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#1 Kcult Thread


#1 Kcult Thread


Let's discuss off topic things on the burning terrace


why did he only cry for the snake?


omo kqt arrived




afaik he was sad because of the fish too

maybe two deaths was too much from him


I will share the list of movies I've finished in this month and my ratings

Parasite (2019) 8/10

Burning (2018) 9/10

Handmaiden (2016) 5/10

Cruel Winter Blues (2006) 7/10

Miss Granny (2014) 8/10


very nice aesthetic calm pictures so far


the nameless kid has a crush it seems


huh, I don't ever remember her face



I watch almost all my movies or shows with stremio which uses torrents from various sources usually pirate bay



her name is [nameless depressed girl]



never tried

I usually download from rutracker and sometimes from avistaz


he just fucked her



Oldboy and Train to Busan are kinda must-see even if you don't really like the genre


though I would recommend to watch Sunny next

it's 9/10


what will be the lesson of this season



you better watch entire thing first

I will go to bed soon, expect your review by the morning


you can take my possessions, leaves me an open door


Is the whole movie about how you cannot change the core being of a human?

he was cruel as a kid

deceitful as a teenager

angry and hateful as a young man now


the first thoughts I had about the plot were >>341887

and I still think this interpretation is valid.

maybe you could say he "grew" out of his bad character with the help of the old monk with that carving signs into the wood and then becoming a monk himself. but when the woman with her baby came he was still acting selfishly by wanting to reveal the womans face and bring her shame. his hand moved in the same way as it moved when he touched his crush the first time. so I don't think the young monk is a good character at any point. it is also implied that the new boy (the ladies child) grows up with the exact same spirit of torturing the animals.

As a sidenote I thought about that both of these cruel boys grew up without a mother. it is probably not relevant for the movie maker or anything but if it were the real world this certainly would have an impact on the boys.

I'm not well versed in the traditions of buddhism but I don't think suicide by burning is a common thing there so I don't exactly understand the old monks suicide. it is interesting that he wrote those pieces of paper and put it on his eyes/mouth/ears. I think it is a ritual of being at peace with oneself because the only thing you can experience with those things on you is your inner self, no senses.

the young monk (after he murdered his gf) had those papers put on him by the old monk and I'm not exactly sure if it was meant to kill him as punishment by preventing him from breathing or if it was just an exercise so the young monk would become at peace with what he did/what happened.

another interesting thing about those papers were when the old monk put them on right before burning himself on the boat, the paper on his eyes looked wet from tears maybe indicating regret of the old monk towards the end?

the repeating story line of the young boy who becomes a monk (who tortures animals) is another quite obvious religious theme. I dont know if buddhists believe in being reborn but it is in many other religions like hinduism. I speculated that maybe the old monk was reborn as that new child but it wouldn't really matter imo.

What I'm not sure about is what each season is meant to represent exactly. normally if stories are parted like this one there are leading themes for every part. my best guess would be the overarching themes of

spring: empathy

summer: lust

fall: hatred

winter: sacrifice

but I would like to get your take on that


sorry for making it so long but please respond to it anyway



I like your comprehensive analyze

I wasn't thinking too much about details when watching this movie (those papers and who was that woman), I just like the basic concept of the story

will answer in more detail later


I like big reviews


do you like the movie though? want to continue?

you can watch Sunny next, it's great too

or I can find some movie I haven't watched yet and maybe we can watch together

or at the same time and share experience later



I did not like it as much as burning

but in general I like darker/depressive feel movies and would rather not watch comedy or horror

we could find a movie to watch at the end of this week maybe? that's when I would have time

are you only interested in korean movies?




we could find a movie to watch at the end of this week maybe? that's when I would have time

ok, tell me when you'll be ready


are you only interested in korean movies?

currently yes

I will watch few more during the week by myself then



are you always watching so many movies? I already watched 3 big movies in the last week and that's already a lot tbh



I always spend all my energy on new hobbies

it doesn't last long though


Memories of Murder (2003)

decent detective movie

isn't that deep, just common manniac story

good enough to watch once, nothing more



they're not horrors, they're scary because of the atmosphere of the dying world

or atmosphere of the world which is going to die, while nobody cares

it's really scary and makes you think




or atmosphere of the world which is going to die, while nobody cares


it's really scary and makes you think

oh I will look into it then because those feels are interesting


I'm going to watch one more today


My Sassy Girl (2001)

at first I didn't like it at all, looked like very stupid romantic comedy

the second half is quite good though. personally I would prefer slightly different ending, there're ways to make a better plot, I don't like the way it combined everything together. but it still has a plenty of well directed sad moments

and the girl is very cute, looks like Sully



for me the main point of the story is inevitably of the evil

the old monk is wise and his "student" monk even remembers all bad things he made to people and animals, but the monk at the end is too young and ignorant and wants to harm other creatures

same goes for lust

i.e. it doesn't matter how smart you are, it's very hard to teach other person what good and evil are, best method is to make them suffer in a same manner

there're a lot of other things going on in the story, but I won't analyze every detail, most of it is obvious or not so important



oh, and also music is fantastic

it creates most of the atmosphere of the movie



yeah right as if something like that would ever happen to me...


I'm actually rewatching burning right now


tbh those movies make me even more depressed

just the way I like it



sometimes feeling sad is desireable

how could we fully enjoy being happy otherwise?


-the last thing jongsu said to haemi was >why do you behave like a whore?

-ben was high when he laughed at jongsus confession

-ben tells jongsu about the greenhouse burnings right after jongsu tells him about how he burned the mothers clothes as a kid. (I think ben just invented that whole thing to mess with jongsu by trivializing jongsus childhood trauma. it shows that ben is so superior that he even enjoys burning things while jongsu has nightmares about it)


watching another movie right now


The Host (2006)

strange movie :iu_huh:

don't think I like it


Wtf I didn't know this thread existed

Is this the main thread is so dead???




Is this the main thread is so dead???

don't think so



Set in Korea's Joseon period, a few years after the Japanese invasions of Korea (1592-1598). It tells the story of Crown Prince Lee Chang (Ju Ji-hoon), who becomes embroiled in a coup/political conspiracy and is forced to embark upon a mission to investigate the spread of a mysterious undead plague that has beset the current emperor and the country's southern provinces. The story starts with a notice written in Korean on a billboard, claiming the king of Joseon is dead and the crown prince should be crowned immediately as the new king. However, inside the palace, the king is known to be severely sick and has been secretly treated for the past 10 days. No one was allowed to visit the king, not even the crown prince himself. Late at night, the crown prince sneaks out to visit his father, wanting to know the truth. But instead of his own father, he encountered the silhouette of a beastly monster.[12] Accompanied by the physician Seo-Bi (Bae Doo-na), the enigmatic Yeong-Shin (Kim Sung-kyu), and his personal guard Moo-Young (Kim Sang-ho), Prince Lee-Chang must prevent the advance of the plague towards his home capital of Hanyang (present-day Seoul) while addressing the sinister coup masterminded by Minister Cho Hak-ju (Ryu Seung-ryong) and his family aimed towards his deposition from the throne.


Hope (2013)

this one was hard to watch

cruel rape story, and following post-traumatic stress disorder portrait

movie tries to be optimistic and shows how parents and victim can bear down such disaster, which make you wail even more, in a moment when you realize that other people aren't evil and want to help too

watch if you're in mood of crying two hours in a row



I like character of that old doctor woman, you can see how precisely she feels the mental condition of the girl and does her best to cure

it's one of my most favourite things in the cinema art, when I can see the thoughts of other person

it feels so real, so true, there's nothing fake in such pure act of will



and father's character is also very well played

those moments of him walking in mascot costume were the saddest and life-asserting at the same time


I often hate kpop for being so fake

only in such movies you can see the true emotions, because it's not cliched drama



Amazing performances, well written script, great direction and photography.




well written script

don't like it at all


Amazing performances

haven't noticed anything special


great direction




that could be true, but not enough for me to like the movie

my short review is here btw >>340865 ➡


going to watch some nice korean entertainment today


one of the best moments is when people appear to be not that egoistic and mean as you see them in real life in previous scenes

it makes you believe in humanity

sure people do a lot of bad things but in a face of tragedy they give you the true condolements

I've seen many movies when people haven't even tried or it looked fake as hell

this is why the movie feels so right


how should I deal with fake kpop after such movies



good movies bring pure real life emotions

even best kpop bands just badly imitate joy and happiness and the only thing they care about is hedonism




even best kpop bands just badly imitate joy and happiness and the only thing they care about is hedonism

that's not true



just look at kch thread

lots of people experience deep happiness from kpop. would you call that fake emotions?



too hedonistic to my taste

sometimes you want to feel something pure, like condole to some person's tragedy, and watch it melting people hearts

anyway, it's just my stupid thoughts, I don't want to ruin kpop experience for you



do you want to get sad /depressive or generally negative emotions from kpop? I think you should rather accept that it is rather specialized in a different kind of emotion and look for these other emotions in different places

I like to experience these "negative" emotions too but I get them from speeches/movies or music

it does not lower kpops value for me




fuck, I can't watch another movie tonight because my heart is exhausted

I can't forget the Hope movie


found another good one anyway

will it be too much: 10 good korean movies in 2 weeks

will my heart and brain handle it


Miracle in Cell No. 7 (2013)

oh no no no

I hate that type of movies when innocent person get hurt

it's not that good drama or comedy either, I don't remember any really sad moments

don't understand why rating is so high


made it, 10 movies in a row

Hope impressed me the most


found two another movies, people say they're similar to Hope

not sure if I would be able to handle it all



could you put it on gdrive or something? it would use up all my free points on avistaz


they are playing with yu gi oh cards I already like the movie


im a pretty lady arent I?




as you see she is capable of stating opinions


did hope mistake the dad for the rapist when he tried to clean her wound?




im a pretty lady arent I?

there wasn't word "lady"

also, why are you laughing at such moments


yea, probably she was scared



she said the korean word for older woman

and it was situational comedy

the lady asks if the girl thinks shes pretty and the girl replies no

then the lady turns around and solemnly testifies "as you can see she is in full control of her mental capabilities" implying that the lady knows she's not pretty


hope is adorable


I like the most that the movie isn't typical sentimental drama when everybody cries because somebody bad happened

instead it's a real people with their normal weaknesses but they're still trying to act good in order to help person in trouble



also in some movies there's overacted version of this, when bad guy becomes righteous person after accident

it looks fake too, but there's no such thing in Hope


I like it except for the end.

the father should have pulled a gun and shot the rapist. that whole having the arm in the air almost punching the rapist and in the last second the crying daughter stops him and then the 3 minutes of crying is way too much and kinda ruined this last scene for me. it may have been ok for the rapist not to die if it was a genuine bad guy because of circumstances (if he really didnt know what he did) but it is clear that the rapist is a monster and deserves to die.

you are right about the supporting characters. they don't know what to do about the situation but they all have a pure intent of helping the kid and the family however they can.

The best thing in this movie for me was the bluntness, honesty and purity of the daughter and her interactions with the father. her character remind me of the quote of albert anker "Behold, the earth is not damned". she goes through hell but she is not damned to suffer forever, she forgives the world and believes in its goodness again when she took her dads(in the costume) hand




if he really didnt know what he did

he threatened the father in the scene in prison, he said he will be out soon

it was really disgusting, also his lawyer looks disgusting

it's made so on purpose though


she forgives the world and believes in its goodness again when she took her dads(in the costume) hand

yeah, really touching scene

do you like the character of doctor lady? that Kokomong sketch in the hospital, also her careful conversations with the girl were so well-thought, you can see she clearly does her best




it was really disgusting, also his lawyer looks disgusting

I agree and I expected the father to go into a blind rage when the fucking lawyer used his daughter to lower the prison sentence of the rapist. what a PIECE OF SHIT


do you like the character of doctor lady?

I have mixed feelings about her. I thought she acted a bit high and mighty at times like when she told the father to go ahead and pay for the costumes. seemed a bit like shaming him

on the other hand she did did get hope to talk again.




she told the father to go ahead and pay for the costumes

maybe she isn't rich either?


she did did get hope to talk again

what do you mean?



wonder why they translated the name to "hope"

sowon 소원 means "wish"



I've seen both names of that movie, hope and wish


stop deleting posts


she even has mole on the nose


my parents raised me as a girl until 7 years old

already a bad start....





I am eating breakfast and she's making dumb crazy eyes and puking over fake hair


looks like they did not know how to really act yet in 2001

or maybe it's just how koreans do comedys?

she's very pretty though


they added that matrix gun sound



keep watching

you will understand everything soon




she's very pretty though

does she look like Sully for you?

inb4 I've planted yet another thought


ok that subway part was pretty funny

but I want to see her be cute more









that's a drama


what would ignorant faggot like you know about movies anyway?


I will post about the movie another time when it's safe


I'm watching joker for a second time now

the first time was in shit quality

rec me which one of the ones you posted I should watch next



same actress is playing in Miss Granny btw



I only have one major thought about my sassy girl so it won't be a big review like the others



I don't have much experience with that sort of movie but yes I liked it

the thought I had was the key word "trust"

over the course of the movie you identify with the guy as the main character and you want to see the girl and nice story with a happy ending right. But at least for me, I lost trust in her character over and over again. He "saves" her on that evening and you expect that something will develop, you trust that these movies are usually that way, the guy even says before that he wants a story that is like in the romantic storys. but then nothing happens until the girl calls. she's like building up trust in her that they will be together and a happy couple but then she suddenly vanishes, this happens over and over again.

at some point I was feeling that kind of anxious sadness when you look back at something in your life and see that it was the best time in your life and that it is over. but the actual good part did not happen yet in the movie, they weren't really together and it was not really clear if she really liked the guy.

the guy narrated about "preparing to break up" before a visible lovers relationship actually happened.

And I gotta say the girl character was really good at being intriguing and attractive to the guy and therefore the viewer

I liked the movie overall even though it was a bit weird at times


became bigger than I thought and maybe I did not phrase my thought very well


I was just walking on dark street of north city, listening to Psycho and thinking about Sassy girl and other existential thoughts

so depressing



If you can upload the movie to gdrive we could watch it today/tomorrow on cytube



I'm ready to watch today in ~20 minutes

I can download any version, but I don't want to upload to gdrive, you will know my nick when

I can upload to mega instead



it needs to be gdrive to play in cytube

if your internet is good enough you could livestream it on twitch or mixer

or I could stream it but I'll have to set it up first and download the movie (from you)




but I'll have to set it up first and download the movie (from you)

that should work if you're ok with it

will you handle 13.1 GB 1080p BDrip?



just upload it to mega or something

it might take a while to transfer



I was asking about your internet

hope that mega dl/up speed is good enough




upload to mega is pretty strange

it's pretty fast for 10 seconds, then it stales

maybe because of encryption?

anyway it's 15% already

hope dl would be good

also we probably should pass files directly, via something like webrtc or magnet



then I'd see your ip address you would prefer that over me seeing your google nickname?


I have to remember how to setup the sound properly or it will be annoying


it stook at 26% for few minutes

I probably should just upload to gdrive

why sharing files is so hard, wtf, it's just bytes



just for your information if you upload it to gdrive it will take quite a while to process it before being able to view



oh, it's still alive 45% already

hope dl will be good, otherwise fuck mega

if dl sucks, maybe we should try another method, something like webrtc

of course you can check IP via traffic viewer but I hope you won't

or just simple socat/netcat thing


what's your speed?


is there some p2p streaming services btw? so you can stream from your IP directly via WebRTC, without any servers which may shut down your stream

than upload-to-cloud-hosting thing looks unnecessary


I like this PeerTube thing

need to think


he didn't answer


I downloaded it but I need a little to setup


I will need to make food btw


should it be centralized or decentralized

centralized solution should work for simple case pretty well


I don't find my email password


you have 40 more minutes btw, until I make food


check spam?


I'm thinking about technical stuff now, it would be hard to watch movie


ok I found it... testing now so it should be ready in about 15min



of course not but nobody cares


one guy has been streaming shows to my twitch account (I gave him the key) for ages and nothing has happened so far



I've joined

we can start now but I will have to step out in 25 minutes


I thought you're Ben


Ben is the name of the guy from Burning


join and write in cytube chat if you want to watch


ok I'm ready


what happened?


I hope you are not disappointed in my taste



lol why would I be disappointed when it is because of you that Ive watched burning


some movies to consider next

In World War II-era Korea, rival runners, one Korean (Jang Dong-gun) and one Japanese (Joe Odagiri), go to war together against the Soviets.

A college student finds a diary detailing a long-ago love triangle involving her mother, her future father, and his best friend. (same director as my sassy girl)

A man's affair with his family's housemaid leads to dark consequences.



I can either give you 5000bp on avistaz or upload to mega again

what do you prefer?



upload to mega it went pretty fast yesterday

do you have a crazy good ratio on avistaz? I should try and setup torrents again maybe to get a better ratio



not that good, but I have about 20kbp

setuping bt client is not that hard if you have at least 100mbps upload, just need to know some tricks to compete with seedboxes

ok, uploading to mega now


but let's try something like next time

I'm not that happy with mega, I can't saturate my upload channel fully


let's start in ~30 minutes, I have to eat first


it's downloaded and I'm ready

just write when you want to start


rewatched the moment when she realized that he's blind

I didn't get it the first time

need to concentrate better


ok, will post tomorrow


he should have heard that she's crying

and he just said that she's happy, it doesn't mean he can't see her tears

this isn't very logical


maybe I would have liked it if I were a girl

but it's too sweety and romantic


why no one else joins though


korean movies are a niche thing


oh, I mixed up Toki o Kakeru Shoujo with Kimi no Na wa

I haven't watched the latter

I really like Kaze Tachinu btw



Kimi no Na wa is kino af I can recommend it if you don't mind anime style



but you don't know the best selling anime movie of all time?



now it makes sense why you would watch 6000000 movies in 2 weeks


what program for streaming do you use btw? OBS?

does it re-encode video on GPU?



yes I use obs studio and you can choose how you want to do it. I use the nvidia NVENC instead of letting the cpu do it which works very well. I haven't made fine tunings in quality yet though but in my experience you can get excellent quality that way without blocking the pc from doing other stuff.

do you have good download speeds? I could stream in a little higher bitrate to make it prettier if so


been watching the first season of the walking dead

it is really really well done tbh


that walkie talkie that rick left with the black dude makes for a REALLY good character development device whenever he sits down alone and tells what happened into the void


The Man from Nowhere 2010 2160p WEB-DL AAC H.265 10bit - AppleTor


yes, it's chromium issue regarding tearing

trying to fix


there's always something...



browser buffer is not big enough for such a big file idk

I guess I'll download dumb mega app


of course you need an account...


it's ok I am already at20%


setting up torrenting btw so that I can do downloads myself in the future

do you by chance know a tracker like avistaz for western movies/series? and could invite me to it


her eyelid looks strange when she closes her eyes, so it might be tape


Resolution: 1920x1080

Bitrate: 6000 kbps

Rate Control: CBR

Framerate: 60 or 50 fps

Keyframe Interval: 2 seconds

Preset: Quality

B-frames: 2

doesn't sound that cool

picture quality was pretty good though


FYI I used CQP instead of CBR so the bitrate wasn't constant but it depended on how much was going on in the frame. it actually sometimes reached 15000 in action scenes.

also I used 4 b-frames not 2 because I don't use my gpu for anything else anyway and movies are in 24fps so having that many biframes is possible



these settings on that site there are just twitchs recommendations


twitch reencodes it one more time?




it's not entirely clear it may be that like the transcoding feature, only partners and a few random non partner streams get more than 6k who knows.



do you have some ideas for next week? only that anime movie?


have you watched witcher? I'm not sure how good is it but might be ok


no but I also have not played the games

I think a lot of the hype is from people who played the game


witcher is based on books tho?


what does that have to do with anything?

anyway I'm not really into that tbh



just some ideas for watching

there're not that many good korean movies

maybe we can try some kdrama instead



if you can bear the romantic aspects of them

I watched a nice kdrama a few years ago and I think you'd like it and I'd like to rewatch it since I don't remember very well



some of them aren't romantic

but probably I've already watched all of such type

what is it?


time flies so fast with everyday viewings


do you have an account on privateHD tracker?



seems interesting. very old for a korean movie though.

anyway Im in


I have perfect mood for watching sad movie today


are you here


no way


wTF is up today


the movie goes backwards in time right? from his death to his youth

could it not be that all we see is what he sees in his last moments before death? like they say your life flashes before your eyes before you die.




the movie goes backwards in time right? from his death to his youth



like they say your life flashes before your eyes before you die

might be


I like the movie, it's pretty good

I think I even started watching it some time ago, but only remember first half

maybe need to rewatch to write proper review

anyway, now I'm too tired for that, maybe tomorrow


good night


just rewatched, it's such a good movie, a masterpiece

one of the my favourite korean movies now, need some time to recover, I'm so sad

Lee Chang-dong is truly a great director, made so many good movies

main character is so fucked up, it's hard to list all the things he did wrong:

- didn't even say hello to his girlfriend when she came to meet him in army

- killed innocent girl in army

- beaten suspects to the death while working in police

- broke up with his first love in such a bad manner

- slept with girl in the hometown of his first gf and didn't even say goodbye

- cheated to his wife with his office girl

- beaten dog of his wife to make he suffer

- left his wife with his 7yo daughter

- sold the really important gift of his youth for $35

- and so on

he used to be a good guy, you can clearly see how it all happened

wasn't good in army, got a random shot, killed civilian, couldn't talk with gf anymore

his life was probably an endless suffering and agony of a broken man

the metaphor of train, choising the fork, backward narrative, loopback, his last words in first scene, soundtrack, all of this make the movie even better, you can see it's made by a talented person

few moments were especially touching, e.g. when he was bumped by a guy who was looking at his girlfriend, or when he intentionally upset his gf to tears

I think he felt the guilt all the time so was trying to make himself suffer even more, probably because he was already used to endless pain, like a drug addict

I've seen few movies with the same mental condition of main character, I can understand that feeling too

the worse thing is that he was popular among women but it didn't make him happy, quite the opposite

that scene in the bar with his ex-prisoner sums it pretty well: guy lives a happy life but the main character is absolutely stuck



touching that restaurant womans butt in front of his gf was so cruel



that woman become his wife later (just in case you haven't noticed)

and it wasn't a successful marriage


he was also ignoring his wife all the time

and dropped that qt from Kunsan


his love mate is also very cute


Life is beautiful



prisoner wrote in diary

it's also have second metaphorical meaning


rewatched 2 more depressive movies about men who can't find themselves

these people have everything: job, house, wife, kids, yet they ruin all the things around them


do you want to scream like the main character sometimes even though you didn't betray your love of youth?




oh no no no

I can't look at that face


look at this face instead


should we watch that anime today?

I'm still under impression of that movie tbh so tragic story...


I have the movie ready if you'd like but I dont think I will be awake at our usual viewing time


Im not sure but I will probably sleep very early today



alright, bring snacks and a curious mood the movie is pretty long



it has 10/10 music and REALLY beautiful pictures

don't spoiler yourself it's worth it to just wait and see



yes she did all the songs from the movie



first 3 parts are the best

and that >>347383 moment

first part are my exact feelings sometimes

I think for best perception it's worth to watch first 3 parts in chronological order

this guy is totally broken after he saw Sunnim and sold the camera



oh we dont have to watch so many movies

I was just asking if you made any discoveries you could recommend

I was watching walking dead series and it got really dumb and boring really quickly


there is a movie called "brexit" released in 2019

hollywood works fast


holy shit I've watched that new oceans 8 movie with all women and it's garbage

brexit movie was shit too



the rating has been decided by 7 random imdb users

1 voted 10 one voted 1

it's bullshit


Peppermint.Candy.1999.BluRay.REMUX.1080p.AVC.DTS-HD.MA.2.0-MERDEKA.mkv 17.27 GB


he shouldn't have come

it's so miserable


I feel not so depressed now

took me almost 4 days to bounce back


'Parasite' becomes the first Korean film to win Best Foreign Language Film' at the 77th Golden Globes


watching movie about flat earthers


what do you think about movies that play in before 1990 korea?

I think there are a lot of these joseon era dramas etc but I have never watched anything like that so far. maybe its interesting



yes or just kmovies that dont play in the modern world



why dont you like it? did you try it?

1280×5448.45Mb01:03_ <>

1708×7202.64Mb00:15殘缺 | Crippled Avengers


time to watch a movie


thinking about cute Haemi Yeonwoo



do you remember the concept of "great hunger" she was talking about?

I see so many people irl who clearly have it but try to fill their stomach with soul fast food instead



yes I hope Yeonwoo won't dance topless


do you still have burning movie in high quality? could you upload it to mega for me please?


thinking about great hunger now



Best Script

Best International Picture

Best Direction

Best Picture


I like Burning more tbh


Will we watch yeonwoos drama?




Yong-ho is a depressed man who commits suicide. A series of retrospective events are shown which make the cause of his suicide apparent.

Sounds dark