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#17 International Thread


#17 International Thread


Green Edition



1. No sexual fantasies and porn content


2. No insult idol.


3. Behave like adults.

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shes so healthy too, I think she's at her peak looks right now


dear god

I love asian girls so much



yeah. and without surgery.

I wonder how she's feeling about her chest when she sees Seungyeon. it's so hard question tbh


what did she see..



big boobs aren't good for dancing tbh



that was just a meme to seem more approachable by kqts



nah she's just an airhead and a goofy one at that


we're all nice here so just be that and you'll be fine




nah she's just an airhead


my first waifu was an airhead




gets unhooked in the middle of performance








I loved how dumb she acted/was in Invincible Youth

but then she got actress disease and I had to drop her



sad time

I fear the same is gonna happen with my Exid ladies, both the acting bug but also dropping the idol life all together



I admit I've looked there when it happened



well when groups disband I don't mind when they act

I'm really happy my Rainbow qts are doing well in acting but when an active idol goes into acting I'm always unhappy about it



yeah after they start doing that you're stuck with whatever social media pictures they post which are nice but not the same ya know

very nice dresses there still



I'm always grateful when inactive idols are active in social media

or when they do blogs and fanmeets like Muses


very nice dresses there still




I love when they do the fanmeets because it shows they still care about the fans after all that time

Nine Muses hurt a lot when they disbanded but the way they went out was such a nice sendoff imo



sure, it's just lame producer-nim showing it on his gaybook




love when they do the fanmeets because it shows they still care about the fans after all that time

Pyo even has a kakaotalk chat with her korean fans

yeah the way muses ended was a really positive surprise, especially considering how bad opinion Star Empire has, they even let the ex-members perform on their last showcase

when T-ara was dying MBK acted like Soyeon and Boram never existed



the whole T-ara situation was such a mess at the end, at one point I was just glad it ended because it wasn't worth the effort anymore

Still waiting for that Brave Girls comeback :^)


a lady of many faces and expressions



the saddest thing about it was T-ara winning the show for the first time since 1943 days and Soyeon and Boram weren't there

I couldn't really enjoy it because of it



the most bittersweet win

I haven't kept up with what the old T-ara crew have been doing, are they still in the business or what?


we get fancams but what do the concert goers get



like a solo dreamcatcher I like this sound

Qri is turning into an instagram model huh


Yuna deleted her twitter account and my heart broke



new guy?


finally new guy who is kpop expert

we deserved it



her chest is great for her figure, bigger is not always better




like a solo dreamcatcher

that's what I thought, but to be honest I like DC's electro sound more than their j-rock

Sleepwalking, Trap and Wonderland are their best songs







Patrician taste

Everybody says this about their favorite group or soloists but I always loved their b-sides, like mayday is one of my favorite tracks from them and in general



Mayday was my top song before Alone in the city and The end of nightmare came out

and you wouldn't believe how many times I got bullied for shilling Mayday on 4chin


increasingly looking like one of my nugu predebut waifu got lim'd


well it's over. should buy more next time



i recommend going to bed before sobering up





what happened to Lime?


heck you Elkiebro, now I want to drink a beer as well

what's worse I have one in my refrigerator

time to test my will power



I listened to end of nightmare, so much. Like to the point where the online algorithms thought it was all I listened to for a while(which it was close to)

there is no group that has the same sound as dreamcatcher in kpop and they're all such great vocalists too so I've, always been a big fan of them



I'm basically tone deaf so I can't tell if they are good at singing but they are great dancers for sure



sad to hear

I've got slight tinnitus but its not too bad where it affects my listening experience

they're great life performers too



another euro tour freaking when?


go this time because you never know

if they visit Poland again I have too no excuses this time



back then they had like 7 songs

now they have a great discography and I have like 100km to Warsaw


it would have taken me at least 8 hours to go to the closest sunmi concert



it's not KTX tbh but by our standards it's amazing


wisps are used against baldness




not having a private jet to fly to concerts with



has it only been 3 months? damn, guess I'm just being impatient then lol



ok, 4 months but still

also it's a freaking summer, I don't want them to get a heat stroke or something


Dami got this music making device on her bday from fans

I guess she likes it


football blog post

kikes came to Warsaw just to get holocausted again