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#139 International Thread


#139 International Thread


Don't worry, be edition



1. No sexual fantasies or porn content


2. Do not insult any idol


3. Behave like adults

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It would an amazing group what the heck are you talking about



who would be leader? who would be chinese? who would be maknae? who would be dedicated member?





Still Bae, since she is the oldest and BP doesn't have a leader



Yerim, even the Pinks pamper her.



Lisa is doing a good job at being substitute Chinese



Joy and Jennie most likely





BP doesn't have a leader

wait really?

no wonder they are all so american-like



They are all so close in age and spent so much time as equals as trainees that they said they couldn't choose a leader.



so they're like a commune

bet rose is the pothead in the dorm

would anybody even care if a member did the jimin-maneuver?



It's more like they take turns.

In Korean variety Jisoo is the main talker and seemingly every time they are given a mic as a group they automatically pass it to Jisoo, while Rose is quiet and barely says stuff. When they went abroad, It's absolute 180, Jisoo says nothing because she can't into English and Rose hard carries the interviews with more talk time than the 3 others combined.




bet rose is the pothead in the dorm

There is no way she would be so sticc, if she had munchies all the time




I didn't know jisoo was the talkative one


are we sure she really did that though

sounds fucked up



no question about that one

much of the bullying is probably exagerated but such details won't be lies



Jennie was born and raised in Korea. She just spent 5 years in NZ studying.


cherryahbro post



if she didn't want anyone publicly to know, going to loveu hotels would be a bad idea for an idol



same thing.

in her dorm she could just smuggle men in with a car or something


I guess yg has a few drug floors in his artist skyscraper prison




They live in an appartment in some very expensive building complex in Seoul. Not sure how it is with security, but when you pay over 10k dollars per month, I assume that it's filled with cameras and has some sort of security at the bottom.



oh i don't mean security cameras but hidden cameras in hotel rooms streaming directly to the internet and viewable with a subscription



you seem to have somewhat of an experience in that topic



i don't go to hotels in korea not after reading about the hidden cameras


tail whip attack!



Now I'm even more focused on her center mass



what is it about red hair and kqts??







sorry Tzuyu but that's objectively the worst type


I always liked steel type

730×11367.61Mb00:07[MPD직캠] 아이즈원 1위 앵콜 직캠 4K '라비앙로즈(La Vie en Rose)' (IZ_ONE FanCam No.1 Encore) _ @MCOUNTDOWN_2018.11.8-2KU_P2cNAg4

No matter what type you are. It's useless when you are hit with the confusion



yena attacked her ma tes again by accident huh



there is a full version as well as videos of the single performances

no single member cams so far, I think they are still working on it




you have to wait 6 hours or buy mega premium account to continue your download

I think the universe does not want me to watch this concert





The bandwidth allocation on free MEGA download is different for different users



omo slugs dress with side tummy window



Me neither and I don't care about it


I would just like to say if any kchanon has those sort of thoughts I'm always available to talk



Olive also dropped out of high school.



I would just like to say that if some Kchanon has the sort of thoughts as Jimin I will not tolerate bringing girls to this board


brb heying some twitter kpop thot to join this place





I will not tolerate bringing girls to this board



We, Slugmapia, are full of smart college students.