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#152 International Thread


#152 International Thread


Glasses Edition



1. No sexual fantasies or porn content


2. Do not insult idols


3. Behave like adults

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I'll wake her up myself then


"new"guy should post ludas

1280×7202.93Mb00:08180921 우주소녀 루다 우리루디토끼긩뽀짝뽀짜긩 @상암팬사인회 4k 직캠 by rain drop <>




if Luda isn't in the wuju sub-unit debut we will riot brother


I am tryig to free myself a little from google an their bullshit, so I've started using duckduckgo, but I have to admit, it's just not as good



but the bangs are comfy, just type !g after the thing you're searching in case you don't get a good result



I use it mainly because I find the results way better, it's probably just a question of what you're used to




but the bangs are comfy


It has happened to me loads of times where I am searching for something, duckduck finds nothing relevant, and google immediately gives me what I was looking for with the same search words




google seems to mostly return really commercial sites which I'm almost never looking for

I am almost always looking for those



love all their singles til a year or two ago, the new ones are still fine though


I remember when I first heard fingertip I thought "wtf? kpg told me gfriend songs were shit" and I re-listened to all their titles that day




But I liked Pinky dancing happily on stage


I only got into gfriend like one year ago

before that I just knew them for pic related shorts and slipping on stage



where did I disrespect them?

it's like saying I disrespect Fiestar and I'm a coomer because I only know their choreo with chairs

not my fault nothing else they did got popular



I think a lot of people hated on gfriend when they debuted because their visuals weren't that strong

and then the infamous grazia photoshoot happened


cooming to kpop is healthy cooming


my time to blog

I bought some tteokbokki and it was pretty good, but I woke up all bloated (that never happens to me), maybe the problem is Korean food, idols are always complaining about this.



and yuju's face looks wider than a helipad



I thought it was because they liked to eat late, but now I'm feeling it too



Oh yeah, I did read it was 50% of my recommended salt intake eating the whole thing


Tell me now, tell me now, you want me

Your feeling can be seen clearly like mine

You and I are like one, we’re so alike

Talk about, talk about us, I want you

My feeling can be seen clearly like yours

Whatever people say, we’re untouchable

Secret of women

Yeah yeah

Makes my heart beat

Yeah yeah

Trite love

Yeah yeah

Can’t be compared with you

(No more lies now)

Never touch us, only women know

Never touch us, we’ll be different

Never touch us, only the two of us know (I want her now)

Never touch us, in this moment

Secret of two of us who shared everything

Don’t hide anything

so what did Everglow mean by this



isn't gay haram for chinks? or maybe chinks are based and they don't mind girl love



Nah, it's lesbait. Same like Monster.

Not that I mind though

268×6282.53Mb00:07[말이 없다 비하인드] 깨고싶지 않은 꿈둥이들💕 드림캐쳐의 폴라로이드 촬영기📸-fQWhF-HQALo_02.18.805-02.26.847 <>

if everyone is blogposting I will too

Dreamcatcher stopped getting subs on their bts youtube series and it makes me a bit upset


powerful collarbones





Depends on if they make it as singers or not


Korea would have to stop being so conservative, which would also lead to more degeneracy, so it is a very double edged sword



The fact that most of them said


fuck it, I'd rather go back to Japan and get fucked on camera again than do this

Says something about the kpap industry



Yuri and Hyewon seem to be VERY close



just the fact that they were all japanese would have made success a struggle. Them being adult entertainers when idols have been exiled for much much much less made their success all but impossible. I'm surprised they lasted as long as they did.




but seriously, she looks weird as fuck in that OST MV

1920×108038.44Mb01:54[ENG_1-5] Idol Room Unaired IZ_ONE Cut - Testing Hyewon's 'Jean Valjean' Run from ISAC! 강혜원 장발장 달리기-ChHw1ciOws4

the fellow catches kpops as a hobby



just open the last 100 posts instead of the whole thread