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kpop thread for kpop talk


kpop thread for kpop talk


only for real kpoppers who care about kpop and post kpop


we were only getting started in the last thread


jackal not allowed


funny russian


post kpop





after reading the menu they left because that place didn't have instant ramen



Fruhlingsrollchen und bratwurst-bros, this can't be happening...


a bit hot



all waifus don't have sex

not all people who don't have sex are waifus



gonna be honest, no idea who she in Nature is, but



720×12802.87Mb00:04#KAZUHA @le_sserafim video 7094235948312988929


these words could prevent so many mass shootings...



isn't that the most unfair thing in the world? the process of getting a mate

when you apply for a job you pass interview too though, but usually only your hard skills are required

with love partner you have to have 1) insane soft skills 2) you don't have any type of contract, your mate can always reject you

I find this deeply offensive. not only you have to pass insane interview, you also have to be very careful about what you say and how you behave with your partner to keep access to her body


are you ready for eesa vs aisa autism v2.0?

this time it's Kazuha

her original japanese name is カズハ

I'm attaching the google translate pronunciation of that name

as you can hear, it's the same as her officinal english name kazuha

but her korean name is 카즈하, which you pronounce as kajeuha

the question is: why do koreans use "jeu" for the "zu" syllable?

of course they don't have the "Z" sound but they still have "U" sound, but they use "EU" instead which is completely different

makes you think

1920×10801.46Mb00:03aespa 에스파 'Savage' MV

if gooks don't have zu then explain this

check ma te atheists




이레 is Ireh

이서 is Leeseo


이레 Ireh

이서 Leeseo

아이사 Isa



you're late jackal, I've been waiting the whole day


oh god fuck off with that shit to discord, go flirt with your friend there



on the other hand your posts read like something a mass shooter would publish before going on a spree



I don't dislike her, I just think she often doesn't have that much presence among other members



Yeah, you're right. She seems a bit more lively.

I've gotten distracted by Dosie.

>tfw you will never join Dosie mafia family


I've watched few their other videos trying to find Ireh's insa and I like the girls even more now

yuki, jieun, chaein, ireh are especially cute



and you can only make everything about yourself and the voices in your head

just because someone disagrees with your posts and opinions doesn't mean he goes after you personaly, it just means he thought that one post was retarded






he thought that one post was retarded

that's why he answered like even more retard?

lame excuse, jackal




that's why he answered like even more retard?



chiggas in frankfurt



this reminds me how mad feminists were when euro men started to support refugees when the refugees started to look like hot ukrainian women



Not sure. I am not really paying much attention to the current situation.

I have a Ukranian friend whose quite pretty though.



Fans notice numerous 'couple items' between Oh My Girl's Jiho and Kim Shin Young, just friends or more?

ugh.... wtf???




leaving the industry because she founda husbando

what a plot twist



lol those were supposed to be rumors for fun not to be taken seriously, and of course they have a lot of couple items, they were best friends, and Mimi literally traveled to Japan with her alone (and a TV crew)

also, by fans they mean anti fans, and you could also build a case of Jiho bullying Mimi and Yubin, if you take clips out of context



1:06 here

I think I've seen it at queendom too

makes you think


another 15+ MV, sekshiepop is back

even nugus are doing 12+ now

how should we call it, neosekshiepop? cutesekshiepop? shysekshiepop?


loona - star (english ver.)

close to me you are all of me~~



i want to be close to Yves

or Choerry





that heejin is very omo

also I finally remembered to distinguish heejin and hyunjin, you can congratulate me



what's the point of thinking about things you can't change? better do something else




I finally remembered to distinguish heejin and hyunjin, you can congratulate me

that is some serious case of blindness, not even the face, but confusing the /fit/ body of Heej and /thicc/ body of Catfu is beyond weird



not the face, I never bothered remembering their names



I think the main problem of K-pop is that Korean society is deeply corrupted, yet they imply their idols are perfect human beings, while they are part of exactly the same system

bullying scandals can be considered as part of the show though



it's always the biggest virgins that talk about sex like what was shown in the pics

by that logic she is the purest Sserafim




it's always the biggest virgins that talk about sex like what was shown in the pics

you would know


shy chads we feel bullish for kgf 2022



we had a chance in Frankfurt but we didn't go...


they banned me in other thread

they insult my waifu in this thread

what do



well you evaded it immediately

assumed it was just your pride that's keeping you from returning there



well, if jackalmod banned me once, that means he can legitimately ban all my later posts as well

evading one time is easy, but constantly be in fear of sudden ban isn’t nice


my girl



I think I unconsciously fall in love with bullies like that Hybe producer too




I think I unconsciously fall in love with bullies

wish you and Jackal lot's of luck


I guess Kag added the 6 pics per post feature for nothing....



shut up, she will be back

just like T-ata’s incident was finally resolved


Tata mentioned


stupid autocorrect


stupid phoneposters


After weighing all of this, a score was given, and in the end, the 5th disposition was issued.


Disposition No. 5 is not a disposition that can be easily received.


Disposition No. 5 is actually the largest punishment that a middle school student can receive.

at least my waifu is mature abuser, not some rockie motorcycle rider like Soojin

I will support her no matter what


casual kazuhalovers enjoy their soulless japanese beauty who probably is the most popular member and the safest choice now

but we, edge garambros, have to suffer because our goddess flew to close to the sun and her wings melted




but HYBE is still fighting the legal battle because they say Garam insulted the bitch because she took pics of Garam's friend in only underwear and uploaded it to social media

this is really convoluted mess




HYBE is still fighting the legal battle

those cases doesn't usually end up well

only irene has survived





shut your mouth or we will shut it for you



Irene didn't have any legal battle going on, also she wasn't bullying anybody, more of a being cunty diva on workplace which isn't as bad in gook eyes as bullying at school




which isn't as bad in gook eyes as bullying at school

it makes me wonder all the time why gooks are so obsessed with bullying incidents

if it such an important thing, maybe they should improve their society somehow, instead of trying to fix the symptoms (punish idols who were "bully" at school)




if it such an important thing, maybe they should improve their society somehow, instead of trying to fix the symptoms (punish idols who were "bully" at school)

but that would require critical thinking and admitting that there is systemic problem, which implies they are part of the problem

also, frustrated roasties just want to ruin lives of prettier girls, simple as




they are part of the problem

I believe kpop is so great only because of the systematic flaws in the korean soceity

calm societies who aren't obsessed with "success by all costs" idea like scandians would never come with kpop-like content

so flawed koreans produce perfect kpop and then destroy it because of their flaws

makes you think about self-destruction philosophy like "The Temple of the Golden Pavilion"


ivebros we keep winning



hot gaeul

don't misunderstand, I love IVE

but kpop would only have won from that competition

now it's all ogre



Irene survived because she is Kim Jong Eun's waifu and if they kicked her, he'd nuke SK

she is the single thing keeping the peace between NK and SK



there's also 6th degree, 5th is like causing serious harm, and the 6th one is full on trying to kill someone




why gooks are so obsessed with bullying incidents

They're not obsessed, if Garam started her life as something else the bullied person wouldn't even know it, but it happens that she wanted to debut as a public figure; like with the bully in Stray Kids, the bullied person only wanted an apology, and it worked for them (they also denied many of the claims from the bullied person, but accepted there was bullying), but HYBE didn't want to do this because fuck you they know better. This is what happens when you listen to lawyers more than your PR team.

It's good that she's gone now, we have so many girls that don't really want to be idols, just imagine someone like her pretending to be nice for years.



would be nice to ask for apology a bit earlier....



which one was a fight? Hyunjin?

as far as we know, Garam was penalized on the level of sexual assault (omo)



i have not really gone into it deep dive, but as far as i understand it this is how the story goes


girl A is involved in some retarded middleschool petty drama with Garam and girl B


girl A takes a picture of girl B wearing just underwear and posts it on social media


Garam goes to girl A and tells her she is a cunt for doing that and with some other girls force girl A to remove the pics of girl B from the internet


girl A goes to the school and says that the other girls are bullying her


while the investigation is ongoing, girl A transfers to another school


Garam eats shit for defending her friend

if this is actually the case then you can see how both sides of the dispute are somewhat correct

girl A feels like she was bullied because the other girls ganged up on her, while Garam doesn't see herself as bully because she was protecting her friend



forgot to mention, gook public doesn't give a single fuck about girl A uploading lewd pictures of classmate on the internet, because she is ugly and not famous so it doesn't matter she is a cunt



you're missing a small huge detail, if that was all there is, Garam would have gotten a level 1-3 punishment, but she got 5, that's an entirely different panorama

the picture thing is what HYBE lawyers are saying, they would need to prove it with the papers from the comitee



that's the problem with all these cases, it's all he says she says, other than the document of course

the biggest problem (from the HYBE pov) is that when this drama started playing out, Sserafim fans sent the girl so much shit through the internet that she tried to kill herself

that is giving her insane public support even if Garam herself has nothing to do with it


another girl that failed in killing herself

why are women so bad at everything bros?




fuck she died and I misgendered her


what is Mimi going to do now that she doesn't have an antagonist?



If there was a restraining order, there is probably more to the story.



Finished It Is Okay to Not Be Okay. Another great show with Yeaji.

The CEO is literally me


Yujin from Hi Cutie is 19.



I really like small town kinos. They tend to be so comfy.

It was also shot so beautifully.



that is sad

weren't there news they were recording something?


all those comments where people are glad Garam left and Eunchae got her lines and that choreo is so much better now

I can't believe my eyes

imagine if Garam reads that


I believe that fucking maknae Eunchae rat her out


He also added Kim Garam hates IVE's Wonyoung and she called Sakura a 'plastic monster'.



The dance team members were sitting in a circle to try to get close with each other and were introducing themselves and saying our TMIs and she f*cking proudly said, “Kids, do you know the reason I transferred here?” so everyone was like, because you moved…? but Kim Garam covered her face with her hand and laughed and said, “No, it’s because I hit someone LOL.” Everyone’s faces was like ??? while Kim Garam was laughing it up by herself.


When she entered HYBE and got word that her debut was confirmed, she brought snacks to the HI kid and apologized. I guess there was another kid she tiffed with in class so she apologized to her too…

and they still rat her out... gooks are so disgusting, they have no honor


LUNARSOLAR to release final song ‘Do you wanna get down’ today at 6PM KST


Eseo: _yes_or_noh

Yuuri: u_u.ri05

Taeryeoung: lim._.taeryeong

Jian: zinis2




if not Jian can always become my wife


people here care about boring nugus more than about the best new idol

pabo thread



do you always have to try to pick up fights?

2222×14787.75Mb00:03[K-Choreo 6K] 루나솔라 직캠 'DADADA' (LUNARSOLAR Choreography) l @MusicBank 210409

we will DADADA once again bros

we will


anyone got these in proper quality?



sketch behind but its not in the photobook


we can't see Garam in short shorts anymore

why koreans are doing this to me

it feels pretty much like


God? Is that it?


God? Well, I tell ya, let me give you a little inside information about God.


God likes to watch. He's a prankster. Think about it.


He gives man instincts. He gives you this extraordinary gift and then what does He do?


I swear, for his own amusement, his own private cosmic gag reel, he sets the rules in opposition.


It's the goof of all time.


Look, but do't touch.


Touch, but don't taste.


Taste, don't swallow.




And while you're jumping from one foot to the next, what is He doing?


He's laughing his sick, fucking ass off.


He's a tight-ass. He's a sadist.


He's an absentee landlord. Worship that?





I suppose you already have the scans of the photobook, right?



I've found this which has the pics in even worse quality but all of them are there and it says the source for pics is MBK

I am not sure but they might have been released through some official MBK naver post or something like that and then subsequently deleted when the whole legal dispute between the girls and the company happened since the legal ownership of their image rights has transfered.

I think you'd need to know gook and search in hangul to get to the source or some other place they could be hidden


or maybe they have never been released in good quality considering how shit some Gook blogs are even today and 500x500 pics are not rarity for official sources


i could find them in slightly higher quality but the booba is cropped



Then good luck trying to find them

I'd try 4chan. One of the autists could have them



2022 /mu/ kpg is just oncels vs the world shitposting

most of those fags probably don't even know who Hyomin is

I'd try some of the other boards, /wsg/ had kpop general, right?

i don't remember which other boards had kpop generals



i tried searching reddit kpopfap but 90% of the posts from that era have been deleted



maybe try the other thread

someone may get angry at you for posting image in this quality and repost the proper one



im pretty sure it existed and probably on that sub too, in good quality crazy that i cant even find a pic let alone deleted fancams



I have found 3 places that used to have the pics that are now deleted....

Why do people never use proper long term hosting



The teasers were supposedly uploaded to dispatch on 160303 but I can't navigate the cesspit that is gook websites



i had this saved for a long time, this is like the actual pre-mv release teaser and not a photoshoot so it was easy






genuinely good choreo, hopefully we will see them again


just as a protip, I have been looking for old kpop pics in recent months too, and Bing is showing a lot more relevant results compared to Google, and it seems it picks up more Korean results overall too

Unrelated but cute Soeun



like posting a pic and searching from that? that's what I've been doing to also find higher resolutions, depends of the pic of course, sometimes I found a crappy blog reposting the same low quality (like with google), and sometimes it gives you the source

also, I really hate how google finds things on twitter, and instead of linking you to the exact page, it links you to the twitter account (in my experience, hopefully I'm not doing something wrong)




it links you to the twitter account

same here...



her own pair, why didnt they put a gopro on her neck



they aren't look too big without push up tbh



as long as I get to see Kazuhabs I don't care


it's tough to be Garambro


my bride



probably on the official CCP store website when the population decline really starts messing up the society




population decline


shipping out qts to europe

doesn't check out



no thanks

i am happy with my kidneys where they are




probably on the official CCP store website

that will cost you a lot of social credits



IVE=Billlie >> Kep1er

all my favorite members are Japanese: Rei, Tsuki and Mashiro




I am boycoting Kepler because of that uggo

Billlie is meh but has cute girls

IVE is the best group in years




Kepler isn't very interesting but they have few qts and Billlie only has Tsuki



oh wait, the Roar thing was a google translate thing, weird



i heard you are supposed to use protection

baseball bat should be enough to protect yourselves i think

not that many guns in korea



Seungri Receives Finalized 18-Month Sentence From Supreme Court

probably not enough but still something



at least his career is ruined, I don't think he can have a career in entertainment after that

I think the worst has been Rain coming back after like a decade, after dodging military service, which is bad (for Koreans) but not an awful crime


that should be enough for your webms

make sure to post them



real reason jiho was kicked out



no, we boycott 5erafim now

worst group ever


Shuhua's outfit is OMO too

wtf is happening

it's too close and too revealing and it's live event, gooks suddenly went full sekshie

I'm dying, all my dreams are coming true


looking at Joy anyway





can't see button


can't see cheeks


can't even see safety shorts

state of nu-kpop


Chaewony wears extra revealing outfit but I can't watch it because I decided to ignore 5erafim


Hala Madrid

My boys did it again!


I've finished the first season of Trick. It is a bit like Japanese X-Files leaning more into comedy.


I guess I can stick to IVE

the worst they did was stealing Gaeul's hair but at least it's fixable


happy hyomin day my dudes


that was really omo


holy shit



Imagine the shampoo smell



how does it feel seeing yoohyeon's bra so up close?



she took it off for demonstration purposes



she looks cool, but oh god the Seoul Jazz Festival seems to be full of pretentious people (including idols)

good thing the jazz festival near my place is not like this

786×8002.65Mb00:04160813 여의도 팬사인회 나인뮤지스A 경리 직캠-LprKKJvo8NU


miss blonde lizard




Special Clip for her solo soon


My guess is that chances are 50% it being sekshie and 50% being weird



She said she had been inspired by Harley Quinn while writing this song so we will see.



I wouldn't say so. She just looks here like she used to few years back.




is that some meme deepfake filter or simple pixel filter?


she was like "wait, why I can feel my nipples?"






huh, yet another "don't cover your X" incident



contrast will make her white t-shirt even brighter tho

shouldn't you just lower the brightness to make white not so bright

hist should be even better but it's harder to do in mpv, while for brightness/contrast there're simple hotkeys



you make the contrast higher to make the dark parts darker (nipples), and compensate with lower brightness so it's not that weird looking

still weird, but the point is to highlight



all of this in avidemux, probably not the same in mpv



its not that, i have blasted to her previous vlives but i felt bad after

her bra fell and after she notices she fixes it and then later in the video you cant see it anymore...




her previous vlives



her bra fell

didn't she try to fix it at 3:38

maybe it was on purpose




contrast higher to make the dark parts darker

yeah, I tried that, but there's too much of white color near them

I guess histogram with raised darker colors and low white would work better


her bra fell

makes you remember



i know she fixed it back up at 16 mins

you can already see her nip before the 3rd minute



so many clips where she showed cleavage because probably her company told her to... she was also so clearly trying to unbutton or show it


least fanatic fanatics fan



omo thanks

I always watch the original video tbh, it's closer to real life when you see everything in progress with your own eyes, not cherry-picked moment

maybe I'm too autistic




it makes sense but its a long ass vlive, most of these were around 30-50th mins




did it happen before the "don't cover your legs" incident of after it?

I'm curious, was she payed extra for that by CEO or something



the vlive was a few weeks before that one, they had MANY lewd vlives around that time and then after the incident/news they barely did any vlive altogether


was she payed extra for that by CEO or something

they re probably not paid at all, this is likely some stellar shit where they are so nugu they force them to do lewd shit




they had MANY lewd vlives around that time

omo, I guess I need to check them better. on the other hand, too many content of the same type quickly becomes boring, that's why you constantly need to rotate things you consume


after the incident/news they barely did any vlive altogether

huh, I guess CEO was punished


they force them to do lewd shit

they aren't slaves though, is it really possible to force idol to do lewd stuff if she doesn't want it?



i mean sure its not literaly harassment or forcing but they probably tell them shit like their career is over or they wont get pushed at all as a member of the group if they dont comply or that they are dungeoned and crippled with the debt they already have



i can understand the manager , they are too nice to be covered


accidents happen on vlive all the time



seems like classy release the most catchy songs in this era



she was one of my favs on the produce show

1362×10002.83Mb00:05180629_Mnet_프로듀스48 (3회)


these are the only lewds i have of her

yes she was and she was adorable



I'm checking their vlive catalog, and they seriously need to stop doing vlives at their company, they need to learn from the best like OMG, and make some "eating with members at the apartment" kind of streams, because the videos I'm watching look extremely boring, even if I loved the group I'd get bored



doi did plenty of vlives in her own bedroom, at home probably



omo, is this another one?

linkeu juseyo


omo, released already

song isn’t as good as I’ve expected though

what do you think about that aespa-style low arch btw, we can see their bra that way and it’s absolutely legal new norm


interesting, latest safari does support vp8 and vp9, but only via mse api

this requires custom player, like on youtube


omooooo, we can see the button

also twin tails

how does she do it. she isn't very pretty but somehow you want to instantly waifu her

maybe it's some sort of "ordinary girlfriend" look

girls like karina are very beautiful but you would never imagine dating her, because it's just unrealistic



especially the way they spell it





she looks like a literal kid tbh, not sure I would waifu her but it's funny to pretend


3x14yo and 1x13yo


save us, jackal


I defeated jackal



I saw the article about her sex scene, and looking for it I was surprised it was on youtube, and then I watched it... and nothing happens lol, just heavy kissing and some dry humping



I mean, judging by common sense, she's only 14 yet

btw, do you by any chance own a huge collections of videos like that?

I'm a huge fan




videos like that

I mean not with that girl of course



what do you mean videos like that? that webm is from one of Jimin's recent fancams, everything should be on youtube, they're giving it to us freely

488×6322.46Mb00:05taeyeon cleavage (220219 nolto)


like from that to this, could be anyone, but they're not in a single folder




oh yeah, those are great

can you upload everything as a single archive?


for some reason it's too omo when girls are doing this

at the same time, seems like it's not a big deal for them to show cleavage like that

win-win situation?


Primavera this weekend


when did she get so hot?



dunno, I don't like when people are trying too hard, it usually makes the opposite effect

like in the episode of the Black Mirror Nosedive when she tried to be too nice and got worse reviews



my purkyfus

I have another weird theory why japanese in kpop are always high ranked

because it's kpop koreans mostly look at korean trainees and to pick japanese trainee she has to be extraordinary good

discrimination actually works, it forces minorities to work on themselves extra hard and we as consumers get the perfect end product



what im saying is

small body small booba looks proportionally better than big body small booba



쉿 really cool syllable, 4 letters in one

so compact and dense


tfw got a new IP


some guy was banned for posting in /handsome men/ in 2016

this fucking homo ruining my evening...



just some cheerleader, indeed nugu, the rest of the new kgirls posts are from familiar videos like this



I'm curios, what is choreo nim thinking about when bringing up that legs spreading dance element

is it the same as with "healthy pole dancing sport exercise" type of thing, korean girls can't see anything wrong with that?


casual outfits


only 2 melodic parts for 14 seconds but they are too great

I only like few short rap parts, most of them are bad

seems like for best listening experience song has to contain a lot of "dirty sound" and then suddenly give listener a bit of "crystal catchy sound" so that you don't get bored

push & pull again


seems like it would take 4.5 hours to delete 600k files from onedrive


Thank you for logging on AvistaZ during our 17th Anniversary!


To celebrate, we have given you 1700 bonus points and 1 invite token.



my RSS feed of idol photographers is getting active again


lewd version of Hyuna's choreo

didn't know such thing exist



there are 2 hour long videos of kbjs playing with their booba

why is this so enticing even if it's just a 5 sec slip




not too lewd

it's literally a free titty

there aren't many things lewder than that



not too lewd in the sense that shouldn't happen, and it happens for 2 seconds in the whole video


also made this but can't post, 60 MB for a few seconds lol

could be smaller, but it defeats the 8k purpose




could be smaller, but it defeats the 8k purpose

just make it 4k


ugh ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo I'm zooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooming



nice silicone

what is the census on fake tiddies here on kchan



I think it's the whole tattoo argument all over again, kpg sees a tiny small tattoo and they start seething, and in the same way, Koreans are not too extreme, those looks clearly fake but they have a nice hand-size and still some bouncing



lol what do I need to type in the chat to make that happen



wording that then

it's all about how the booba fits to the rest of the frame of the girl

but I am against all tattoos, because most of them are simply dogshit

"profound" quotes and random bullshit sentences




have a nice hand-size

hand-size size? hand size? just size? me no English


tfw no arthoe Jiugf to to to festivals with




Here in we're always up to date with the latest happy accidents in the world of kpop. The management would like to apologize for missing this Luda webm.


oh, so Classy is under M25 which is under MBK

knew there's someone big behind them

so DIA 2.0


covering cleavage with long beautiful hair

that's pretty cool I would say



it's pretty gud

it's missing some kpop, but the quality is noice



wish Kpopflex would do this so we could have the clean version of Kill This Love


why do you like dreamcatcher so much, they only have single qt

and one was designated sekshie but she doesn't do that anymore


home yoga and pilates

huh, korean chicks found another way to lewd on youtube

the first one is lookbooks



little did some ancient indian yogi know that this is what it would come down to


Okay, the concert was a lot of fun.


say something to the audience


ola, gracias



Yoohyeon's spanish was kinda impressive

also apparently she convinced Happy:) to perform Silent Night because she knew euros loved it


any poker degens here? started learning poker a few days ago and it's so much fun



I used to play a lot, online and irl but I quit and I'm never going back



how come? did you turn profit? how good do i realistically have to be to not bleed out my pennies at microstakes?



it was such a waste of time

I didn't even mind money but I would sit and play whole fucking day



well that's true, it is a waste of time just mindlessly playing

at this point i enjoy the autistic process of getting good though, that always feels rewarding even if what you get good at is at the end of the day a waste of time


though, that always feels rewarding

yeah, people like to justify whatever stupid shit they are doing



literally what smart thing are you doing? except muh money wageslaving


jackal advocating for poker

I knew he's degenerate, but didn't know he's that much degenerate



based jackalbro, get this smooth-brain autist's ass


there was an even better fancam but it was deleted RIP



why do you like to lewd for-cute-only members so much

is it some sort of your-resistance-only-makes-me case


bitrate: 45472 kb/s



nah it's much simpler, Jiheon went viral with that performance (in the lewd communities); if I was left to decide what fancam to watch, it would be Saerom or Chaeyoung




went viral with that performance (in the lewd communities)

what's especially lewd about it?


dunno, looks like a normal choreo and normal outfit for me




if I was left to decide what fancam to watch, it would be Saerom

based big bunda enjoyer





he started the lewd conversation by himself


seems like jackal is false flagging again



jackal really lives rent free in your head

you just sound like a coomer

it's a lewd webm but you probably watch so much porn and dance groups only bare ass can excite you



so who are people who make and write lewd comments about those webms then? asexualbros?



if I could get away with it I would fucking stab you to death

how are you so retarded?



your problem is that you tend to make dumb statements and when I show logical error in it, you try to defend it even though you are obviously wrong


I know why chimp still uses iphone 12 (even not pro or max)

so that people with older versions of iphones don't feel bad

such a kind idol


I somehow broken youtube: it recommends me moksori in basically every kpop auto-generated playlist (when you open some song and autoplay is enabled)

even worse, it recommends it always on 3rd position or very close to that, i.e. almost instantly

not like I hate it but I listened to it too much already and every time I hear it again (because I often can't skip when I'm on the kitchen) it probably makes youtube even more confident that I really want to listen it again and again




based youtube

knows that moksori is 2020 SOTY


the real question for soty 2022 is: what's better, tamina or pose

858×7203.86Mb00:10160910 우주소녀(WJSN, Cosmic Girls) - 우주소녀 2ND MINI ALBUM [ THE SECRET] @명동 뮤직코리아 [직캠 Fancam] By 벤뎅이

>>756690 ➡

why it's not transparent


proper chimp


I like how it jumps out and blocks the entire screen

like the cute version of screamer

best webm of 2022


why did she decide to copy Eunbi's sshhh




the guy she likes doesn't like her back

based, so no kissrin then


does anyone else's youtube is changing the resolution aggresively now? I always watch fancams in 4k60 and now even while playing in full screen, it decides to lower up to 720p if I don't stop it



kek maybe, hopefully it's not a new "feature"

luckily, after manually selecting 4k, it doesn't do it again



she is leveling up from noona to full blown milf



happens with me sometimes

I always select the highest (4k or 1080p) but sometimes it switches to 720p and then I have to manually select it again


no, definitely youtube tries to optimize traffic costs by switching it to lower resolution for most people who doesn't care

tiny percent will change it again



another weird thing but fapping consumes a lot of energy, probably because producing of sperm is energy heavy process


don't want to stir the thread into retarded shitposting about Ukraine, but I found this very chuckle worthy


Germany intends to deliver Panzerhaubitze 2000 howitzers to Ukraine around June 22




most people who doesn't care

I maybe wouldn't care if they switched from 4k to 1440p, but recently I'm getting a black loading screen for half a second so it's very hard not to notice

this behaviour is normal in the mobile app, but usually not very aggressive on PC



Haewon from NMIXX, when they visited Australia? a few weeks ago

466×7201.83Mb00:10anne butt [208105]


good thing they're mega nugu so they didn't care to edit that out from the vlive


I can barely keep up with so much content nowadays




Not him but if there is now a space to be more invested in another g4 group, it may be Stayc for me



Maybe but I will see who I will end up liking the most.



luckily my main group is still active (omg), my second is weeekly, and there's room for a lot of nugus but just random clips of them

is StayC good at variety? from the few clips I've seen IVE looks very promising, even though I don't like the ex IZONEs



I did like IZONE, but for me there's no fun in redebuting, it messes up the rookie spirit of new groups, nothing personal



Kkura has been in the space for 10+ years now, redebuted 3rd time and still is booming with energy



I have not seen that much expect few clips here and there.



not the lack of energy, but I love rookie groups experiencing everything for the first time; barely yesterday one of the KEPLER girls got a Nintendo Switch from a fan and her face was priceless



for sure, I'm not dropping them cuz of the IZONEs


I have a nice dream with Arin.

We were in one of those realities where you do missions outdoors. We were in the sea, trying to catch some item, we both looked at each other and were like "this isn't worth it" and shared a laugh. She said "keuchi?" (right?), which is one of the few Korean words I know lol



no, I always forget her name Youngyeon? one of the not so pretty ones


I only know of Xiaoting so far because she reminds me of IU.



Because of some of the pictures from earlier this year



no, that was it, she was slightly leaning on me I guess, because it was deep in the ocean



10/10 would dream again




got a Nintendo Switch from a fan and her face was priceless

she was like: "I wanted steamdeck instead "


surely the company told her to do this, but at the same time, if she's willing to do it, it'd be better if she went full afreeca streamer and actually make some money




went full afreeca streamer

nah, remember the neuron activation curve

we don't like when girls are too lewd, they should always pretend to be shy and don't show too much at once

for example, the nancy video is so unique only because she's an idol and she was never supposed to show us her body

but you wouldn't even dare to click similar video on porn resource with noname girl, or even with famous porn actress, because there's nothing special about them acting lewd



this only works for idols with some kind of success, not only she's nugu but absolutely nobody is watching her vlive streams, and plus she already has that big clickbait in her resume: "ex kpop idol"

I'm not saying she should show everything, but teasing like she's doing now




she already has that big clickbait in her resume: "ex kpop idol"

this won't last for long once she go full lewd

seungha movies were great at first but then you realize that you've already seen everything and lose any interest


but teasing like she's doing now

I believe there should be some randomness in that

she shouldn't do that because of the donations or subscriptions

though sometimes any type of content is good, even silly porn videos, for the sake of variability

but in a long term we mostly like shy girls with a bit of lewdness, like in kpop?


though I think I still can rewatch some of the seungha's movies just because of the beautiful face

but it's probably because of the yellow fever, with white girls you wouldn't do that and only care about unique stuff


Yua Mikami from Honey Popcorn is better example, you normally wouldn't care about her



i expected those to be soft as fuck with maybe a minute of sex scene for every 30 minutes of "story"

but i was surprised how much of the "movie" is just sex

the one where she was oiled up really made me think


literally perfect

and that one guy is unhappy she redebuted



I never found her that attractive, her features a rough, probably one of the most overrated idols in terms of looks, next to Joy


no, i might catch the gay by proxy if i reply directly



yeah, Joy has nice joys, maybe I'm thinking more about their faces


Joy is a FAKE FAT FUCK tbh


for me Joy is at least 2 tiers below Reeny/Seulgi



speaking of overrated



I've found pretty unique KAV with strong GFE recently

My Girlfriend Is 20 Year Old if you're interested, those are rare, most of the time it's boring sex scenes with the same actors


the one where she was oiled up

which one? I watched about 10 different ones with her but she has like 50 total so I gave up




which one?

i think it was called "Pay for Sex"

or something like that



is sex the only thing you can think of?

what about love, respect and affection?



I have this movie but I dropped it on first half and that oil scene in the second




unique face with amazing eyes


killer body


wife-tier caring personality

i'd genocide half this planet to have her




have this movie but I dropped it on first half

i skipped the first half, the other girl was kinda uggo





you're after those throat skills?



you listed 66% of the group

let me rephrase

who is you favourite girl in IVE



it was order of preference

wony is best but those other girls are very nice too





can't go wrong with that pick

though recently Rei has been looking amazing



that's great



tbh I can't imagine living with other person at this point, it would be so uncomfortable having to take into account someone's other preferences (and remember to make gifts, remember those stupid special dates, always be nice, deal with relationship hassles, etc)

it's much easier just to care about yourself





I'm glad that loonas got lewded a bit at queendom



tbh the biggest problem is having to explain why you don't have kids when you have to talk in a normie context



maybe it's better if that anon in particular doesn't have kids



not him, but it's being utterly socialy inept at engaging females in romantic relationship for me