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#92 International Thread


#92 International Thread


Angry Edition



1. No sexual fantasies or porn content


2. No insult idols


3. Behave like adults

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so was the girl kicked from her group and her sister who doesn't want to be an idol anymore.



Mostly because there are not many Korean immigrants in Europe. We have people from Vietnam and other SEA shitholes.



they did? how sad

was it the israeli russian or siberian russian


Sakura is part of the slug mapiaga



I think her waifu is Irene



sorry i dont know hip hop terms, i just like saying lap instead of rap


i just like saying lap instead of rap


because of you I watched that Hyebin fancam so I'm a lewdster now

1920×10802.86Mb00:07K-POP STAR BIBI Caramel DEBUT STAGE 191220 Bibian Murakawa 村川緋杏 (HKT48, Produce48) 1080P HD (Fresh)

bringing back orange caramel really should have hired some strong vocals for her group so she can focus on the visuals



OC was purposefully weird but with the Japanese you can't really tell can you


No, My Brother is NOT interested in Tzuyu, infact: he doesn't even know much about "TWICE". he doesn't care about kpop and just came to korea so that i am not alone here

he just wants a kpop pal




No, My Brother is NOT interested in Tzuyu

good but how do people who don't like her even exist




stalk nayeon out of all the members


brother doesn't like chewy

There's clearly something wrong in this family


my top 3 in twice is Sana, Mina, Nayoung



Nayeon is the most popular member in SK.



word, I would stalk some japanese member instead


it's the same as Mina vs Minah and Sojin vs Soojin

1280×72014.40Mb00:45167814-[V LIVE] 강로하의 10대 마지막처럼🎂

they work so hard for every show

how do we get them to make it

1920×10806.69Mb00:17167512-[V LIVE] 'IDOL RADIO' ep#449. Welcome to NATURE WORLD (Special DJ TEENTOP Niel&Ricky with NATURE)


Haru is like mini Koko



나영 and 나연 sound a bit different (Nayoung, Nayeon)

the Minas sound the same and are spelled the same too

소진 and 수진 have a different sound, English spelling is just retarded where 'oo' is completely different to 'o'

I found that google translate does a pretty good job at reading them out loud for you if you're unsure



no idea if they sound any different tho

like whats the difference between yoon-a and yu-na

the world is a mysterious place


Min a

Mi na


maybe the difference is in the hanja meanings


Japanesr can't tell the difference between L and R, doesn't mean there isn't one.





Hats off to her. I would just be a lazy piece of shit after something like that happening to me



162cm tall


How tall are you chingus? 180cm




2020 Season's Greetings


what if you meet a kqt but she tells you she has 9 cute kids already



why does she hate being kissed by kqts so much


isn't the world an interesting place