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#133 International Thread


#133 International Thread


H2O Edition



1. No sexual fantasies or porn content


2. Do not insult any idol


3. Behave like adults

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The first MV will be LOONA feat Elon Musk


fine, O My Jewel will fly on Buran then


I fixed my headphones with zipties today. The yare literal zombies at this point takign so much wear and abuse over the years, but I can't bring myself to replace them



searching the internet for audio stuff is really frustrating because of all the snake oil and placebo

the sheer amount of options is overwhelming too



I have been browsing the headphone market for a bit today and I really like AKG K702 they look really nice and have nice specs. But as I said I can't bring myself to get rid of my old ones



I usually buy goods for 3/4 of the max price, across all popular models

so I don't need to research it really deep, it should work good enough for that price



the amount of bad information about audio is unreal. I like magnetic planar headphones, I think they're worth the extra money



not only about audio, it's hard to find reliable information about most goods

because of marketing, overprice, stupid fans, too much choice, literal fraud, etc


I know nobody probably cares about this but I'm about headphones

You only need to know a few things about a product, things like durability are important but not super useful because it is luck of the draw. I've had $800 headphones with driver imbalances, but it got replaced immediately. Just look at headphone measurements and avoid any subjective reviews. You don't need any extra equipment 98% of the time.





Just look at headphone measurements and avoid any subjective reviews

how do you know that review is objective

paid reviews are the common thing




I've had $800 headphones

what heaphones are those

the most expensive I've had are ~$350




how do you know that review is objective

Not him but there are sites that do objective testing with frequency response, impedance testing, etc. Anything that says "not enough bass, too much highs" is purely subjective since some people like "dude basss lmao" while others don't



that's not enough information for me

imo it's much better if you read >100 reviews of real people who used it and wrote their opinion

of course this way has its own problems, but at least you can see the full picture



ideally I would just go to a store and try them instead of looking at graphs and imagining what they sound like



Nobody can reliably compare audio quality, it's a massive problem. It's almost impossible to compare two pieces of audio. Many studies have been done on this and even slight differences in volume throw everything off. I'd disregard most of it and focus on reading graphs.


This is the way to go, but there are no audio stores near me


The Bowers & Wilkins P7 Wireless is an elegant, well built, comfortable Bluetooth headphones with excellent sound quality and good isolation. Built with leather, chromed steel, and anodized aluminum, the build quality, fit and finish is superb. A true daily driver...especially if you like English sports cars; very natty.


The overall sonic character is warm and lively. The lows are nicely emphasized, though a bit mid-bass centric and slightly invading the low-mids. Mid-treble is very slightly emphasized and is nicely resolving; cymbals are natural sounding though just a tad forward.


This is a really solid from a premier audio company; the P7 feels like the beginning of a new age of quality headphones worth the price of admission.

there is exactly zero technical information here btw



wireless is harder, there's more involved. I'd wait for the drop thx panda. I'm biased because I like magnetic planar headphones I bought a pair, I'm waiting on them


They at least provide graphs.




I'd wait for the drop thx panda

nice, but what if I need them now for example


I like magnetic planar headphones

I understand you can have more quality for the price with wires, but wires is not an option in modern world, I hate them




I understand you can have more quality for the price with wires, but wires is not an option in modern world, I hate them

The headphones he mentioned are wireless, you don't even read what he writes



I don't know, I've been waiting for wireless planar magnetic headphones and jumped on them once the panda was announced.

If you need something now, look at sennheiser




The headphones he mentioned are wireless

which ones? you haven't read my post


I already have them (rs 185), I thought you can recommend me something interesting

I will look into panda though



The panda is the most interesting lately, tbh. They're expensive, but have great drivers and brand new tech. Drop does great things as well.





which ones? you haven't read my post

Does the "I understand you can have more quality for the price with wires, but wires is not an option in modern world, I hate them " not respond to the "I like magnetic planar headphones" part



so? I meant in general wired are cheaper for the same quality



Estimated ship date is Sep 30, 2020 PT.

huh, I guess they will shift to the next year because of corona

also, seems like they are Bluetooth only and that sucks if you need to use it at home

also that wired mic design sucks, they should use custom uncompressed transmission protocol instead like Sehnheiser or SteelSeries



you can plug in a normal cable and bypass the wireless, and the wired mic is garbage yeah




you can plug in a normal cable and bypass the wireless

yeah, but I want to be wireless at home too, it's really comfy



I don't understand why you couldn't just get a usb bluetooth adapter and use that at home



Bluetooth is a problem if you need to use several devices

for example I regularly switch between PC and TV audio sources via toslink switch

with Bluetooth it's PITA because of how it's implemented

also all Bluetooth protocols are lossy afaik




billions of dollars worth of most advanced technology on the planet


lose to rain

I guess the spaceships from movies that have dogfights and shoot lasers are too far away for us to experience them



They'll try again in 3 days



this cracks me up

we're about to fly to Mars yet can't predict the weather even a few hours into the future


[Hanteo] Best selling girlgroups that debuted in 2017-2020 for an album:


400,000+: IZ*ONE


100,000+: (G)I-DLE


50,000+: Itzy, fromis_9


30,000+: Dreamcatcher


20,000: Loona, Everglow


10,000+: Weki Meki, Cherry Bullet, Nature


5,000+: GWSN, Rocket Punch




they're all winners in our hearts


>>421829 (Soy)


"Does it hurt when you wash your face because of your nails?"


Well actually we have to use our fingerprint to enter the building but my nails are so long they won't get scanned, so the guard always has to open for me


"Are you thinking about getting bangs?"


No I think bangs make me look a bit stifling.

>>421873 (Yuqi)

Yuqi is learning to play guitar. She wanted it to be a surprise but went ahead and told us.

She also said she will show us her skills in a year. Also her fingers really hurt from practicing.


"what concept do you want to try?"


maybe something bright? it depends on the time we come back, if it’s summer spring, something bright ? winter something more cool



what about the 80k unsold loony albums



I think 20k is where there actually start to be popular

5k is fine in the sense that the group will probably get regular comebacks depending on the company




HANTEO: Daily chart (200522)


#LOONA - [#]: 629 copies (30,532 total)


HANTEO: Daily chart (200306)


#RocketPunch - Red Punch: 23 copies (10,306 total)


HANTEO: Daily chart (200508)


#ITZY - IT'z ME: 38 copies (84,903 total)


also Weki meki's weme sold almost 40k


chou chewy





travel twicetvs? they sure are!!






Weki Meki, Cherry Bullet, Nature

no way

I didn't know Weki Meki at nugu-level now




100,000+: (G)I-DLE

Cube finally made it


joy is so hecki ng beautiful ,how doe s she do it


I better go to sleep, I'm just making mistakes now