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#173 International Thread


#173 International Thread


Your Papers Please Edition



1. No sexual fantasies or porn content


2. Do not insult idols


3. Behave like adults


you can use the opportunity to post airport pics in memory of the time before rona too


pledis girls





to stay!



you can post pics from before, after and during roro. I'm just pitching ideas here




I believe they where implying they cannot remember a time before the c word




grabbing all the data from my old drive before I scrap it


seeing pics and videos I haven't touched in 8+ years

this is fun! the only downside is the god awful transfer speeds



Yeah, I got 1 day delivery so I had it all the day after I posted the specs.

Thought it wouldn't take long to assemble but I didn't account for my stupidity, ended up staying up until 3am getting it all working and thus only had 2 hours of sleep for my 10 hour work day the next morning



it's quite impressive. at this point the artificial waiting period to press buttons on startup is the thing that takes the longest




did you break something?

I haven't built a PC in years and I've never built in a SFF case before so it was a steep learning curve. I was rushing it since it was already like 10pm when I started and I was tired from work to begin with. I kept putting things together then having to remove them again when I realise the next component needs to plug into a socket that is now blocked off by another component/case/wires. I'm very happy with the end result though, very much worth the hassle for the small and cute form factor.


also how's it feel on an ssd now compared to earlier?

It's insane. I wish I had timed it but I used to have to wait ages for my PC to turn on in the morning, I'd turn it on then go and make breakfast and by the time I get back it would almost be ready to use.

Now? Press on, it's pretty much ready to go. Everything feels so instant I love it. I'm able to make short vids to post here much quicker now too since I can just jump along a video editors timeline without having to click, wait, click, wait etc etc.



wow very nice. sounds like it improved your daily activities

once you experience it, it feels dumb to wait for your computer to do things for you again





Yuri's cuteness kills me


now that I see it in big, it's actually a shitty picture sorry



I'm aahhhing every picture with Yuri





sff case

which one do you have? I've only bought prebuilt small pcs


it better not be that NZXT one that causes fires



NR200P (without the glass panel)

comfy white box looks so clean




Now? Press on, it's pretty much ready to go.

dunno, uefi load is still pretty slow, windows 10 loads for another several seconds, it's about 8-10 in total. there's still long way to go


Everything feels so instant I love it

nah, software devs managed to make apps working on ssd slow too thanks to technology like electron and monkey coders who doesn't know algorithms




monkey coders who doesn't know algorithms

I feel personally attacked

you're being too negative bro, ssds provide amazing speeds it's super cool experiencing the big bump






other people are doing it better than me anyway



doesn't mean you have to give up, fighting


I like this picture



I have one in my thinkpad!

don't really know about a noticeable difference even though it should be ~6 times faster than my sata one



I was also thinking #4 but the hair isn't top tier imo


i only had two images total from mellon awards afterall



Fuck, I'm normally very jaded and negative when it comes to most things. This is the first time I'm experiencing the other side of the coin. I should try to be more optimistic in daily life


#3, but #2 if her dress was longer or possibly from another shot where the shorts aren't so visible





I should try to be more optimistic in daily life

it's a good way to be. there's always something you can be positive about



got it mixed with m.2 as in nvme

didn't think this thread would stoop so low...



yeah I realized after I replied

but I was sure you meant the new Apple's chip here >>573125 because it's really fast








producer-nim cut ~10 frames here, so they have kissed



even on this frame they're already touching, so on few second ones there should be a decent kiss (with right part of the mouth)




with right part of the mouth



Seunghee takes legal action against singer TANK who threatened her due to a one-sided crush

how do we protec kpops from weirdos

1080×19204.00Mb00:05170610 다이아(DIA) 예빈(백예빈) 나랑 사귈래(Will You Go Out With Me) 한강 버스킹 공연 직캠(Fancam) by 니키식스 <>


1080×600440.39Kb00:02[MV] ELRIS(엘리스) _ You and I(너와 나) <>


it's up there



ok hyeseong pondering which day it is might be most saved




wasn't one of these two girls the one who went to diet

3840×2160700.63Kb00:02[Artist Of The Month] (G)I-DLE SOOJIN(수진) Spotlight _ December 2020 (4K)-GZisotH2kQg
1920×10801.30Mb00:03(여자)아이들((G)I-DLE) - I-TALK #67 : '덤디덤디 (DUMDi DUMDi)' 뮤비 촬영 현장 비하인드 Part 1 (ENG) <>

Happy Seo Soojin day



sounds pretty interesting, anticipating



Yujeong: In the new year to be absolutely honest, We thought "..This isn't gonna work. We should quickly end it here. Let's meet and talk about this." - this was last tuesday (Fed 23rd).


(Interviewer surprised)


Yujeong: Yeah so even in the car a few moments ago, we were like "What's going on? What's happening?"


.. We talked amongst ourselves: "We can't go on any further. Let's tell the CEO as well. Aren't the lifestyle we're living right now too difficult?


Actually even at our dorm, me and Yuna have already took out our belongings .. So it was almost over. So we had that discussion, and I think it was the day before? when that video was uploaded. So (our first reaction) we weren't elated- we were rather composed.


We were like "Don't raise your hope, it'll just hurt you. This is just a viral moment which will come and go. So let's not lose sleep over this." ..Our self-esteem was very low, because nothing ever worked out for the four of us, so let's just stop this and find normal job - that was our thought process.


..But during these past 5 days, everything changed.


Interviewer: But you've moved out of the dorm, so you're gonna-


Yujeong: moving back in again. I've even brought my training clothes, because we have dance practice later :)


..Since we've been in this for 6 years, we understand how precious and thankful it is to receive this kind of attention. The amount of supporters have grown so much, my sense of responsibility has grown as well. We want to show ourselves as it is. I enjoy being on stage, and so I want to show a genuine performance.





The one who looks like Squirtle, her smile is beautiful

holy shit what a description


fucking gooks

you're supposed to know your own artists



I think it was just the video you linked going viral



people currently in service aren't seeing any kpops talk about bad cards



tbh I didn't see any kpops either, I'm as unlucky



but they were so close to it and got denied in the last moment



almost like the I-DLE world tour




it's acktyually Somi day too



happy somiday





everybody knows 0309 is taeyeon day




this is where I exclude you said group making you an assa

it's not cool to be an assa


nooo I don't want to be an assa



0309 taeyeon

learn it and get inssa





1920×10804.71Mb00:13[MV] ORANGE CARAMEL(오렌지캬라멜) _ My Copycat(나처럼 해봐요)

1080×192012.06Mb00:18[MPD직캠] 여자친구 신비 직캠 FINGERTIP GFRIEND SinB Fancam @엠카운트다운_170309


GOOD taste



thank you, I developed it over years myself






#Ida​​ #Vita​​ #Aki​​ #Bian​​ #Suzy​​ #Shinye​​

maybe they'll let her back in tiktok, although she has to start collecting followers from 0 again


1440×256031.02Mb00:19190831 엘리스 혜성 ( Summer Dream ) DDP 늦은밤 콘서트 4K 60P 직캠 Fancam

1440×256013.97Mb00:16190831 엘리스 혜성 ( Summer Dream ) DDP 늦은밤 콘서트 4K 60P 직캠 Fancam


b able two



what am I supposed to think about after seeing this, I have a googol meet coming up



she can do it with the magic of her tongue





got through



there is some seriously tough competition, but in that moment, in that outfit, I think that might very well be the best midriff in kpop

720×12802.40Mb00:06[V LIVE] 양혜선 _ 핫스팟 - Starships(Nicki Minaj) _ 포지션 배틀 직캠(댄스) [YANG HYE SEON's Position Direct Cam(DANCE)]-50030



that's some serious stabilization work


Jellyfish Entertainment confirm Kim Sejeong is currently preparing to make a comeback but the schedule has yet to be determined


Starship Entertainment confirm WJSN will be making their comeback in late March


MBC is shared to be working with producer Han Dongcheol in creating a new idol audition program set to air later this year around Autumn

please no gaypop

>>572584 ➡



you think this going viral has to do with the fact that people haven't seen large gatherings and cheering crowds in a year



Yujeong has been eating too many sweets



do you think they badly want to kiss each other, especially because dating is banned?


i like gowon






izone -> enozi -> eneoji -> energy




are you posting those killer pictures on purpose











two titles



I'll go with found since she would have to have been very clumsy to drop everything she needed



remember when Yena was autistic about winning the game



I can only remember yena's hand sliding softly on chaewon's cheek currently




have a banana milk, it'll make you feel better


wanna watch Juriful Days?



is that a yes?









1920×10804.86Mb00:08[BE ORIGINAL] SUNMI(선미) '꼬리(TAIL)' (Behind) (ENG SUB)-ou6A8qO5nFo




no I hate it and I think it's not just that but also temporary fillers or some shit like that


lip fillers




she's just posing them "suggestively", I think it looks mega awkward



noone does, stylist nim just wanted to be different and draw lipstick halfway up to her nose



oh god that is one scary picture to see



hair is 100% the most attractive part of anyone, picture any person you know with hair as bald and they are instantly worse for it


always use headphones


current pair have been slowly packing in, decided to buy something new before they fully break


got the galaxy buds+ after watching reviews and seeing them for a decent price


put them in


tinny as fuck

I've never ever had a pair of earbuds that sound anywhere close to the cheap headphones I use no matter how much I spend on them.

Why are they all so shit? Why does everyone seem to be pretending they aren't? I really want to like these because I bought an IZ*ONE case for them but I just can't see myself enjoying them.



maybe there's something wrong with your ears



I get the same feeling, mm vs cm big drivers, it does make sense

and you really need to get them to seal perfectly otherwise it's going to be complete shit




I bought an IZ*ONE case for them

just ride on the sentimental value while getting used to bad quality

humans can get used to anything





with hair as bald and they are instantly worse for it

yeah, same in case of no nose



this begs the question, what could you live without as an idol

one foot missing? footfags btfo



seulgibros don't even know that concept



don't offend monke, she was born that way



just realized it's the minju angel melody in the end


love kpop memes



is it that time already again?



need strength for various activities




I mean the omo webm isn't actually recent is it ?



I did a great job shilling it at the time



you might even call it...a classic


sleep poorly and wake up really early because people at home are noisy in the morning


buy earplug


wake up even earlier

It's not fair bros...


is kpop heaven real?


looks real to me




prove it



do you really?!



they filmed running man

I only watch one running man episode per year, this could be it



meant the one with Yuqi, Mijoo and so on



why do they suddenly wear so many clothes





It was real in my mind!

I'm just dumb, I was thinking of another clip. Please forgive, I didn't mean to fib



why are they censoring it if it's sponsored

is she shilling for free


Hello, this is Mnet.


Mnet, Swing Entertainment, and Off The Record have been discussing with and listening to the opinions of each IZ*ONE members’ agency for the best possible activities for all 12 members ahead of the end of the project group.


IZ*ONE’s project group activities will end in April as scheduled. They debuted in 2018 with COLOR*IZ and have grown into a girl group that represents Asia and have been receiving love not only from Korea, but also around the world.


IZ*ONE’s online solo concert ONE, THE STORY will be held for two days on March 13-14.


Mnet, Swing Entertainment, and Off The Record thank the 12 members of IZ*ONE for their wonderful performances, and we will support their growth as artists in the future so they can continue writing the fantastic stories they have already created.


Please look forward to their new futures, and continue to support them.



>> IZ*ONE’s project group activities will end in April as scheduled



my webm


So it turns out the in-app image quality is actually decent and twitter users just suck ass at ripping images. Damn, do I gotta screencap all of the images myself or does anyone have a drive where someone has done it? Best option would be getting the direct image source instead of a screencap but I don't know enough about mobile app stuff to figure that out.



was thinking about packet sniffing or looking if they are cached but my phone is not compatible with the app and I don't want to do it enough to bother with emulators and such

also I thought zoomer's phones are 4k and such but the biggest screenshots I saw were 1440p




link me a nice garlic sauce recipe for chikin


what would you format to shared hdd drive for windows/linux rw access (file storage, no boot/installs)?

ntfs and exfat seems to be main options

ntfs: slow in linux

exfat: fast with kernel driver, but no journaling, also no symlinks

exfat seems a bit faster, but I'm not 100% sure about its reliability

I have ups but still, a bit worrisome



I'm already getting a headache just thinking about using that


[Yuqi] Neverever good night ♥️♥️♥️



Internet detectives found this pic from 2019 that looks like it's the same location

if that's true it would mean she is in China and that the rumors of her filming Running Man there are true




maybe you can use ntfs and it'll improve itself at some point

interesting, that in-kernel driver might provide performance similar to windows, in case of hdd (~150mib/s for sequential write), I don't need nvme level performance anyway

it might be a bit buggy though, ntfs-3g was here for much longer time

what do you think about exfat?





network drives

you mean you share linux drive in windows via samba and vice versa?



definitely much slower than local drives but I haven't tested


nice bag



just passing the meme



I think he means 7 year contract end is coming up



every group disbands eventually


did private mail poster account nim already move on after the news




doesn't seem like there is a reason he would do that

would they be posting between 21:00 and 05:00 KST normally?



Wony and Eugene will continue in WUJU 2.0


I am gonna miss Eunbi taking care of the kids


they will disband before any in person events are allowed again

please just extend their contract a little bit



This is the worst bit. IOI had great farewell concert with lots of crying It was such a powerful moment




synology, although it turned out I use very little of the features it offers

synology raid is nice though and saved me old drives so maybe it was worth it



what model?


saved me old drives so maybe it was worth it

do you mean some hdd crashed but data was safu because of the raid?



normal raid requires all drives are same size, with synology raid you can keep upping the size so I could put to use my smaller drives I already had

I have some 4 slot one from 2 years ago




with synology raid you can keep upping the size so I could put to use my smaller drives I already had

I'm curious how that works



cool, so it's like 1+1+1+1 and 2+2, 2 is unused

but if you have e.g. 1,1,2tb drives then simple raid5 would work, shr won't improve anything



err, I mean 1+1+1 from third and 2+2, only 1gb is actually unused


it's all over minjubros



there were only 5 mails today/yesterday and they were all before that article was posted.




In unRAID, the parity bits are stored on a parity drive independent of the data drives

interesting, capacity is the same as in case of SHR, but with SHR you may have better performance because your sub-raids are independent, but in case of unraid parity disk is being written each time, so less parallelism

I used to use raid1 but now I'm bit tired of all that extra disks

I think backups is a bit easier thing, if you don't have nas

maybe I should build one though





them girls will be gone for a long time or forever


doomerposting is banned. I won't believe they're really gone until they've been disbanded for at least three months. There's nothing kpop companies won't try and exploit.




maybe I should build one though

been in NAS limbo for some hours today and I gotta say Synology makes building your own seem nice, you can build a FreeNAS or whatever box for less with more slots, storage, compute power, ZFS and eternal support

unless you get the most anemic two slot ones that can't do anything



the best thing about building your own is that you can use old hardware that you already have like hdds

but for most people just paying 200-400$ for one of the premade synology 2-bay boxes is probably still most appealing






maybe it's depression numbness but I've resigned myself to accept pretty much any outcome. If they disband it'll be sad but they've had an amazing run, it'll be interesting to see what the members do and I'll be a bit relieved to escape a bit from the vice grip kpop has over me. If they stay together then choo motherfucking choo, I'm getting a second job.




you can build a FreeNAS or whatever box for less with more slots, storage, compute power, ZFS and eternal support

yeah, those things are expensive as fuck

~$800 for a good 6-8 slot one, doesn't make sense to buy less than that

I'm not sure I want to have one more PC being turned on forever somewhere in my house though

I was thinking to replace my PC with notebook because it seems simpler and quiter

of course you can build quite PC setup but still it feels like an extra unnecessary device in your room

uh, it's so complex, raid vs backups, nas vs pc, pc vs notebook, I just don't know how to properly organize my stuff

probably I should use small raid1 setup on my pc/notebook, use nas with raid for everything else and setup backuping to raid

need to build small tiny pc for nas then, huh

I will need to reorganize everything again, why is it so hard to come with a perfect solution

I can't even decide whether I should use Windows or Linux




you can buy diskless synology nas, they're just expensive on their own




it'll be interesting to see what the members do

literally the only thing that will keep me going

I think it's obvious for the J-line but for everyone else it seems up in the air.

I've heard of Eunbi joining Rocket Punch and someone joining Everglow but I can't see it myself. The harsh reality is that most probably won't continue as idols, maybe models or something? Actress would be interesting, maybe Minju would get on that? I never watched any of her drama stuff.




I never watched any of her drama stuff.

time to join viewing squad




raid1 setup on my pc/notebook

probably not necessary if you backup to nas

so just small ssd on pc/notebook + nas

how to build a nas though


post izones while you still can


archive everything




on that note does anyone know a way to archive an entire twitter account's posted photos and rename/folder them based on hashtags?



looked into twitter archivers a month ago but they were all broken at the time

I should look into them again soon, less than 2 months left



fuck that's exactly me but it was far less than 2 months ago

at this rate I'm gonna have to just go in manually


when they said the internet is forever they lied, it's all going away never to be seen again



also not sure if anyone else browses twitter with browser but god damn is it unreliable, like half the time you get "no tweet available" or timeline stops loading and have to reload page

archivers get the same errors and stop archiving

official API works 100% but only for the last 3000 or something tweets



I used Jdownloader2 to download 60k izone pics the other day and didn't get blocked or anything so that works. There's even some rule option to rename the files according to some conditions but I haven't looked into it properly.


the real red pill of archiving is starting a viral archive project in the fandom so you can use 12 year old girls as your free laborers




I'm not sure I want to have one more PC being turned on forever somewhere in my house though

yeah, I wonder what the smallest wattage would be nowadays, 150W? how much would that draw on idle


I was thinking to replace my PC with notebook because it seems simpler and quiter

I'm happily using my notebook ever since I got it even though I have a more than capable desktop

no noise or heat, I actually prefer the ergonomics and it's extremely nice to be able to move around with your main machine

when I'm at my desk I have an external monitor and everything connected to it with just one USB-C cable


you can probably mail them and ask



I mean, why use your own 8tb nas if you can rent those 8tb in a cloud

I heard with google cloud it's pretty cheap because they don't limit the size of your virtual drive



this seems to be working for just grabbing everything from an account, but in terms of sorting via hashtags or any kind of formatting at all I'm not seeing any options. This will still be useful as a last gasp solution though



the pricing is not that simple but from just looking at standard storage for west europe it says 0.023 per gb and month so 0.023 * 8000 = 184$ a month



most good twitter pics don't even have useful hashtags



True. The account I'm downloading from had everything sorted by hashtags though which is why I was wanting that feature.

Thinking about it though I wonder if there is any facial recognition software that would help me sort them? I saw something like that on some old photo archive software recently




how much would that draw on idle

I don't mind the extra wattage, but having another device in a room you have to look for is a bit inconvenient

maybe there're guides on how to build synology-like PC for less than $800, need to check


no noise or heat, I actually prefer the ergonomics and it's extremely nice to be able to move around with your main machine

yeah, I want one too, for non CPU intensive daily tasks

what about gaming though? you may have xbox/ps but some games require PC

also I'm not sure whether I should use windows or linux and dualboot is inconvenient too because rebooting sucks. maybe I should have one additional pc for that


even though I have a more than capable desktop

where do you keep it? do you use it together with a notebook?


I wonder what the kpop companies themselves do with all their original material. do they not know that people would pay a lot of money for that kind of thing?



I think that's what they are going for with the Universe bullshit



you mean the releasing half year old pictures one by one?

do people like it so far?




I'd pay good money for not-shit-edited SuperstarIZ or RememberZ photos.


The fruit theme photos have been excellent. I'm even considering opening the app to rip them in better quality.




having another device in a room you have to look for is a bit inconvenient

true, I dread that too. the wattage wouldn't bother me much if it wasn't for the heat, it can get unbearable in summer


what about gaming though?

I don't play videogames much anymore


where do you keep it? do you use it together with a notebook?

under my desk, it's just powered off 99.9% of the time


we probably don't know how to buy the original original stuff because we can't afford it




The fruit theme photos have been excellent

word it's a fantastic set. was it made exclusively for universe? also how are these pics ripped in the first place?


you mean we would need to be inssas like some sort of chaebol in those forbidden groups or something? that seems a bit excessive for some kpop pictures




if it wasn't for the heat, it can get unbearable in summer

do you have your router in your room? if not you can just put the machine next to router or something


not much time left




was it made exclusively for universe?

yeah exactly, universe has an exclusive variety show for each group too afaik


also how are these pics ripped in the first place?

people haven't found a better way than screenshots unfortunately



agree but this >>574121 is screencapped from my 2330x1080 phone screen and judging by the pixellation in the red they can't be that much bigger in actual size. But yeah any type of scaling sucks.



we need someone with a 4k phone to test this


Why can't they just open a fucking website? I wouldn't even mind paying the $3 for exclusive shit. What the fuck is wrong with companies?


We're going to invest millions in content creation but we'll make it so 95% of users can't enjoy it on anything bigger than a 6" screen



people don't pay for stuff on websites

on mobile apps a credit card charge is one tap


I can't really say I'm happy because I also like IZ*ONE. It's complicated... I've been following IZ*ONE's activities since the beginning and I love them


At the same time, I've been waiting for the day I can perform together with SakuNako again. I can't really explain the feeling...I wonder if people's complicated


Thinking of how WIZ*ONE must feel know?

nako's wife confirmed they will go back to jaypan



and twitter is free and provides english translations

don't mind me, just complaining



twitter will have twitter+ soon, paid subscription to accounts you want more from



there was anon here ~year ago who was using that

also a lot of reddit users



sure but have you actually tried it? also it's basically just cheating. how long will it last



she got some heat because first she just posted


SakuNako OooooOoooooo

and people got a bit butthurt



I see 2017

try it yourself now and report back instead

also that trick is so mainstream I think I saw a linustechtips video about it so really how can you expect it to last


It's detecting their faces at least. Actually identifying them is very hit and miss but hopefully it will get better once I shove more pics in. Also it keeps detecting the cookies, so cute.


Up until recently, I thought I was 21 😂 The Korean method of counting age messed up my own counting. A model I follow on Instagram who's the same age as I am said they turned 23, so I was like, "Wait..." Then I googled "Miyawaki Sakura age" & it said 22, so I'm turning 23



I have no idea but what's in it for google? there is no way they are not aware

just getting poor power-users into their ecosystem?



digiKam. There is likely better out there though, it's getting a good 90% of faces wrong but manually fixing them is faster than anything else I have available right now



I can see it

maybe this girl is the primordial asian girl




nak is most balanced and best as well



Sakura for me


even wony is named as best jap before hitomi

what a sad fate


I thought wony is japanese Nako and Hitomi then

I'm just a bit dumb because of thinking about a lot of things right now, don't judge me



I don't know why but nako is not appealing to me at all

maybe it's the super high pitch voice




her citizenship was revoked after failing to comply with the famous thighwan law


not eating it


772×6941018.73Kb00:02저희 행복할게요~(!) '아이돌 그라운드' 우주소녀(WJSN) 5편 [ENG] <>




Nako and Hii are both ultra cute but I can just listen to Sakura talk for hours, girl is big brained. I'd even read a book by her audiobook, narrated by her

Hope she revives her gaming channel.




audiobook, narrated by her

doesn't count


CLC Sorn teases on TikTok that her first solo song will be released in 2 weeks

interesting teaser

there was some CLC talk earlier though

1280×7204.45Mb00:18[ENG SUB] 190215 Buzz Rhythm 02 - IZ_ONE Interview and Performance - video Dailymotion_manifest



I thought wony is japanese



damn I should really start watching japanese variety shows. every clip I've seen so far was funny af



won't watch it, Yuri's cuteness will kill me






nako used magikarp eating cuteness attack


it had no effect on me






I like her moderate-level cuteness

Yuri on the other hand is a mass destruct weapon




Yuri on the other hand is a mass destruct weapon

100% truth



that luigi could jump

what was mario's special anyway






it's just powered off 99.9% of the time

why don't you use it as a nas then?




it's an i5 6600k


don't know, that's just what freenas comes with

unlike btrfs it has raid functionality like what the synology guy mentioned



yes 90$ one time fee.

I have 8 hdds and 3 ssds in it with 7 different sizes

the price is easily justified in my case, because it allows me to use all these old hdds




3 ssds

as cache?

cool, did you build pc for that?


because it allows me to use all these old hdds

I have like 4 old hdds I don't use but I'm afraid that some of them might have bad blocks/io errors

does unraid notify you about that?




yeah, with freenas (truenas core) you can extend your pool only by adding another stripe to RAID50

that sucks



2 of them as raid1 cache and also for all vms and dockers

1 is only for kpop pictures for quick read times

I had to buy a case and a power supply new (230$) but everything else is my 7 year old computer parts


does unraid notify you about that?

yes it has the usual hdd smart self tests




yes it has the usual hdd smart self tests



I'm a bit paranoid about cheap hdds only reporting something before the death or even not reporting any errors, just clobbering the data


7 year old computer parts

is it loud? or you put it outside the living room?


vms and dockers

smart chingu




good to know, thanks

people shit on btrfs for being unreliable, I thought it might just be redditors but:


Warning: The RAID 5 and RAID 6 modes of Btrfs are fatally flawed, and should not be used for "anything but testing with throw-away data." List of known problems and partial workarounds. See the Btrfs page on RAID5 and RAID6 for status updates (seems to not be updated).


so you're stuck with some lvm or mdadm kind of deal, doesn't sound very great




lvm or mdadm kind of deal

also found


I use mergerfs and snapraid on openmediavault

so seems like there're open source solutions similar to SHR

but not as fancy as unraid/synology


the RAID 5 and RAID 6 modes of Btrfs are fatally flawed

yeah, btrfs isn't as reliable as zfs here

but other than that it's quite good, I've been using it for few years almost without issues

anyway, zfs isn't suitable for hybrid raid either


we up?



the pre-fail thing is just the type of the attribute. so if it sees raw read errors, it's an indication of impending failure. while power on hours is useful to see the age of the drive


is it loud? or you put it outside the living room?

it is not audible except for one piece of shit brand new seagate hdd I bought half a year ago pic related, guess which disk is the brand new one...

I have it in the living room.



I never buy seagates disk 8

you guys are so cool, I only had a simple mdadm/luks/lvm setup in my pc until recently with 6 drives, but I turned off most of them because the schema turned out be too complex

now I want a cool nas setup too



I'm so glad I was enough to save literally every computer thing for a decade even things that others didn't want anymore. made it possible to do this cheap. if I had to buy everything new it would still be too expensive just for a cool bonus thing


it's the ssd.




I've been keeping even old 80GB IDE drives and p3/p4 computers until recently

now I only keep useful stuff like sata drives, keyboards, cables, etc mostly, I still have floppy and cd drives lying in the closet because it feels wrong to throw them away

I have many parts to build nas too but I want to make it fancy one, hate fan/hdd noise and dusty cases

maybe I should keep it on a balcony though



at first I tried to use my old case too but there just isn't enough space in it for all the hdds and it has 0 air flow

I also cut myself on it a couple times during building

I'm not sure how cold/hot a pc can get before it being a problem. also how humid/wet it can get



I got half of them from friends/family who didn't want them anymore





I was close here >>574560



not bad

I have 4+4+1+1, so it's 6T only with parity

I don't use them much though, it's fast to download movie you want to watch and delete it right away

but I would like to setup automatic backup thing and it's cool when you don't need to care about removing stuff at all



sadly the sub 100gb ones I had lying around use IDE and I decided against them.

the ssd was my boot drive for years

yeah the storage amount is unnecesary especially if you use it alone. imo the value of this thing comes from the parity saving your stuff if a drive fails + all the little services you can let it do


that is unironically my case

it is surprisingly hard to find a case that can fit 8+ hdds and isn't a server rack






that is unironically my case

what's the model?


parity saving your stuff if a drive fails

you can avoid that with backup though

and with raid you need backups anyway because raid doesn't save you from accidental loss of data

nas is more convenient if you have a lot of devices and use notebook, compared to centralized solution like PC with a lot of drives

why is it so hard to setup everything properly




why is it so hard to setup everything properly

it doesn't have to be perfect from the start dwai too much.


downloaded all the images with jdownloader2


tagged them all with who is in the image


realise the filenames aren't dated and it's just Twitter filenames

Fucking shit. Is it possible to discern a date from "1348918108866695168_ErhR2VkXYAA0weZ"?

It's all fucked isn't it. So many hours, wasted.




bitrot memory problems

use ECC memory


I'm ok with that risk. a true backup would be too expensive

it feels a bit wrong that even with a cool nas setup there's a risk of losing everything

it's possible to manually backup the most important data sometimes, but that sucks

should be not too hard to setup automatic backup to some cloud with cheap plan, saving the most important 1tb of data or so

need to think about that



I'm using one right now best cases


if I don't try hard enough, I drop the entire thing in a week because it feels corrupted


just setup kpopnet and automatically rename the files




should be not too hard to setup automatic backup

the worst thing about that is that if you setup it a bit wrong way, you will be too lazy to fix it later

for example I setup daily backup of db snapshot to backblaze, but didn't setup auto removal of the eldest snapshots so in few years those will cost me extra money

but I'm too lazy to change it now because I lost that context



I have the most important documents I absolutely cannot lose like passwords and stuff on a cloud.

a cool thing about unraid compared to raid is that if you lose a disk completely (for example if 2 hdds failed right now for me), that's the only thing you're losing, not all data because it's not striped across all disks. the only way to lose everything would be physical theft or hourse burning







that's the only thing you're losing, not all data because it's not striped across all disks

so the separate parity disk has its own advantage too huh

still feels a bit wasteful to lose performance because of bottleneck on that disk. probably you should use the fastest one disk you have for parity


I have the most important documents I absolutely cannot lose like passwords and stuff on a cloud

do you backup it manually? it bothers me that either

1) you have small free plans like 15gb of gdrive so it's unrealistic to backup enough of data, using a regular backup script

2) 1tb+ plans cost pretty much, not sure if it's worth to pay $10-20 per month just to be extra safe



with normal use I have not reached the write bottleneck. I think it's only a problem if multiple people write to it at the same time, before that you'll be bottlenecked by network and stuff


do you backup it manually?

no. And for me it's only a couple mbs.

I don't have videos of family that I desperately need to save or anything


good night




My first example picture, BwjA8nCCcAAy5zA.jpg, decodes as 2014-09-02 20:23:58 GMT, data center #1, worker #7.

My brain is too small for this. The description (or what I understand of it) sounds like it applies to all twitter image names though, which should mean someone that knows what they are doing could write a simple script to rename files from the format of "BwjA8nCCcAAy5zA" to "2014-09-02 20:23:58".

I really must sleep now, but I pray the big brains see this and help us out



Rumor: Sakura will be joining BigHit Entertainment and is expected to sign an exclusive contract soon

it'll be a couple months of weird rumors at least for the jp girls since AKB can be left any time



separate rumor upcoming big hit girl group, I don't think they would let her sing alone



"1348918108866695168_ErhR2VkXYAA0weZ" the number in the beginning is the input for def snowflake2utc(sf):

then you can get a datetime from that timestamp and put it out with strf however you want

and renaming all your files in a folder shouldn't be a big problem right?



that's the most Yena picture set I have ever seen



this should work if the filenames are all like "1348918108866695168_ErhR2VkXYAA0weZ" this

all you gotta do is put in the full path to the directory you want to rename files in

makes 1348918108866695168_ErhR2VkXYAA0weZ into 20210112_ErhR2VkXYAA0weZ



Just got up, looks like my praying worked

Cheers for this, I can't wait to get home and fix my shit tonight


no idea what the source is



omo I didn't know that

so she's got some of the best chances to make it as idol together with wony/yujin



the summer comebacks this year will be very interesting with izone gone. will the overall sales drop a ton or will fans go to other groups? perhaps even a new group?



they have a blog post about it

maybe it will explain


on an unrelated note

hyper-v manager is pretty comfy, you don't even need to install virtualbox to manager vms

the only pitfall is virtual display resize/lack of seamless integration, but for quick console tasks should be ok



same as instagrem, attaching shard node specific id in the end of timestamp so all nodes can generate unique time ordered ids at the same time


oh no no no



some room for node id (who knows how many they have) and then the sequence id with lots of headroom so a node can create up to n tweets for given timestamp before it rolls over

might as well use all 64 bits