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#156 International Thread


#156 International Thread


Dateu feels edition



1. No sexual fantasies or porn content


2. Do not insult idols


3. Behave like adults

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bouncy bounce make it pop pop pop



just an hour ago people were complaining about boomers posting noonas



We made it clear that it was eyester posting


Btw that one chingu who asked about the possibility of selca.kastden scraping TikTok

They already do that. Weekly's tiktok vids are on there


am i retarded or does she look a bit like woohee here



I don't see it

but imo woohee and yeonwoo look similar so I might be retarded too

640×660664.60Kb00:04데뷔 5일차 신인 걸그룹! 위클리의 우당탕탕 자기 소개!😂_ 위클리(Weeekly)_Tag Me (@Me) _ 키워드조작단 _ Keyword Changers-ftzOHQTztSU


if you mean this, its because weeeekly twt posts the tiktok link, its still marked as a twitter post on selca but the post description has the tiktok lik ofc


for me its just in that one webm, otherwise zoa is totally different



in that one webm

I guess they do look a bit similar



the twitter post links to tiktok, no?

in case of the 'instagram (ephemeral)' ones, the 'Associated URL' is what would be opened if you swipe up while viewing the story in the app




I see. Well, this means that other companies should just get better at posting their stuff on social media


playM did everything right for these months



they seem to be a very competent agency



good covers tbh



god that thumbnail alone

how could anybody see it and not click?



both PlayM and 1thek are owned by KakaoM so it's understandable

also it's understandable that Weeekly will get all the KakaoM related ROTYs



It seems they understand the zoomer media, that is very important for gen 4 groups



I hope Zoa will be as universaly loved as Woohee is

all those years on kpg and I've never seen anyone being mean to Woohee



oh that makes sense why 1thek is so good to them


zoa is an expert in the martial arts of biting hairbuns


they caught my zoomer transitioning into boomer's attention really well


i hope but i doubt it, kpop nowadays is much more toxic


do hashtags on kpg count into the brand reputation score?



I mean kch

please don't ban me


still a funny question, if they did my noonas would have their careers revived



the kpop world would be different

DC would already have the first win in 2019




my noonas would have their careers revived

I wonder if T-ara will do something

this recent show proved they are still insanely popular as a group



i wouldnt say insanely but yes they are popular and missed even in korea

i wish but i dont have any hopes for more group content



I wonder if Soyeon will drop some truth bombs on that trot show




it would make me super upset

I enjoy living in my happy bubble



if you make one, find a way to make it sad themed

the what could have been edition


perfect for midnight posting



wtf two sad editions in a row? that's too cruel


don't make it pics oriented since I'm already phoneposting from bed



guess we're staying here



1280×7202.68Mb00:03《极限青春》完整版第1期:王珞丹王一博程潇PK抢人,奥运选手炫技全场尖叫 <>


wtf you have to



ive made lewding edition once before and it indeed failed but underage edition worked


I don't understand why I got my isp banned, I barely even remember it


so... should I save my epic memes for the new edition or what?


Lewdsters need to go and stay go



I'm not the same dude bro, I've gotten my ISP banned and over 200 proxy IPs lmao and I know why



what if the new edition will never be created?


no nose edition, only posting kpops nose-up or nose-down



We just have to believe


I don't have even nostrils


let's wait until 3333 post with new edition



Unless it was done to me during sleep, I've never had one



6 month old zoomer vs. 4 year old boomer