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#95 International Thread


#95 International Thread


Lovely Edition



1. No sexual fantasies or porn content


2. Don't insult idols


3. Behave like adults


4. Talk about Kch

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good night



did you waifu #prayforaustralia already?


sorry if I'm reposting



I love these dresses with a little skirt bit at the bottom like miyeons it looks too cute






would you still like it if it wasn't Yeonhee wearing it?



Hopefully it isn't the next big thing, skorts were much nicer



would post more of that tummy but I'm afraid that your heart won't be able to handle it


it's much better than half shorts/half skirt meme imo



I would like to see some variations of it for example a white dress and the little skirt in black


another experimental outfit from Yeonhee

RP's stylists work so har


what will genius-nims come up with next



I'd avoid planes for now, especially if they fly above middle east


I miss DIA bros



first week album sales of 2019



he probably didn't mean that but smaller groups earn the most on various festivals and local concerts sometimes by performing in shopping malls

at least it was like that back in Dal Shabet and Hello Venus times



yes that's what I meant

I've seen that busters even went to brazil and they did smaller concerts there like dreamcatcher did in europe



classic Star Empire

even tho even muses sold much better



group that sells 1k in korea has enough fans in brazil to hold a concert?



they have very dedicated fans I think


wish MyMusicTaste existed when noona groups were active



yes that bat dance was way too freaky



smaller ponytail girl has since left


I don't even want to know what bat dance you are talking about



I'm guessing policenim is in action because of that



I know I'm supposed to look there but I'm just looking at amused bona


nothing wrong with guerilla concerts in malls or on the street tbh

idols like being close to fans I think



I've seen the original from that gaypop and while the girl covers are very and nice, nobody can do the moves like him. You can somehow see that they are just copies.



Even BP perforemed in a shoopping mall, there is nothing wrong with it


did you know weguri meguri went to america to perform in a shopping mall



I am not saying I want to suck his dick. He is just moving like an alien and people can't reproduce it.

Use your brain for once ffs



I watched his performance with Sunmi and it was one of the most boring performances I watched last year



true, it's pretty low budget MV I guess