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BIG FAT P edition


weird edition



but I won't lewd her like some people here

she's only for cute in my case


such minor difference between Chaehyun and Dayeon, but I only like Dayeon

could be the nose and shape of the head but it's so minor yet gives huge effect overall


Yeah I’m talkin’ bout you (yeah you yeah you)

Yeah I’m talkin’ bout you (Come on boy)

852×10802.95Mb00:03위클리 조아 ( After School ) Weeekly ZOA - 철원 평화콘서트 직캠 220611 <>


After School

great group


big fat pig edition


pepsibros ww@





kills that nigga




he can find and help you

are we playing hide and seek? I'm going to win


she might be an uggo by kpap standard but her body is fire



this is actually worse than the original...


(that clip is meant for the straightbros ITT)



finally good serafim post

post Garam please



if Irene hit her face into a wall maybe



this is fucking disgusting

first he creates thread about pussies

now he posts videos with random girls, how is it even related to kpop

that's too much, don't we have just one normal thread here?


why is this girl so triggered wtf



I think we got framed into being a containment thread for that one guy




I'm not a girl, but this is just gross, like a shitty version of kpopfap


the time has come, i will start working out



great decision

remember to also keep your diet in check, you won't grow without calories surplus



ok, forget what I've said then

I will cheer for you fattybro, hwaiting!



sorry for talking about the basics if you know them but remember that your #1 enemy is sugar like sodas and shit

just drink water, eat a lot of chicken and you will be fine




eat a lot of chicken

i already do but im worried about this, that shit is pumped with hormones nowadays



you can switch to turkey

I buy chicken with some GMO/drugs free certificates, it's more expensive but you can really see the difference when you are preparing it



good point, i doubt they would pump turkey with hormones since its already so fucking big



I heard turkeys will die when you try to pump them with chemicals



speaking of gigachad

I know it will sound cringe but I follow some fb memeaccounts about fitness. they post shit like literally me and gigachads and sometimes when I don't feel like working out I look at them and they really motivate me to keep going



i will literally only listen to my waifu in my headphones and push through with that in mind alone...



same except I listen to Gregorian chants and lift for the glory of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ


supplementation would be also a good idea

magnesium helps with gains a lot


i started eating healthy and it's actually so much work to get enough calories when you can't just have a bag of chips



its really not, theres plenty of normal food that can fill up the calories



i accidentally lost 8kg, didn't even mean to lose weight but it just happened



i don't know, i used to be over 70kg when i was hitting the gym and focusing on eating enough, but now that i don't go to the gym and my cholesterol was slightly high i just started to eat healthy and normal amount to not feel hungry. now i'm back to 62kg skeletor mode that i was as a teenager/young adult


I weight 88kg but it's pretty low so I have to eat a lot of not healthy carbs




to get 3000 kcal while bulking I help myself with gainers it's like whey for shakes but also with carbs




Heil brother

at what height tho?



anon, that's half the point, I thought we were among adults (and that one turbo autist) so we can distinguish between sexy and ridiculous; 100% of that video is hilarious


do euros really want Ukraine in EU?


Post kpop bangers that are good for the gym



why do you keep making your own people poorer by inviting shitty countries into EU?




which is your probably from

Russian "education" everyone


so butthurt, I must be right



when are you taking Kiev? I heard it would be taken in the first days of the invasion




it says a lot about russia if they can't conquer a country considered shitty even by Lithuania...


get him, jackal!





half of ukraine will soon be officially part of russia (like crimea before)


you idiots you couldn't even annex the whole country





I know russian education is bad but 20% is less than half



why are you so focused on our education?

so envy because our students take first places on international math/cs competitions?



I'm just curious how shitty you have to be to not be able to overthrow the government of some banan republic like Ukraine

Americans would do it in max 2 weeks




international math/cs competitions

particpants: russia, uzbekistan, mongolia, burkina faso



tbh I agree this is the most stupid/pathetic thing putin did during his era

still doesn't mean that ukraine/latvia aren't shitholes though

objective reasons - not enough soldiers, trying to avoid killing civilians, help from the west

everyone supports putin until they can continue living as usual (or a bit worse) but I believe only 1% would actually go to the war



baltics seem a lot better than russia though, why do you keep hating on them


Бля, ребят, я тут Краем глаза заметила

Это очевидно, что вы не в теме, потому что ваши заявления носят эмоционально окрашенный характер

Ваши домыслы и споры о якобы статистике - бессодержательные, вы не в начной кухне, вы просто пиздите от нечего делать

Лучше бы накидал пикч по заявленной в названии теме

Мимо Саечка с телефона


Для деловых людей это не досуг, говорить о докризисном одном проценте вклада местных сообществ в мировое развитие технологии. Люди работающие и шарящие в науке не занимаются национальной фалометрией, они не тупые чаще всего

Саечка с телефона



I lost half of my savings in btc

but it was like few dozens of dollars


so the way to defeat jackal is to beat him in pvp ut99 match



Good taste. I have spent a lot of time on the demo alone.

I have tried UT3 for the first time last year and it was very mediocre.


yeah, I don't like RV much, but Joy is unique

seems like she has just the perfect amount of body fat: not too thin and not too chubby

just like the marbled meat


she is so lewd again



at 0:17 you can see the filter turning on, making her chin smaller





YT recommends kpop fancams to a person already watching a billon fancams a week




jackal, please don't be dumb

I was talking about this particular one, and it's not coincidence, algorithm can see the difference between normal and lewd fancam


the numbers Mason



Garam-a, don't bend over so low


our shops now have peaches from Iran



the sort that has many different clothes to inspire young women trying to wear trendy clothes?



h-hehe yes naturally, that's what lookbooks are f-for


tbh it's hard to say what part of modern entertainment aimed at selling advertised stuff to girls, and what part to attract horny incels and milk them via albums/fansigns

2nd gen was mostly the latter, 3rd gen teen crush more like the former, but then they came with idea of healthy porn so idk now



i don't think coomers are a very big market; bigger are the SEA equivalent of whom used to be into backstreet boys and spice girls




into backstreet boys and spice girls

doesn't it make them a nation of coomers? 2nd gen was way too lewd and clearly focused on male audience




2nd gen was way too lewd and clearly focused on male audience

yes that was when kpop had sovl and hadn't sold out yet



based CEOs kept idols in slavery through debt




poor and ready for everything

remember those Stellar girls with sad stories about angry agency lewding them

same with 9Muses

some liked it though, like Hyoseoung


flip that...




that hair is so stupid, she should finally get rid of it

full blonde Yoo is 10 times better



The guy that was always talking about being bald


she knows



what we like


that that that that that that



ah too bad I don't have jpopsuki account, I'm not good at joining those private torrent trackers anyway as I'm limited by storage and time.


yeah, I rember back in early 2010's I need to just download any SNSD leaks from japs performance with any quality before they take it down.


are you afraid of the situation?

it looks like a new world war is close but I'm fucking NEET and not ready for that

I'm used to comfy life with internet, remote job and delivery stuff




I am still hoping somebody will just take it into their own hands and shoot that retard in Kremlin



literally nothing ever happens

but if you are so worried do something, prepare yourself

I started going to a shooting range and I'm learning about growing veggies and fruits




nothing ever happens

yeah, I thought nothing would happen in early 2020, it's just meme virus

I also thought nothing would happen in late feb 2022, just meme banter between countries

a lot of people believe we are in the middle of huge crisis, which became much worse because of chink virus

and the only way to resolve the situation is huge war, like it always was

stupid people, why can't we leave in peace, it's fucking fight for the world dominance all the time




it's just meme virus

it was a meme virus

simple as

people are just retards who got scared by media's fear mongering



survival bias

it was a serious epidemy for the humanity in general, doesn't mean you personally would die from it



killed only boomers and fatties

a literal blessing for mankind




the biggest reason it was an issue was that it was overloading hospitals

to a ridiculous point in most cases, which then doesn't allow treatment of other problems/injuries


it has been like a year and a half since I felt like I miss her but here we go again

Kpop for this feel?


speaking of bitches

literally ALL 20-30yo women I know take meds

what kind of dystopian nightmare is this lads?




trolling him by mowing the lawn

there're doing it right now

but it's not jackal, they cut the grass every summer


i just wanna say i havent been posting here because im still trying to keep up with living healthy



researching healthy stuff more instead of kpop doom posting i guess



you can do it at the same time, you know, to avoid burning out



i really should, i am already burnt out



i sit with them instead, standing is tiring



not sure about the trad part but mid can be decent



it's hard to find one you like and one that likes you back

having a gf is pretty easy







love talking

don't they get angry when you don't pay attention to them like giving presents or similar shit? tbh I can only talk in two modes:

  • 1 message per week, just some interesting thing I've found that could be useful for that particular person

  • 100 messages per day when I talk about anything and person quickly becomes mad because my opinions are too edgy

I guess it would be hard to find someone who would be fine with any of those modes



become gay

find some poltard twink that will tolerate your hot takes





poltard twink that will tolerate your hot takes



you just talk about shit like school, work, family members, what you had for dinner, what to do on the weekend



why do you think normies consooom so much reality TV and "news"



well if you were texting then yes but talking irl can be fun




so much reality TV and "news"

I often spend about few hours on choosing what to watch, then 15 minutes on finding best rip on trackers, then sometimes I have to remux it with mkvtoolnix because of audio track issues

and then I watch 10 minutes of the movie and delete it because it's boring

imagine when there's gf nearby who suggested to watch some movie



girls here wouldn't ask it because we don't have netflix anymore

though we have local movie streaming alternatives



but that is accurate of how those websites work

i don't understand how people in 2k22 can exist without adblock



yeah, but a person who's capable of managing movie theater's equipment would know about torrents



putin doesn't want a huge war, he just wanted some dumb side quest to distract russians from realizing they live in a shithole

now putin's popularity in russia is unironically higher than pre-war, just in time for upcoming presidential election


if WW3 breaks out, the British will be bombed first




just in time for upcoming presidential election

a little secret, he wouldn't go anyway, no matter how bad things are


putin doesn't want a huge war

well, the idea is that the entire world needs a huge war



the real threat supposedly comes for the Anglo-Saxons

maybe later, not in a mood for pessimistic kino



I watched it 3 times

first time (~2010) it was shocking, second time (~2018 during conflict in sea near Crimea) it was depressing, third time (2022 after the war) I didn't give a single fuck anymore



putin can easily lose power, that's why he spends so much time and resources on propaganda and extirpating dissent within russia



has dr. kim messed around with her nose again?



best former kpops are in KAV


I've just understood why we feel good when we see smiling person

because of mirror neurons brain produces positive emotions inside of us too



nah, jpop is lame as heck, japs are weirdos

koreans use the best combination of western/asian culture



what are you doing in kpop if you're obsessed with big boobs? those almost don't exist here



i am not obsessed with them, just when i see them my monke brain gets activated



i want to live in a universe where winter's ass is that plump



just a man trying to make it in this clown world



they are trying to ruin them by putting them on men



it's still omo if beautiful women does it tho


they even have more ducks




she was the best member...

gooks again managed to destroy perfect thing they created by themselves



Who else would go on such a tirade just because some guy is mowing a lawn?


which tirade are you talking about



makes sense

he's trying to sneak back into the regular thread?


"sneak back"

how disgusting

I didn't post and I would never post in eurocuck thread again

this thread is fucking shit too though


he is still assblasted about that



there's a brazilian too

still seems better than some half dead thread



The funny thing is that it is the thread where many Russians actually post



those are traitors that's why jackalmod doesn't ban them

I was banned just because I stood strong on my point of view, sneaky hypocrite euros don't like that


how has he turned being banned for lewding and insulting idols into a political thing with russia




for lewding and insulting idols

you can't find a single post of mine doing that

sneaky tactic again: "look, we banned you according to the rules, la-la-la, we can't hear your objections"


>>763117 ➡

I can see you're perfectly capable of lewding idols on your own


>>763107 ➡

nice "adult" post which would never be touched by jackalmod



that was just a separate thing to make fun of him for



>> for lewding and insulting idols


you can't find a single post of mine doing that


so far:

1) no examples of my posts that somehow violated the rules

2) I posted few examples of posts just made in last hour that clearly violating the rules but mod don't notice it

3) jackal switched to discussing my personality instead of talking about the fucking topic in question




1) no examples of my posts that somehow violated the rules

we posted them the first time it was discussed, just because this particular personality of your schizo brain doesn't remember doesn't mean we have to spoonfeed you



We're not actually gonna go through posts from april for you, although i'm sure youve been doing plenty of shy posting since then

not every tard posts needs to be deleted for people to see that it's a bad post



but you said you can post it?

seems like you can't, another sneaky lie



shy posting

shy smile violates rules? stop being that retarded please




but you said you can post it?

i said i can, not that i will

read my nigga



you gotta be less obtuse first. you know you didn't just post shys without anything else



there is no jackalmod

with you your shys just made it clear it was the same person making those posts over and over again



>>tfw my dick is on your head

that is gay af dude




same person making those posts over and over again

why didn't mod warn me then?

to my knowledge, not a single post was deleted, just instant permanent ban

are you sure it's an adequate way to manage things?



i don't decide what mods do

don't act like you weren't constantly being told not to make posts like that by multiple people though



I didn't know I have to ask for opinions of random people to decide what to post and what not


jackal is denying obvious truth now

"pathetic" like he always says



you are the one with no response to being linked what you asked for




obvious truth now

How would users be able to tell the difference between a deletetion and a ban, you genius



ok, I can agree, that one post about calendar is questionable but

1) I basically responded in the same way another poster did, the only difference is that I used shy emote, but only mine post got negative reaction

2) I still haven't got an example of warning or deletion, it was instant ban

so in other words

1) it was minor violation resulted in a huge penalty

2) other people did and still do the same and no one cares

I find this deeply unjust


well, you can know it now




well, you can know it now

no, it's just your word i have to trust and i think you can see where the problem is there



ask jackalmod if you don't believe me


yeah, keep making fun of other people misfortune, it will make your life better



I can't believe you're really that stupid

1) mods can either delete or ban post

2) when you ban someone it's permanent

3) you showed me the ban example which obviously deleted the post

4) by warning I meant just a single deletion or reply with a badge

do you understand now?




3) you showed me the ban example which obviously deleted the post

as i said, the only "evidence" for that is your word

which can't be trusted



do you imply after that post I posted more and that resulted in a ban? or there were deletions before?

well, can you find any evidence of that?

so far, your position is "I can't prove your wrong therefore I'm right"



but you already said it's a ban

can you find a deletion of my post without ban?

btw, look, another shy >>763179 ➡

should ban this guy too




should ban this guy too

if it's you, then yes

if it's someone else then no


as expected from jackal




we are the same person

nigga you wish

I mog you nothing personal but we live in a "mog or be mogged" world


you can be two different retards, your choice



mog in what

surely there are aspects to each person that are better or worse


people get sad because of seulgibro leave

but they don't even remember me




I bet everyone remembers a retard like you, they are just glad you left


bring back Wonybro



on the anniversary of your ban there will be a huge party

and guess what, you are not invited


I know you're joking but the real truth is still sad, my posts weren't actually interesting for other people


I know you're joking

should we tell him?


coca-cola bros it's looking bad...



Thats not what i said

You dont have to ask, but if youre told to stop, you should be able to listen

And youve seen what the results are of not listening and trying to be disruptive




And youve seen what the results are of not listening and trying to be disruptive

they just didn't like me personally, my posts weren't worse than other posts which don't attract such attention

the only difference is emote, for some reason jackalmod hates it

though, someone made similar post recently >>763179 ➡ and no one cared too

this is so hypocritic, maybe jackalmod posted it himself




he is still reading that thread


whenever I will feel pathetic for still thinking about my ex, I will remember you and it will surely make me feel better



I don't read it because I'm still thinking about it, just check new pics and such

how is that comparable to your pathetic relationships with your ex?




I don't read it because I'm still thinking about it, just check new pics and such

whatever makes you sleep at night brother


tfw this has become the dedicated autism poster containment thread

was a good run bros



I was arguably the best poster of kch general

and you threw me away like a kid throws an old toy



you were the biggest and the most annoying retard I've ever seen on the internet




but this is the only place on the internet I use



what if we ban him as well?


olivia has really broke through in r/kpopfap


kfappers telling something about quality of my posts



nigga even Charles Manson would have a problem with the quality of your posts


>>764804 ➡


I wonder if kmovie watching chingu is still here

of course, but you banned me so I'm in the other thread now




replies after 3 minutes from that post

bruh do you have Stockholm syndrome or something?




Stockholm syndrome

are you sure you understand the meaning of that?



wrong, you didn't even like my 머리부터 발끝까지 collection


but jackalmod banned me, what can I do, he might do it again


autismbro was right, jackal is literally obsessed with him. he just keeps coming here to check on him




I'm gonna get him here

what does it mean


tried to download some fresh kav from avistaz


403 for all torrents


wtf did they shadowban me


it's known issue

I was really scared for a moment





omo, her next role after Burning


Cheat On Me

cuck movie



yeah, remember that scene from Burning when she was dancing half-naked in front of her boyfriend and ex-boyfriend


I think Jinni let her real voice come out, with satoori and everything. It's really fucking cute


summer is the time for noonas


they still revived the thread

i thought my coompost was the final straw...


4 days later i'm still resolved to do it




4 days later i'm still resolved to do it

not gonna go into details but dropping porn and cooming less turned my life around and I entered my making it arch

it was a long process tho, around one and a half year



what does the research say about having zero bitches?


just got banned in the other thread for making one (1) post that was mean to an idol

autismbro why do you even want to go back there?



I called Wony a bogged skelleton once and then I just made fun of the dudes who got so triggered by it



one post against the rulee

there is no rule to not make fun of retards



there is a rule about not being a retard though




autismbro why do you even want to go back there?

it was comfy to write my autistic thoughts and get some response

but jackal is way too mad and hates me



he now blames innocent people

if he understands that I'm back for real, I'm sure he will post salty comments about me being "jealous ex" every day



nigga just banned me because he thought I'm the autismchad

it's over for my main autism man



nah I didn't get banned for what I said about Wony, he just deleted that post

it was making fun of the mod with no chill




it was making fun of the mod with no chill

jackalmod is out of control


so, do you ever post kpop, or just complain?


bans people


why don't you post kpop



I don't see you banned here and the last picture was posted 2 weeks ago


this thread used to be fun when it was enclave of OMG posters who liked to talk shit

now it's just a shithole for sob stories



that's me posting it, not either of you retards that just complain


complaining about complaining

jackalbros... wtf?



no, jackalmod just personally hates me and bans everyone who posts like me

seems like I won during autists battles too many times and he is extremely butthurt because of it


I won


autismbro thinks he won the arguments...


of course, I can easily win most battles here

my only significant loss was "a first" battle



dunno, I think he was right that time, I mistakenly chose the weak side

just once though



i was arguing one side even though i thought the other side was actually correct just because it was fun seeing the autism



I will be more careful next time

the first rule of autistic battle is never join battle unless you're sure you can win it



i join them just because i am bored

best thing is switching between the sides trying to escalate the conflict, that is always fun af



I would never understand the pleasure of trolling, that's something unnatural for a sane person

imo the true pleasure is when you came to some new untrivial conclusion during the debates



you are talking about it like it's Frost v Nixon

and not some stupid grammatical irregularity in a shit language we speak as second one



I mean in general, when you put energy in some topic you're not very confident with, you will have to google about it a lot and eventually learn something new

I mean not new as in just new fact, but some untrivial connection to other topics you are already familiar with


holy fuck shut the fuck up you fags and post some p's for me to enjoy



i found that there is no point in trying to engage in arguments on the internet

usually both sides are dead set on their "truth" and rather than trying to have honest discussion they are just trying to win

that is why i usually just have those talks with people close to me that i know will have open mind



this is what not cooming enough does to a mfker



yeah, I can agree, it's very far from being effective

on the other hand, we are stupid emotionally-driven machines so the desire to win the argument often makes you (at least in my case) to do some real research which you wouldn't do just on your own

my gives me a hard time to discuss open questions with friends because I can't catch the moment when I become too annoying

it's a no problem on random forums because the only thing can happen to you is ban

962×17422.92Mb00:01[릴레이댄스] NMIXX(엔믹스) - O.O (4K)




lots of kpops used to be...

1080×8801.70Mb00:03H1-KEY(하이키) ‘ATHLETIC GIRL’ M_V BEHIND 03


I think so?

How can you not understand it?



I mean not a fan of cameltoe at all

probably watched too much of jav where everything is blurred so you can only see tits



Maybe, if I watch jav I only watch the uncensored or whatever stuff



i don't get it either

probably the association with birth, menstruation and whatnot, but vagina is the least sexy bit of the woman body


also could be because you don't actually see vaj that much during sex considering the anatomy of humans



I'd say the p is like tits, they can be good or flat out nasty

Aesthetic fat p and I'm rock hard, skinny roast and I lose all interest




association with birth, menstruation and whatnot, but vagina is the least sexy bit of the woman body

same, it's just gross part of the body

dick is a bit gross too but not that much



well, sex is ok, but cunnilingus is disgusting imo


tfw you're supposed to stop cooming but then someone links over 300gb of JAV



don't mention JAV please

my therapist told me to stop thinking about it


unraidchingu are you here


raw read error rate is 8



glad I'm not the only person who thinks that


based purebros




anus is least sexy and rimjobs are pretty nasty

ugh, we shouldn't even mention those perverted things



I thought it was just a meme Americans parrot on social media



they imported it from niggers like everything else in their "culture"



word, it's gross

i need to cleanse my mind with purity after reading this thread






friendship saved

communication issues can cause serious problems


she is trying so hard to be lewd, but is flat as a board so it doesn't work that well



true, usually doesn't work out but sometimes does

SM's doctor is really good



dunno, Daisy is cute on some photos

she can get it



not walled, she was never that pretty to begin with

i think she cakes too much makeup on her face and would look better with lighter more natural makeup



are you talking about Mimi?

she's alright imo



I used to like her when she was in CLC but now she's simply too old for me to care



she hasn't been anything special since the start but I do think she used to look better than now maybe it's the makeup that has changed

1080×19202.96Mb00:05숨 참고 러브다이브

she looks like a $15 hooker in thailand next to yujin



maybe, but ive is full of top tier qts so that doesn't say much


it's just a pair of fat bags, why are we so obsessed with its giggle movements under gravity



It has been a while. I guess we should revise our math knowledge.



They are at least looking in the general direction of the blackboard which is already an improvement.


one hand to write down what's on the blackboard and the other for blasting





Beautiful, sexy Ji Young is placed at an all boys' high school as student-teacher. Teenage boys in puberty think of her as a sex goddess and fantasize about her.

they hired the screenwriter from /kpg/



btw I accidentally discovered a short clip from this movie and there wasn't any mentions that it's korean or something, but I instantly liked the girl, then checked the source and it turned to be korean movie

yellow fever is no joke huh


time for autistic take

I find it deeply offensive when beautiful girl walks in public place

it's comparable to some rich bastard visiting poor african village and burning dollars in front of them

having vagina+beautiful face = huge resource disbalance and it's horrible when one person (normal male) looks at the resource he can't own (beautiful female) which teases him all the time

we have a resource inequality across population, ok, it's an evolutionary stable strategy, I can understand that

but why should we, as intelligent creations, suffer from this inequality, it makes me so depressive



Back in the day if you saw what you liked you took it by force



but back in the days I would be killed by stronger/smarter males


that "popcorn and zero coke" line of nmixx is probably the most cringe thing in the kpop so far

it reminds me of shizos who talk about irrelevant shit sincerely believing it's very important




also to erotic scenes in movies, kav, jav, hentai, ecchi, random videos with cleavage/upskirt on youtube and so on



fr fr

I got into kpop thanks to my wife's son


eurbros we could have seen this irl...



how are we supposed to settle for normal women when she keeps raising the bar this high?




kpop ruined my taste in women, even 8/10 white qts do nothing to me now because kqts broke my brain


Hi Darlings?! I'm at a party~~~(?) Nop!!!!! I'm shooting MV!! Let's fire this summer




Let's fire this summer

i already fired to her this summer if you catch my drift



my will is too weak

her charms are too strong



better her than some unpure p*rn actress


should I watch Gray Man?

my personality could use an update


Like a cat era Choa was on next level



for me it's confused and mini skirt era



i still keep thinking about that video game with Choa arc

I just want her to cook dinner for me


Pork Chorong...




#KimGaram's Contract With HYBE Terminated + Leaves Le Sserafim

another L for autismbro


everyone liked her except jackal and gook jackals


face science bros, we have to explain what makes Jiheon's smile so unique


here's a very useful life hack for you my mates

don't ask how I know this but if you ever have boner issues try ginseng, after few weeks of taking your peepee works fine again


this escort looks nice





probably daughter of some sex tourist



i haven't done the deed in a week now and i can feel my pipi is starting to wake up from a long slumber



i wish i was a gook chaebol so bad right now



if she breathes she's a thot



no shame in losing against Minhyun

btw not only those actors, but I've seen many of them forcing a very deep voice; I'm sure they do have it already, but in part it doesn't sound natural




forcing deep voice

cringe, arin won't fall for that trick

608×10802.42Mb00:17오마이걸 아린 저음




that outfit was amazing, shame we didn't get much of it






gonna have to get checked for STD now


holy fuck Loona is coming here



ok, here goes:


5dl of flour


2dl of cold water


0.5dl of sunflower oil


1 teaspoon of dry yeast

Mix everything together, roll the dough in your hands for a few minutes into a ball and let it rest over night in refrigerator (cover it up plastic wrap or something). Then next day split it to two dough balls, roll them again and let them rise in room temp. for at least few hours before making the pizzas. I just flatten the doughs into pizza shapes using my hands. This is 2 medium size pizzas basically.

For the tomato base just buy a ready-made canned and smashed tomatoes, they sell them just for pizza purposes. For cheese I would recommend slicing a mozzarella ball.

About 9-13 min/pizza in the oven in 250 degrees C, depending on how much tomato you used. It's important to heat up the oven and the oven tray before putting the pizzas in, so that your pizza base cooks nice and crispy. Hope this helps



thanks man

I really appreciate this, I will try to make it and report back



I ain't cooking from a recipe from some random nigga




My wife song hayoung



You start by building a website that works



not interested in this one

ahin and nancy will do just fine




last for Jessica dod nothing wrong


Garam did nothing wrong

1280×720413.66Kb00:04아린이의 좋은 노래 알아가는 방법




bretty good, she reminds me of Spica's Jiwon


ASMR is one of the cringiest entertainment thing ever

they just whispering, nothing special about it



autismbro... you have a special brain so you literally cannot empathize with the feeling it gives neurotypicals. it's supposed to make your brain tingle with pleasure



it's not better than when girl just slowly talking with a cute voice

I mean that whole thing with whispering is a dumb hype and it doesn't really matter much, but conformistbros like you would soyface about it like crazy because it's such a cool abbreviature - A S M R





is a dumb hype

what hype? do you think I saw it in an ad or was everywhere on the news? I literally just watched a video on youtube from the thousands I watch and I thought it was cool (just like how I discovered kpop), but in your mind it was some sort of thing that "all the normies are into but not me cuz I'm special"

not all asmr is good, the ones from idols is terrible (cute to watch though); if you're using good headphones and still don't get tingles (not necessarily means that you will like it), then you unironically have autism




what hype?

that ASMR thing is very popular, kpops talk about it in their lives all the time. and not only kpops of course, normies like to discuss some cool asmr video they saw recently and shit like that


I thought it was cool

it's not bad, but it's cringe because people overestimate its value, it's just fucking whispering, that's all


and still don't get tingles

that's what I'm talking about. that phrase is cringe by itself

some retarded marketing expert decided to popularize dumb idea about whispering and now people have yet another type of entertainment. this is so retarded because it has almost no value



it's the same as 10,000 steps per day thing

it was created by jap makerting guys and isn't proven by any medical research

I don't mean that walking is bad, but I hate marketing because normies are too dumb to find the truth because nobody tells them, they notice only screaming ads and hollywood movies and believe it

only true values deserve to be popularized, we need to fight against the dumb marketing





noooo you are all marketing victims


I get tingles in my brain = I feel good = I want to watch.




because people overestimate its value

You completely misunderstand why people like things and fail to realize that people can enjoy things, and you can dislike those things at the same time. This whole combo would have been a lot shorter is you just said asmr is retarded

Thinking it's a marketing scam is an absurd --yet very popular nowadays-- way of seeing things in the modern age; everything is conspiracy now


Ok I'm nerdy



i blast to her ua ones every day you can do better than that



arin isn't jiheon

and jiheon ended promotions

go figure


why yes i do spend my days watching Arin fancams on repeat

how could you tell?



i feel like i can see the shape of her figure and it makes it all the more hot



I think the other performances were too much that they gave her proper safety shorts in this one, now her size




they gave her proper safety shorts in this one

and the whole nation cried


tae a cute




when the camera is behind her

holy fucking SEX



look at all her IG pics

she was out on a beach every day for weeks




welcome to the club mate, soon we're all pure here


i love this new snsd comeback so much



this was also in my local newspapper, and they probably mean the list from that one random retard TC candler or something



im glad your dumb ass left, just stick to shitting up kpg


replying to 1 month old post


jiho is gone


binrin is dead

it was a good run, miraclebros...



Nonstop was chaotic in this performance lol, not sure if they're not allowed to get near the public but security was panicking




binrin is dead

still makes me laugh how it seems like they avoid each other, but I do have noticed that Yubin has no problem mentioning Arin's name, can't say the same the other way around


had a dream having dancing lessons with Irene (not k-pop dance but like classical pair dancing), she was wearing a black skin-tight dress and it was literally heaven




still makes me laugh how it seems like they avoid each other

have korean miracles noticed this?



I only have one Korean friend and yeah, but he sees it as a funny thing




that last cut

Any philosophers here? if I will never have what he has what is the point of it all



kpop has ruined how i look at women

even solid 8/10 white women seem like 5 at best when compared to my waifus

i am destined to die alone



I used to think that for the past 8 years but recently a midgf stole my heart

wagmi we just have to give white girls a chance


tfw born a few decades too early to have my consciousness uploaded into a robot and be able to live forever

is there a worse time to be born honestly?



you could have been born 200 years ago with 8% chance of living till your 6th birthday




midgf as in a middle-tier looks gf?

yeah mid face but fortunately hot body, at first it was hard to forget about kpops while with her but now I'm more attracted to her than to the hottest kpops



enjoy it

at least some of us are making it




it's a song all high IQ men appreciate



has Swan lost weight?


from the image preview i thought this was a netizenbuzz-style anti post



mimi realized that she stands no chance against arin and yooa in the classic gook look so she went for the brown bimbo look to find her own niche and i think she succeeded



the world is going to shit, he saved her from having to live in this hell





he do be ugly af tho

mogged hard by Lewa and Benzema not only in skills but also looks



based tsu already transitioning his career into an internet meme-personality

800×842531.58Kb00:03160715.OH MY GIRL Cut.韓ON! ファイティン!![MUSIC ON! TV]



didn't know we had footie fans itt



never cared about footy but pissi vs pisstiano battle entered the most hilarious stage now that Messi plays in farmer's league and Cristiano got benched

the /sp/ threads about the are a gold mine