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#4 SciTech Thread


Hoaxers hoping to drum up enough news stories to impact Apple's share price to make money on shorting it?

maybe it's GPT becoming sentient and it needs money?




Catalyst is a free update for all Tailwind UI All-Access customers





I missed the step when we shifted from completely free Bootstrap to $x00 paid frameworks which basically do exactly the same thing

and now this is somehow acceptable

maybe OpenAI helped with that with their paid access to "productive" GPT tools?





just fashion thing. "everybody uses it"

tbh I'm not entirely sure that approach "just install tons of garbage in your system and add to project dependencies" doesn't actually work. if it helps you to slap shit together faster, get job and money, why not? it's all the same darwin's laws, right?




perhaps only dumdums use base react

me not even react

isn't more popular today? it uses radix-ui, same as v0

but it all depends on react which I don't like

maybe has to swallow the pill anyway



stop googling "tailwind is bad", I've already committed to it

now it can only be good


received thunderbolt SSD enclosure

expecting 4GB/s speed soon



scrolled through the article

"First things first: Learn CSS"

this guy clearly has no understanding about the purpose of tailwind. just hyping on "ugly class names"


Sorry, you have been blocked

You are unable to access


the burden of managing tags in a markdown notes app



dunno, I hate when they lay unorganized

it's hard to search when you don't even know what to search



% time cat avatar-d1.iso| pv > copy.iso
39.2GiB 0:00:18 [2.08GiB/s]
18.850 total
% time cat avatar-d1.iso| pv > /Volumes/data/copy.iso
39.2GiB 0:00:19 [2.04GiB/s]
19.269 total
% time cat /Volumes/data/copy.iso | pv > /dev/null
39.2GiB 0:00:19 [2.06GiB/s]
19.073 total

% gdu -b avatar-d1.iso
In [2]: 42093576192/(1024**3)
Out[2]: 39.20269775390625
In [3]: 18.85*2.08
Out[3]: 39.208000000000006
In [6]: 2.08*1024
Out[6]: 2129.92

so it mostly makes sense, you get 2GB/s for single thread

but why single thread copy on macOS is 2GB/s too? because you read and write at the same time?


I need 4GB/s single thread without a fan RIP

also, wtf


md5sum /Volumes/data/copy.iso


1:28.21 total

why is it so fucking slow?



% time cat /Volumes/data/copy.iso | pv | md5sum
^C3.14GiB 0:00:06 [ 478MiB/s]

it probably read data in small chunks or something. apparently need rmd5sum (short for rust md5sum) too

% time cmp avatar-d1.iso /Volumes/data/copy.iso
cmp avatar-d1.iso /Volumes/data/copy.iso  54.59s user 17.00s system 36% cpu 3:15.39 total

cmp is even slower



maybe I can use slow fanless 10Gbps enclosure when need it often and 40Gbps when copying a lot of files

nicely spent $75... stupid me


fucking stupid greedy apple just doesn't let you have cheap fast big storage

macbook was a mistake...



although people report that the same version of this enclosure without the fan is too hot

but how hot is too hot? maybe it's ok for nvme?

I've got another idea

I can cut off the fan and put it on a huge aluminum (or Boron Arsenide) plate

maybe even that thing would be fine



I've got some solution >>1036909

but I still have 350GB free so I don't really need the disk right now

maybe if I will experiment with huge BluRays



the enclosure? i think it would need to be smooth surface plus a thermal pad in the middle to make any difference

that said some companies like samsong say ssd max temp should be about 65 or 70C, what did you get with fan on?




what did you get with fan on?

dunno how to measure. the case seems warm but not too hot, I guess less than 65


i think it would need to be smooth surface plus a thermal pad in the middle

yeah I can glue it to the middle of the aluminum plate to the thermal pad. maybe not perfect but should work I believe


decided to detox from online chats


posting like crazy in other threads now



can't wait for the results macbook stand with a built-in ssd

but i guess its not worth trying until you can measure it to see if theres a difference




macbook stand with a built-in ssd

idea for startup


until you can measure it to see if theres a difference

you mean using it without the fan?

I'm already using that stand btw. just can glue ssd to it now and call it a day

the only downside is that I will occupy all USB slots that way (2 monitors + SSD)

need to buy thunderbolt dock...


>>1029471 ➡

>>1029473 ➡

>>1029475 ➡

hm, I don't think I actually need wifi7 on a phone

on a macbook - sure, on ipad - maybe, but I rarely copy large files to phone, almost never

so maybe iphone 15 pro with av1 is a good choice, just need to catch nice discount

if only my previous order wasn't cancelled


managed to register whatsapp on my second number

now I can do shady things

the only way to have 2 accounts for whatsapp on ios is to use "whatsapp business"


>>1021196 ➡


Gileadite soldiers used the word "shibboleth" to detect their enemies, the Ephraimites. The Gileadite pronunciation uses a phoneme that was not used at all in the Ephraimites spoken language, so an Ephraimites soldier was literally incapable of pronouncing the word "correctly".



kpop science huh? yeah we have a few versed anons on the ol' kchan

idk if you're looking for some origin mystery genes, but if you are just looking for the reason look up face flatness

its an interesting form that reduces the amount of front lighting needed to hide the dark crevices that make one look older




look up face flatness

any example images?

never thought about that


>>1030791 ➡


it may turn into something very interesting

I'm probably working on this

not sure I really want that, but uh huh I already agreed

better than be lazy anyway


Despite being a software engineer who generally enjoys complexity, I found apps like Obsidian overwhelming.

it's interesting how Obsidian makes OCD people go crazy

on one hand you want customizability and add some crazy plugin sometimes

on the other those custom things usually work badly but their adopt wills keep bragging about how cool their setup is

same as PC vs Mac & Android vs iOS & Steam vs PS I guess

what if I want both customizability and polished UI. and also cheap pice




same as

and Sublime/VS Code vs vim/emacs

you can customize the former pretty heavily too but usually defaults are good enough

but you would never use vim with default config because it's too barebones

so you will keep tinkering with your config for years instead of focusing on a real work

welp, I guess some people can be sane and don't spend too much time on it

must be different brain habits



this uses pHash

but this >>1037379 ( uses

Mean, Gradient, VertGradient, DoubleGradient, Blockhash,


The algorithm.


Compared to the other algorithms, this does not require any preprocessing steps and so may be significantly faster at the cost of some resilience.


/// Krawetz describes a "pHash" algorithm which is equivalent to Mean + DCT preprocessing here.


/// However there is nothing to say that DCT preprocessing cannot compose with other hash


/// algorithms; Gradient + DCT might well perform better in some aspects.

all of this looks too stupid tbh

need to use neural networks instead of those dumb algorithms



A couple of people at Reddit complained about my used of Alyson Hannigan as the example image. (She's so cute that she is distracting.) However, it is actually part of my master plan. (Don't tell Alyson!) I'm hoping that she'll notice it one day and call me. Maybe she and I can double-date at Defcon this year... sigh

this guy is some crazy waifuist

don't show him Kpop

1920×1080727.53Kb00:031,2,3 IVE 4 EP.3 (JYkrnKXvJZ0)

For those of you tracking edits:


This blog entry used to have a joke about Alyson Hannigan being my next wife. (The Boss's next husband was supposed to be George Clooney, before she found a younger actor she liked.)


After 10 years, I've started to see some criticisms about it being more creepy than funny. It was not my intent to be creepy, so I've removed the quip.




better than be lazy anyway

but I want nicer things

but I'm too stupid

dunno how to find good job


how could one guy create so good x264

he could probably work anywhere he wanted



irrc i just used fdupes last time, it's dumb but very fast



it's funny how those leftists decided to quit centralized service only because Musk is bad

they still continue to use github, instagram, facebook, etc



sadly decentralized stuff smells like crypto bros

and the anarchists that would like it smell too

it's all vibes based




sadly decentralized stuff smells like crypto bros

not if it's backed by Meta

they made their threads compatible with mastodon to have at least minor chance for success

like google talk used XMPP protocol




they made their threads compatible with mastodon

and of course they would never make instagram or facebook decentralized

and leftists see no problem in that

clown world...



threads is all sigma grindset posts if you prefer that


Sigma Male Grindset or Hustle Culture Memes refers to a series of memes that both parody and support motivational memes which promote self-improvement and focus on entrepreneurship

oh yeah, I'm all in for self-improvement



i meant unironic hustle culture

not many laughs to be had there



what if I could go back in time few years ago

kill Bellard

stole quickjs sources

and pretend it's me who wrote it

imagine job opportunities


to live or not to live

not to live: end this stupid world now

to live: you can spend all your money on hedonistic pleasures and only then end it

the second option sounds more logical. but what if you will cringe from yourself so much while doing that


if programmers are so good at fixing random nasty unpredicted bugs, then why can't I solve stupid life-related tasks

it's all should be solvable just by finding out and then following correct algorithm, right




B.Sc./M.Sc. or equivalent experience

does it mean it's ok if you worked for 4/6 years

but not good for visas/job permission, right


A bachelor's degree is roughly equivalent to four to eight years of work experience in a related field.


A master's degree is roughly equivalent to 10 or more years of work experience in a related field.

6 years in uni > 10 years work experience




You're not a machine, you're an animal with constantly fluctuating priorities, energy levels and body chemistry. Even if you could run yourself efficiently with clear instructions you'd still have to account for society's demands.




with constantly fluctuating priorities, energy levels and body chemistry

oh right, I was thinking about human mind/will as a TCP/IP

you still can delivery packets even if medium is unstable and packets get lost

but somehow it doesn't work for most. they get easily trapped inside safe zone and don't try to achieve better results



You could do worse than bombard yourself with goal-oriented packets.


I guess the problem is the pain/fear

the pain of not watching shorts and not receiving dopamine

the pain of reading same boring book for many days

the pain of looking stupid asking for things you don't understand

the fear of losing your current comfort

welp, it can't be helped


Experience with common mobile architectures like MVVM, MVC, Viper, Clean Architecture

imagine be the guy who come with buzzword name of the architecture and then found it in job description

still didn't help the homebrew guy who failed interview at google because couldn't traverse the tree


solved 10 easy leetcode tasks


solved medium

that wasn't very easy


reverse digits in number

that shouldn't be medium


intToRoman is kinda cool

but my solution is always very slow


is the easiest way just remember all solutions for those tasks?



did those people really come up with better algorithm by themselves or read it somewhere?




or read it somewhere?

what's the difference between reading exact algorithm or reading some books about similar algorithms in the past all we know is taught us by other people anyway, right


smart people invent algorithms and write basic libraries

dumb people learn how to use libraries and create apps

then dumb people earn similar or even more amount of money by just calling stuff from external libraries. how does it work


what if you solved task but don't deeply understand every step in your head (like if it's some complicated recursion or many offset adjustments)

does it count as understanding?


cc: error: unrecognized command-line option '-m64'
cc: error: unrecognized command-line option '-msse4.2'
cc: error: unrecognized command-line option '-msse4.2'

tried to compile intel media sdk in ubuntu@arm64 docker, no good

ubuntu@amd64 probably would work but it's slower, probably easier just to install Windows in VM on unraid

finally unraid is a bit useful


P. Aflaki, D. Rusanovskyy, and M. M. Hannuksela, “Undo dancer


3dv sequence for purposes of 3dv standardization,” ISO/IEC


JTC1/SC29/WG11, Doc. M, vol. 20028, 2011

all behind paywall


3D Visual Content Creation, Coding and Delivery

look what I've found





yeah, that's it

2016-11-15 09:20:28 ....A    353894400     57198799  Balloons/balloons_L_q50_11.5.yuv
2016-11-15 09:27:08 ....A    353894400     64295204  Balloons/balloons_L_q50_3.5.yuv
2016-11-15 09:25:18 ....A    353894400     59303506  Balloons/balloons_L_q50_7.5.yuv
2014-03-23 16:24:39 ....A    353894400    106312961  Balloons/balloons_R_q25.yuv
2016-11-15 09:03:09 ....A    353894400     73818754  Balloons/balloons_R_q25_11.5.yuv
2016-11-15 09:02:32 ....A    353894400     76052705  Balloons/balloons_R_q25_7.5.yuv

bless you chinkchingu

I think I will need to do the SSD fan mod soon


Phase I [6.37GB] and Phase II [40.20GB]

Balloons % du -sh
 11G	.

yeah, those nasty YUVs are unmanageable on my poor 512GB lilbro SSD

maybe if I had 10Gbps network I could keep it on NAS instead of external drive




SSD fan mod soon

did it

disassembled, detached fan, degreased, added thermal pads to the bottom and glued to the stand

now will copy few 100s GBs to the SSD and check

hope I won't melt it

at least it's completely silent




glued to the stand

what if I would need to travel with that ssd

buy 4tb one and put 2tb to 10gbps ugreen enclosure?


7zip doesn't multithread when extracting from rar

thanks waterloo chingu for using that retarded format



compiled "UnRAR 7.0 beta source"

it's single threaded too. wtf is wrong with you rarbro




not all clips are there, I found only 3 matches

maybe 5 if some are under different names

stupid mpeg pabos



yoko ono

the original group break upper

she still haunts music to this day and broke up aoa, girls day, fx and countless other groups




and check

% du -sh
284G	.

wrote almost 300 gigs and it's barely warm

I did it

additional 2tb of fast storage are mine

eat it, apple


I still don't have Newspaper, GF_Fly, Poznan, Shark

have sharkqt at least


maybe I can contact that waterloo chingu and ask him where did he grab "pristine multi-view 3D videos"


I use config file baseCfg_3view.cfg for video Balloons that I downloaded from



welp, who need 3D these days, right


100 cameras



why do they need that many cameras

don't tell me they didn't know about LIDAR back then


3D Visual Content Creation, Coding and Delivery





found where to download

if only I was patient enough to read it...



1920x1080p25 400 frames 2 views avi

those are the most comfy samples tbh



rawvideo (UYVY / 0x59565955), uyvy422

subsampling is a bit weird

well, easy to convert to yuv420p y4m anyway

parallel md5sum ::: *.avi

system monitor shows it reads 3.1GB/s

finally SSD works as expected


1.1 exaflops

imagine things you can do with that


interesting, macbook completely disables power for external SSD when it goes to sleep (which is nice)

but while macbook is active, the SSD case is hot all the time, even when you don't read/write to it

what is it doing there


whisperbros, 어떡해...


mistral is pretty good tbh



can i use this i just need to transcribe some en-gb for subtitling purposes



fuck, after night of sleep macos says "disk ejected improperly" and disappeared from the volumes

need to reattach the cable




I hope macos runs "fsync" before disconnecting power from the usb port but who knows?..


I have implemented running mpv scripts on V8 using Rust and Deno

madbro did it


someone found old project of mine and asking for help, but I'm already working on different thing and can't multitask

imagine amount of requests Bellard has, maybe even from Samsung/LG



recently looked into this thing when benchmarking some external drive and since 2020 windoos usb devices can be yanked safely by default

probably something similar on el macuna

though needing to take out and reattach cable to get something working is the worst like i told you about lg ergo on usb-c



oh yeah, I've seen in reviews that people were changing that option that to get ~3GB/s speed for external SSD on Windows

not sure what's the default on macos. and how to fix not-ejected-properly issue



uh huh, yet another kludge to fix stupid macos


also it seems in latest macos mouse acceleration works badly, cursor is too fast sometimes




I've refused to pay for a 3rd party solution to Apple's poor design decision. I have nothing against Bartender but I just don’t want to install yet another app into my machine to solve such a simple problem.

right. stupid shareware garbage apps which solve minor problems after apple, which should be fixed by apple in the fist place


agreed for contract @ I don't want it now

why am I so retarded

I want nicer things but it's too hard and nobody would propose anyway

it's suffering to be dumb


Your conversations are processed by human reviewers to improve the technologies powering Gemini Apps. Don’t enter anything you wouldn’t want reviewed or used.


Even when Gemini Apps Activity is off, your conversations will be saved with your account for up to 72 hours to allow Google to provide the service and process any feedback. This activity won’t appear in your Gemini Apps Activity.


If you turn off Gemini Apps Activity, Google does not use your new conversations stored with your account to improve its generative machine learning technologies, unless you submit feedback about a conversation.


copying my conversations from chatgpt to gemini to check

not sure if it's better or worse, but feels a bit different




Higher-order Virtual Machine (HVM) is a pure functional runtime that is lazy, non-garbage-collected and massively parallel. It is also beta-optimal, meaning that, for higher-order computations, it can, in some cases, be exponentially (in the asymptotical sense) faster than alternatives, including Haskell's GHC.


That is possible due to a new model of computation, the Interaction Net, which supersedes the Turing Machine and the Lambda Calculus.

"new model of computation" am I too dumb again



still hoping to deliver devcontainers chromebros our time will come



hm, what's google hoping for with then

they have to invent something to beat vscode, right?



a lot of them

but idx has Gemini inside


We use Nix at Project IDX to manage development environments.

maybe if i was smart i could use nix instead of dumbcontainers




fake “Exodus wallet” desktop application for Linux, published in the Canonical Snap Store

how would have nix helped?



in that sense devcontainer is better yeah installing thousands of npm packages is bound to have birus at some point

hopefully that birus doesnt reach host machine from some container vulnerability



soon having everything in the cloud like idx is the only option to stay safe

not that everything is getting more unsecure but knowing more makes it feel like it

knowing is pain



just install qubes os if you are serious about security


BrowserBox: a browser you run on a server, rather than your local device. The web browser becomes a web app. Abstract your web content. Secure your network. Program across sites. Access the web from anywhere, anywhere!

the npm packages you install and serve on your dev server might still abuse a browser vulnerability to reach your machine

develop on idx through browserbox hosted on a remote machine to stay safe for sure




might still abuse a browser vulnerability to reach your machine

VM solutions usually provide better isolation than containers, like KVM

qubes os uses Xen hypervisor to isolate between environments


was reading garbage news and chatting for all day long and watching tons of random videos

dopamine detox isn't very helpful, the withdrawal will punish you later


that fireship guy is retarded. is his target demography reddit users who want to feel themselves smart just shitting at everything for 1 second and switching to another topic




shills about zed using gpu to render UI


doesn't mention that vscode (chrome) is exactly the same


13B fits on a single 3090 (24GB) in int8.


filling info in my linkedin profile

will it help


nobody accepts my connect requests, it's over

also "0 views"



on stupid linkedin


its sunday

what are they doing if not near the computer?



didn't want job when recruters were writing every day


want job now but nobody is writing because programmers were replaced with AI


Two years ago, whether it finally worked or not, I was approached every one or two months by a recruiter without doing anything.




yeah I tried it for 5 minutes but looks too complicated

I don't even use virtual desktops because I don't want spend time managing them

just many windows old school way


imagine asking every person you know via IM to add you on linkedin because linkedin's notifications are broken (basically everyone disables them because it spams so much)


680×930805.06Kb00:05[르세라핌컴퍼니] EP 4. ⭐️추석 특집⭐️ 행운이라는 것은 하루에 몰아서 온다. #김인턴의_반격🔫 (-Gy9FZIJ1Gc)


1920×1080727.53Kb00:031,2,3 IVE 4 EP.3 (JYkrnKXvJZ0)

lost motivation again

I'm pabo and I can't do anything


I want to work on linguistics, consciousness and LLMs now



Google is already using this technology to help speed up the process of resolving code review comments. The authors of a recent paper on this approach write that, “As of today, code-change authors at Google address a substantial amount of reviewer comments by applying an ML-suggested edit.


It gets distracted by trying to build a good CSV file, rather than the main goal




just make sure you have windows pro and not home, then in the installer press shift plus f10 and write oobe\bypassnro then wait for the computer and installer to restart, make sure ethernet is not plugged in and do not enter wifi credentials, then click on "limited setup" on this one screen and you're done

why does every operating system have to be so shit my god



oh yeah, I remember doing that

the key part is to disable internet access, seems like microsoft made it even more complicated since then

not a problem on macos tho because there's no way you won't use apple id

but on PC it's just stupid and useless and only meant to spy on you


checked elon musk twitter

it's like he's reposting 4chan at this point with all that gemini-generating-black-people memes




February 25, 2024

but I was using WSL + VS Code on Windows for years


Hell, not just viable, but better in many regards. WSL lets you run a real Linux distribution natively, so you can use the same package manager that you’ll deploy against

he clearly has no idea how WSL on Windows and Docker on macOS work

exactly in the same way by spinning Linux VM


>>1011820 ➡

report back after using windows with korean display language for some time

when you set korean as primary language windows becomes half korean half english, dunno whats that about. for example half of windows settings is in english. and all backspaces become won signs ₩ instead. korean keyboard has won in the place of backspace, but why backspace characters \ itself becomes won i dunno, seems weird. also all code blocks on kchan (so default monospace font in korean windows) use some really old garbage monospace, seems like courier or something




for example half of windows settings is in english

that's konglish



it's worse but bearable

much better than using overpriced stupid macos

I regret I've got trapped in the Apple/Sony ecosystems, PC & Android are cheaper and flexible and allow you to do more



should I upgrade from Basic to Plus?

I only have 5 disks right now and not planning to get a lot more but dunno



pretty cool, takes a lot of space though for a normal format monitor

i like the gnome top left corner you just have to move your cursor into to show all windows and workspaces





almost like there used to be an option to read twitter without an account

stupid moron


probably not your style but you could install mactype

annoyingly all the oled monitor reviews mention ""color fringing"" on text as a downside, while it's just a result of shitty font rendering

switching it to grayscale instead of bgr pretty much just fixes it, and font renderers are gonna support it eventually too




but I'm afraid I will switch to something else before I will need more than 6 disks anyway...

$39 nicely spent




instead of bgr

you mean subpixel rendering?

macos doesn't have that problem because it uses bitmap downscaling

(renders 1920x1080 pixels on 3840x2160 physical monitor utilizing extra pixels for antialiasing while with subpixel rendering you use 3840x2160 resolution but apply antialiasing on a subpixel level)




you mean subpixel rendering?



macos doesn't have that problem because it uses bitmap downscaling

i think grayscale is effectively that, i'm a font nerd and it looks alright to me

also seems to be default on many distros now


Unraid OS boots from a USB flash-based storage device


License linked to USB drive

fun idea



you can also tie it to another USB drive once per 12 month

[vist#0:1/av1 @ 0x12cf04210] Decoder thread received EOF packet
Assertion pkt failed at fftools/ffmpeg_dec.c:518

I encoded video which breaks ffmpeg in random assertion



makes sense probably, this default messed with obs streaming an mpv window since 1080p video was actually 1620p after scaling so had to figure out what was wrong

not that coolguys have time to watch kpop anyway



welp, in browser and most other multimedia apps (except pixelmator) it's always scaled so I'm used to it

fftools/ffmpeg_dec: abort if avcodec_send_packet() returns EAGAIN

    As the comment in the code mentions, EAGAIN is not an expected value here
    because we call avcodec_receive_frame() until all frames have been returned.
    avcodec_send_packet() returning EAGAIN means a packet is still buffered, which
    hints that the underlying decoder is buggy and not fetching packets as it

probably bug in dav1d, but only reproducable in ffmpeg demuxer (chrome's probably is modified)

can I get a bounty for Wony APPP?


this video is just blue screen in mpv bud why


I've extracted OBU, it works fine in dav1d but error in ffmpeg



actually only in mpv, but that could be another issue

ffmpeg+mp4 = error, ffmpeg+obu = ok

maybe something is wrong with mp4 structure


it's broken mpv encoding with svt-av1



it's mpv + encoding from youtube

all videos are like that right now

when did it break...


input=vp9 encoder=svtav1 → broken

input=vp9 encoder=x264 → ok

input=h264 encoder=svtav1 → ok



also only in mpv, ffmpeg is fine

mpv without wm4 is doomed

nobody fixes bugs, nobody adds features, only stupid default changes...


built version from Dec 29, 2023


no bug

it's regression



how did you find it?

I was reading that few hours ago



seems like old mpv can play it, new can't play it, but ffmpeg has error either way

so it could be very old bug, but I didn't notice it

welp, at least I can bisect now



yeah, it's much harder to build reputation in a place full of bots and persistent spam trying to mine views

had to start it earlier when it was easier




Now maybe you could have argued some sliver of a justification for this, had it been in opposition to a tirade against the evils of TypeScript, the wholesale denigration of its users, or perhaps a petition for Microsoft just to shut the whole thing down. But this was none of the sort!


acting like an asshole the whole time


why people around aren't nice

not sure if imbecile or narcissist




Since Netlify charges 55$/100GB for the exceeding bandwidth


I contacted their billing support and they responded me that they looked into it and the bandwidth came from some user agents, meaning it is a ddos attack

imagine paying per GB for a website with hotlinks

I got caught by this once too




Netlify CEO replied on hackernews and waived all charges.

why doesn't it work in my case when I'm in some trouble



what is that guy speeding up himself?

to look smarter?

very stupid actually, hard to watch...


Lex Fridman and Tucker


reddit, chatgpt and gemini don't want to agree with me on that

also chatgpt being super dumb again


Incomplete Deletion: Even with auto-deletion after 30 days, relying solely on the Trash for temporary files might not guarantee complete removal. Depending on your operating system, free space management, and file fragmentation, the data might still be recoverable using specialized software or data recovery techniques. This can raise concerns about privacy and security, especially if the temporary files contain sensitive information.

why AIs so completely utterly dumb in such a simple question

did they just read tons of stupid reddit posts?


You're right; I apologize for introducing an irrelevant point and causing confusion.


I'm still under development and learning to refine my responses based on context and relevance. Thank you for pointing this out and helping me improve.

it's like talking to an idiot



try talking to duck-nim

i'm sure he'll agree on the great points you made




I am currently running on the Gemini 1.5 family of models.

or maybe 1.5 already. not any smarter


I will try to convince those stupid AIs again





a polite one

being polite is probably even worse when you say bullshit


Additionally, you might accidentally permanently delete the file within the 30-day window when intending to restore it.


This approach can instill a habit of relying on the safety net of the trash instead of actively deciding what to keep and what to discard. This can lead to procrastination and disorganization with your files in the long run.

Gemini is hilariously stupid it's even funny

how on earth putting files to trash lead to procrastination


AIs aren't helpful at all, you either use your own brain or ask real people



i guess noone has ever thought to use trash like that ai-nim can only build on past experiences




i guess noone has ever thought to use trash like that

did I invented something new



kinda funny no matter how much i instist in every paragraph if the files get accidentally deleted it still says the same broilerplate about the dangers of trash

quite a curious case




it still says the same broilerplate about the dangers of trash

got brainwashed by stupid redditors

and redditors just have to deal with the real world where lots of people store important files in the trash


>>1035659 ➡

it wasnt what i thought it was

theres no component based templating lib for rust

maybe i'll try a js frontend, whats the simplest nicest lil react-like thingymagic these days (no routing required)




I tried notepad++, brackets, vs code and vim (for few days)


now I will tell you my opinion about new editor




from the creators of Atom

they brought credentials

also non-electron apps are hot on mac right now so theres some push too for the non-nostalgics





waiting for dhhansel to report back on the subject

as the main man behind convention over configuration we'll see how far he gets




what about Helix

rumored to not have copilot yet except some third party prototype


Hybrid Approach: While the webview benefits from GPU rendering, other parts of VS Code (like the sidebar and file explorer) use traditional CPU-based rendering.


In summary, both Zed and VS Code leverage GPU rendering, but they do so in different ways. Zed goes all-in with GPU acceleration for performance gains, while VS Code combines GPU rendering with traditional CPU-based approaches. Ultimately, the choice depends on individual preferences and the specific use case.

can I trust copilot on that


I checked the links, it hallucinated some bullshit


Unfortunately, I don’t have a specific link that directly discusses this aspect of text rendering in VS Code

I don't understand people who say GPT is useful for your work tasks


tried one more time with "precise" style, now it says everything is on the GPU




So currently, Chrome is doing the full rendering lifecycle (style, paint, layers) every 16ms when it should be only doing that work at a 500ms interval

as far as I can understand that, it still renders on the GPU, just unnecessary fast, no?

and it was fixed in 2017 anyway


or did it mean that JavaScript's setInterval for cursor blinking instead of CSS animation = rendering on the CPU? but that's very weird argument claiming that VSCode renders on the CPU

and it didn't provide link to that issue anyway... I guess it read comments in that issue during training and came to some weird conclusion


my linkedin account is still banned after 2 days




brave like mpv

useless without wm4

they don't even respond to my issues anymore




stop, Ziskind actually said that VSCode uses GPU on 2:50

I was so angry about that Zed that didn't actually watch the video before starting the rant



he's actually not stupid, basically roasted zed

I guess he used that preview for clickbait





found workaround: just ffmpeg -c copy it

welp, easier to do that than to try to find the root source of the bug

especially because ffmpeg is fine, it's just mpv's encoding and they would never fix it without wm4


so people just copy answers from chatgpt to youtube comments and nobody notices the pattern?

or it's just two bots?



replied to him, but youtube just deleted my comment





angry about that Zed

theres 9 gazillion developers out there they are bound to recreate some tools that alredy exist, like textmate replacing bbedit, sublime replacing textmate and vscode replacing sublime



not quite

In [8]: math.sqrt(32*32*256/337)/math.sqrt(27*27*256/337), 200/150
Out[8]: (1.1851851851851851, 1.3333333333333333)

27" 200% should have bigger text than 32" 150%



width change is proportional to diagonal change tho, so no need to sqrt

that wasn't obvious



ah, I get it, because it's 27 or 32 squared, so of course the width would be proportional to 32/27




27" 200% should have bigger text

so you didn't actually need bigger screen, could have just changed DPI

and 200% is kinda standard for macOS bitmap scaling anyway? with 150% you would have worse quality because it's much simpler to scale 2x2 pixels into 1x1 than 3x3 into 2x2




much simpler

well maybe not simpler, it's resampling algo anyway

dunno, just using more pixels for antialiasing at least


why is scaling such a problem anyway? font size can be increased separately but i guess ui elements are one size only?




i guess ui elements are one size only?

they should normally use SVG (vector graphics) so no loss in quality when scaling

I guess 150% is bad because not enough pixels for text antialiasing


im too lazy to vacuum

whats the best lidar only robot (no cameraga) that would work well in a small apartment



I have Roborock S5 for many years, still working fine

but I'm too lazy to even clean its sensors and empty the bin once per week


looks like the last still in sale lidar model is q5 pro

possibly s7 if i order from foreign lands




Store name: Shop1103501190


Open since: Dec 14,2023

is it safe maybe this place is only for cheap stuff




is it safe

if there're many orders and rating is fine

there're official stores like xiaomi too


i cleaned my washing machine with that citric acid stuff and now it's squeeky clean #tech


is it safu to connect roborock to wifi or is it a classic tale of iot botnet fate

t. only read about iot on the news



connect to guest wifi

I connected to the LAN but it's probably not very safe yeah



don't overthink it, just buy popular simple option


so the ploblem is roborock-nim wants your email, phone, wifi, home ip.

email you can avoid easily, a sim card costs some dollars (i guess only needed for activation), the robot you can probably route to a vpn from your router guest network to not leak home ip, so that leaves the phone or tablet since the app also leaks your local network services and home ip. start using vpn on it or get a dedicated device for controlling the vacuum cleaner

is there a switch that makes you stop thinking i'm not even smart, rather the opposite, why do i think this stuff




is there a switch that makes you stop thinking

sometimes I wish the same

not about paranoia stuff, but other autistic prejudices which I have...


can't restore few files from the Time Machine. it just freezes and I have to hard reboot

what was the point of all that stupid backuping stuff if it can't do simplest task



restored via mounting remote disk

horrible experience...

I should probably just backup to SSD



I now has paranoia that it didn't restore properly


when making foods i always have this great plan of looking at the clock once i'm back at the computer but then forget to look at the clock

should i enable siri and tell her to put some timers out instead



minority report ui for mindmaps might have a nice novelty effect for a couple of hours




for a couple of hours

my experience with VR so far




when making foods i always have this great plan of looking at the clock once i'm back at the computer but then forget to look at the clock


should i enable siri and tell her to put some timers out instead

I just use siri on apple watch and say "hey siri, set timer for X minutes"



already 2 connections and 1 view

what if people wouldn't want to connect with me tho

and it probably won't help with job at all tbh



the background of that page is kinda horrible for the topic he's talking about

can't he see it?



the dark theme is even worse

imagine be such pabo


what's this effect called, updated to latest mpv and rotated video normally



looks like didn't read the chroma planes properly (because frame is mostly grayscale)


RDP integrates the “Graphics Pipeline” extension that harnesses H.264 compression for video transmission







When you say Ethernet, you mean Ethernet over twisted pair. Ethernet actually has standards for using all kinds of cable types including twisted pair, finer, and even coax and twinax.


there are standards for hundreds of Gbps Ethernet (twisted pair stops at 40Gbps with Cat8 right now, if I remember correctly, but fiber and twinax can go to 400Gbps, though copper is severely limited in distance)


Why is twinax used for DACs rather than twisted pair?


Lower power consumption, lower latency. Twinax is coax, so it behaves differently than twisted pair. It's effectively RF instead of electrical.

that ethernet/coax thing is kinda interesting




it consumes more power than an equivalent SFP+ or DAC setup



it experiences higher latency than an SFP+ or DAC setup

3μs vs 0.3μs


you need to use cat6a for 100m

but I don't need 100m

nice arguments bro



it's funny how he extensively fear mongers about the complicated process of termination cable for 1gps/10gbps speeds

but for fiber he said "hurr durr just buy factory-terminated fiber"

implying you can't buy factory-terminated twisted pair???

those forum people are too stupid




I actually spent a summer programming in vim prior to learning Ruby

why does he think he's capable of giving advices about editors


Finished software


VSCode and I, and frankly, even with their latest redemption arc, I'm not keen to tie my editor commitment to Microsoft. Who knows what kind of villainy they may once again descent into


what is open source?


he's fine with closed-source TextMate and Sublime

how can such a dumb person be so popular, that's astonishing


what to procrastinate some time on today

how about lighting. what are some nice ceiling lights form factors. i was thinking like a circle looking led thingie right on the ceiling so it wouldnt take much space under it

ikea has fat ones like things but maybe i would want something more flat


I've been terminating Category cable for ... holy crap, 40 years now. I've trained people and even back in the 5e days, I saw lots of people having problems getting their runs to pass certification by a Fluke cable tester. It's gotten very difficult to get it done properly.

training people to terminate cat5e

those forum experts are funny




what to procrastinate some time on today

on 10GBASE-CR vs 10GBASE-T of course




how about lighting. what are some nice ceiling lights form factors. i was thinking like a circle looking led thingie right on the ceiling so it wouldnt take much space under it

I have similar to the one on the pic in the room because had to buy the one with small height to avoid crushing it with my hands while in VR

can also control brightness with remote control


the wifi freaks who pushed the insipid 2.5GbE and 5GbE stuff are going to be super-unhappy when they don't have a clear path to 10GbE that can power their access points. The RF issues involved in getting to 20Gbps or 25Gbps are pretty significant

damn those wifi freaks




sounds like

oh yeah, almost the same! not from ikea though, but chinese probably copied it from ikea



caught you




I made about 5 unnecessary holes because couldn't find the metal plate (it's hidden under the drywall), for the 3rd screw

still didn't find it, it only holds with 2 screws...


found some hook attached semi low profile led lights quite a bit more round tho



noooo, don't let that stupid hooker control your decisions...


wtf is that psyop captcha


i would want something more flat


winty sized

oh I got it now...




Solo10G SFP+ 10 Gigabit Ethernet Thunderbolt Adapter with Short-range SFP+ Transceiver



he's wrong here, for me the default is exactly 2x scale


he even felt for the landscape meme


Every time I boot my Mac, there’s a ritual I have to perform to get my display to switch to the 120 Hz mode. I call it “120 Hz dance”:


Dear friend,


I am a Chinese developer live in Chengdu, your github account has received the Starknet airdrop. If you are familiar with the operation, you can collect it yourself and exchange it for cash. If you are not familiar with the relevant operation, I can directly give you 1,200 yuan in cash or 180 US dollars via paypal/alipay and use your account for 10 minutes.


I run a mining pool and am familiar with the gameplay of the crypto circle. Welcome to contact



Although this email is indeed scam, the information it mentions is true. Starknet has distributed virtual currency to all users who have made three or more commits to projects ranked within the top 5000 on GitHub, amounting to $200 for me. You can register a wallet and link it to GitHub by yourself to claim these rewards, convert them into USDT, and withdraw. Just wanted to point this out. (I wouldn't have known this information without receiving this scam email, lol)


is it safe


connecting to github via ouath read-only should be safe I think (unless they have some fresh vuln but unlikely)

but installing those random extensions is a bit worrying

maybe if I install that extension in browser in VM




maybe if I install that extension in browser in VM

but how would I connect my github account then

uh oh


got my tokens, but can't convert to USDT, says transaction failed and spent money on network free




Insufficient fee token balance

that looks like a scam now


already spent $10 on transactions and couldn't transfer nothing

I would rather get $180 from that chink chingu within 10 minutes


Withdrawing tokens from Compound requires gas, paid in ETH. Do you have available ETH in your Argent wallet?

and how would I get that ETH


I think the problem is that I've tried to swap all tokens, and it wanted something for the fee

but now I've transferred tokens to iOS app and can't make anything there at all, even send back to browser extension wallet

I knew it's some sort of scam


min: 0.3 ETH

yeah, no way I would buy so much just for that fucking gas

it could have worked just fine if I tried a bit more but who knew that ios app is so retarded

now it's 끝났다


found where to buy eth for $20

just couldn't resist the urge


we're not yet able to send from starknet to ethreum

I've got scammed

well, it was fun to try those swap apps


oh, I've found how to do it


I did it!

it wasn't a scam!

well, not much, just $200. but nice if it's for free

and funny to play with that stuff


I have ETH now but I actually wanted USDT/USDC/DAI. and now it's a huge fee to convert ETH to them

crypto stuff is too complicated to do right from first try...


need to rearange cables a bit for robot-nim


floor cleaning: 90% solved

what's next? is there like a tiny drone that will fly around in my apartment dusting off table tops?


swapped half of the ETH to BSC/USDT paid less than $20 fee

probably should have gone with USDC from the start but I'm too stupid



for sure its very nice and cute not as cute as matic the robot but still very cute, wondering if they sell some nice covers for robo vacuums i would like kirby

also wish i had a sofa that would fit the vacuum under it but alas



what model?


wondering if they sell some nice covers for robo vacuums

install voice pack to make it sound like anime waifu


i had a sofa that would fit the vacuum under it

true. mine can't go under sofa and bed but can go under kitchen table and TV stand




install voice pack to make it sound like anime waifu

oh yeah i saw they had some chinese celebrity there already maybe i can find more



oh, I've checked it one more time, seems like I've actually paid less than $10 fee

not that bad at all



doesnt seem very easy to add custom voices

theres no korean either

its over


So I would consider BUSD to be a safer stablecoin, but USDT is the more useful one for traders due to its huge daily volume and number of trading pairs.

hm, maybe USDT isn't that cool actually, BUSD or USDC or DAI could have been better

but for my volumes it doesn't matter much anyway



conversion between same network is pretty cheap actually, can change it anytime

not sure if BSC is reliable enough tho


moved my ubuntu install just by dropping the m.2 drive into the new machine and it just works



5 spinnin disks takes about 50 watts of power idle

in a non oilpower country that might come out to 10-15 cents a day comes close to some random app subscription a month oh no

how much do solid state disquettes take idle?




non oilpower country

maybe non nuclear energy country?




10-15 cents a day

just calculated it's only 2x less price for me

not that huge difference tbh



but in total I have paid about $30 on various fees

it could have been only about $10 if I knew how to do it properly

$20 wasted because of my stupidity




50 watts of power idle

in unraid you can shut down disks after X hours of inactivity

I set it to 4 hours, seems to be good enough for my usage

so they are only powered on ~4-12 hours a day


home server is about 25 watts with the usual vms and services running 30 when rust is compiling

pretty gud i guess since i use it for everything




30 when rust is compiling

You can't get faster than No Build


I want Wi-Fi 7 10GBASE-T router + network now

that would be amazing


Multimode OM3/OM4 fibre, which is the common recommendation for short distance, is rated for up to 100 Gb/s over 70/150 m.

damn, you can buy cheap fiber once and just upgrade your SFP modules

is it worth upgrade from 1Gbps to 10Gbps when you can to 40Gbps tho


twinax seems to be the simplest stuff tbh

can you disassemble it to pass through the wall tho


just $100 for 100GBASE-SR4, pretty good



stop luring me


$50 for 3m 100G DAC, not that expensive tbh

just need to connect that stuff to macbook via thunderbolt somehow

but thunderbolt is only 40Gbps max...

and that stuff is 10Gbps max

maybe it's easier to directly connect NAS to macbook via thunderbolt or something like that



network connection over thunderbolt

oh right, seems like a way to go


I'm pretty sure it's just 10Gbps, and it works because Apple created a way to use a single 10Gbps Thunderbolt channel for this purpose and present it to the system like a virtual 10Gb Ethernet interface

but I want 40Gbps...




oh right, seems like a way to go


Released in early 2021, they are also all to be available in three specified lengths: 0.2 m (0.66 ft), 0.8 m (2.6 ft), and 2 m (6.6 ft)

huh, no

so the two options are thunderbolt to 10GBASE-T (external network card) and thunderbolt to SFP

the latter theoretically can give better speed than 10Gbps but unlikely such solutions exist

so 10GBASE-T still wins: easy and cheap



Twin25G (Dual-port 25GbE Thunderbolt Adapter with Two Included SFP28 Transceivers)




I don't think usb 3 (even gen 2 10gbps) actually had the bandwidth to support a full 10gbps nic

oh I see. so we can only get 25Gbps max over thunderbolt 40Gbps

well, $250 maybe isn't that expensive for 10Gbps


looking at some cute light that has a remote control for brightness control


Three use methods for wall switches are to be noted:


On/OffFast switching: Switch continuously within 5s to quickly change the lighting mode (main light warm light/main light neutral light/main light cold light/night light 100% brightness). Memory function: On for more than 60s, off for more than 15s to activate the memory function and restore the last settings (the remote always saves the settings of the last shutdown)

i guess this is some translation from original chinese manual

what do you think, i don't always want to use some random remote and instead just want to restore the last brightness setting when putting me lights on from the wall switch. would this work just like that


On for more than 60s, off for more than 15s to activate the memory function and restore the last settings

this means if i use lights very normally it would indeed remember the setting right?

alternatively get a light that has the correct lumens and kelvins already but the possibility of changing the settings once in a while does sound interesting



only three tenners so i'll try it but then also need to order other stuff for free delivery give me some ideas



i have q5 pro

not using the mopping feature tho people seem to have mixed experiences of it





not using the mopping feature

yeah it's kinda useless. if you need wet cleaning you rather do it yourself, robots aren't there yet



restored the old version and now it works again

the lesson is to never update software without reason




what do you think, i don't always want to use some random remote and instead just want to restore the last brightness setting when putting me lights on from the wall switch. would this work just like that

no, it doesn't in my case

if I use the wall switch then it uses the first very bright setting and I have to always change it from the remote control. also my remote control for TV sometimes changes the brightness

and it doesn't completely turn off from the remote control either for some reason (LED continue to emit a bit of light for some weird reason)


On for more than 60s, off for more than 15s to activate the memory function and restore the last settings

hmm, let me try that


but the possibility of changing the settings once in a while does sound

yeah it's much better than single level of brightness or e.g. when you only turn on half the lights because you normally want very low brightness at night

e.g. 2/4 100w (~10w led) lightbulbs on is still very bad



only three tenners so i'll try it but then also need to order other stuff for free delivery

mine was also very cheap. are you perhaps looking at the exact same cheap chinese lamp?




restored the old version and now it works again

I told you, they cannot do shit without wm4



what i understood is if you quickly switch it on and off you can change brightness just with the wall switch not needing a remote control.

so on for 60s off 15s would be the normal usage: after 60 seconds of having lights on then turning them off (and not turning them back on) it will store the brightness level in some memory(?). so you shouldn't have to touch the remote control to keep using whatever your favorite setting is

theres a german company that has lights with the repeated on-off to change brightness feature but theres no memory or remote control in play in their case:




if you quickly switch it on and off you can change brightness just with the wall switch not needing a remote control

oh right, it works like that for me


so on for 60s off 15s would be the normal usage: after 60 seconds of having lights on then turning them off (and not turning them back on) it will store the brightness level in some memory

but I don't have that feature

welp, must be even cheaper chinese product

maybe I will replace it one day

I would rather buy from IKEA if I were you tbh




well, $250 maybe isn't that expensive for 10Gbps

it costs $500 here

maybe some chinese cheap version exists...

but couldn't find so far





maybe if I connect also SSD to NAS so I won't need SSD enclosure



maybe try connecting two computers with thunderbolt and see if it's worth getting the costly 10g gear




try connecting two computers with thunderbolt

it's only 2m max length and I need about 7-10m

maybe if I use optical thunderbolt cable tho, but I haven't looked into it yet



6:18 joke which is that they need


6:20 Transformers to run Transformers cuz you


6:22 know the AI is like there's this thing


6:23 called a transformer in AI it's a it's a


6:25 neur a neural I don't know it's a


6:27 combination of sort of neural Nets and

Elon doesn't know what Transformer is


3 connections at linkedin

I'm making it


42,000 tech layoffs in 2024 already

or maybe not


buy some candy


its completely different from last time

they change the recipe or something into the trash it goes



yeah, now explain why would you use lazyvim instead of superlazyvim or ohmylazyvim?



by careful consideration of general impressions of algolia searched hacker news commentary, idols' choices between the alternatives (configuration idol hashmito choosing xvim, convention idol dhhansel choosing yvim), date of initial commit (later date usually means better conventions), and the general magnitude of github upboats

and yes i choose fish over ohmyzsh




configuration idol hashmito choosing xvim, convention idol dhhansel choosing yvim

I use fish btw


what is RPU in dolby vision


In the context of Dolby Vision, "RPU" stands for "Reference Pipeline Unit."

chatgpt is dumbo


are you sure P stands for pipeline?


Apologies for the oversight. In the context of Dolby Vision, "RPU" stands for "Reference Playback Unit," not "Reference Pipeline Unit" as previously mentioned



what about tiny cute lil bots that were more like regular rolling robots, lets call them chingus

one on each table small as we can get, bin only needs to fit some days worth of dust. a set of wheels, motor, battery, some sensors and a wlan module for communicating with chinese cloud. how small can we go?



those hecks tried to request my gps location to list wlans, had to write my ssid manually to get around that they should at least try to be less obvious



in old android app they once tried to get access to the phone, contacts and shit like that. basically eveyrything

even for me it was too much


I've got dumped with MV-HEVC


I have a 8tb parity drive and parity checks takes 15 hours.

should I commit to 8tb drives or keep nice and 빨리 4tb with 8h check?


Yuri bigger than real size


can't decide, should I buy new airpods, new iphone, one more HDD or not


need to consoom a haircut tomorrow

is it possible to trim a brand new haircut once a week to avoid going to the barbers in the future haven't tried it but maybe i should



I go once in 3 months and it costs just $6

$2 per month


that's it

sold all my serafimcoin and put it all on kiss of life coin

encoregate was too much



for how many hours did you research before posting model of your vacuum cleaner?




imagine downloading things from the internet

linus demonstrated it pretty well: it's the greed

they receive generous ad requests and their dumbo sales team goes full in clicking any .pdf.exe they got in the mail



livebook is way newer, thus better defaults? now i need the best way to learn it


I've got new amazing idea: generate best K-pop music possible with AI

if we can generate videos now, music should be much easier, right?

imagine best possible music you've ever head, and produced 100 times per second

dopamine receptors would go crazy...


returned second SSD enclosure which I didn't like with ease

why are things always easy when I expect them to be hard and vice versa


how to stop reading stupid 4chan threads

I'm just losing my time but can't help...




so im gonna try a couple of days of silence

dopamine detox? it kinda works, but I have mixed feeling about it

on one hand you can make a lot of progress in some new area you always wanted to try, but never did because too busy and too afraid of trying it

on the other (at least in my case) the effect isn't very long, I can do 1-2 weeks, 2 months max. then I fallback to the previous state or maybe even worse

dunno how to truly change something in my life. I've probably found local extrema and it's hard to push myself out of it because it's risky and inside extrema is comfy. but in the end I'm just wasting my life on stupid things...




my single 27" oled feels like

opening l00d fancams there?


solidjs project: finito

mpv project: finito

MV-HEVC project: finito

Dolby Vision project: finito

10Gbps project: almost finito

it's a real 끝났다 on all fronts


I actually get slightly faster speeds with the two TB3 adapters I have (QNAP SFP+ and CalDigit RJ45) than with NICs. I'm talking more than 9.8Gbps on iPerf3 with jumbo frames, and over Cat5 at that. I saw it hit 9.9Gbps once. Can't say latency is perceptible.


but I can't find where to find that sabrent thing, it's not on aliexpress

so 10gbps project is probably also finito



damn probably a good idea to have that pcie3 so nvme chingus dont get crazy hot




The FEL just contains the 2-bits of diff between a 12-bit master and 10-bit BL. It's recombined with the BL in a proprietary DV process to recreate a 12-bit 2160p signal from a 10-bit 4K BL + a 10-bit 1080p EL, so you don't need to worry about the video specs too much. The EL video stream isn't be displayed directly, so the specs aren't really relevant. It's using 10-bits of color @ 1080p resolution to represent 2-bits of color @ 2160p resolution. They used a proprietary hack to stuff the 2-bits of data they needed into an existing video format, 10-bit 1080p HEVC video.

almost got how that DV stuff works

so it's not very interesting now

I can't display P8 anyway, unless without retagging hack which may not even work



E.g. in UHD P7 implementations, video track #1 (primary PID) carries the BL layer, while video track #2 (secondary PID) carries the EL layer + RPU metadata. Then in the new MakeMKV or yusecope's tool, both video tracks are merged to a single video track (double pid to single pid) that is still dual-layered (BL+EL+RPU).

hard to find that kind of info

always just random posts on forums which you need to combine into single proper knowledge in your head

1920×10801.49Mb00:051,2,3 IVE 4 EP.7 (3TQ69gpR7VQ)



always just random posts on forums which you need to combine into single proper knowledge in your head

imagine if you could ask AI about that

but ChatGPT is so dumbo it doesn't even know what RPU is

imagine year 2030 and your AI robot waifu is stupid and can't even clean the house...


give me exact technical details about encoding of dolby vision in uhd bluray


Dolby Vision uses a proprietary encoding process known as "Dolby Vision Profile 5" for UHD Blu-ray discs.

it's fucking fucking stupid and generates bullshit



so it's not possible to use Gemini at all: you can only check does it output correct answer when you know it

when you don't know answer, it can output either correct or wrong answer

and how does business expect to replace human workers with that shitty hallucination...


BTW, I totally forgot, profile 5 is (always) Full range

that's how they made ICtCp more efficient than YCbCr limited range



Dolby Vision is not a separate codec, but rather a (HEVC) stream extension - DV data (EL+RPU) are encoded in separate NAL units


there is an "standard" of storing additional elements in codec private for AVC and HEVC streams, that was used for ages since 3D MVC video

DV and 3D can be merged into single research project


I missed all the cool stuff around open source DV implementations in 2020-2022

not like it's somehow important anyway...



I mean, there isn't really a workflow that goes from DV7 -> DV5, is there? Because of the diff in color space, you'd have to re-encode the HEVC video stream. And if you have access to an encoder that supports IPT, don't you just have access to the DV software suite, such that you'd be able to completely reproduce RPUs and trims that match the frames of the new encode exactly, instead of having to transfer the RPUs from the DV7 encode?


Regardless, to my eye, IPT does produce great quality encodes with better efficiency. So if you take a high bitrate HEVC video stream from a UHD BD and re-encode it with an HEVC encoder that supports IPT, then apply the RPU from the P7 encode, you should be able to produce a pretty good result. It isn't that different than how one might re-encode a UHD BD or BD to a lower bitrate for streaming with x264 or x265, and with IPT you'll be getting better picture quality at a given bitrate.


If you go from DV7 MEL -> DV8.1 without re-encoding the underlying HEVC video stream, then you're losing literally nothing, so that would obviously be better quality than re-encoding to DV5. DV7 BL+MEL+RPU is going to be an equivalent presentation to DV 8.1 BL+RPU.


There's also an argument to be made that the extra 2 bits of color in an FEL represent brightness levels in specular highlights that current consumer display panels can't achieve; they represent values of 1000-4000nits. So if our displays can't display them, what's the point in having the FEL at all? Because it isn't that simple. The problem gets murky in scenarios like the Total Recall example that RESET_9999 shared, where the overall picture quality and fine detail improves with the video data from the FEL recombined into the decoded picture.


So, it seems to me, if a UHD BD has an FEL available and you want to know you're seeing the best possible picture quality (inclusive of the placebo effect), then you'd better watch it as a DV7 FEL encode. If the UHD BD only provides an MEL (or is only available as an HDR10 or HDR10+ release, so you're recreating your own hybrid BL+RPU), then DV8.1 is equivalent to what you're going to get watching DV7 MEL.


it's probably not worth to research how to trigger DV with P8 on old OLED because it requires remuxing from MKV remux releases so not very convenient

should be much better to buy external player which can play P7 FEL MKV natively

not sure if I need that tbh because I rarely match movies anyway...




should be much better to buy external player

stop, I actually don't know whether it would work with external player either
















Dolby Vision Profile 5









































lucky we have the duck cause i dont know how to comment on any of that



To ensure result quality, we automatically downrank pages with advertising and tracking, which are often associated with low-quality or machine-generated content

seems like a perfect idea for better search results


unraid: Warning - Cache disk is hot (46 C)

Samsung nim doesn't like me remuxing gigantic DV MKV



is 10 bits of i assume color not enough for shadows and colors and stuff


Dolby Vision content can adjust the brightness, color, and sharpness to better conform with the capabilities of the display

so dolby vision®️ enhanced display can say i have shit colors sorry and dolby vision decoder nim saturates it up to eleven to make up for the difference





10 bits of i assume color not enough for shadows and colors and stuff

10bpp i.e. 0..1023 values for e.g. R/G/B channels

all consumer TVs are 10 bits max now, dunno, maybe Dolby Vision guys wanted something better


saturates it up to eleven

yeah it's a hack to decode 12-bit stream. maybe because not many HEVC hardware decoders support 12-bit HEVC streams

but 12-bit is only half the story, it also adds RPU metadata to the stream, to adjust brightness on the fly as far as I understand

e.g. some scene needs to be temporarily super bright so TV reads the metadata for the frame and adjusts the brightness, something like that

actually I'm not exactly sure how that works, need to ask Claude chan



oled screens made 0,0,0 true black

but theres no way to get true white without nitting it all the way up so we must ignore user settings




something like


When a HDR-capable browser encounters one, it switches to HDR mode.

oh yeah, those super-bright parts of screen when you watch HDR on macbook's screen is a bit weird

but funny



true white

what is true white?


shouda gotten a screen with auto brightness its unhealthy to have dark display at day and too blinding to have bright display at night



macs and i devices indeed auto set brightness well its kinda crazy



this trackpad has never done something I didn't want it to do. Like without even thinking about it while I was re-reading this comment, I had fingers just resting on my trackpad.

wish idevices worked like this

every once in a while while holding el device part of my thumb or something touches the absolute edge of the screen and depending on app does some bad thing like throw scroll position flying.

or when holding pencil and resting hand on screen it often thinks youre doing something purposefully, so theres no alternative to disabling touch while pencil is in use.

and i dont even have those crazy slim bezel idevices yet, the future will only get worse


I can't believe, does my TV actually support P7

please, please

waiting for that gigantic 80G BDRemux to finish remuxing





I have friends that use Windows that are shocked that I willingly chose to get an external trackpad when I use my Mac as desktop.

macbook's trackpad is nice, but using external one instead of the proper Logi gaming mouse seems stupid

maybe he only tried magic mouse

and anyway, I can use trackpad gestures when I really need to on my macbook on a stand (use it for widgets swipe and launchpad)


or when holding pencil and resting hand on screen

bought iPad with Apple Pencil for studying?




Docker image disk utilization of 100%

that dumb MP4Box saving to /tmp


stupid unraid moving by blurays during night to HDD, it's slow to copy between HDD back to SSD


those BD remuxes are fucking huge, I probably need another 4TB drive soon

shouldn't have been so cheap, I should have upgraded to 8TB instead

maybe buy 2x8TB now?



need some cool new storage option for immutable data

kinda waste to store originals on disks




storage option for immutable data

you mean tape drive?


200TB optical discs are on their way

when is any of these bad boys coming out, always in the news but we're still at 100gb blu rays max




optical discs



forget it bro

those disks are as reliable as /dev/null

1074×1080431.19Kb00:03[IVE ON] IVE 'LOVE DIVE' PHOTOSHOOT



nah, small sample works, real movie doesn't work

끝났다 again


I'm already tired of those DV experiments

files are huge, remuxing is very slow and I'm not sure there's any difference compared to HDR10 at all



aren't they way better than hard disks unless you worry about scratching them




aren't they way better than hard disks

no, they become unreadable very soon, google it




A 12-bit 4K master is graded and then analyzed by DV software and processed into a 10-bit 4K HDR10 base layer


Either way, through 12 bit colour (theorized to make a small improvement to gradients when downscaling to 10 bit panel) or higher colour resolution, FEL profile 7 is slightly superior to 8.1.


12-bit content being processed and downsampled (such as some Dolby Vision material) to 10-bit

need to ask Claude chan, but mostly feels like a snake oil

maybe because 12bit YCbCr (in HEVC)→10bit RGB (in panel) is a bit more accurate? dunno


fucken useless piece of shit that homebrew

idiots keep pushing for more useless deps just because they need it, and they don't give a fuck about people with OCD

@@ -136,13 +135,15 @@ class Ffmpeg < Formula
-      --enable-libopenvino
+      --disable-hwaccel=av1_vulkan
+      --disable-hwaccel=h264_vulkan
+      --disable-hwaccel=hevc_vulkan

30 minutes well spent


Application provided invalid, non monotonically increasing dts to muxer in stream 0

svt-av1 is retarded too


compiled ffmpeg and svt-av1 from git master, it's still broken




found workaround, but it's not very good

but I'm too lazy to fix those stupid muxing issues

% brew list --versions | grep HEAD
ffmpeg HEAD-49707b0_4
mpv HEAD-665a472_1
x265 HEAD-ce8642f

I will also have to maintain 3 packages from git


I want to buy new airpods with usb-c but my old still works

what do


superlight 2 also looks cool but my g305 still working well

poor lil mouse, it tries so hard to be useful




you will likely have to install logitech software



trying mine old one today outside to be sure they aren’t very good anymore

but they still work fine after 2 years

(tbh I don’t even use them much because rarely outside)

can’t choose between desire to buy stuff and desire to optimize my expenses



was testing today for many hours, nah, still working fine

but I want USB-C version anyway

hate those stupid lightning cables



could be actually good idea

but I don't actually need anything else

I was thinking about what to buy for weeks and it's none

new iphone: old still works, no discounts for i15, easily can wait for 0.5-1y more for i16

new airpods: old still works

more HDDs: I still have extra 4TB and 4TB free on current array, can buy few 8TBs next year or something

4TB SSD: I rarely use even 2TB one

magic keyboard: waiting for the USB-C version

new logi mouse: old still works

thunderbolt hub: not much needed

10gbe: thunderbolt adapters are too expensive/nowhere to buy and most of my files are on 1Gbps HDD anyway

no other ideas


but what about >>1045954 >>1047017

I can buy them while they have discount

they can become more expensive later!



i use one like this for the couple micro usb devices i still have



consooming is indeed difficult

you try to browse most buyed stuff and recommendations in amazon and other places but theres nothing useful, nothing to consume

i guess a computer and a couple peripherals is enough




In the YouTube video "More Monitors = SLOWER MacBooks," the creator explores the impact of external displays on MacBook performance using various MacBook models and external monitors, including 4K displays, portable monitors, and 8K videos. The tests reveal minimal performance impact with slight variations, but increased GPU utilization and memory usage by Windows Server. The speaker also shares his experience setting up seven displays using DisplayLink technology, encountering issues with monitor rotation and unexpected display identification. The added monitors caused fans to spin at higher RPMs, raising temperature and causing minor slowdowns. The presenter tests a MacBook Pro with an M1 Max chip and observes a noticeable drop in performance with memory-intensive tasks due to increased memory usage and slower performance with additional displays. The video concludes with a reminder that everyone's workflow is different and encourages viewers to find a balance between screen real estate and performance.



what engine? that looks like AI summarization for the YouTube

what app is that?


In the YouTube video titled "[예능연구소] NMIXX KYUJIN – Roller Coaster(엔믹스 규진 - 롤러 코스터) FanCam | Show! MusicCore |MBC230715방송," the camera zeroes in on K Yu Jin of K-pop group NMIXX as she performs "Roller Coaster" on MusicCore, an MBC music show. The performance is marked by applause and background music, generating an electrifying ambiance. The footage transitions between close-ups of Yu Jin singing passionately and the audience's enthusiastic reactions, with occasional glimpses of the outdoor setting. Throughout her captivating and energetic rendition of the song, Yu Jin garners applause and admiration from the audience.


In the YouTube video titled "[쇼챔직캠 4K] NMIXX KYUJIN - Love Me Like This," K-pop artist KYUJIN of NMIXX performs her solo debut stage on "Show Champion" with the song "Love Me Like This." The audience enthusiastically applauds and the upbeat melody plays throughout. During her performance, KYUJIN sings heartfelt lyrics expressing her longing for love and desire for someone to stay with her. The audience responds with consistent applause and appreciation. After the performance, KYUJIN expresses her enjoyment of the song.


dunno, seems like fan fiction based on youtube's title

it can't analyze video that fast



need a video to test with where title reveals nothing and no captions either


In the YouTube video "복고 디스코풍↗↗ 위키미키(WekiMeki) '2018 One more time'♪ 투유 프로젝트 - 슈가맨2(Sugarman2) 12회," WekiMeki members sing the catchy chorus of their song "Baby one more time," urging listeners to enjoy the moment and dance. The lyrics express a longing for a past relationship and invite partners to let go of their reservations. The chorus is sung by different members, creating an upbeat and engaging atmosphere.


finally kpop song's meaning can be deciphered

maybe also woman's logic?



reminds you of GPU chips and amount of MWs required to build AGI

soon soon we will build a new life, a perfect one (synthetic)




new airpods: old still works

what if it breaks very soon

I will have replacement already ready in my electronics storage box


it's not fixable

jobs are safu


let'em svt devs watch some cute kpop idols


time to update 4 apple devices at once again


12-bit 4000-nit mastering display





XDR brightness: 1000 nits sustained full-screen, 1600 nits peak2 (HDR content only)


In temperatures less than 25° C.

lg oled


HDR Real Scene Peak Brightness 548 cd/m²


Quest 3 is 100 nits peak brightness through the lenses.

Samsung S90C OLED


Hallway Lights (~1950 cd/m²) 912 cd/m²


iphone 15 pro


1000 nits max brightness (typical); 1600 nits peak brightness (HDR); 2000 nits peak brightness (outdoor)


On a clear day, sunlight ranges from 30,000 to 100,000 nits.


1.6 Gnits


so many tasty delicious things in the shop

how to choose the best given the limited amount of calories I can eat per day


all this guy does is reading out loud tech news with funny face and somehow 250k devs are interested in that?

the absolute state of humanity...

I sometimes watch him too while eating because can be hard to find new good video



makes you think, how to receive the most dopamine possible without damaging your brain



just eat a small amount

if you check out a kpop going to restaurant video they order hecka lotta different things but only eat a little bit of each

and some kpops like wony only eat in their minds




just eat a small amount


they order hecka lotta different things but only eat a little bit of each

that makes sense

unfortunately hard to buy small stuff in the shop, it's ~300g for every type of snack usually

maybe if you eat only part of it but then it will spoil


I almost never clean my mouse/keyboard


PS5 Pro tipped to get an amazing, hidden tech boost

finally a thing to consume



Twenty years ago was 2003. There are dozens of examples of AI x-risk thought experiments dating back to 1960.


As far as I can tell, all he did was open a forum for people to write fanfic about these earlier ideas.


EY's stories about an airgapped AI convincing their keepers to release it

if it promises me kwaifu then sure




The new display on the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra has 2,600 nits of peak brightness.




is fine

are you sure? maybe it can only work 1 year like that, until the warranty is active


The lyrics of this song seem to convey themes of self-awareness, self-acceptance, and acceptance of others' differences. The narrator acknowledges the different perceptions people have of them, both positive and negative, but ultimately embraces all aspects of themselves. They reflect on how various interpretations and misunderstandings shape their identity, recognizing that every version of themselves is valid. Additionally, the song touches upon the idea of accepting others despite their quirks or differences, and suggests that there's no need to conform to one specific image or expectation.


The repeated phrase "Either way, I'm good" reinforces the idea of acceptance and contentment regardless of external judgments or differences. Overall, the song promotes a message of embracing diversity, both within oneself and in relationships with others, and finding peace in acceptance.

not bad




hopefully my brain is good enough to work without early returns once the necessary libraries come online for me to use it



rust except gabbage collected not that i dont care about that but i dont care about pointers and lifetimes and such especially combined with async closures




but i dont care about pointers and lifetimes and such especially combined with async closures

why not Go then?



not smart enough, at least rust is easy once you get the types right.

my biggest rust challenge was writing that download a big list of pics concurrently at most n at a time (weird stuff with futures streams and try collect), but now that its done i dont have to touch it




my biggest rust challenge was writing that download a big list of pics concurrently at most n at a time

sounds like aria2c -x N -j N -i list.txt




i wasnt smart enough to try to dereference null



seems outside of gamers people arent into the mouse anymore

they want that laptop experience