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#151 International Thread


#151 International Thread


Mirros Edition



1. No sexual fantasies or porn content


2. Do not insult idols


3. Behave like adults

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When will idols stop getting BANG'd



Bangs are terrible on their own, but why in gods name has she decided to go for the bowlcut on top of it



she got too and this was company's idea to stop gaypops from DMing her




that pic

I would slide into her DM's for sure



her tummy looks great

I bet she was exercising a lot lately


check mcountdown's channel to see if fromis pics are already up


no fromis pics but see pic related


read the comments


I wish it focus her face :(


delete this one and post a different picture..... with more emphasis on her face pls

why is twitter so gay?




every other user has pronouns in bio and rainbow flag in name


why is twitter so gay





every other user has pronouns in bio and rainbow flag in name

from all the 91 profiles I follow not a single one has that



Fansites don't count as regular users



This means Chuu and Yooj on the same stage

Hope they can meet and take pics together



minju and yujin's smiles melt me every time



she is wondering why she has to wear clothes wore before by her juniors


Olivia using her wolf sense of smell to beat her opponents wthout looking at her screen


we have it on tape


send them in


I'm out



shes eating well during our dates


What if you are male and korean and want to tell someone you like Cube's new girl group




so what do you do in your freetime, lee John?


I like kids and collect pictures of them while listening to them



Just a meme about (여자)아이들

Usually girl groups are named after 소녀 (girl) which is fine but g-idle are 여자 (female) 아이 (child) so it's a bit weird/funny that you say you like little kids


some totally uninteresting sales shitting

new Everglow album surpassed 9k pre-orders on ktown4u, total sales of their previous album on ktown4u was 2k


blogpost related to kpop and

I found an online shop in my country that sells cds and it looks like they have at least some kpop albums. just found the new fromis one although they will only have it on 02.10 but I asked them about it and they sent me a 10$ voucher so I will definitely try them out.



word, the only bad thing about it is they don't do the whole versions thing so you just get one randomly and probably no posters/preorder stuff



if it's a smallish shop you can probably just ask them to order whichever version you want.



sadly it's not really a specialty shop but a national thing that just recently started buying asian music too




they don't do the whole versions thing so you just get one randomly

that's not good

I usually want a specific version


probably no posters/preorder stuff

if you are who I think you are then you already have enough posters in your room



it seems like the version thing depends on the album, for example they only sell the day version of dumdidumdi


you already have enough posters in your room

true but on very rare occasions I would want a poster

I hope weeekly comes back before october ends




I hope weeekly comes back before october ends

isn't that basically confirmed?


tfw you get the photocard of you'are waipu





no exact date yet but I think PlayM confirmed it's in October


October is STACKED



Fromis just had a comeback

Everglow soon

Weeekly and Wiki Miki in October

feels good to be alive



this year would have been insane if fansigns/festivals were allowed

makes me imagine the bright future



Unfortunately it seems that until proper vaccine is made, the rona will keep comign back in waves


what do consumer-nims think about this photobook design of weeeklys first album? would you like all albums to be like this with a binder instead of glued together or what would you think is best?



more binders please

its sooooo much easier to look at and scan




there have been a few albums that have basically individual photocards with no binding at all, what do you think about that?



yeah I hate not seeing the center or destroying the binding.



straight up trash my dude

i ended up buying them and not looking at the pbs




Both threads getting close to 2.5k posts. What's the next edition?



it should be food related




I had some like that in Everglow's hush and I like it






yeah but it creates the illusion to the eyes and is still visible as a whole picture




honestly looked at blue hair girl first, didn't recognize and then looked at blonde and didn't recognize either so I though who the heck is that nugu group


babysoul is 28yo

that's hilarious


who decides when and what to make the next thread



(You) do

as long as old thread is over 500 it's good


One netizen uploaded as evidence to show just how much negativity surrounds Baby Soul when her name is searched on Naver.


Some of the related search terms are:


"Baby Soul ugly"


"Lovelyz Baby Soul fat".



well she does not look like your average idol


save your memes

I'm making a new edition


time to bring out the big memes