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#94 International Thread


#94 International Thread


Fallen Angel And Rising Beast Edition



1. No sexual fantasies or porn content


2. Don't insult idols


3. Behave like adults


4. Talk about Kch

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nice hips

that byeong dance move is fun



lewdsters have the technology

they are getting faster, better, stronger





but please use the correct term kakaoplayer or daumplayer



it'a a pretty good collection of resources



is now a good time to create white label cafes in soul, there must be many birthdays happening and fans with money to spare



pretty amazing




it has that feel of when groups do a fanchant instruction video


noooooo she just started crying


she said she doesn't like outfits of No Playboy



2 weeks ago



it's over


ahd she disabled the comments


she's crying over the young members having to wear "sekshie" clothing

not sure how to feel about this


I think she might have the music too loud since she's always surprised by the music start



celebs are advertiser approved and get the best ads

views are not that bad compared to solar's, and you can search how much she makes from youtube (a lot)



yeah, she said poor maknaes were just 18, "kids" and they had to wear sekshie

so she cried and because of that she was kicked out of leader position

has she bitten by sjw?




and you can search how much she makes from youtube (a lot)

if you know it just say it



she speaks english so I'm gonna say yes



i don't want to post wrong info, i just remember it was a lot (10-100k/month)


we were in containers a lot

-kpop 2010-2012



the hot member of mamamoo


she should get used to look into the camera directly when speaking to the viewer



you feel more sad for cute defenseless things



not her but the maknaes cried filming the MV

I guess she was kicked because she couldn't get the situation under control


if she really said 'f' that would be amazing because that sound doesn't exist in Korean


got burned by tea

kpops will injure themselves in one way or another it just seems to be a law of nature


she likes Figaro though


can't spot her in the MVs tbh



imagine being a cute kpop and debuting with sekshiepop right at the start


wild is and always will be the best nine muses song and it's not even close


but 9muses were meant to be , CEO-nim said it clearly in the movie

"make the skirts shorter"


I like that she remembers the chorea and lyrics pretty good yet



I'm still at 10m

don't watch faster than me


I see now where that "call sekshie things cute" thing comes from, she does it too



this videos needs to be watched properly, every detail should be checked


pyo looks pretty hot in glue

or as sera would say it, pyo looks pretty cute in glue




she said No Playbay is bad, wtf

I like it