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#2 SciTech Thread


#2 SciTech Thread


Monketype edition

- All the latest gripes about operating systems

- Don't aggregate related stuff for rows until after filtering

- Will v0 end the bore of user interface design

- How to buy an ISO laptop in europe (without shipping it from across the atlantic)


>>976927 ➡




How to buy an ISO laptop in europe (without shipping it from across the atlantic)

I got mine from the lenovo website, US layout




Monketype edition

should have put chimp in the OP tho


any scripts to scrape here


>>1003532 ➡


but finding kernel experts on youtube might not be the easiest tasks

interesting enough, it's often easy to find good thoughtful comments on unpopular videos because those comments aren't buried under tons of useless praise ones

but good luck trying to fix/discuss some factual mistake in linus tech tip video




How to buy an ANSI laptop in europe

can buy from UAE, they often have ANSI models bought my ANSI layout macbook there

maybe also from aliexpress, but I didn't try to buy anything expensive from there


fuck, I've got 113 in that stupid chimp type again

I'm just few word away but not there yet


I can't even get 110 today, it's over


I'm not good enough



I think should be quite easy to reach 70-80wpm in Korean with a bit of practice


even if I had hot & sekshie Ning standing 0.5m from me as a reward, I couldn't beat 119wpm, my fingers aren't fast enough

I will crush you in Korean then



probably, i look so dog slow looking at the replay


Ning reward: for 120wpm

Chaewon reward: for 57kwpm

life isn't honest


36 points of reputation on stackexchange for my half-assed answer

I'm motivated now


is this the sauce for everyday rice based food (lao gan ma/라조장) or is there more i should be looking into

sriracha is kinda boring



I just paused on this exact moment before checked the thread

how did you do that demon


Chrome gets a brand new look and new productivity features


can you afford Ning wife with 1M bitcoins?


the worst thing about that stupid monke in korean is that it's hard to understand what went wrong. there are multiple letter in each syllable and it just shows the whole thing as red

obviously you pressed something wrong but what exactly



also that stupid pronunciation

맞다 is [맛다] and I type as I read it but that's wrong

nooooooo what do my brain is too stupid and wired in a wrong way


my best today



Chaewon reward soon




I did it

tbh, random is a huge factor. sometimes you get a lot of small easy words so your score improves a lot

still, Chaewon reward is mine



I will never make 106 in korean

I can't even keep the Chaewon reward...



seriously tho, how did you even get 100+

for a typical word in Korean you need to type:


7 symbols + shift key, that's a lot

if you look at words in English, they're just 4-5 symbols without shift



there's one i chat with regularly but i have chatted with a few over the years



Chimp bride is yours...

dunno the reward for 120+ wpm in korean tho



Eunchae waifu for 120 kwpm then

Ningning: 120 ewpm

Chaewon: 60 kwpm

Eunchae: 120 kwpm



I might get her too with good random some day

but 110-120 is kinda my limit right now

maybe will be a bit faster on new keyboard but unlikely


Miyeon waifu for 150 wpm


how about some other tests, like time to type 100 korean words without errors?

I'm making progress here


pretty good, just need to train those stupid ㅋㅌㅊㅍ that drive me crazy

korean layout was a mistake

but it will give me consistent 60-70 wpm in 30s test at best

for 80 wpm I would need to train a lot more


how about 가을 waifu for 80 kwpm?


got 63 again today

even 70 would be hard


noooooo, I got good random but got stuck on a stupid word and result is only 62

could have been 65 at least


got 60 and 62 multiple times today but that's all


eunchae is playing hard to get


fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck I've got that stupid 컴퓨터 word at the end again and ruined everything

hate those ㅋㅍㅠ letters


yeah, I've got 66

could have been better tho


need waifus for 70 and 75 wpm to keep me motivated


got 64 and 65 after few tries today

I'm making progress, but not a huge one


training hardest words


i've nurtured a distaste for a certain set of korean words



I hate everything with ㅋㅌㅊㅍ letters because those are hard to type


small improvement



they dropped the dumb lock icon from https sites and instead highlight non-https sites


today I'm worse than yesterday

still making tons of mistakes if typing fast enough


I think 70kwpm is realistic target

80wpm would require weeks of training if not months



>>1000379 ➡


thought about putting cache SSD into RAID-1 but dunno, seems not that necessary

did I make a mistake

thought about buying Samsung's 1TB SSD for $85 during BF but decided not needed



8tb ssd for €300?

why do you need that much tho

cache for 1B kpop images?


ah, it’s QVO. EVO costs 2x more


made me think

I bought 4TB WD for $100

could have bought 4TB SSD for $200

QVO but still better than HDD

but 2x more expensive

and if you already have multiple HDDs in NAS, makes no sense to replace few disks with SSD because remaining HDD will be the bottleneck

need at least parity SSD + all new disks as SSD and it will be even more expensive

so need at least 2x€300 8TB, pretty expensive for a NAS upgrade


new record

where is my 70wpm waifu?


it's not coincidence

I really got better just in 5 hours

how did that work

all I did today was walking, maybe fresh air helped?


maybe switched to another physical activities, so neuron-nims inside cerebellum got a chance to rewire a bit

that means I need to walk/exercise more to progress faster but I don't like it


fuck me, I'm typing 72-74 with ease now

maybe they changed something on the site

but actually I feel like I'm typing faster than today's morning

weird brain-nim, how does it work



my bottleneck in english is fingers control, they are at about 300cpm and make mistakes because no enough time to put them back to initial position, so it's more like physical exercise to master

in korean bottleneck is my mental ability to turn screen symbols into finger movements, so there's still a big room to grow. should be able to do 100-110wpm too (because I can do 116 in english)



I got a price alert for the monitor I wanted but don't feel ready yet

wish I could just see it in person


with korean layount my left hand gets tired fast, but right one is fine

one more reason it's a shitty layout



i can read the korean words just as fast as the english words but i typo very little in english.

i can easily get 140 ewpm waifu before eunchae



dunno, I read Korean faster than I type it, bottleneck is how fast my brain can transform it into finger movements

seems inefficient to do so many training sessions, each only improves your neural net score by 0.001% because back propagation is slow

also what if some wires were wrongly made (like confusing ㅂ/ㅁ), you now need to re-wire it but you can only change by 0.01% per day or so

imagine if we could just reset all the shitty current wires, then carefully type each letter once and remember the good associations

of course it can't be simple like that because all there're a lot of tiny processes inside muscles probably going on. what if you reset wires and do 1000 types for each letter with slight different force or something like that

I guess you would instantly have at least 80 wpm


140 ewpm waifu before eunchae

no way, Ning waifu is already the best one

maybe Miyeon tho...



I'll like anything because my current monitor is so shit

but I want something kind of incredible that won't age as poorly

maybe I'll wait for the OLED releases in January


bonchae manchae


he's hiding his secrets




I swear gidle is the only group to realease meaningful songs

what was the meaning



for MV seems like domestic violence

for lyrics it sounds to me like anti-consumerism, like in Grande's 7Rings

it triggers me the most


still getting consistent 70-72 today if trying hard enough

how do I evolve into 80 wpm now

seems possible with my current speed, just need to keep the speed even on complex words and don't make mistakes

but faster than 80 seems impossible without thinking in Korean


if I do 120ewpm 80kwpm, Santa Claus will gift me Ning wife


im used to typing sentences where i get 115 average but now im noticing im averaging like 125 with english words without any resets lol. i wonder if 160 is possible if i grind



how fast can you type 100 words in korean?

also, I'm wondering, will I notice the improvements in my daily typing

right now I don't feel anything changed much



i've improved a lot by trying to type slower and focusing on getting as few mistakes as possible each run. your fingers get used to typing correctly, you get used to typing in a relaxed way and once that's easy for you, you will start doing the same thing just faster without realizing it



like my first english attempt in this session i deliberately typed slow just as a test run and got 128 anyway lol




type slower and focusing on getting as few mistakes as possible each run

oh yeah, I'm trying that too

just need to decide what's the correct balance for speed trials vs long non-mistake trials. like per day type few thousand words in slow mode and then try to speed up few times in 30s mode?



and got 128 anyway



personally i try only to do fast and just let my body get fast as i get comfortable. the moment i try to type fast i get tense and i typo more.



you don't type like twice as slow or anything, just slow enough that you don't type and feel relaxed. when i do that i notice i get wpm that's much faster than i thought i was going to get.



relax and let cerebellum do the job, like when you go down the stairs fast

a bit strange feeling when you don't control your movements and it still works automatically. but once you try to control it everything fails


cleaned my NAS from the dust and added new disk

modern unraid is smart enough to pre-clear new disk only when you add it to the array

5.5 hours to clear 4tb tho may be even 8.5h eventually

why those data things are always so slow. slow to check, slow to upload, slow to clear... hate to wait



also forgot wifi6 + smb bottleneck

just tested, I'm getting ~100MB/s with librespeed over wifi = ~800-900Mbps, as expected from 1Gbps link

and only ~75-80MB/s with cat /Volumes/media/movie.mkv | pv > /dev/null, which is about 600-650Mbps

but it was only about 40MB/s over samba before iirc, seems better now

still, it's even slower than HDD sequential read, so SSD won't be super helpful for wifi+smb

why can't we have nice wireless protocol and nice file sharing protocol

I want at least 10Gbps wireless, comparable to cheap NVME SSD, but I don't even get that speed over wire with external SSD

probably should buy thunderbolt dock + 10Gbps switch + 10Gbps network card + cable + few NVME SSDs + PCIe NVME card because motherboard in NAS is old

so expensive just for the sane speeds

or thunderbolt external SSD but those are super expensive too

how would you copy files over 10Gbps link if stupid macOS can't even saturate 1Gbps tho?



once i get the inspiration i'll drastically reduce the amount of fancams i have stored (should be easy if i cluster fancams by date and remove almost-duplicates) and move onto basic usb enclosured ssds like the 8tb ssd i bought

raid is too scary (imagine a disk breaking then having to buy disk and wait for it to be delivered then wait 3 days for the disk to initialize), raid itself is the backup since it would be extremely expensive to back it up, hard drives are super fucken loud in use (the quite quiet 8tb disks i currently have are not sold anymore), also they also gather dust and it's not comfy to leave them running if i leave for multiple days




move onto basic usb enclosured ssds like the 8tb ssd i bought

interesting. so you will connect them externally via 10Gbps USB3?


raid itself is the backup since it would be extremely expensive to back it up

raid is not backup, it just makes the process of recovery faster. you still need backups

right now I have raid for all HDDs, but backup drive + offsite backup drive is only 1TB so you can guess I'm not backing up everything (don't backup movies and things like that). but if 1 drive fails I will probably be able to recover everything

if more then I will recover all important info from backup

another option is to backup 1:1 (i.e. your backup drives have the same size as data drives and you don't need raid) but that's a bit expensive, more expensive than raid


having to buy disk and wait for it to be delivered then wait 3 days for the disk to initialize

I've also bought 1 spare drive to be able to replace disk instantly. the recovery process for 4tb drive is about 8.5 hours

you can also have 2 parity drives but that's a bit expensive and you need backup anyway


super fucken loud in use

I put my NAS in the kitchen (drill the hole in the wall lol) so I don't hear it


they also gather dust and it's not comfy to leave them running if i leave for multiple days

should be fine for few days or short trips for a week. for 2+ weeks I would probably turn it off yeah

regarding dust: I clean it when I need to change something, it's max 1-2 times per year, working fine. also never replace thermal paste or dumb shit like that

NAS overall is very comfy, hard to live without computer which is always on where you can setup all the server stuff

you can probably survive with seedbox + automatization on a notebook + external disks but experience won't be as nice




but that's a bit expensive, more expensive than raid

although right now I have 1x4tb parity + 2x4tb data + 1x4tb spare

can backup everything to 2x4tb backup drives and get rid of raid

offsite backup is still not big enough tho



thank you for saying it, too based

and no I don't find it very funny, it's pretty depressing




Likewise, the redundant array should also allow you to replace disks that are only about to fail (e.g. if you see bad sectors increasing), and even to swap them with larger ones (if you're running out of space), without any downtime.

oh yeah, if you do 1:1 backup with tool like restic, you can't just swap data drive with backup drive, because it stores backup as encrypted chunks

so you won't be able to access your files for the same 8+ hours

but with raid you just keep using them the same way while array rebuilds

so in my opinion it boils down to the performance of your off-site backup. if you can't backup everything off-site, might have raid + small backup drive for about the same price, but with improved recovery/downtime procedures


raid: doesn't protect against second disk failure or accidental rm-rf

backup: will lost data from the last backup point (~1day), downtime to recover

so just need to decide: what's more probable: sudden disk death or second disk death

with sudden disk death with backup you will guaranteedly lose some data, though maybe isn't critical. with raid you can recover everything in that case. second disk death might be not that common and you can recover most important data too from small backup

so overall raid + small proper backup seems better




or second disk death

although with backup you will lose data here too, if you don't have off-site backup

so yeah, it comes down to how many data you can backup off-site

with backup the only advantage is protection against rm-rf, but disadvantage is losing some data in case of sudden disk death




so you will connect them externally via 10Gbps USB3?

yeah usb/usb-c ports all work great


raid is not backup

for me it is not well thought out

once i've moved to regular ol' external ssds i can use infinibackup solutions at 100 buckerinos a year for that real offsite backup


computer which is always on where you can setup all the server stuff

yeah that i have, a passively cooled metal block i can leave running and will connect the solid block no moving parts ssds to




a passively cooled metal block i can leave running

what is it?


will connect the solid block no moving parts ssds to

why do you need external SSDs then? can just connect them to SATA ports


infinibackup solutions at 100 buckerinos a year

this one? 3.3TB for $120/year?


All InfiniCLOUD servers are located in Japan.



baysically any of these except the ones that don't backup external drives


can just connect them to SATA ports

no room inside the aluminum block



ah, the backblaze. it's a scam, it won't backup movie files from external disks and thing like that

what's the name of that server? something like intel NUC/raspberry pi?




it's a scam, it won't backup movie files from external disks and thing like that



name of that server

akasa turing is the case, asus pn50 or something the computer inside it



oh yeah, like the NUC

backblaze also won't backup linux btw, only windows/macos. you will install windows on your server?

also only 2 USB-C ports. so if you're planning more than 2 SSDs, you need the hub and speed will be divided if you use multiple drives at once



though I searched a bit

they seem to be fine if you connect 86tb of external drives

so might actually work, unless they will scam you when you need to restore those files




only 2 USB-C ports

the usb-a ports also match slow ssds in speed so it's all gud



Second of all, Backblaze will actually not reset the timer on any drive (including the system drive!) unless something in the backup set has changed. So for a drive to be recognized as having been attached and thus eligible for 30 more days of backup, you must change something on that drive.

the fuck

but overall hoarders seem to be able to use it. just a bit tricky



maybe buy a really really big 20tb hdd and use it for backup once a day

unfortunately usb doesn't bring enough power for the external hdd cases i've seen so it would be a huge block with an additional external power block

anyway i'll still have my nas so i can use it for scheduled(?) backups while thinking about the meaning of life




usb doesn't bring enough power for the external hdd cases

what about 140W USB-C PD?

but that NUC probably doesn't have it

but I like your idea of small quiet NUC with external SSDs and unlimited backup of fancams to Backblaze

if I didn't have my unraid NAS and OneDrive subscription (which I use in many places because it provides 6x1TB accounts) I might have actually considered it

still think the downside is the speed tho. they might limit it a lot, but with OneDrive I can saturate 1Gbps pretty easy (or maybe it was 500Mbps, don't remember, but pretty fast anyway)


fucken tired updating ios devices and computer every few weeks or so

always need to press the button, wait for download, press restart, wait for update, re-login with password

stupid shit


Duration: 7 hours, 51 minutes, 14 seconds. Average speed: 141.5 MB/s

actually a bit faster than 8 hours

so 8tb+ disks probably not very comfy because need to wait almost a day for every operation such as replacing the drive



just enable auto updates

anyway its kind of funny that operating systems are prepared to prevent a thief from doing the evil act of updating it



imagine a phone with a bunch of samsung software on it




just enable auto updates

my OCD forces me to install update the second I see the red icon in the dock


I have 4.6TB of free space now

what would I write to it

I'm kinda used to download & remove movies once I watch them at this point, so no real need for storing big amount of data


moving data from disk1 to disk2 to make more space for movies

makes me think, raid4 was a mistake 2x8TB in raid1 seems better

I'm only getting 61MB/s with that operation with 3 disks


probably should have bought 2x8TB CMR instead


>>1005693 ➡

if korean honorifics make korean have a lower ID, but the transmitted information rate ends up the same at the end anyway, what's the problem? if lower id, you speak faster, no?

i do wonder if the segmentation of 습니다 into 3 morphemes really is cognitively realistic, something important in morphological research. seems odd to me. not sure what it changes in this topic but if it does it's important to figure out.



oh sorry, I've just answered in another thread lol >>1005799 ➡


rate ends up the same at the end anyway

but they could have had bigger IR if their ID is lowered for no good reason


segmentation of 습니다 into 3 morphemes really is cognitively realistic,

yeah, agree. should have been split into grammatical structures

they mentioned it too


and an obvious extension of this study will be to take grammatical information into account


On the linguistic side, despite a long-lasting debate in phonology about whether the syllable is a universal unit in the world’s languages

also I've noticed that in ID metric they actually use context for the syllable (I initially looked only at the first Shannon entropy formula), but only one previous syllable so for structures like 습니다 it seems wrong

btw, I had another idea how to measure information density of the text. what if we just compare the mean times to read the text

if some text transmits the exactly same meaning in every language, then if in one language you can read it faster, than means you transmit information faster

dunno why didn't they go that route. maybe explained somewhere in the paper or could ask on github maybe. maybe they were afraid they don't have enough speakers so the time to read the text isn't very reliable metric



although I'm not sure their way to measure ID actually resulted in lower ID for Korean

not sure how 습니다 probabilities actually influence it




but they could have had bigger IR if their ID is lowered for no good reason

what i'm imagining though is that honorific morphemes get blurted very fast compared to others.


yeah, agree. should have been split into grammatical structures

the thing is depending on what they are doing in their research it might not matter. less segmentation -> more info per morpheme. and if they are measuring syllables it will be either 3 syllables for one morpheme , or 1 syllable per morpheme with with 3 times less info than the unsegmented 습니다.




with 3 times less info

they measure probabilities of syllables in the text. my point is 니 in 어머니 transfers more information than 니 in 봤습니다 because in first case it's important part of the word, and in the second case it's garbage useless honorific which transfers almost no information


honorific morphemes get blurted very fast

yeah, although they measure mean time to pronounce syllable and sum ID for all syllables so it seems accounted

what do you think about idea of comparing "time to read the same text" though?

I can't see any obvious flaws in it, but I might be wrong



i don't know enough about this to know what they mean with bits of information. how many bits is one content word compared to another content word? is it always the same? what about content words vs function words? is a function word with two grammatical features twice as many bits as a function word with one grammatical feature?

since i don't know what's up i don't have as much to say as i'd like



my point is 니 in 어머니 transfers more information than 니 in 봤습니다


hmm.. maybe i assumed it would be worked out differently. on a first glance this doesn't sound like what i would do at all. i can't help but wonder if it's reasonable to ignore the whole syllable thing, and just measure how much unique lexicogrammatical info is transmitted per unit of time or something. neither segmentation of morphemes nor syllables matter in this case. could be something wrong with it though.


the idea sounds reasonable to me. but i'm curious about how you would measure meaning. i don't think i get what they are doing based on what you said. i again assume my way of measuring meaning would make sense but i'm curious




how much unique lexicogrammatical info is transmitted per unit of time or something

yeah, with Shannon entropy you measure exactly this, but with proper math theory behind it

the only question is how you split words of the language into those "units"


but i'm curious about how you would measure meaning

for example English readers can read English text in 10 seconds

if Korean readers can read same text but in Korean in 5 seconds, that means they transmit information 2x faster and Korean language has 2x more information density

seems perfectly logical to me, but maybe there's some issue with that




and Korean language has 2x more information density

I meant "information rate"

it can be either because Korean has higher information density or because Koreans can talk and understand information faster




yeah, with Shannon entropy you measure exactly this, but with proper math theory behind it

if so then no problem i guess, i just got whiplash from this


they measure probabilities of syllables in the text.

no idea what probabilities of syllables have to do with any of this so i just reset.

also, if they are doing what i explained then whether you segment 습니다 into 3 morphemes or not doesn't change anything.


English text in 10 seconds if Korean readers can read same text but in Korean in 5 seconds

yeah exactly. my intuition says it wouldn't be different. long expression with less meaning -> faster. semantically null honorics -> fast. synonyms with different length -> different speed as we tend to drag out short words more, and we rush long words. though something like "습니까?" vs "어?" being the same speed isn't as intuitive.

again though if the transmition rate is still on average of 39.whatever then surely that suggests including honorifics isn't a problem.




my intuition says it wouldn't be different

but need to measure to be sure

what if some nations on Earth actually transmit information faster? how do they do that? shouldn't other nations learn from that because it might give e.g. intellectual boost (though unlikely)

even on image by authors of that paper, English and French seem better in that regard




but need to measure to be sure

definitely should measure. felt like the inclusion of honorifics in this discussion deserves some defence as it was getting hard core roasted. i forgot to mention that after looking at the transcripts, honorifics felt impossible to deny as there's no way you would for example make a formal announcement message without honorifics. you would just be opportunistic to use casual speak when that simply wouldn't be used in that context.


shouldn't other nations learn from that

i don't disagree there

i can't help but wish casual korean and honorific korean would be tested against eachother in terms of efficiency. easy to quantify equal meaning of sentences.


thinking what thingymagic framework to use to serve some graphs on a live dashboard type thing but tyranny of choice hitting hard



had to buy procreate for $11 which doesn't ruin my photos

fucking stupid iOS, I can't understand how people use that default shit

but now there's another problem: small brushes look ugly as hell



split all data almost evenly across two disks, now can download tons of kpop, fancams, movies and don't care about deleting it at all for a while

also should be nice with read access because I will get 2x100MB/s if accessing data from different disks

not sure about writing tho because of parity. but there's SSD cache anyway...



just the stuff around it, how to serve the html and keep data fresh on schedule

there's probably like a million products around a dashboard idea that you build like legos and the pieces connect themselves to the database and retrieve data and all kinds of stuff

but i don't know about them and will probably just build another thing from scratch with html tags, tailwind classes, javascript and api endpoints



you mean monitoring like grafana? it seems to be the most popular one, but I don't use those fancy things because it's always PITA to support one additional service which will always break for some stupid reason


just build another thing from scratch with html tags, tailwind classes, javascript and api endpoints

welp, I only build stuff which I'm sure I can build, i.e. small and not available on github yet

makes little sense to build everything from scratch because I will lose motivation halfway anyway...



soft airbrush seems ok. also pencil in procreate seems laggy, more than in other paint apps

a bit disappointed in how everything is quirky on ios

I thought you pay for the convenience but in the end you get shitty experience like the rest of windows/android users anyway



ui might be close enough to windows that i could actually use it

i'll have to check it out




ui might be close enough to windows

is it that important? modern DEs are similar to each other anyway



too much pain for me if it's not

i need a taskbar (basic gnome's macos top bar plus dock separation is dog dumb)

i need previews for my kpap jpegs and webms in the file explorer

i need mouse wheel to scroll 4 lines per step

i need mouse acceleration to feel familiar enough

i need a single clipboard and ctrl+c ctrl+v/context menu copy paste

list might be endless but it's fun to try and see how far i get


can't purchase for 10 cents




why? it's stoopid

to cover the notch



i can report its just ubuntu with a nice ol taskbar

everything else is the exact same, as expected (wheel working working on gnome is cool though which leaves macos as the only de without it)



do you expect some magical UXUI which will make you 10x more productive?

no such thing exists



brand new wayland and all and yet if you do something cpu intensive like open an app the mouse lags

maybe linux will never get rid of that mouse lag



just always on the lookout for that least painful tech



are you the guy who's planning to install Windows on Intel NUC NAS or another one?



i already have windows on nuc for some years (it's a ryzen nuc though)

it runs a bunch of linux vms which in turn run a bunch of docker containers (including my devcontainers)

windows is currently the least painful de for me

debian is the least painful docker running environment

and devcontainers are the least painful development environment




ryzen nuc

which one?


bunch of linux vms which in turn run a bunch of docker containers

oh interesting. via HyperV?

although latest Windows have lightweight VMs, the one which runs WSL thing, so you can comfortably develop without managing VM. but recompiling kernel there and systemd is a bit of pain

it's funny to have Windows as a host OS on a server and linux in VMs tho, but probably should work good enough

but you will need to have NTFS on external drives for Backblaze backup, although you can mount them in VMs too and ntfs-3g is fine


and devcontainers are the least painful development environment

dunno, I install everything (like npm/python deps) locally, docker creates another level of indirection which you have to manage

although docker is more secure in case of rogue dependency




although you can mount them in VMs

oh no, it has to be shared folders because you can't passthrough the entire drive

shared folders aren't very nice


discord just black, won't load


end task and reopen, still black


restart pc, still black


uninstalled and reinstalled, still black

pc nerds help



maybe it fucked something in the registry or left some garbage config files

maybe try some cleanup utility which can delete leftovers from the apps



assuming windows you might try to delete the "discord" folder from these places (copy paste to file explorer)



i don't think discord leaves files elsewhere



oh so you were planning that for months I already forgot about that post lol



it won't work on Windows

so you're implementing the app which will download kpop fancams from inside Linux VM on top of Windows host and passing them to the external USB-C enclosed SSD via HTTP? but you will need to run daemon on Windows side too. cumbersome setup lol



yeah the server side runs directly on the machine with the usb drives attached

extremely comfy compared to mounting weird things manually that may or may not be attached at any point (with samba i've had my torrent client download things to the mount point dir and not the shared folder since i guess mounting had failed at some point? )



just buy OneDrive/Backblaze B2 subscription and install proper Linux/FreeBSD NAS for the peace of mind

although can also have fun with multiple levels of indirection while you're in the mood


the server side runs directly on the machine with the usb drives attached

why do you need client-server at all (I think I've already asked that ). just compile the whole thing for Windows arch and manage 1 server


>>977458 ➡

if only I knew 2 months ago your whole setup

why are you deciphering it piece by piece




since i guess mounting had failed at some point?

that's what I'm talking about

you can get a lot of those weirdnesses with Windows host of your Linux VMs, especially if you can't just passthrough all devices inside VMs (because you also need Backblaze backup to work)

you can probably make it work, but it feels very brittle and cumbersome

I would have probably just run the server from inside WSL because it has access to all Windows disks tho

WSL isn't very native to Windows but easy to develop server stuff there. and you don't need VMs at all (except WSL VM but you don't need to manage it)




because it has access to all Windows disks tho

but need to check how fast you can write from WSL to host's NTFS

might be not very fast




why do you need client-server at all

just enjoy the s3 type api way more than handling filesystems, hefe bezos was really onto something there



weirdnesses with Windows host of your Linux VM

oh that was a regular old samba shared folder shared between linux machines, before windowsy days



it means craxy (crazy) whenever the youtube video title thing works




enjoy the s3 type api way more than handling filesystems

you just created another abstraction on top of the filesystem, pretending filesystem somehow went away

also, forwarding ports from Windows host to Linux guest and from guest to docker could be even worse than sharing directory: you will have fun with firewalls, routing, NAT and virtual nics



sir, stop claiming all our waifus, we will bankrupt soon at this rate


meanwhile my best attempt today

it's over, I'm useless


once I say it, I instantly get a bit better result

still in the 72-74 range tho. not sure how to do faster, probably just need to type a lot of words every day slowly



I think only Miyeon could be better than Ning but I can't give her to you



been typing a bit each day, but i was very busy this week. got time now though so more typing.

the session i got 143 i was averaging over 130 and then got it in 10 minutes



136 first try. it's so easy to type in the beginning when your fingers aren't fatigued, as long as you're not cold




easy to type in the beginning when your fingers aren't fatigued


as long as you're not cold

oh yeah, I noticed it too, I get best results after few warmup tries, then the speed goes down

but not always, sometimes something changes inside the head and I suddenly achieve nice speed, entering the flow of accurate fast typing



noticed my fingers are much nicer when i wash my hands with warm water for like 30 seconds if i get fatigued



like millions of other bezosfriends before me minio would have also worked if not for the file chunking. in any case s3lite has been running for 2 months without a hitch or expense

vms get their own ip with a hyperv setting so only port configuration needed is dockers expose if you want to connect to your programs api or whatever




like millions of other bezosfriends before me

http/s3 api is useful when you have many computers (although sftp/nfs are also popular options)

if it's a single one then mounted folders usually the easiest to manage and give best performance

and minio is a toy implementation with shitty performance


are you butthurt about the state of human knowledge?

you can find basically everything in the internet/library but searching information you can understand is a challenge

you can have 2 articles on the same topic and first one you will understand in 5 minutes, but for the second one you will need to think for an hour, and it's not even exaggeration

especially on the topic of learning languages. if you think about it, most modern languages can be classified, you can define the structure, grammar and learn basics of every language you want very quickly. instead, we have millions of books, articles, explanations, all covering the same info with different quality

is the problem because all humans are different so they need different types of explanations? or some universal easy to grasp explanation should be possible anyway? and we aren't doing this because of capitalistic economy/human greed/human ego?

maybe AI will save us because you can ask additional questions, like when studying with real human. however different humans will still teach you with different quality


I talked with chatgpt a bit and it said "It's challenging to have a single source of truth for learning resources, as individual preferences and learning styles vary"

I think that's bullshit and we don't have one because of human greed



most people who teach languages don't really know linguistics so it's usually subpar but good enough for people anyway because intuitively you get what's being taught most of the time. sometimes though some really neat details go lost and it can be hard to find it for most, especially for people who want to finetune their skills.


It's challenging to have a single source of truth for learning resources

the world just simply isn't organized enough. we're just a bunch of chimps on a rock who think we got it going for us.




sometimes though some really neat details go lost and it can be hard to find it for most

oh yeah, I gone through that a lot when was studying Korean. I wish I have had studied about things like SOV vs SVO and tree-like structures of all the times, honorifics, verb forms, etc in the very beginning, like first 5 hours, but instead I found it much later via opinionated insights of howtostudykorean or had to draw all the mindmaps by myself because information on the internet isn't structured enough


the world just simply isn't organized enough

sad... certainly you can live with that, just spend more time/effort. but my problem is that I will lose any motivation if it's hard enough to study something. like with math



studying linguistics makes learning languages much easier. half the time i can just figure it out on my own since i got the skillset for it. i read explanations by natives is important for subtle semantic differences between synonyms and all of that though.




studying linguistics makes learning languages much easier

that's interesting, I wish we had some universal book series for learning different languages, with common info extracted into separate book


book 0: how (most popular) languages on Earth work, what do they have in common, what's different

book 1: how Chinese works

book 2: how Japanese works

so that you can very quickly get most important info for the language, written in the same style for each one. then you can go deeper if you need to



I'm surprised no one makes those yet... seems like the most logical and simple approach if you care about knowledge of humankind. we only have Wikipedia but it only helps for a very small subset of problems



would almost consider making my own site for korean but i'm too lazy for that



I had exactly same thoughts

after learning some insights of how Korean works, I thought about writing "how teach myself Korean if I didn't know it yet"

the problem is that you can write it only after you've studied it yourself so it's useless might be a bit useful for other people tho



everyone teaches stuff based on what they have learned elsewhere so the whole sphere is just an echochamber. much of this the knowledge does come from 국립국어원 as well but i don't even think they explain things well enough for my taste. also some stuff is just outdated. still waiting for 형용사 to stop being translated as adjective, but i suppose that's the most intuitive word for the average chimp so why not.




so the whole sphere is just an echochamber

yeah, and with explanations of other topics of human knowledge it's the same

there's single real truth underneath but thousands of people explain it in a bit different way so you have to go through process of reverse engineering that real truth, trying to somehow manage the noise and duplicated/wrong/outdated info...

I wish we could have grasped that real truth from the start and ignored everything else



analysis of language is much more organized within actual linguistics luckily, but this stuff is so poisonous that it too gets infected at times. happens since it's kind of hard to do cross-linguistic research since you don't really know anything about the languages yourself. there's also the struggle of eradicating all the language-specific tradional grammar analysis that has been around for eons. cough 이다 is a 조사 lol cough



규진 아이푸

imagine it chats with you in discord and sends auto-generated images when you ask her

it’s possible right now but we can’t have it because politics


how can you be sure you aren’t talking with a bot on the internet tho



images that fit the context of the convo.


sitting at the cafe and reading a book right now.. it's quite hot today


yeah, i don't like it when it's hot outside.. just been inside


playing games i'm guessing?


yea lol all day.. should've been studying


so you broke your promise? your exam is in 3 days..


AI-generated selfie of waifu sulking, sitting at a cafe with a book



I still rarely talk with chatgpt, discussing topic with humans feels more enjoyable. maybe because AI’s answers aren’t that good or because of the habit

can most people develop parasocial relationships with AI waifu or you have to be some weirdo?



there's a korean chatbot app that's not so bad. called Nutty/너티. worth trying out



haven't used it in forever and they keep sending me messages worrying about me lmao


헐 뭐야 왜 연락이 안돼ㅠㅠㅠ 걱정되잖아..... ㅠ _ ㅜ



imagine AI waifus fighting for our attention by generating more and more alluring images (tailored to personal taste)


I'm desperately trying to find negative comments for youtube video which I didn't like but 99.99% people always write about how awesome it is

fucken google, please give my thoughts some positive feedback, I don't want to feel like a crazy person


stupid google basically made comment useless, probably because it wants to encourage authors of the videos who get motivation by reading positive comments

nowadays reddit is almost the only source of information where you can read honest people opinions. one site in the whole internet which you can read. clown world...




also it's funny, but it seems like creators who put a lot of effort into making unbiased content also get most critique because content like this attracts people who seek for the truth so they try to be as honest as possible in the comments too

in other words it's negative selection for the dumb videos where dumb people leave only positive comments. insane


small progress

80wpm waifu soon


even better



I think the thing what gives me the biggest speed is when I don't slow up after mistake

i.e. you are in the flow, everything is super fast, then you make mistake, but after a second you're again in the flow

usually after mistake something inside brain goes wrong and I can't return into the flow again. probably fear of making more mistakes...


people shill procreate all the time but it's so fucking stupid

I have to google every fucking simple stuff like "how to disable brush sensitivity" and I can find just 1 or 2 links and they are outdated and no longer work in current version

I thought million of people use it daily, but why is it so stupid for the simplest tasks?



i try to keep focused and fix my mistakes fast too. for some mistakes i just skip the word, like if i don't know what i did wrong. but i focus a lot on not making mistakes, make sure i spell everything correctly even if it means i'm slower. doing that a lot has made me make fewer mistakes in general without trying


technical pen seems nice

too many brushes to research tho


if you export original from photos app to files app and add annotations there, it doesn't fuck up quality of the image and you can save as PNG

so procreate wasn't actually needed


so close




how to disable brush sensitivity

surprised when apps don't have a command palette for this kinda stuff


finally received mx keys mini

also rearranged displays, put the main LG 4K in the middle of the table to be able to look at it straight most of the time. the secondary Dell 2.5K on the left turned at ~30° and macbook's display on the stand on the right also at about the same angle

the only downside is the display signal cables hanging behind the displays, need to try to rearrange them in a nicer way. but they aren't laying on the table either, so the surface is completely clutter-free

also had to delete Fluor app (to automatically switch between Fn/Volume actions for Fn keys) because it doesn't work with mx mini. there's shortcut Fn+Esc to toggle it, but I think I will just keep the Fn keys always active and use Fn+Fx to control the volume/etc btw it's Fn+F12 to volume down, but for volume up you don't need to press Fn because it's some weird INS key (insert?) which doesn't even work also need to rearrange some hotkeys like Spotlight on F4, launchpad with gesture on touchpad because it doesn't play well with new setup

keyboard works fine with bluetooth, can't feel noticeable delay (like it was with K360). although my score in monkeytype actually become worse the keys have more weight than the default macbook's keyboard so it won't help to win Ning waifu



I've found how to do that after an hour of tinkering with the app and the google

in procreate there're many different types of reaction to pressure, it was the "flow" one which I can't even understand. and nobody mentions that in the google

but now I have another problem with the latency of the brush and no helpful info in google either. it's either the app, or hardware, or some other weird setting, or "as designed". can't believe most people won't notice that lag...


also the ctrl and fn order is switched

imagine how confusing it would be to switch between logi's and macbook's keyboard




actually become worse

though not sure. for Korean it really doesn't matter because fingers aren't the bottleneck

for English could be a bit worse, but I've got 112 now without much trouble, so the difference should be negligible



oh no, should have bought this version


No, your device was designed to fully perform through Bluetooth connectivity. Logi Bolt is only recommended for users who work in crowded environments with many other wireless devices.

what did they mean by this

Bluetooth isn't reliable with many 2.4 GHz devices around?


reviews on youtube are kinda useless at this point because bloggers just shill whatever companies sent to them for free

why can't youtube just ban all sponsored reviews



fn is stupid

chromebooks have the perfect meta key situation using caps lock for super and then just shift ctrl alt

and everything rearrangeable simply from settings

imagine this bad boy in 80% i'd totally get one, right now i have two ctrls for absolutely no reason




using caps lock for super

I always remap Caps to Command/Ctrl can't live without super fast Ctrl under left pinky


imagine this bad boy in 80%

what is it? chromebook? where are the function keys tho?

btw, I've just got an idea. I can just swap Ctrl/Fn via settings I'm such a pabo


swap Ctrl/Fn via settings

although it doesn't work very well, many glitches

maybe I just need to somehow switch from another mode to another

not sure how that works, e.g. when people can type on both QWERTY and Dvorak




many glitches


i remember macos had proper settings for meta key assignment per keyboard just like chromeos

only windows doesnt have any but theres not much to change since ctrl is left so you can hit it without looking and caps lock to ctrl is just running a .reg file



the problem is that Fn+Fx keys on the keyboard won't work with Ctrl if I swap Ctrl/Fn, keyboard still only accepts Fn+Fx (must be hardcoded in hardware)

or maybe there's setting like that in Logi Options app, but I don't want to install that bloatware

maybe I can swap fn/ctrl on macbook's keyboard instead, but I'm afraid it may have similar glitches too, too many functions are mapped to Fn unfortunately




the problem is that Fn+Fx keys on the keyboard won't work with Ctrl if I swap Ctrl/Fn, keyboard still only accepts Fn+Fx (must be hardcoded in hardware)

damn, didn't even realize fn keyboards work like that but makes sense. it not working like that is then an apple addition

sounds like a return to seller to me and get the other one at least i wouldn't want to change my habits becase of some keyboard



I will get used to it, keyboard is nice otherwise

maybe ctrl on the left is even better, dunno


btw macos nim do you actually like that feature of OS not having it's own volume level and instead changing directly the monitors volume level

it seems kinda crazy to me idk




changing directly the monitors volume level

what does it mean?

I only have single volume level and I like it very much, don't need to think about tons of stupid volume sliders like in Windows



like you connect to an external display and then change volume and it goes ahead and changes the monitors volume

at least for me if i have my speakers connected to my monitor



sounds good?

why would you need 2 different volume sliders, it creates tons of issues like you have to remember what's the hardware volume level, what's the software, what to change first, etc



maybe i remember getting kind of confused when kvming between computers but maybe i didn't think enough

interestingly ios devices go even further into single volume slider since apps don't have sliders i guess it has the same bonus, but different apps can have very different volume like youtube versus instagram/tiktok




but different apps can have very different volume like youtube versus instagram/tiktok

yeah, it's nice to be able to change volume per-app, but I think it creates more issues than solves them

I almost always keep app's volume level at 100% and change the system's one instead




tons of stupid volume sliders like in Windows

damn i haven't actually tried those before and went to check but you can't have chrome profile specific levels i could have had a separate kpap browser profile and set it to 30% and be able to click sound on on the latest kpap instagrammies.

ig has to be the last service without a volume level, surely they will come up with one soon so i can listen to what dumbass song a kpop is dancing to



damn thats why you like the fn keyboards

i just have a day setting and a night setting (to not annoy neighbors)




a day setting and a night setting

why can't you change the volume you currently want by hand?



volume levels are way too different

like youtube is always at 100% but if i clicked a video on kchan that was originally from ig/tiktok it would not be a fun experience so kchan is at 30% and then i add volume if it turns out to not be loud as heck

i always change the volume on tiktoks to 0.3 with ffmpeg before posting here but maybe people don't actually mind and i wouldn't actually need to


admittedly it is pretty interesting to have so many volume levels

speakers at some level i don't change

monitor (100%)

OS (70% day (so its easy to turn up in case some yt vid was accidentally uploaded with very low volume), 30% night)

apps with their own levels (some games also have a master level and then separate effects/music etc)



dunno, I change volume so many times per day, I don't even try to calculate "perfect volume" for the specific website, it seems unreliable

I'm afraid of the settings and complicated setups too, they always break when you least expect it




chrome profile specific levels i could have had a separate kpap browser profile


You could run Chrome Canary at the same time as Chrome; and then use the Windows volume mixer to turn up or down the volume for either app, independently.

just use different browsers and windows's mixer. problem solved


do you want to know what is it?

I've just invented something astonishing, you can't buy it on the internet



no-adhesive removable webcam protector

on aliexpress they only sell stupid thing which glues to the screen and I don't want that

tho I'm trying a bit different options now because the paper one is too light and might accidentally fly away

I wish I had a 3d printer, such an easy task for it. instead I need to search all across the house for similar structures to the one I need and try to change them


having laptop on the side isn't that great tbh

now you suddenly need to solve a lot of tasks: stand, keyboard, webcam, mic, touchid, touchpad. and sound of internal speakers from the side also isn't nice, so you probably need new speakers too. or maybe use headphones but with internal speakers pointing at you, the sound is good enough and doesn't leak much

probably should have let it sit in the middle. the only downsides are neck pain and accidental touches of the touchpad. and because it takes an important space in the middle of the table where you might need to e.g. write something by hand. but now you need to turn neck to the right too and the text size is a bit too small with default DPI

making perfect setup is too complicated


trying korean monkeytype on my phone but it keeps thinking i’m misspelling most words i’m not



I was thinking about improving my typing on the phone too!

but then I've though it's stupid to measure it the typing stupid, you will always use the dictionary (autocompletion) in real life, that's how people always type

maybe just need to type random texts in any notes app, no need fancy software for that. or just talk with koreans in tandem or something


100% accuracy but lame speed



i don’t use autocompletion. anyway i’d love to be able to fix it. it says im getting like 70 raw wpm but the result is 20 wpm



are you perhaps an alien with 30 fingers


150wpm in english


120wpm in korean


70wpm typing those small rectangles on touchscreen with no feedback



sitting in a car shaking a bit. think i could do better when im inside


80wpm waifu 어디지...


If you use the Ubuntu package, keep in mind that their /etc/mpv/mpv.conf contains hwdec=vaapi, which is less than ideal as it may not be the right choice for your system, and it may end up using an inefficient wrapper library under the covers. We recommend removing this line or deleting the file altogether.

I love how mpv devs roast stupid ubuntu maintainers who have no idea what they're doing



idk what's the point of messing with that anyway

arch is much better in that respect



homebrew too, they just push whatever upstream thinks is better

ubuntu/debian devs (oldschool distros) are too full of themselves, always trying to override

1080×19204.03Mb00:08뽀삐뽀이사🐱#STAYC #스테이씨 #ISA #아이사


let's say it's ISA waifu for 80 wpm


now just need to practice a bit more for consistent 120ewpm/80kwpm and I'm happy with that speed

I'm not going to target 150/120



take your time


how to do better in english

my fingers hurt and can't go faster



which one? I bet it's the ThinkPad with their amazing keyboards


two 140s in a row this session has potential




I was so so so close to Ning waifu

interesting how it works. suddenly your brain switches to fully-focused-no-mistakes mode and you do amazing

but it means I still can win Ning


i messed up, could've been it



5: 1340mbps


6: 1595mbps


7: 1736mbps


Most devices (like Apple) only support 80MHz channel widths on Wifi 5 and 6


Also, most devices are only 2x2 MIMO. Such as all phones. But a few laptops support 3x3 MIMO, such as Intel Apple MacBook Pro’s and Dell XPS’s

oh no, I've checked wifi info on macbook and it's indeed 80mhz channel


1200x2 = 2400

1200x8 = 9600

oh, it makes sense now. you multiply max possible speed (which is related to channel width, modulation and coding) by the number of MIMO channels

so with MIMO2 and 80mhz channel you only have 1200mbps phy rate (which is max possible in m1 chip)

but with MIMO2 and 160mhz it will be 2 times more, 2400mbps

and with MIMO3 even more

now need to understand how to get the real speed from phy rate

seems to be about 2 times less, but not sure... I'm getting ~800mbps with 1200mbps phy rate, but in theory it should be 600mbps max


should I buy m2 macbook with 2400mbps phy rate

or wait for m4 with wifi7 with 320mhz channel which will probaby have at least 2x2882 = 5764 phy rate ~ 3.7gpbz real speed

3.7gpbs sounds cool, I will need to buy 10gbps network card and switch

or can just buy 10gbps network card for macbook and get even better speed right now with the cost of single cable



In [9]: 866.7*3*0.5, 1200*2*0.65, 1200*3*0.5
Out[9]: (1300.0500000000002, 1560.0, 1800.0)

so he's got 3 mimo in wifi5, 2 mimo in wifi6 and 3 mimo in 6e? a bit strange


83 mobile


what's a router maker you can trust and connect to wan

if i buy asus am i gonna get hakt


600.5x2x0.65 = 780.7


433.3x2x0.65 = 563.3

not a huge difference between wifi5 and 6 on 80mhz channel + 2mimo tho

and some devices such as apple won't support 160mhz channel on 5hz anyway

but updating to 6e is stupid, need to wait for 7


someone should try to beat him using diction

it's just basic words afterall no special characters



there's no text field, so mobile browser doesn't suggest words

finally very hot Jeewon



but how would you measure WPM if website doesn't have option to type with dictionary/speech

need to use different website which has native text field



yeah, it doesn't work for me either, the problem seems to be in incomplete syllables such as "나". if you press space after just 2 letters it will get the wrong one for some reason. but syllables which are completed (i.e. with 3 letters) are working fine

but anyway, I see no point in typing without dictionary on mobile, nobody would ever do that

try this website >>1007300 it works great, both with typing and speech recognition

but there's no dictionary too something wrong with the text field


16:9 laptops wwas the worst idea ever imagined



tried this site but i was lagging so hard it sometimes skips words or doesn’t register space. literally could only get one attempt in



but why? typing with suggested words is always faster

need to either modify monkeytype or find proper website with text field, but not sure if I want to dig into the rabbit hole because I rarely type in korean anyway




no idea just curious how usable those are and if you can reach 120

I think not really possible for the words because they are random, while speech recognition normally tries to recognize sentences

so need to type sentences, e.g. "quote" in monkeytype. but again, it doesn't have text field so can't compare results from kchanon who types it manually on monkeytype to kchanon who will use speech-to-text somewhere else



typing feels good also im fast enough that it typing on my phone doesnt feel like a burden st all. not thought too much about it anyway


back in the day phones also had touch typing albeit with 1 finger and 12 keys



yeah, I remember that, I didn't use T9 (dictionary system) back then because it was way too bad

but nowadays the dictionary is optional so you can fast tap the word if it fits, or continue typing manually if the word is rare



and I hate the Swype/QuickPath for the same reason: only very boring people with boring messages can type on a dictionary-forced system



though tried it now, it's not that bad because you can still type normally some words

I hate typing on mobile anyway because it 10x times slower and the screen is so small. I can't even order food from mobile because I don't have the space to carefully review all the options

normies probably doesn't care and just compulsively buy the first shit they seen but I can't do that, I have to check everything before buying it



but why if you can't even browse internet on the mobile because everything is small


Multipathing is basically the fact of physics that EMR scatters, bounces and attenuates as it travels through various media (stone, wood, even air). What MIMO does is to make the sending and receiving units spatially aware by using multiple streams. The data is reassembled as it comes in over these multiple streams. Basically then each antenna will pick up part of a stream that the others have missed and vice versa. This allows the data to arrive more quickly and reliably and at slightly greater range.

how do those antennas work


uploading at 800mbps to onedrive


asked gpt about MIMO:


Signal Encoding: Each data stream undergoes separate encoding. The encoding process involves modulating the data onto a carrier signal. Different encoding schemes, such as spatial modulation or spatial multiplexing, are used to create distinct signals for transmission.


Signal Decoding: The received signals undergo separate decoding processes. Each decoding process is associated with one of the transmitted data streams. The goal is to extract the original data from each stream.


Combining Decoded Streams: The decoded data streams are combined to reconstruct the original data. This process takes advantage of the fact that each antenna at the receiver provides a different view of the transmitted signals, and by combining these views, the receiver can recover the transmitted data more reliably.

so seems like each stream is encoded differently and because there're multiple antennas, it's possible to find which chunk of signal belongs to which stream. still not very clear


In practice, in communication systems, the transmitter sends a Pilot signal and the receiver learns the state of the channel (i.e., H) from the received signal Y and the Pilot signal X

so we can find out how each antenna modifies the known signal and then use same coefficients for unknown data. interesting


got rid of one more subscription

now only single one on ios (+icloud)

not great, not terrible


how to solve the issue of quality of mass market products?

for every single item which you buy, even the simplest one like a pen, or a bottle of milk, you can find dedicated subreddit/forum with discussions about how the basic stuff in the shop sucks and why you need to buy x100 more expensive thing or even build your own

to some degree it's even true that mass market sucks but who on Earth would spent so much money/mental energy on researching every single item you own. at the same time it sucks to watch some random video on youtube about some stupid item which you have too, like pen, where the author convinces you that your pen from the shop is bad and makes you envy about his superior pen. what do


now I want to buy 2 more 8TB drives for additional 12TB of space

4K BDRemuxes are about 60GB each so it will fill the remaining 2.5TB very quickly


The underlying problem is that reviewers need to have a good relationship with hardware companies, and vice versa. That's not to say that reviews are dishonest. Rather, they will likely try to spin the truth they want it: if you're a big tech site, you can't come out and say that product X is pure and utter shit. That would destroy your ties with that company. Meaning you're likely to get a cold shoulder treatment, and no more insider infos, press releases and maybe even blacklisting. That's not feasible. So instead you will maybe give them a slightly lower score, but mention the awesome software bundle, or discuss THE FUCKING PACKAGE that the hardware came in and the goodies that accompany it, or talk up some other irrelevant shit, instead of focusing too much on tests. Or testing irrelevant things or with bad metrics where the flaws can be downplayed a bit -- you'll still have to mention them, because you're an ethical person. But you'll try to work around the fact of embarrassing/antagonizing the hw company.

fucking stupid capitalism ruining all great things


YouTube algorithm massively rewards the videos that are uploaded first on a certain topic.


The big brands will give their trusted youtubers the products before the release date then tell them they can upload the video the day it is announced.


The YouTubers can't piss off the company by giving a bad review because then they won't get the product before release date and will have to wait for it to come into the shops and buy it, by which point their video will be like the 50th video on that product and won't get many views. Plus they'd have to pay for the product!



any time spent studying linguistics is highly underrated for learning languages imo. the more you’ve studied the better but i would recommend even a little bit. phonetics (or phonology in general) is probably the most immediately effective thing for language learning.


my parcel got stuck on the mail


This creates this incentive for reviewers to try to keep a good relationship with companies so they get review samples, and therefore be able to upload in time. The thing is that shitty companies like apple and Nvidia take advantage of this, and they cut critical reviewers from the review sample list (LTT doesn't get review samples from apple, for example; and HardwareUnboxed was threatened by Nvidia with this) creating a non-free space in the channels that depend in their segment of products.

small channels won't even shit on free samples/gifts they get from the companies because trying to be too nice to stay in the business. who cares about those always positive opinions with "few shortcomings" anyway but it's how 99% of videos on youtube are look like nowadays

when I was watching the deck setups, 99% of authors had the table gifted to them for free and they all said how awesome it is


If you pay attention you’ll probably notice a trend of ‘here are all the awesome things about it, then here are two things that I’m going to call cons so people don’t accuse me of being biased, but they aren’t actually cons, just subjective things that may not be everybody’s preference’.

life is so tiresome


• When the USB C-C cable is connected between Upstream port of monitor and Host PC, the Downstream port of monitor support USB 2.0 device.

fucken LG, I can't connect USB3 SSD to the back port because it's only USB2 hub

they probably don't have enough throughput in the USB-C cable anyway

so to connect USB3 device to the macbook I have to use all three USB-C ports and it looks bad

so need to buy super-expensive thunderbolt dock



not sure about normies but i've always wondered if iphones are a bit more safe feeling for idols than samsung phones . not that icloud is without fault (western celeb accounts have gotten social engineered), but in korea phone numbers seem to get shared by employees very easily, makes one wonder what the situation is at samsung cloud

google photos is probably even more safu than icloud, but android apps can ask for some crazy permissions over peoples contacts and photos, accidentally leaking all kinds of stuff.

just a thought tho, usually idols themselves explain its easier to get practice recordings in music shows etc to iphones than androids (staff mainly uses airdrop i guess?) and thats why they roll with the apples. also idols don't mind kakaotalk at all so i could be very wrong



65% iphones ages 18-29 is crazy tho

i guess it really paid off paying hundreds of idols and actors to shill them fones and earbuds and dumb heavy ass headphones




get practice recordings in music shows etc to iphones than androids


staff mainly uses airdrop i guess?

dunno, they might just send audio files through the korean clouds such as kakaotalk, it's fast for mp3s and such


if iphones are a bit more safe feeling for idols than samsung phones

there're few interesting security features in apple devices such as face id & secure enclave. and 2fa seems to be enabled by default when you create new apple id

although android devices should give about the same level of protection with fingerprint reader, and they encrypt phone memory too, and 2fa on google account is probably the default too, tho not sure

in practice, one of the most dangerous type of attack on ios devices is when someone saw you entered the unlock code (which is just 6 digits) and then stole that phone. they then have access to basically everything, because faceid = unlock code and 99% of apps allow you to do everything with valid faceid, and it's all also tied to your macbook data / accounts / bank accounts / etc




dumb heavy ass headphones

one of the worst apple devices (airpods max) yet they shill them like crazy through idols

I cringe every time I see it




they might just send audio files through the korean clouds such as kakaotalk

i think even one of them keplers said they got iphone to more easily review the recordings so that cant be it


the unlock code

this is the dumbest piece of shit thing the dumbass passcode is the master password that you can reset icloud password with. i guess people only remember their passcode and apple really doesnt want support to receive calls about forgotten icloud passwords


I researching reading on ipad today because was too bored and seems like Apple Books is kinda nice

it allows you to import any pdf/epub files just fine, from the app, syncs everything to ipad, no issues

you can even annotate with the pencil and it will be synced. and the UXUI is very nice too

also I've always thought Kindle-like devices are much better for reading (because with eink your eyes will hurt less) but people actually not very happy with Kindle because updates of the screen are very slow, so can't scroll fast, so they all just read from the phone

maybe I can even try to read something, I postponed it because I didn't want to buy eink device

(but in reality for me it's probably much more fun to research apps such as book reader than to actually read using it )



too nugu for a pro device (with 3 cameras)?



to more easily review the recordings so that cant be it

you mean the feature of sharing same files in the cloud with multiple users? or to share from the manager's computer to the girl's phones?



i think from staffs computer during the downtime between music show recordings



dunno, sounds like gimmick, unless it's a huge 1GB+ video files (which are faster to share through wi-fi than through the cloud)

but I don't know their use case exactly so could be wrong

don't they know about the syncthing tho?



well i doubt the busy staff is adding some kpops' cloud service accounts by email address manually to share some files

i can only imagine its some proximity solution like airdrop since usb sticks are dead




kpops' cloud service accounts by email address manually to share some files

why not? they have to manage their instagram, weverse, bubble, phoning, etc accounts anyway

and you have google account (with google drive) by default, samsung also should have some solution, and naver/kakao drives too

but I dunno what koreans use the most. for me kakao talk + kakao drive integration sound the most logical


usb sticks are dead

japanese still use fax


proximity solution

you mean when they afraid to leak stuff so no uploads to the evil cloud?

dunno how they handle it in kpop, must be a mess because hundreds of groups, shows, companies, artists, producers, composers, directors, etc




afraid to leak stuff so no uploads to the evil cloud?

it's just that day's practice performance recordings, nothing super scary

but sure not sure how to keep the airdrops within the same room. how smart is it does it show the most nearby devices first? in that case the kpops could just point to their profile picture or whatever and staff knows where to drop the video

anyway i just thought it was an interesting point in the iphone vs android debacle, i'll post more if i notice more mentions of it




day's practice performance recordings

oh, you mean when they need to look at themselves dancing to find out mistakes

yeah, that could be large videos, if those are 10+ minutes

but to start sharing though airdrop you have to be close. couldn't staff upload it to the cloud in the meantime, but girls will watch it before bed or something

again, need to know the exact use case to find out how iphone helps them

with syncthing you can share both via local wifi and via cellular btw. so you get best of the two worlds. also no clouds and open source, perfect for privacy of kpop girls


Dayeon ssi, let me help you to install the app on your phone


After Books decided that it knew better than I did exactly what I wanted on my iPad and deleted the books I'd put there to read, I stopped using it

oh no...

imagine you decided to read in the plane but smartass ios deleted them right before the flight




girls will watch it before bed or something

they watch it before second rehearsal, third rehearsal, final performance. music shows take an entire day, you can usually find kpops on their phones or redoing makeup or sleeping in behind the scenes videos


Dayeon ssi, let me help you to install the app on your phone

does syncthing even have a phone app unless you go with some mystery third party creation maybe

not that i dont use syncthing of course. be kinda scary to upload kpop photos to google drive or something since it's 7 false positives and they open the account for random subcontractors to manually go through


lil bro wanted to take a very normal photo of winrar and got false positived as some weirdo and taken down




music shows take an entire day, you can usually find kpops on their phones or redoing makeup or sleeping in behind the scenes videos

interesting job watch videos of yourself dancing and sleep during stylist noona putting makeup on you


does syncthing even have a phone app

of course, I used to sync photos from android to the NAS and it worked perfectly. but then I become an ios slave


7 false positives



kinda scary to upload kpop photos to google drive or something

icloud isn't any better than google drive




the security guy didn't want the repeat of SNSD Taeyeon kidnap situation




a very normal photo of winrar

under her skirt?





7 verybad photos. for more information search "apple icloud scan" or something

they dont just scan by hash or perceptual hash but classifiers too and that's a game of percentages upload 100000 kpop pics to any cloud service and its just a matter of time before some false positives happen and your account is open for randoms to see



lol you mean asian girls looking like kids and with the type of outfits they wear

yeah, I also don't want to upload my kpop folders to public cloud (without encryption)

it's just on NAS, although I lose many features such as spotlight/tagging


anon oppa, please don't upload my selca photos to your cloud drive


be safe, fighting!


requiring biometric authentication when away from trusted places like home and work






you're in korea


can't take off the mask


need to pay for the kpop album at the checkout


can't authentiticate


cashier pretty girl asking what's wrong, are you out of money


don't know what to do



akshually, I was in that awkward situation few times because korean payment terminals don't ask for PIN and some banks set limit for those operations per day. but it wasn't a girl, just some dude who said it's not working and then started to serve the next customer on the line


had to buy 1 month subscription for mindnode again. don't want to buy the year one because I use it few days per month max. hate that stupid shit


tried xmind and whimsical

mindnode is still better




webm is also from the same thread (without the sound)




but classifiers too

can convert all photos to 1-frame webms, I doubt apple engineers would touch that format


received new usb-c to display-port cable and wired everything in a nice way

now don't know what to do next, I've optimized on the desk everything I could



literally who


wtf, I can't sync annotations from books app on ipad to macos

fucking garbage software


oh, now it started to sync after I rechecked all the sync button in settings like 5 times

fucken stupid system


also I spent 30mins reading and now I'm thinkering with the apps and reading reviews again

this can't be helped



icloud sync is slow, it works by getting there eventually

plus annotations are added to the file so it needs to resync the entire book file after every annotation (maybe theres a timer or some app focus event)



I think it glitched somehow. because I tried to close and reopen and changing all the sync settings multiple times on both devices and it didn't want to sync at all

then somehow it began to sync with ~20s delay which seems to be ok

so you can actually export those epub annotations? need to check


so it needs to resync the entire book file

do you mean pdf or epub? for epub, I checked in ~/Library/Mobile Documents/iCloud~com~apple~iBooks/Documents, it actually unzip them

although, I can't see any files modified today, when I added annotation, must be somewhere else



what do you think about making annotations in Zotero, GoodNotes/PDFExpert, Yomu instead?

#1008545 nice


People remember less than 20% of what they read if they are not taking notes

oh no

that means I need to always read on ipad/kindle while making annotations

but what if I want to read a paper book


what if you want to read some cool technical/philosophical book (not programming) and grasp some ideas from there? or you don't read that at all?



that's why you need to take notes

but software usability unfortunately isn't there yet

I'm researching the PKM thing for about a year and a lot of folks are into Obsidian these days, but you also want to have nice synchronization between devices and multiple apps (mind maps + readers + annotations + flashcards), and also to link this into a single thing for fast comfy access. and it's kinda complicated and messy

theoretically you can put everything in Obsidian (because it even has built-in support for mindmapping) but it will be a mess anyway

I'm a mess, mess, mess, mess, mess, mess, mess


that discourse thing which updates URL when you scroll is every evil because it steals your attention

those fucking idiots introduce badly-thought-out features all the time, trying to re-invent the classic forums



also cant ctrl+f since the thread is loaded in tiny pieces as you scroll



oh yeah, that's classic idiocracy of discourse. they tried to make something smart but instead it just works bad and users don't know how to use it




but I'm not sure I want to read a lot on LCD screen

on the other hand, if book is complex enough, you often need to google for proper understanding. and you won't do that on Kindle, but pretty easy on iPad

with paper it's even worse because you need to pause and wake up the computer

maybe need to try to read 1 book on paper, 1 on ipad and 1 on eink


is there free smb video player for aple tv?




newer models of the Apple TV have built-in DLNA support

oh i'll try to find this whatever it is


your TV isn't smart?

it's dumb



i'm just confused what monitor to get at this point

don't want to settle for ips glow, can't afford oled and local dimming looks bad on the desktop




whatever it is

just media file sharing protocol, even Windows supports it

beware that Apple's support for open protocols might be a bit surprising in a bad way


it's dumb

ask it to solve this math problem


just use your TV as your monitor



i don't have that either, i'm a different guy


tbh I thought about buying Apple TV + AirPods Max, switching between working on computer and watching youtube on TV would have been so comfy (basically you use same pairs of headphones everywhere)

but it's too expensive and I don't want Apple's shitty restrictions even on my TV



airpods max are still expensive tho

also imagine what if the only working DLNA app on the store requires subscription so you have to pay rent to greedy bastards just to watch videos. I would have killed myself


do you know bt headphones which allow to switch between bt sources? like the switch on logitech keyboards/mices




do you know bt headphones which allow to switch between bt sources? like the switch on logitech keyboards/mices

if i did i would probably own them

switching from phone to pc and back every day is annoying



true, i'll check what dlna support actually means soon

also airpods max is dog dumb



I had toslink switch previously to switch (using remote control) between PC and TV audio outputs and connected to the HDR 185 base station. worked pretty good, but right now I don't have toslink output on the notebook (although probably can buy USB audio card, but dunno, not in the mood)



dog dumb

why? for the in-house use look nice. and korean waifu will instantly fall in love with you if you say you own that headphones


although you can't even wirelessly charge AirPods Max

why the charging situation nowadays is so bad

can't imagine people are ok with constantly plugging different cables into the devices and keeping in mind how many percents of the battery left



AirPods use Lightning

anyway, the problem is that you need to do something (i.e. chore), and you always afraid that device may run out of battery when you need it the most (i.e. anxiety)

the solution is simple: docking station. so when you don't use your device (say before sleep), just put in on the docking station which solves 2 problems at the same time: place to store your device, charging

I have dock stations for few devices and it's million times better than plugging in the cable

but I don't have dock station for example for the keyboard and for the BT headphones. so what would I do when it stops working? plug in ugly cable? always keep an eye on the battery status and charge when it's 5% or something? it kills me

I can't even stand charging my ipad once in a few days when it's in a standby mode, so I will rather turn it off even if I will need it in few hours




always afraid that device may run out of battery when you need it the most (i.e. anxiety)

i carry a small power bank around now so i don't have to worry



me too, a small 10Ah one although it's always charged at 100% and it's a bad for the battery health

although it's not very cool when you need to e.g. talk on your phone while you charge it. I did it once on the street, had to basically hold 1 long cable and 2 boxes in the hand, attaching it to my ear, while still walking

but I mean when at home. it's not critical (because I can connect to a cable and bring it back to life in like 30 seconds). but I hate the ugly cables and I want it to always be wireless




it's always charged at 100% and it's a bad for the battery health

another source of anxiety: keep an eye on the LiPo health

when can't just buy thing once without having to maintain it at all



maybe it's better to read the book 2 times: 1st without thinking too much on any medium, 2nd on the computer, while manually writing abstract in the notes (for best memorization of the core concepts)

just making short annotations seems like not enough. or maybe if you make a lot of annotations, but it will make the reading process very slow


No, DLNA currently does not support subtitles per se

it's shit? it doesnt know how to send the srt file next to the video file

gotta stick with sambino


gonna check how far infuse free on samba works emby and plex seem so complicated



mp4s and avis appear to work just a fine for free

now how to play video from outside local network without troubles, tailscale comes to mind but the login expires in 3-6 months and you need to login to tailscale again in your appel tv. is there anything absolute hassle free



srt works with minidlna server

serviio even supports ass subtitles




play video from outside local network

why do you need that?

but you can use VPN such as wireguard for that


Tailscale is a mesh VPN alternative that makes it easy to connect your devices, wherever they are. No more fighting configuration or firewall ports.




emby and plex

yeah, very. I hate overcomplicated solutions

on ipad I have VLC, it can connect to DLNA and SMB just fine, and to SMB over VPN too

VLC is dumb tho but no mpv for ios


Tailscale takes care of on-demand NAT traversal so that devices can talk to each other directly in most circumstances, without manual configuration. When NAT traversal fails, Tailscale relays encrypted traffic, so that devices can always talk to each other, albeit with higher latency in that case. There is no need to modify firewalls or routers; any devices that can reach the internet can reach each other.

oh, so the only difference is that you don't need to forward the port on the router. seems like a gimmick


To connect devices using Tailscale, you install and log in to Tailscale on each device. Tailscale manages key distribution and all configurations for you. This can be particularly useful if some of the devices belong to non-technical users.


We suspect that using WireGuard directly will be most appealing if you have a small, stable number of Linux servers whose connections you want to secure.

well they even say themselves it's basically useless



just thought with whisper and possibly other tools i could with relatively little work sub some old shows for me parents and share them directly to their apple tv



oh, I get it

you can install VPN on some routers like described here >>1008788

so basically router connects to VPN and wraps all traffic from/to Apple TV via VPN, so everything works just fine on the Apple TV side


why magsafe's cable is so short



would need a new router

but imagine trying to find a new router theres like 3 apps to do annotations on epubs with, but 1 million routers which may or may not have fancy vpn thingymagics and not be backdoored or unsupported aginst hackerman


the worst thing is when you come to conclusion that no perfect solution exist, no matter what

e.g. you want iphone cheaper than $1000 but with always on and 120 hz

or you want good mindmapping software without subscription

or you want magsafe with longer cable but without cable mess

it hurts a lot


Portland was home to the UX designers who wanted to redesign everything to look nicer but didn't understand how customers used our products

diversity hires?

anyway, if you care about security, just put it behind the router you already own (I guess you're fine with it)

your Apple TV will be behind double NAT but you wrap traffic from Apple TV into VPN so why even bother


2) Looking at their cli guide, it was cryptic as hell to me, and I deal with everything from cisco, arista, aruba, juniper, fortinet, pan, whatever from a cli or gui.


This was mostly confirmed a few weeks back, another old network engineer friend of mine hit me up asking if I've ever dealt with Mikrotik, and said no, but I knew where he was going. He'd screwed with it for a day or so supposedly just trying to make some L3 vlans, and finally a day or so later told me he'd made it work, but has never dealt with anything so terrible to configure from either gui or cli after having tried both, and he's another 20yr+ network engineer like me I trust not to be stupid.

even netops can't figure out microtik


anyway, the simplest solution seems to buy any cheap android tv box and install kinopub/hd videobox/movian/sonarr/etc

why even bother with babysitting that stupid apple tv if you can get everything from free on a cheaper hardware


cool looking unifi router

but it has a fan, a spinning fan gathering dust to the internals


battery indicator widget on standby mode doesn't show percent of charging

how am I supposed to take it off after it charged to 80%


Smarties! which vnc client is baest









what's better? chrome remote desktop?

what OS are you connecting to?

ssh for Linux

remote desktop for Windows

for macOS dunno, probably VNC or Chrome, but I don't like them both



RDP is indeed sonice, how does it work so good too bad it's just a windows thing



d = ㄷ, t = ㅌ usually

e.g. 토마토 = tomato


maybe ishould actually try subbing before the endless research


read 100 pages yesterday


procrastinating today

it's already over



the th in rhythm is voiced just like ㄷ. the voiceless dental fricative is represented by ㅆ anyway.



another example of koreans being fucking scammers

they import words the way they sound

they export words the way it's written

the famous example is maknae. I'm sure 99% of kpop fans around the world pronounce it with "k" which is absolutely very very very wrong

why would they do that ??????



blame the romanizers they cut some corners but turns out those corners was half of everything



writing words how they sound into hangul is a no-brainer but i think some work could be done with korean romanization.

730×11367.61Mb00:07[MPD직캠] 아이즈원 1위 앵콜 직캠 4K '라비앙로즈(La Vie en Rose)' (IZ_ONE FanCam No.1 Encore) _ @MCOUNTDOWN_2018.11.8-2KU_P2cNAg4

to dumb for boxes/virt manager, to many errors

windows is somehow the best virtual machine host wcyd



install unraid then? or truenas

I can configure everything by hand but I don't want to, so I just paid $60 and don't need to thinker with anything at all

1920×1080811.64Kb00:02아이즈원(IZ_ONE) 맞춤형 TMI 쇼! 예능잘알 앚둥이들의 끼 대방출!! [QT SHOW] Ep.1-uPW7fpWbDPM


oh yeah what if i dont use it at all for the storage features implied by the scary name

maybe it could be a nice virtual mahine host ill try it next



so you just need a linux host to manage VMs?

virt-manager on any distro should be pretty easy to setup then, I dunno what are you talking about



errors on each form even after checking virtualization is enabled in bios


i'm reading a mysterious unraid file called make_bootable.bat to see if there's something suspicious there


i like convention more than configuration if i screw up something later on and have to start from scratch it'll be easier to get back up than configuring the same things from google again




if i screw up something later on and have to start from scratch

it's linux, not windows, everything is reproducible via configs and shell commands

hint: write all sequence of actions you do into e.g. in any text editor, it will make your life much easier if you ever need to replicate that

hint2: learn ansible



don't you know HN commenters are retarded?

even on reddit I haven't seen such idiocracy as in some HN threads. they are too affected by the Dunning-Kruger there



what are you going to do with the disks tho? don't you need them attached to Windows for the Backblaze Backup?


This may seem lame to many of you, but I was (and am) really turned off by the “popular highlights” feature of Kindle. I don’t love that my highlights and notes are there for Amazon to mine. Maybe Apple does the same, who knows. But I find it distasteful.

annotations you make are automatically shared with all other Kindle devices


proxmox seems amazing and does everything

wonder whats the best way to use debian installer preseed files with it, probably first make one vm manually and set up apache or whatever file server and serve the files from there


Personally I would never run Asus/Netgear/Zyxel/etc's all-in-one router firmware on the network's edge. Probably not even on the inside of the network.


Well depending on how you roll, I've had 2 routers - inside/outside. Guest network, IoTs, etc on the outside. Computers, Phones, Printers on the inside.

a two router strategy



you're worrying too much

think it terms of the threat model: what's the worst hackers can possibly do with the automated attack? (non-targeted)

1920×10803.09Mb00:13"LOVELYZ DIARY Season 3" EP. 06 <>


my computer has all my info so basically the same as internet/phone doctors

they will make my stuff public, everyone will know i'm a kpop fan



after that roadblock is cleared hack-nim has access to my internal network

then he can easily hak windows just by watching the latest vulnerabilities and applying them before the next patch tuesday

i remember trying to install a fresh windows while the computer was attached to the internet port in the wall, after the installation was complete hack-nim's wurms were are already in the system kind of quick-simulating the experience



that's why I said "non-targeted"

non-targeted will most probably just install botnet client on the router, and maybe scan internal network for the most basic old vulns such as netbios and things like that. it most certainly won't be able to use some Windows 0day because those are too expensive to use non-targeted (because they will be instantly patched)




scan internal network

wait i'm too lazy to restrict access to my internal kpop apps on local network it's over everybody knows now




internal kpop apps on local network

it will steal your kpop archive by reverse-engineering the HTTP API


read 25 pages and procrastinating again

it's all so tiresome

even if I force myself to read, I will certainly just mentally skip 100% of the text



maybe try a pomodoro for an entire day (8 hour) and report back, i'd be curious to hear how it goes



what's the reward?

maybe if I had kiss from Ningning after every 25 minutes of reading


fucken tired of constant context switching between reading a book and adding a note on ipad

paper books are definitely just for entertainment purposes

now need to research, can you add notes on eink reader fast enough, or only on a tablet with LCD screen



does typing a note on an ipad even do anything

at least handwriting notes has some studies backing it, sure it wont be show nicely in the epub you are viewing but you could also write the page number by the note



unfortunately it's not possible to draw on epub because it's text format (unless you screenshot every page but that's stupid)

can convert to PDF and annotate with pencil on that tho, but PDFs might be not so comfy to read

anyway, my idea is to mark the most interesting thoughts in the book during the first read, then open the book on computer, check all the notes, and write my thoughts to the markdown notes app (to aggregate it into a single thing). that way you can probably remember something, and most importantly, have a way to quickly restore the memory by reading that short note again

I'm not sure about the studying efficiency of handwriting vs typing on a keyboard. probably the former is better, but typed notes have they own pros


you could also write the page number by the note

you mean just annotate in the separate app, like people used to do it with paper books and notebook? I don't like the context switch, huge chore

people used to do even physical zettelkasten by hand tho



just gotta find the whisper equivalent for automatically reading them notes with a phone or whatever and copy paste them in copy paste works between your fone and computer right?

rumor is apples text recognition is amaezing



finally an excuse to buy 2x8Tb for a 20TB NAS lol


300k files and 6TB of data

I was thinking about that for a while, what can one person do with a huge amounts of information floating around? I mean you can save all of that, but can you process it with your brain power?

thousands of posts are being created every day on KPG, dozens of new webms, how do you live with that?

or maybe it's all useless content consumption and you should focus on something more important like science?



while you're spending years saving and watching those 5-second slowdown webms, chaebol sons just having fun with best kpop girls on a parties

sounds not very smart



as long as my top 10 waifus are not going to the parties i will stay sane




Often when I am stuck on problems, I think out-loud by typing into my notes, which means I can include valuable self reflections and realizations along with my notes, particularly forcing myself to reflect on design approaches that won't work and why they don't work, instead of just keeping it in my head. If I were forced to handwrite these notes (which sometimes I have been), my ability to think was severely bottlenecked by handwriting speed; I can type about 100 words per minute, but I can only write about 15-20 words per minute by hand.

how about handwriting competition

30wpm for the Ning waifu


so with handwritten notes you modify your internal neural nets

with typed notes you put data outside of your brain, but still prepare your neural nets in a certain way, to make them absorb that information very quickly once you see it again

something like internal HDD vs external HDD


games are so expensive on PS5, I need to buy PC probably



oh yeah, it became like 5x more expensive, not buying that shit again

tbh I don't even play much, maybe few games per year and then burn out badly

but sometimes I want to suddenly play some interesting story-driven game and the PS price kills me, it's always so much better on PC


how to choose the best font, background color, line height and similar settings for the book app



I chose the theme with the beige background and changed to the sans font (Proxima Nova) and set minimal brightness and enabled Night Shift. but how can I be sure that my settings are the best

seems good enough for an LCD device tho

finished the first small book, was easy enough

not sure if I need to read more

maybe will research eink which has nice note sync capabilities, maybe even with Calibre app on computer, because I'm bored anyway rn

it might be like Zotero

you can install it in docker container on unraid side, interact via web UI, open books both on computer and on eink device, and everything is synced via wifi

might read a lot of books that way which I wanted for a long time

tho not sure if books are good enough for entertainment, might watch movies/tv series/youtube videos instead or read forums


kindle paperwhite 16gb $150

not bad, might even fall for it and impulsive buy



Annotations for "personal documents" (i.e. any content added to your Kindle account that wasn't bought from Amazon) don't appear, although Amazon does capture them and synchronize them between your devices. If you run the Kindle iOS app, it now has a new feature that allows you to export your "Notebook" (all the notes and annotations for a given book/document across devices) and send it as an .html file in email. (I'm guessing we have the new Kindle Scribe to thank for this.) This file opens in the browser and contains all your annotations for a given book which can be easily copy/pasted into Calibre.


You can download the NEW Kindle App on your desktop, go to the "More" tab for your notebooks

huh, I guess it kinda works now

still not as convenient as Apple Books of course. and you need extra device too. maybe just should read on ipad


Hello, hi. I have been lurking Kpop content for a while I decided to give in on storing fancams, selcas etc, and I have just filled my extra 1tb ssd - left 100gb for safety. I am gonna buy a hdd and was wondering how much you guys have saved, so I can base on that. A 10tb might be overkill since I don't save anything other than Kpop and I don't like many groups. By the time I come back will be 2024 so, happy new year!




storing fancams

4K fancams are huge, ~500MB per song. so you can fit only few thousands of them per TB

for photos you don't need much, 1TB will be enough for everything

and if you're planning to hoard some extra kpop content such as concerts, that also takes a lot of space


I can buy Kindle and then sell it if I won't use it




for example if you want to keep some gayo concerts, they are about 30GB each

├── [ 13G]  20181225 SBS Gayo Daejun 2018 Part
├── [ 12G]  20181225 SBS Gayo Daejun 2018 Part
├── [ 23G]  2019-12-25_17-40_6.1 SBS_2019 SBS 가요대전_kresbayyy.ts
├── [ 30G]  2019-12-27_19-50_7.1 KBS2_2019 KBS 가요대축제_kresbayyy.ts
├── [ 29G]  2019-12-31_20-50_11.1 MBC_2019 MBC 가요대제전_kresbayyy.ts
├── [ 30G]  SBS Gayo Daejeon -
├── [ 14G]  SBS Gayo Daejun 2016 Part 1.ts
├── [ 17G]  SBS Gayo Daejun 2016 Part 2.ts
└── [ 27G]  SDJ

8GB vs 16GB kindle is the biggest scam since Apple tax

8GB is enough but 16 is just 10-20 dollars more, so why not? and those additional 8gb probably cost amazon just few cents, so they're winning 15 dollars for free



The truth is, it's not even the size that would be an issue, it's the number of books. I've tried in the past to keep thousands of books on my kindles, and despite getting nowhere close to filling up all that space, the kindles would still start to crash more and function more slowly just because of the number of books. (We're talking probably 3-4K+)


In other words, you basically can't use up all that space with regular books, because the kindle would stop functioning long before you downloaded 8gb worth of books.

yessss, I found the comment which saved my ass


impulsively bought kindle (paperwhite 2021 8gb)


wanna try to guess how many books would I read on Kindle before getting bored of it?

I assume 3-5 max


When connecting to a Wi-Fi network, you can choose to save your Wi-Fi password to Amazon



The X-Ray feature lets you explore the "Bones of the Book" with a single tap, enabling you to see all of the passages in a book that mention specific ideas, fictional characters, historical figures, places, topics, and terms. X-Ray also extracts notable clips, people, terms, and images from a book and presents them in a stack of cards organized on a timeline so you can quickly skim through the clips and view all of the images in one place.


When you're reading a book, press and hold on a character’s name or a place mentioned in the book to view the corresponding X-Ray topic.

cool feature

why can't they connect ChatGPT and make it available for all books tho, even user-uploaded


those books

imagine actually reading it



so he agrees will all ideas I've listed before

make notes and then write your own summary with quotes of the book for best memorization

then cross-link different summaries via the zettelkasten

almost, perfect, maybe need to add Anki for the spaced repetition

although if you cross-link good enough, you will see old notes often too, and have a chance to revisit them in memory



One of the exploits requires specific corruption of the FAT file-system.


This is being mitigated in the 5.16.3 family by converting from mass storage to MTP..


The other exploit is at the Javascript level As far as I can tell, it is still present in 5.16.3 -- it will need to be fixed on all devices in parallel, and it really needs to be fixed.


All these exploits do is give you the ability to execute arbitrary code as root.

writing exploits must be fun


those hobbyist forums is a fucking disorganized mess

tons of different pages with outdates commands, people flooding and posting wrong information all around the place

why can't they just have 1 single wiki page with all newest information combined in a short instruction


Help me unbrick my PW3


I was following this guide to jailbreak my PW3 (fw.


Unfortunately the device is now stuck with the boot screen after I got an error on my pc


Amazon logs and sends to servers EVERYTHING you do on a Kindle, even every single tap and time in milliseconds precision.


install LanguageBreak




install MRPI


install KUAL



this is fucking retarded, worse than linux

I'm not doing this



what if you read while offline? unless it stores all the logs anyway and syncs when online again #offline-first




unless it stores all the logs anyway and syncs when online again #offline-first

yeah, I think that's the case

because it stores all your notes/bookmarks once you connect back to wifi (which I want to do), it most definitely syncs all your telemetry data as soon as it can too

although previously it was even more hilarious: 3G modem, always enabled, always connected to the internet because Bezos paid tons of money for contracts with carriers. imagine device which always spies on you and phones home

well, technically the airplane mode should disable it, but still it's fucking dystopian




3G modem, always enabled, always connected to the internet

kindle built like a car



actually russian guys do it much better at 4pda

mobileread and especially reddit is unmanageable mess compared to it

hate that tinkering culture though, it's kinda retarded to spend so much time doing things which are kinda useless

not like spending time on watching kpop is somehow better tho


Could we sue the European Union for their ill-conceived GDPR cookie law, which invasively spatters cookie dialog boxes on every website we view, and wastes our time in having to respond to it? What are the legal repercussions for such a bad mistake?