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In an alternative universe... edition


As an expert in human behaviour, I can see that Chuu is acting most of the time here. She indeed has that bubbly personality, and in the first season was indeed mega hyped, but I can sense some fakeness in here, perhaps she's troubled about something serious right now. Sure Queendom is worrying, but maybe something else too.


i was promised a BOOBA edition



de jure "2 weeks or new edition", whatever comes first





in an alternate universe i never discovered kpop and i followed normie goals instead and i probably achieved some


ive stops promotions to give DC 2nd win

thank you starship

very cool


Yeah, I'm fucking soyboy

(Uh, ah, uh)

Yeah, I'll be the soyboy

(Uh, ah)

This is my attitude

Yeah, I'll be the soyboy



there's literally nothing stopping you though, you can still check your waifu's fancem in the top of mount Everest or see the latest Arin IG post in the International Space Station



literally who are those other groups???



I was exaggerating the examples but still applies, kpop is not a deterrent for your goals



its not, but its like that >>735333 guy said, it made me realize how little enjoyment i would find in those normie goals id have otherwise pursued

so it kind of saved me, but it also drove me to a lack of purpose by making me realize that



ex-Sonamoo Euijin


no idea

mindset of a normie is a mystery to me, I would guess it's social pressure or the memes about normies not having the inner dialogue are true and they are just programmed to pursue those things



i think its pressure from parents too / generational, at least here

home ownership is highest in the world i think and normies just feel the need to get stunlocked into life long mortgages for an apartment



good thing Klaus Schwab and his great reset will end home ownership for normies once and for all


Don't get too stucked into the "they're normie" mindset, it's very toxic and easy to get lost into "I'm right they're wrong". It's a fun term to make fun of people who enjoy the most basic things but it's not actually a thing.


good thing my wife's son is already a teen so I don't have to bother with that



I don't even get what do you guys mean by 'normies', afaik almost everyone here is an employed wagie, so where's the un-normieness?



in kpop terms, a normie would like Blackpink and the... weirdo? would like Billlie



we are employed wagies because we'd be homeless otherwise

we are not the same




ex-Sonamoo Euijin

fuck I'm stupid

but she's tall blonde too



having a job is the absolute necessity

it's like breathing made us normies because normies do that too




why are so many normies stunlocked into these kinds of goals?

good question, I was thinking about it

my theory: if people wouldn't have wanted to make children, humanity would have died

so it's either in our genes, or in society. thousands of our ancestors made children, so we are evolutionary (or by strong society forces) programmed to want to make children too

so even if you're cynical in your 20s, chances are you will make children in 30-40s anyway, when the ticking program in your brain starts working



long enough run, i'm not a normie so i live day by day




my country gives enough welfarebux to get by

what country is that


i wonder what's the welfare-salary in korea?



i don't know, do they just leave those people homeless and starving then?



according to Asian Boss, they have a huge problem with the elderly, many have to work even when they're almost physically unable, makes me thing no free monies for anyone, but not sure



they need to do that but for real, except without dying of course



maybe the unemployed just live at their mom's house in true hikikomori fashion, i mean i've never heard that they have a homeless people problem either



yeah that's most likely the case and if they're ashamed of that, I've seen videos of those places to rent for study, some people live there and go to saunas for cleaning themselves

(hopefully I'm not mixing that up with the Japanese videos)



yeah i've seen some videos from Japan where people lived at some rentable pc-cafe booths the size of a few square meters

perhaps asians are such collectivist cultures that when some people don't act like the rest of the herd (i.e. are NEETs) they will literally bully them until they kill themselves. homeless problem solved



in jap they rent out pc bang equivalents because they re dirt cheap


Japanese men want to be left alone

Welp, someone needs to take care of their women



dude it seems it's TOTALLY worth it


through the ENTC NFT Collection 'Remember Me', Dreamcatcher and its members' characteristics are depicted through the hyper-quality illustrating. The prospective owners of this collection therefore are allowed to permanently record and possess both the 1) Dreamcatcher's art as a group 2) and as individual members with each different concept. Group and Solo Units are issued respectively, and as Solo Units are not for sale, they will only be distributed through airdrop. Therefore, such a factor will enhance the scarcity value of the very collection that will only be available to collectors who own existing ENTC NFTs and/or the Dreamcatcher Group Units.


after a few tests, 2-3k should be the actual dimmensions



look what we got here, right-click mindset


good morning



She just keeps getting hotter and hotter, doesn't she?


Dal Subin is younger than me



what a chad honestly, 30 year old younger jwife, he really knows what's good



he has a wife, you have a waifu. not comparable



He divorced one of his wives literally 4 days after marrying her


why did do this

1280×7202.82Mb00:05[LOONA] Princess Go Won's one day early Birthday Party🦋👑



no he has them serially, not in parallel

but he has had like 3 asian wives so far

though I feel bad for his son

he lucked bad in the genetic lottery and instead of being tall hapa chad, he is ugly manlet

dude got the worst of both worlds in his genes



isn't that The Weeknd? every single kpop would take a pic with him

what a manlet tho






the absolute state of twicedude



the fuck

why are they even letting her on the stage, it's clearly not good for her


knew it


why does he want to see ugly boobs so much


I have some ugly boobs saved, you don't want to see them...



she was my waifu before getting into kpop



n-nooooooooooooooooooooo..... it's not true!


judging by JAV i can confidently say that it's not always brown



you mean not pink like in anime?

no, it just wasn't hot, compared to Gyuri or even Lua/Irene



resolution is ok, 1080p broadcast and cameraguy took a closer shoots too

but I'm not happy with that, Hyomin would be much better



nice to see a man of culture who's aware of all tiny pleasant events





what do you think the biggest thing was so far?

imo that's Nancy, we've seen so much of her body

ex-idols like Seungha, Hanbi, Viki and Sulli are interesting too



nancy because it was leaked, semi big idol and we've seen a lot, the clip was like 1 fucking minute



imo the besting thing about it is that she takes off the outfit she had on stage few minutes ago

it's like you get access to the pro version of kpop


i've never even seen the Nancy leak because i'm pure



in Apink fancams of Hayoung and Naeun are very nice

most notably Naeun's latex fancam and Hayoung's light dress fancam



they're really beautiful women



it seems that YOU are finally making it



sadly in this not alternative universe making it leads to a good life but without a kgf



wheres the future where i can get a lifelike android kgf




she won't have option to undress or have sex because SJW won't let it

unless she is a doll of 9 year old





the second girl becomes his wife after that


watched an hour of the new Batman. that shit is so boring and stupid

I can't believe people would pay money for it




still no kgf


makes you think



my girl Ireh

I was watching their fancam posted earlier, and I was wondering who could be the potential Tsuki of the group. As of right now, I don't think I see one.


Also, Purple Kiss is an interesting example of how it's not easy to get popular. They have the kind of concept other groups (especially the ones doing cute stuff) prefer to do, it's cool and strong, they also have good songs and very pretty members. But it doesn't seem to be working much.


btw I was looking for the infamous "back cams" from The Show, seems like you could find most of them on bilibili, just with searching on google "group" + "背面直拍" (back cam in Chinese).

I'm still trying to access the original app (Idol Live), got a Korean VPN and the app finally loaded ans started to do things, but it gets stucked in some loading screen.



30k first week isn't bad but it's also not great



based on Hanteo sales, they went from 7-8k of their first two albums to 29k




hovered over the link and it doesn't look promising, she kinda looks like a moron :/



wtf don't insult my Tsuki, you look like a moron!


I just don't find her pretty no cap fr




I saw them and now I'm angry, so many cuter girls who never had that many views!




They have been getting a lot more popular this comeback

yeah, my feelings was correct, they're making it >>736384

so that's why I like them now



the shitty one that comes first when you look up "korean vpn" on the Play Store

if the app loads, I think I'll pay for a month of Proton VPN to screen capture the ones I want


audiences are allowed now


an idol falls over you right away

some people are just born lucky




But it doesn't seem to be working much.

yeah, I was thinking a lot what makes group popular when most kpop groups have similar quality of songs and MVs

I think in case of purple kiss "pretty psycho" did the trick, a bit like "bboom bboom"


redpill me on kepler

all I know so far is that Xiaoting is an absolute babe and that wadada is absolutely terrible



Wadada is pretty fun, but there's nothing much about the group


do they say "maestro" in Pretty Psycho? it triggers me a bit that they say it with an American accent




wadada is absolutely terrible

it's pretty ok for chinks

some girls are ok, but I don't like chinese management so I don't care about them

just checked: actually koreans seem to be behind it, but chinks still should have some power over management



I didn't believe that covid restrictions are just for 2 years tbh

things might go back to normal next year if not the war, global economical crisis, climate change, lack of food, great reset



as normal as they could, at least people can go out (I don't still)



but it can't be forced, maybe Ireh can do it, she has like a pretty yet silly face that it would give a wrong idea about her, but she's quite talented




great reset

we will own no kgf and we will be happy...



it could have been worse if she felt on that outstanding chair's peak tbh


if I was kidol, I would fuck as much as possible before debut because I wouldn't able to do it in next 7 years



I don't think it's that easy, I have a Korean friend and he tells me you need to date her first for a long time before getting some action. Also, I'm pretty sure, most idols are mega busy the first years, then they have time to enjoy themselves.



well girls don't have problem with that


I think it's better when cute members do some sekshie stuff

like 99% cute and 1% sekshie, you get huge emotional reaction on such occasion

like a dopamine detox

1768×216013.03Mb00:09yuki black shorts (220409) [IO6uFYXbtnI]


lol had to resize from 4300x5200 (42 MB) so I could post it here


Izone disbanded but they are still mogging




he could have grabbed and touched her thighs without any consequences, implying to help her to stand up



dang she was in pain even before, maybe she didn't sleep at all for a few days



those asians are highly motivated to complete the job, no matter what

like in real-life squid game



Actually we will stop winning for a while now because it was their last show this promo cycle



Great. It still surprises me how many points gaypop groups I have never even heard of get.


TSUki mentioned



it was supposed to be their new generation they said in 2020


canada qualified to world cup




I don't like when we get lewd for free

you get more dopamine when you have to put some effort, like searching for best fancam



also you get too much instantly, when she's exposing her tits like that

it's better when you get sekshie stuff in a small portions and then suddenly you get something big and die from excitement


I literally don't care about lewd stuff



I don't particularly like Hyuna or cover dancers because of that (though sometimes it's nice to watch, but not better than porn)

you expect that they are for lewd so you are not excited to see another lewd stuff by them

on the other hand, when you suddenly get lewd stuff from a relatively pure yet attractive idol, you get so many positive emotions






I'm considering learning chinese again


considered before

yeah, keep considering


r8 my evening plans



it's funny that in 2nd gen wearing those outfits wasn't even considered sekshie



Yes, recently almost all kpop groups featured outfits that had at least one or two buttons.

IVE, NMIXX, DC, etc. Also very much increased numbers of buttons on selcas




featured outfits that had at least one or two buttons

I like how precise you are on this topic




Also very much increased numbers of buttons on selcas

thinking about Ireh


fully clothed butta is the only lewd thing I care about




butta is the only thing I care about

Gordon Ramsay chingu...


tfw had a random anxiety attack in the middle of a movie and had to meditate for half an hour to calm myself down

it's such a chore having this monkey brain



It's the moon phase or something

my anxiety levels increased by like 1000% yesterday



no cap bro

I had amazing last few weeks and yesterday for no reason at all I just started to feel like shit



No, rapid mood swings are symptoms of Borderline like Sunmi has.


now that Elon Musk has bought twitter can we finally call the twitter roasties out and not get banned?



no but you will be able to misgender them and call them niggers




the only Sistar member who has my sympathy

she is not only hot but unlike other members she seems like a nice person



she seems pretty nice judging by her vlogs, but why wouldnt bora and dasom seem nice by default at least either?


nice and brown


Soyou > Dasom > Bora = Hyolin


shake it, shake it for me >>738162


fap it, fap it for me




all are good

yeah, sometimes it's a real pain to choose proper fancam, they are all so good



im surprised how many good ones there are cant even pick a favorite



yeah that outfit is my fav dasom one too but cant even make a top 5 for soyou





Musk buys Twitter


kpop immediately appear on it




now that Jeongers is fat, does that mean she got big booba as well?



Neither is Jeongers, but they keep pushing her on that stage


jeongers deliberately became fat as a calculated political stance and a marketing trick





tfw Spaniards are so lazy they'd rather get impaled by a bull than work in afternoon




be a boring wagie


or get trampled by a bull and win the lads' respect while dying

it's a tough choice




die being penetrated

sounds gay to me


World Tour


US only



eurocucks, we kneel

also do I see correctly that they don't work with MMT this time?




anyway, last time euro tour was first and us tour followed few months later

let's hope it will be the other way around this time



yeah it may still work out for you but I think they will not come here


Death to America


Sunday, May 15th Barcelona

Saturday, June 4th Frankfurt

this is when they will appear on euro festivals



where were the people for 1924 days when DC were kpop's laughing stock for being winless?



that's how they used to do things before they made it




also since I'm a pureblood krauts probably wouldn't let me in


I think some of them got dr. Kim'd



why does she keep tempting me

i am trying to remain pure


you are either pure or not

there's no trying




pro photography for thumbnail instead of the actual quality

fucking dumbass

I thought it was good, aespa was never that great at performing, so I wasn't expecting much but they did alright


drunk confession i wanna have sex with all the korean girls crossing my mind for the past 24 hours



that's outrageous

can't believe I'm posting in the same thread with psychos like that!



Daily Dose of Dosie



behead those who disrespect their mothers



i dont even know what their message was, too subtle for my smooth brain

1002×10003.62Mb00:08180418 MBC Show Champion EXID - Lady by JH_1

blessed girl


best girl!




the ugly one

dont talk to me or my hani ever again



you're allowed to look there




it's a good question but i'd have to write an essay about myself to thoroughly answer, but anyway i'm turning 30 soon and i don't see anything changing for me. i'll probably live in poverty my whole life and that's #1 reason


i hope this chingu can make it


Dara looking good for her age


one waifu a day keeps the chances to have sex away



Dunno. All her IG posts are in hoodies and jackets that hide it



what is better: sex with ugly western woman or fap to perfect asian qt?



#1 looks like she’s already undressing, that’s why it’s so omo




paying for sex to an uggo you wouldn't fuck for free in normal circumstances

yeah I think I'm good



don’t exactly understand what’s your problem

you want hot girls fuck with you for free?


seems like I got your problem

you are retatd




fap to perfect asian qt

if you take the whole deal into account, this, its effortless and rewarding enough



real poor-anon here, of course i could do this but i don't actually care about being a virgin, i only care about >tfwnogf




i don't actually care about being a virgin

why did you write >>738889 if it's not important


i only care about >tfwnogf

I think getting closer to women via hookers will help you here too




I think getting closer to women via hookers will help you here too

sounds like a dangerous rabbithole





3 and 4

what is this new meme sign?

I keep seeing kpops doing that



thanks for asking but I don't feel like talking about my issues here


just ordered a burger to celebrate the end of 6 weeks long cutting season

I lost 3kg and I was even able to progress a bit at the gym

life's good bros



that sounds great

isn't celebrating with a burger an invitation for a yoyo effect though?



it marks the beginning of the bulking season, so you are kinda right but when you are exercising yoyo effect is basically your goal



gonna give you one very important protip while dieting and if you use it I'm sure you will be able to lose weight easily

just eat less lmao



very nice nails



there have really been a lot of tummy outfits recently


Would you buy only 1 photocard of your waifu?




but if she was selling something useful like a shopping bag or hand creams I would





why are the lyrics literally about me?



I walk a lonely road

The only one that I have ever known



i have a gymbro fren and he says the bad part about bulking is that your body kinda remembers the fat cells you create during bulks so it makes it harder to stay lean later on in life

not to mention you don't want to get your cholesterol and shit high cause it's hard to take back



yes... we're all looking at the nails...



that's why I try to make my cutting/bulking cycles as short as possible to always stay bellow 15% body fat


nice clown shoes




remember to take your meds bros

I keep my meds at work because I have to take them before lunch and I forgot to take them home and the long weekend just started... I will have to go to work on Saturday to pick them up



sorry to hear that, hope the meds help



isn't it mostly treated by getting an injection once in a while nowadays?


what does it mean?




love fansigns

simple as



For me it's concerned look on Yoohyeon's face when Sua is near Pie




if she is going to abuse anyone it should be me



tbh I have my eyes on Yuki's butt, Chaein's thighs and Dosie's eyes




Yoo: Purple kiss said they like us during video call fansign too!

Siyeon: Really? What should I do, we had mutual feelings!


Yoo: Do u have a fav member?

Siyeon: I like them all but I think Dosie nim is really cute~



They looked like they had a lot of fun when they met up and did the Maison tiktok.



Siyeon gave Dosie finger hearts and Dosie looked super happy about it....

Witchu made it



I lost all interest in varieties and haven't seen one in months

but if I were to watch anything it would be with Purple Kiss



The first one is alright. Nothing special but it has some standout moments (like Yuki crying ). Maybe I will get to the summer holiday one soon.


did you anons get a Tesla US notification yesterday on Youtube? like the ones you get when an account goes live, but except I don't follow that channel or anything related to it.



weird, also like last month I got a Youtube notif from one of their official uploads, except the video was 4 years old


Elon musk was supposed to make anime real but he just shotposts instead

1080×19202.96Mb00:06[150728] 씨엘씨(CLC) 유진 - 페페(pepe) ,슈키라 공개방송 at 인천국제공항의 사본


Does anyone know where I can find the full fancam for this Yujin? It's back when she was in CLC. I am unable to find it on idol grapher's website (from the watermark) nor YouTube.

I found an alternate fancam by mang2goon but was wondering if anyone knows where I could find the original.


the le sserafim EP is fucking kino

gonna give their varieties a chance


but the showcase pics I've seen looked great3




it's kinda lewd, not too much, but there are some hints

guess we'll get the full stuff when the girls get older



judging by the teasers I thought they were all adults


wait a second

isn't garam the one who posted about s*x on her fb?

2040×11462.75Mb00:05LE SSERAFIM FEARLESS OFFICIAL M_V (2160p_24fps_VP9 LQ-160kbit_Opus)




I like it but I wouldn't say so

So far IVE is still ahead for me



for me ive is not even close

visually, musically and concept wise



since when are fat fingers only for ESLs



I don't know if it's on purpose, but Korean Miracles keep saying "you look cute" to all of Arin's sexy stages, so she's trying to be sexier every time.

After the whole place went silent whe she started dancing to this song, she decided she'll stop outdoing herself lol




so she's trying to be sexier every time

after that underwear commercial, it would be really hard to advance further in that direction




that chin

I wish I was this high test



based coomerbros demanding she wear them



lucky, they had fans for their showcase, probably the first group do have them this year


Japanese Princess

are gooks even trying?



you guys just keep on lewding this performance

did arin go too far?



imagine being one of the guys in the front row, they couldn't very well just start fapping there so it got all awkward, they being like


a-arin s-stop it



OMO I wished!!


they gave 2 shows in the same day, she used stockings in the evening performance

I'm still amazed they gave 2 shows of 3 hours on the same day, must have been really fun to watch, and I also gotta love Arin telling a fansite to hide because security is coming




they gave 2 shows in the same day, she used stockings in the evening performance

oh, I thought I was going crazy when I saw her both in stockings and without on fancams from the same day



that reminds me, there's a fancam of them after the show, Arin's dad is there and it was the first time I've seen a male grabbing Jiho, she's normally scared of guys lol




she's normally scared of guys lol

more like she's scared of fan guys, not guys generally



yeah, kinda like when dads tell their kids they're proud, grabbing her from the shoulders


that's a very good point lol



you're the reason she hates male fans


no worries tho chingu i wouldn't mind grabbing it too



Jiho is so nice that she wouldn't care if people grabbed her butt, if it stops guys from getting near Arin (like in the recent aespa incident)



could you elaborate on this incident of which i am unaware of?




A student captions photo, “Sex!!!”

LMAO, it's just boys being boys

friggin imagine Winter coming to your high school when you were a 17 year old with a 247 boner



seeing Karina's karinas live for me... they wouldn't be able to stop me


go to my pocket


pretend I'm having issues getting my phone out


hit her boob




my brain would get irreversibly damaged by the lack of oxygen caused by all the blood going to my pp



koreaboo is managed by such retards

they try to make big news out of nothing every time

maybe it helps them with clicks, dunno, but I always think about them as a bunch of imbeciles


Karina getting raped is front page material



dunno, posting screenshot of some student who shared some photo in his fb and making news out of that is something beyond being tabloid, you have to have some serious brain damage to even consider making articles like that



I'm afraid to brain my damage too, reading article written by brain damaged person



it's not just random screenshots, they used derogatory language towards the girls and got way too close to them since there was no one to stop them



koreaboo should visit 4chan, kpopfap or this place, such an opportunity to make article-of-the-year


the most used emoticon is which is used to express one's infatuation with female idol's breasts



the scandal when they unearth all the sex-posts on kpg...



I bet they don't even have Garam because of the retarded 18+ rule

also deleted a lot of wardrobe malfunction videos

useless shit


how many TBs you said?



Damn, I haven't seen Seunghee in a while, but dr. Kim really fucked up there



those are Arin's favorites

the other day she was talking about pic related, she felt very sexy that day


tfw just remembered that Dun Dun Dance exists

1940×21544.37Mb00:04201218 KBS 가요대축제 오마이걸.Dolphin + 살짝설렜어.2160P.HEVC.AAC


she didn't mention that one, I don't think the outfit is that sexy, but the things we found

1080×19202.84Mb00:04[안방1열 직캠4K] 오마이걸 승희 'Dun Dun Dance' (OH MY GIRL SEUNGHEE FanCam)│@SBS Inkigayo_2021.05.16# 01.07


for me it's

792×8004.59Mb00:11201231 OH MY GIRL - Nonstop + Across the Universe (2020 MBC Gayo Daejejeon)
800×9342.31Mb00:06201231 OH MY GIRL - Nonstop + Across the Universe (2020 MBC Gayo Daejejeon)

or this one



she is just in awe at the size of this lad


we did it Miyeonbros



I forgot where I was



that outfit and that arin were literally perfect

528×4801.44Mb00:04201218 Special Stage3
500×4861.46Mb00:04201218 Special Stage3

they're fugging...

500×5481.16Mb00:04200405 복면가왕 오마이걸 효정 아린


call me a cuck, but I wanna watch that



nothing to depfake there, you can barely see their faces in those scenes

1200×6752.19Mb00:05161229 KBS Gayo

I used "gayo" to look for those Arins and found some older gayos

truly a different era



not bad, imagination is very underrated in this day and age



I can't because I am too pure to watch it



for me it doesn't work, the scene is too lewd for a regular movie but I've seen more explicit lesbian scenes, so it's kinda like just nice



I think I was too stunned when I saw it because it was wilder than most stuff I see


I've been watching some kbjs recently

some of them do fairly explicit things


I think it's a bit funny, and maybe sweet, that in they share the usual lewd clips, but the comments seem to be very nice most of the time. Things like "she's gorgeous!" or "nation's idol" instead of the usual lewding comments.



Not him but I think they cant even play video games without accounts being tied to their identity

Not much better than China




poor gook teens can't even write horny comments without worry like we do

imagine the pressure when you have to keep face 24/7



Imagine entire internet being facebook


imagine having to interact with people responsibly like you would in r*al life



she has 40k prospective bfs in chat, get in line



Oh yeah, the chubby one is Hachu, she is one of the funniest streamers out there.

Theother is Jinny, she is part Taiwanese I think and she used to be a D tier celebrity there, so she has unbelievably loyal Taiwanese simps




she is part Taiwanese

dropped, we're after pure Koreans only



as I said, I am not sure about that part I just know she was "famous" in Taiwan


just watched Generation Kill, was a real kino series




I usually hate ZOGbots but I really identified with those niggas



i'm not sure how likable those fratboy marines were tbh. the iraq war was beyond fucked but i guess they thought they were there to help or something. the show made me think that going to war is just a chance for guys to bro out and feel excited




blocks your gym equipement


"nothin personel kid, a fat fuck like you couldn't use them anyway"



then i guess thats why mine is destroyed




I'm thinking, what makes idols especially sexy, even though all they show us is legs and tummy?

could be pretty face + you know they aren't sluts, so reptile brain still considers them as potential sex partner?



they have very fit looking bodies even when clothed



a lot of porn models are like that, but you won't fall in love with them



it's like any other forum, but I'm not sure if there's an extra requierement to make an account, probably not; I also mentioned the comments are not lewd in because they are lewd in dcinside (luckily not cringey like in kpopfap)

also, no one ever gets into legal trouble for making lewd comments about idols, the people getting sued are the ones that go to the idol's personal accounts and start harrassing them or even making threats to the idol and their families; sometimes the articles in English sound very trivial like "company suing knetizen for difamation" but it's actually for the individuals who go one step further into being annoying



I meant movies made officially, they don't show genitals there

real Korean porn does exist too, but made by amateurs and maybe not in Korea(?)



so they just show them banging without showing their genitals? do they show boobs?