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#5 SciTech Thread

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As I said, LG needs to get their shit together

I expect better from a company that gets shilled by my waifus



Makes it comfy wor watching Youtube and Crunchyroll



Gimme a YT tutorial hoe to set it up and I cab guarantee that if I follow it step by step it won't work


i kno someone who bought a 1200 dollar tv and now has ads on it

smart tv? more liek customers an idiot tv



dunno, I just open youtube in chrome, youtube app on tv and in chrome it shows me this icon

also in macos it just lets me to add my TV as display when it's turned on

(both mac and tv are connected to the same wifi network of course)

it just works



Legit seems that just plugging it into a PC and having it as massive monitor is the best way to use a TV still

Just wish I didn't have to fuck around with the cable


I am on Windows 10



Yeah well...

This just goes to show, you can't beat the good old copper

As long as all the development is outsourced to Pakis, wireless will be useless




This just goes to show, you can't beat the good old copper

nah, you just bad with electronics



As I said

Gimme a Yt turorial of something that works


screen 1: vscode

screen 2: documentation

screen 3: terminal

that's still not enough because can't see webpage with the app




becoming a chef?

putting alcohol into food, making girl drunk and then


learning next.js, it's kinda interesting

client and server share everything so code reuse (like data types, common validation, common functions, etc) works like a charm

I guess the only downside is that JS on the server isn't very fast/effecient, also only single core

but writing all API methods by hand (e.g. in golang) seems too tedious. unless it's some solution like PocketBase/Hasura, but I haven't tried it much




JS on the server isn't very fast/effecient

but I guess everyone just swallow the pill, because it's very very comfy and productive to share code

even apple uses it

I spent some time in the past copying TypeScript type declarations to Golang and it's horrible exprience tbh...


it's like the next generation of ruby on rails/django, but for heavy JS apps

previously you didn't need that much JS on frontend so you could code 90% of the code in comfy backend framework like RoR and add a tiny bit of JS for the client

but now you need shit tons of client JS so duplicating everything isn't cool

I wonder why lots of people still continue to use non-fullstack frameworks



react tutorial


added 1488 packages, and audited 1489 packages in 51s

are you crazy, oppa


would it be hard to become a chef tho it seems like a good idea

working in a restaurant could be meh but going through some training might be nic e still



giving up on programming because too much fear of AI?


why did I start at 2nd of May

I can't have cool badge now...


solving those requires too much energy

I can just do 2-3 in a row and then I'm exhausted




it's not difficult

what's even difficult then




In the YouTube video "it begins... users leave Stack Overflow," the host voices his disappointment and frustration over Stack Overflow's partnership with OpenAI, which involves using user-generated content without permission or compensation. This decision has led to strong reactions from users, with some deleting answers and being banned for trying to prevent their content from being used. The host emphasizes the importance of ethical standards and user consent in handling user-generated content. Some viewers have shared their own frustrations with Stack Overflow, including the prevalence of duplicate questions and condescending behavior towards newcomers. The speaker, who has relied on the platform to solve complex issues, expresses his gratitude but criticizes the company for making changes without consulting users. He implies that this may be his last video on the platform and invites viewers to watch his previous experiences with Stack Overflow in a related video.



idk if kqts care if you actually work as a chef

you just need to be able to make nice looking byte sized foods and boom instant kqts

so just thinking about how to train into a chef




He implies that this may be his last video on the platform

very wrong

he said it may be last video about stackoverflow




you just need to be able to make nice looking byte sized foods and boom instant kqts

you wish




you just need to be able to make nice looking byte sized foods and boom instant kqts

thats not how it works



small improvement

18k steps

16km distance

I want 20km tbh, maybe a bit later


Update your Chrome browser ASAP. Google has confirmed a zero-day exploited in the wild



Exploit code for critical "use-after-free" bug is circulating in the wild.

how many of us have hidden malicious code in the system at this point



at least on chrome you need to go to a page that includes ebil code

imessage exploits can be wirelessly sent to you unprompted


time to update 4 apple devices at once again


1st Single Album Hello, World!


just took 6 hours of very lazy attempts to do a smal thing in go ling

the hard part is over, think i deserve at least an hour break




6 hours


to do a smal thing


i deserve at least an hour break

are you me




evidence that we may have reached a phase of diminishing returns

developers are safu



Is twitter now officially only X when it comes to the domain?

My twitter download addon stopped working and I think it's because of that


>>1072183 domain still works for me

the only difference I noticed is that doesn't redirect to anymore, it works on its own


Let's be honest, guys, Twitter's died a long time ago. You can call it whatever you want but it's not Twitter anymore. He killed it out of stupidity and now begs every person in the room to have pity for this dying app

those redditors



I hope the dev for the extension that I am using fixes it up

I wanted to send him a message on twitter, but twitter locked me out and says I require authentication to send messages

Modern internet was a mistake



He says as he buys twitter premium

These fuckers are too terminally online and addicted to attention

they will never leave



I don't know, I closed the window when that popped up

Could be just a phone number or something



was considering getting disposable sim card for cases like that

you can get one for 6 bucks



I guess the problem is that it's painful to see lots of stupid people on the internet

not like you're too smart, you just can see them behaving in a stupid way and it's horrible experience...


YT channels are a lot like subreddits where you have to conform to the echo chamber, or get downvoted into oblivion.


What annoys me the most is seeing something like an animal video and EVERY TIME (literally, you can count on it) you see "Oh, this precious baby! This magnificent creature!" I'm so f*cking sick of it!


I'm sick of the comments starting with "as a ..." Nobody cares who you are.



I wish, I even have friends who do that and brag about their comment likes that do not translate to subscribers or follows


if I don't like kpop stage mixes, how to tell youtube's recommendation algorithm that

if I click dislike on them, it may come to conclusion that I don't like group in the video or song or something like that

I think we should have some type of input form near dislike so you can hit dislike and write "don't like stage mixes" so that algorithm can easily understand that

otherwise if you just hit tons of dislikes on stage mixes, you may break something in your recommendations

I hate non-transparent systems...


got my first captcha from simply going to a youtube link vpn future not looking very bright


snake case is beyond better than stupid camelcase



fourchen now has some weird cloudflare click through cptcha on both main site and media server but those are separate so i cant browse site and also see images because those are 403d

my daily tech news...




I change my mind, Thais are silver+ now

Malaysians on the other hand muslim country... 0/10




stupid camelcase

yeah, because you never know, should you write isValidId or isValidID and multiple uppercased acronyms together look ugly like XMLHTTPRequest

just use whatever existing code uses anyway tho OCD is a bitch but what can you do in this unorganized world...