jrock and don't have any relation to Minx



took them that long that's probably it's meaningless now (in a practical way of winning shows), but surely it's very meaninful to them and the fans


remember when T-ara girls won again

I have a theory that every major bad/cringe/weird thing in the world happens because of me

of course it's survival bias but I can't resist believing it, it feels so natural

T-ara scandal happened because I liked them

COVID happened because I planned some trips, I'm probably in the Truman Show

War happened because COVID wasn't enough to stop me

Companies I work in, people I work with, all goes to shit immediately

I'm probably cursed



Covid happened because Gidle was planning a tour stop in my city and I was planning to get a hi-touch ticket



yeah, kpops are just holograms, they didn't let you me find out it's all fake


she looked so broken here like she couldnt believe it

meanwhile yeonhee being all cute and happy in the background

funny coincidence how she has similar hair now to that era though



Very nice. I should keep up with them more.



seems like fancams are genuinely back, with background screams and everything



id scream if i saw that live too alright


white safety shorts



but now you shouldnt even talk to her for that



Cherry Bullet is indeed mega nugu, but she's the one not so unpopular from that group


I thought I was seeing something, but maybe it's just shadows


this one is the best

but her tits are too small for that kind of fanservice


Bora is exposing a lot of skin too



yeah its a good parallel tbh, i actually prefer their singing of the song over the original lol


feb 22 2022

it's interesting that people still watch this movie, it seems pretty niche



it's also the same place btw (just in case if you didn't notice)

I like the original at 1:05 and 2:47, like a desperate scream

t-ara's remake is also nice

you make me want to re-watch it again, but I will be depressed then



t-ara remake is where i first heard it


it is niche, only the director is kinda well known

1216×216015.89Mb00:33µ¶Á¡[À¯´ÖG Á÷Ä·] ÇØÀÎ(¶óºÕ) _ Give It To Me-2335895


dunno, I prefer at least this size for the proper fanservice

producer nims really made her designated cleavage fanservice member, didn't they

there're a lot of moments like that with her, including in-Laboum and out-Laboum activities

maybe I'm wrong, but I would guess producers make some sort of brainstorming when they need to gain some attention to the group and often it's very specific type of fanservice made by one of the members



what the FRICK????

my waifu's group has male managers as well...



Laboum's Haein, she used to do that cleavage exposure a lot, during different comebacks and even groups (UNI.T) too



still not the Luda's level



it's funny when women squeeze every single drop of fat from their small breasts, to make them look bigger and trick male's brain


apparently DC is planing a world tour

I hope they will visit my shithole again




my girls with my women



I wish but it is not very likely they will come here



high chances they come to my shithole, we love kpop and metal



Chimp exposing less skin than Sakura and Kazuha

b-but designated sekshie member...



still, her top is longer than bra-like top on Sakura



add a black and white filter, some grainy filter, some blood and the title SAW at the bottom



I would love to see Eunbi doing that, but I'm afraid we're few comebacks behind


I can't help to find it a bit funny that you're so hyped for Le Sserafim, group doesn't seem anything special honestly. I do get hyped for most groups, but keep it low until the first song and the first (not self produced) variety.




I can't help to find it a bit funny that you're so hyped for Le Sserafim, group doesn't seem anything special honestly

Imo they are the most visually stacked group in a long time



those are just teaser pics anon, even more in recent times teaser pics are not related to their debut concept

lots of other groups doing sexy, see Eunbi and Yuki recently in here


ah interesting, I honestly don't see it




lots of other groups doing sexy, see Eunbi and Yuki recently in here

don't know who is Yuki but Eunbi isn't sexy, and even if she was, she's solo, that's a huge difference




Eunbi isn't sexy

hottest and sexiest act right now, a bit unfair to the rest considering how well proportioned she is


don't know who is Yuki

someone posted some nice webms a few days ago in this thread


zoa is the visual of this generation



Hyewon always with the good content, thanks



yes I'd be very mad if somebody photoshopped her into something indecent


speaking of photoshop



that one is better but still clearly artificial





love her gooky eyes


she gets her eyes done

would be treason



yep i meant the question like if your waifu looked really pretty since you like her but it was all fake

i dont think i would mind.. so long it doesnt seem to melt any moment



lame meme



Winteo looked pretty bad before she got PS and now she looks amazing. Would waifu/10



she looked god awful before, but i kinda fell for her now too




did you get that moributo palpitkaji from 00:30

I was listening it yesterday and today and suddenly heard that exact phrase and understood it (without checking lyrics before)

my listening skills are a bit lacking so it was funny experience



it was just that one photo where she looked like a goblin

her other school photos looked way better



i havent seen them, ive only seen the shrek pic



tbh the easiest thing to understand in korean is 고 싶어 because you can't confuse it with anything else and that "schipo" is pronounced very clear

but it doesn't say you much about the meaning of the sentence



one quick glance and you're forever trapper by her charms~~


how does she have such tummy with such fat ass, wide hips and big milkers

this is some genetic lottery magic



I wish groups just uploaded videos normally instead of shorts.


I honestly first believed that Siyeon was a bit of a bitch, but she's actually very wholesome


This video contains content from SME, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds


all kpops support ukraine


still thinking about my waifu


my top 3 is Choerry, Kim Lip and Olivia, Yves is #4

though Yeojin is interesting choice lately


love Lip

love Yves

don't really care about the rest



based but not really


don't care about Choerry

this is pabo thread





I wouldn't use that as an insult if I were you

Choerry looks like a huge pabo




PhD in Physiognomy

You should do one in Homeopathy and Astrology as well to get the full kit



You may not believe it but once Cancer gets into alignment with Uranus you are in for a lot of pain


memes aside but recently I read about the return of Saturn and it really made me think



that after 27 years Saturn returns to the same position it was when you were born and it is connected with all the pop stars offing themselves when they turn 27

also my uncle suicided recently and he was 54!


thread disappoints me today

I will have to move to the other one once they create new edition




I don't know anymore who are worse: you or them

but I will keep promise, I won't post here until ... I don't know, maybe new edition?

but you won't create it for years then

let's say, at least for 2 weeks


you won't be missed


those guys in the other thread are funny too