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#159 International Thread


#159 International Thread


Light & Dark edition

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it's not like I would use placeholders like frick instead of fuck



it's funny if kqts say it but nothing to do irl



so maybe cursing has no real impact on being cool





You won't accidentally call a gay guy a faggot or black guy a nigger and get yourself canceled.



You will sound a bit gay, and when you get really angry you will probably be more likely to puch a wall or something like that since you can't vent with words


I always thought people who swear a lot are brainlets but the professors at my uni swore more than people at football games


I can't wait for tomorrow

I will save so many wuju pictures




as kpops say, I look forward to creating some precious memories with cosmic cuties



Maybe he was just Australian.

Honestly though, I feel like consciously trying to change your speaking habits is bowing down to the "words are violence" bullshit.



I don't care about other people opinions

I don't like myself swearing so much, it makes me uncomfortable sometimes




Honestly though, I feel like consciously trying to change your speaking habits is bowing down to the "words are violence" bullshit.

Personally, I think I should focus on cleaning up my language by first eliminating using english words all the time, it's very limiting and I hate it. but sometimes I have conversations with people who swear unnecessarily and they just come over as pointlessly angry over nothing. I don't care at all about using the politically accepted words for stuff but those don't have anything to do with swear words except nigger or faggot which I don't use anyway because it doesn't translate into my language




sometimes I have conversations with people who swear unnecessarily and they just come over as pointlessly angry over nothing


I don't want to be like that


if you think about it, you would not want you'are waipu to give you this look when you open your mouth


i should stop being this active



What if my waifu is worse than me



according to varieties, cursing is hilarious



good to know im not the first one, thakns



it's called being a very socially capable person. social butterfly they call it I think

it's probably ugis greatest talent to be so likeable



Meanwhile on her trips to China Ugi goes to concentration camps to personally push the gassing button

That would be hilarious




push the gassing button

are the muslim terrorists really that dirty to need delousing?



1. [+7,539, -186] Apologizing? Apologizing only after the scandal blow up, does that count as a real apology? It gives me goosebumps to think that she was acting like this behind the cameras while smiling like the devil for the public and begging for popularity..

those upvotes don't look good for Irene

I think T-ara articles were getting 20+k but Jimin's had less than that



Ofc she did now that it blew up, yadayadayada


Don't apologize

She didn't even apologize what a scum

She couldn't do anything correctly there

Why is world like this



well she's a terrible person, of course whatever she does people won't buy it



yes the best indicator of korean's public attitude towards this controversy is twitter and reddit



when will people understand that you never apologize once something got out of the private situation with the person




This is not just about Irene. This happens with anyone that does something wrong. Apology and remorse is demanded and when people get it, it gets dismissed immediately.



they need to stop doing wrong things then! it's only bad when the person is actually innocent



I am so tired I can't even tell if this is sarcasm or not



is it insulting if you call someone who acts like a bitch a bitch

that's just stating the fact



You can't even call her a terrible person now?

you guy are insane



BP had ~5k when they were late for an award show and around 4k when they danced in hanboks. It's not that bad






You can't even call her a insult now?

yes. 2. no insult idol.


terrible person is an insult

jesus christ

giving mods to random dudes was a mistake



it's ok, this doesn't fix anything, her career is over


wujus have concert tomorrow so I'm staying for now but this circle jerking is /trash/ tier

terrible person is not an insult if it's true




terrible person is not an insult if it's true




get a fucking grip mod, you are not a god here




terrible person is not an insult if it's true

yes it is.


amid all this negativity, im bout to drop some good news for at least one poster here



what about calling her a bitch then, do you agree that bitch is an insult? because you or whoever made your arguement yesterday with the word bitch too.



delusional place like this

there are rules. you're just stirring shit up



if you disagree your post will get deleted

thank you



and here we have it. the eternal well-poisoner caught in the act





gangster pose with a designer purse, that's very Korean



its saebom, i know theres a guy here besides me who loves her

i hope he sees it because she's been missing online for a long while and people thought she quit



bro I've been posting here for over two years with no issues but this is too much

how are we supposed to discus this controversy if saying anything negative about Irene will get the post deleted?




saying anything negative about Irene

not true. just if you insult an idol. you are getting spurred on by one guy who is deliberately calling her a bitch multiple times just to provoke a reaction

this rule exists for a reason. once you let insults be flung you will have a week or so until it hits your waipu as well and you end up with 4chan



i dont know, but hes posting there now



Yeah, but since OMG is not doing much, Arin's MC gig is the main thing, no?



that's true, and it's a blessing

I wanted this for years


hey hey people, please, dont quarrel with each other for a stupid reason and dont leave from kch



that boat sailed a long long time ago



1. Become rich and go to HK

2. Become a friend with her sister

3. Force her to help you meet Elkie

4. By a gallery, invite Elkie there

5. After some talk say that you are the owner and you wanna gift her what she likes (painting or something)



How pretty is her sister? Askign for a friend