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#40 International Thread


#40 International Thread


Twin Tails Edition


1. No sexual fantasies and porn content


2. No insult idol


3. Behave like adults

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good thing lavender is still lavender


is everglow coming back?




not sure if the photographer is keen to take a selca like that



A good photographer would stand in a position where that wouldn't be a problem




I always feel for rapfus

But I thought you only liked those who didn't make it



I like how you can see immediately that E:U is a midget


onda is like chungha's little alien sister and I love it


Contacted artist management




Not their fault MBK is fucking useless



Warsaw, London, Paris, Berlin and Amsterdam so far

Dreamfu's Euro Tour is coming


If they come to Warsaw again. I will go this time


I liked Minx more


how much are those tickets with high touch etc?



While they got bigger in Korea, they are still in that nugu tier and I don't think the prices should go up much higher.



this is for their upcoming Sydney concert

but unlike Warsaw Sydney is a 1st world so you can charge more



Australian dollaridoo is only 60 cents. So that is aroudn 105 euro. Which means it's the same price as it was back then in Warsaw



oh, I thought it was the US dollar

anyway 110 euro is less than I've expected



I need to buy a Dreamcatcher album so that I have something they can sign



Dunno, I don;t even know what high touch is. I thought it was like a signing session



BP VIP tickets were like 300 and you didn't even really meet them.


high touch is this


Touching hands with Kpops

That is better than a signature in some stupid booklet.



110 euro for touching Sua's hand?

that's really cheep





If Gahyeon highfives my hand I will never wash it again


maybe we will get to see the famous Jiubro



No worries bro, I will be on one side. Just find someone else to be on the other one and you will be surrounded by chingus instead of randoms.


Ofc. I wouldn't want to sully kqt hands.




No worries bro, I will be on one side. Just find someone else to be on the other one and you will be surrounded by chingus instead of randoms.

I've heard Rosebro's sister likes kpop, maybe he will take her




I will be on one side. Just find someone else to be on the other one



She is more into BP, but she is 11 anyway you sick fuck.

My dad really likes Dreamcatcher tho.




My dad really likes Dreamcatcher tho.

tell me you are memeing



Nope. He even asked me to put some of their songs on his USB that he listens to in the car.


is theguywholikestowatchthething here if we watch revel idol room unless we saw it already



come with your dad

we can grab a bear together after the concert


Remember to come at least 10 hours earlier to get the best 1st row places




we can grab a bear

A real bear ?


come with your dad

He hates crowds probably wouldn't wanna go.



We have loads of them too. They were almost extinct 30 years ago and now they are everywhere, but they are still protected so you can't shoot them. It's becoming a problem because they don't have place for their territories now.


nice hat



Yoohyeon is a bit too sticc imo. Nothing bad, but I feel like she could eat a little bit more.



She said she has already regained some of the weight she lost during tour.

I know she is hella thin, but she has enough energy to perform for 2 hours straight so I think she is fine.



Dunno, maybe I remembered it wrong but there was a point where I thought that Yoohyeon was a lot thinner than the other Dreamfus



Doesn't look healthy, no matter if she doesn't faint on stage

kpops need to stop getting starved



I thought so too, but then I realized that a few of my former classmates had similar build to Rose and they never starved themselves. 2 of them were dancers and ate a load of salads and other similar shit that has basically 0 fat.

I know the reality show they made is not 100% real, but during BP house there was a footage of her stuffing down food almost every episode. Of course I don't know shit about what she does during a comeback preparation, and have 0 info about her personal life, but I just don't think her being that thin is a problem (yet).



so if one guy goes to the DC concert it will be a kch meet up?



its just feeder-nim, he doesnt undertand pictures and lighting

1920×10801.98Mb00:09Cheng Xiao&Eunseo, 20 year-olds toast with beer (FEAT. Marinated Beef Rib) [Battle Trip/2017.11.05] <>


I'm antianorexiachingu