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webm thread :booba:


webm thread :booba:

gonna dump some lewd webms here; trigger warning, some clips might be unsuitable for the sensitivity of some viewers

feel free to keep the discussion in the other thread

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why is there no large idol fap website dump?



you mean kpopfap?

probably because gfycat is realiable enough, and short cut isn't much useful aside from the full source which you get from comments



kpopfap is very messy, i mean just a place where i can click an idol tag and boom i have hundreds of their pictures



dunno, I use reddit's search at kpopfap for that

it's mostly videos, not photos tho



it works like tumblr which rely on hashtag, and there are plenty of fansite photos being reposted there

or you could try some kpop forum like onehallyu which provide 18+ thread of some GG or even BG, not sure if the image posted in the thread still up or not


any sissies

1280×72012.18Mb00:42Kpop Idols vs Snake


It was a great year after all


Ending the year with a bang.

732×17081.65Mb00:04[직캠] 140607 드림콘서트 - 티아라 4K


oh, that's Ara

I have photo with her btw

she's cute


I didn't think she had this potential

720×12803.16Mb00:14이다혜 지구방위대 마지막 깔끔하네 #shorts
608×10804.09Mb00:22현재 원탑 치어리더 #shorts

3840×216012.58Mb00:36댄싱퀸?! 쇼트트랙 노아름 선수 직캠 @ 스케이팅 올스타 | 220605 | 4K 60p by -wA-

608×108018.63Mb00:37For you na


she still got it

2560×144017.67Mb00:41[WD영상][4K] 베리굿(Berry Good) 조현, 실사판 아리 완벽 재현 1440 x 2560

2560×144014.49Mb00:33[WD영상][4K] 베리굿(Berry Good) 조현, 실사판 아리 완벽 재현 1440 x 2560

608×108018.31Mb01:12Mijoo bbss

1080×192012.96Mb00:45140119 청두콘서트 거짓말 보람 직캠


here to you na

the most precious creature in galactica

The One Boram

1360×15648.05Mb00:06유난히 식탐 많던 소녀들은 무럭무럭 자라~🌳 냉터뷰에 나오게 되는데..🥴 l 신비 X 은하 X 엄지 냉터뷰 [BEbhtSWkf-U]

1920×108012.18Mb00:32Rainbow(레인보우) Hyunyoung(현영) "TellMe TellMe" Booty fancam/직캠 compilation



healthy group


good performance

1486×19961.61Mb00:05ailee cleavage 4 (2022.07.05) [7_TGIcfV4Og]_2X_30fps
1666×17041.83Mb00:05ailee cleavage 8 (2022.07.05) [7_TGIcfV4Og]_2X_30fps



the queen is back! but the 6k webms are too big, even for



wtf, when I was at busking last time, there were only lame groups without any skin exposed

not fair




makeup on her nipples

anyway, cosmetics, push up, hip pads, plastic surgery are all the same shit

basically girls use marketing technics to sell you their product



if I can't trust even the color of their nipples then what am i supposed to believe

it's back to jav



japs do the same shit, like girls imitating orgasm and fake squirt


sorry queen dami, I've got a new queen



wtf she's very pretty


all you care about is booba?

WTF you say that as if it's something bad, u gay bro?



not ugly, but definitely tier2, and kpops are tier1


if it's something bad

I mean that face is more important than booba, nothing else


Riina is getting hotter



I wonder what her farts would smell like. I would love to get a brap blasted right in my face.


h-hey i'm here...


I'm always here



I want to become one, but I'm afraid of dick flattening stuff she has in mind


small and cute

1920×108017.43Mb00:462303 걸크러쉬 '하윤'(Girl Crush 'HaYun')'난 예술이야' ◎스튜디오 4K직캠 by 라온

1080×192019.38Mb00:47171210 스위치베리 연이 - Make Some Noise 24시간 (광명스피돔) 직캠 fancam by zam



do you lewd pure groups on purpose lol please continue


Eunbi special