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#161 International Thread


#161 International Thread


500'000 Posts Milestone Celebration Edition



1. No sexual fantasies or porn content


2. Do not insult idols


3. Behave like adults

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the question was if they are making it. they are like in the top10 of sales since they've debuted so if they don't qualify for making it then only bp, twice and snsd made it



two years ago they said they haven't received any salary yet. i don't think they're in debt at this point but i don't think they're making bank either



maybe they got unlucky and started too early so they still have slave contracts from that era of kpop

I bet 2019 rookies have it much easier already to make money



no more blood rituals for government shamans

except maybe for jyp who knows



I read that SK government has put in place stricter regulations for kpop contracts and that they are inspecting the companies more often



that can mean anything


inspecting the companies more often

with the sheer number of companies, i doubt the inspections can be of quality or informational



You underestimate how many bugmen employed by goverment there are in every country



i just think most governments are slow to move and/or corrupt. didn't yg and seungri get let off pretty easy for whatever they did?


the real danger to kpap right now is getting bought out by china or america tbh



Yes but they have a ot of money to bribe people. The problem with most small companies is they have no money


Rocket Punch Experience Their Past Lives and YeonHee Experiences Death



But they can't even pay for idol's lunch sometimes like that ANS company



can't or choose not to? it's like companies (not just talking about kpop here) shelving out money to lawmakers instead of paying their workers more

1280×72015.52Mb01:20[V LIVE] [PRISTIN] 유누의 연습실 속 브이라이브📺-29727




i think the government is pretending to do something and it's not what you may want. the entertainment industry is corrupt and i think that's just a fact of the world that you have to accept. like when you eat meat, it was probably factory farmed. or the clothes or phone you have were probably made by poor children in a third world country. we'd all like to think that our girls didn't have to experience the shady underdealings of the kpop world but it's a very real possibility that they have



Yeah, but somebody doing stuff to improve the state of affairs is a good thing



i'm not disagreeing but i'm just skeptical of how much improvement there actually will be




we'd all like to think that our girls didn't have to experience the shady underdealings of the kpop world

word I hope my waipu doesn't have to witness this

2500×150018.11Mb00:26190115 아이즈원(IZ*ONE),워너원,여자친구 - 세븐틴 무대 리액션 Reaction [4K] 직캠 (2019 서울가요대상) by Mera <>


if they manage/managed to get rid of 10 year contracts and trainee debt meme is already pretty good

vid related is kid-dol dragged out of a past 10pm work schedule, a somewhat recently introduced regulation



that's a pretty pessimistic worldview. Just accept that things may be shitty and let corruption thrive? It's okay to have a realistic outlook but just taking shit lying down won't make things better.



the topic was the korean government so I guess korean citizens are doing that for me.




70% of BP albums are bought by chinks

China ruining kpop yet again



Netizens are right. Time to kick out all chink mainlanders from Kpap groups



so nothing like me. just hoping for the best


it seems like that refugee thread suddenly went silent

they sure are interesting creatures these 4channel trolls



what if it turns out they were right all along, would you sacrifice all the chinese kqts to save kpop?


pandering to western audiences is worse tbh





Taiwan - officially the Republic of China (ROC)



what are you talking about






95%+ The Han Chinese


The Han Chinese simplified Chinese

she is china property



gates serve a purpose though

you know yuehua right? the shit they're pulling with their chinese artists

do you want such antics happen in all of kpop? close the gates


do you know hot idol?



Well yeah. People make fun of blackpink fairly regularly here



oh ok

yeah everybody can enjoy kpap well~~

what if companies listen to loud minority fans who spam them on twitter to make your waipu bald , black and lesbian concept now?



blackpink is the only one relevant group here tbh



The money dictates the trends. Look at that kpop group that has niggers in it. They are bottom of the feed list. Companies care about profits, not their customers



b-but customers give the money right?

in any case I will just do my part and support the good kpops




b-but customers give the money right?

Yes, but you don't have to do what they want from you, you just have to make it seem like you care. Look at all the companies in America right now.


Hurdurr black lives matter, buy our special BLM edition Nike shoes

Meanwhile they make those shoes in some african country where black kids get mangled in some machine every day.

Same thing in kpop. You can say


we will put legal measures against hateful comments aimed at our artists

Then you don't have to do anything, the public already praises you and tells you how much you are a good boy company.


do kpops have a maximum number of posts before you get bored with posting that kpop and move on to another one?



there are kpops I don't get tired of posting but anons might get tired at some point and my folder will exhaust so I hold back




but anons might get tired so I hold back

that's nice of you


yejibros moved back?




The money dictates the trends. Look at that kpop group that has niggers in it.

not in USA

e.g. that Gillette ad was unprofitable but the CEO said 'we're still happy we made it'


gonna take a shower

make the new thread while i'm out


he's gone, quickly create a new thread and don't post the link



maybe you just haven't found their limit yet?




but the CEO said 'we're still happy we made it'

What else is he supposed to say?



I mean I sure they would do similar shit again not regarding how profitable it would be



sells dynamics right after the compaign?



As far as I remember they haven't done any retarded shit like that since then and just quietly went back to showing muscular handsome men that get all the women in their ads



where did you go let me in


nobody tell him


i won't post a cute sino webm then


wait I do want to see cute sino webm