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#208 International Thread


#208 International Thread


Multiple layers of proteccion Edition



1. No sexual fantasies or porn content


2. Do not insult idols


3. Behave like adults

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think they are trying to ignore cities on their way west

trying to strike the Ukrainians only as far back as they need then get to places that actually matter in terms of supply


it's disproportionate but the least you can do to make the whole thing as painful for Russia as possible

imo best case scenario would be Russians stopping Putin themselves but that'd never happen if the war didn't affect them



comeback soon

to bad gordon is gone but I like to think he is her manager now




make the whole thing as painful for Russia as possible

typical european fascism

don't be surprised when we go further once Ukraine is done


why don't russian public figures (even small-time) say anything about the war? what consequences are there for speaking against it?



heh, for example russian esports guys are silent af, i guess with putin you never know if he will really send you to siberia




what consequences are there for speaking against it?

have you heard what happened with Navalny?



If you mean for example Virtus Pro or Gambit, then those companies are owned by oligarchs that are behind Putin, so they can't really speak up at all because they want to keep their jobs


tbh, most of our zoomers and lefties are anti-war, but they can't do anything to stop it

there have been protests in several cities with few thousand people but that's not enough as you can imagine


just give s1mple an AWP

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that's why you shouldn't have helped Ukraine in her anti-russian way, but euros aren't sovereign enough for that, USA is under control

you even gave Ukraine weapons that made the situation even worse for Ukraine and the rest of the world

did you really think that will help to stop Putin?



have yo tried restarting your browser or computer kchan hasn't changed so you must have


The real big thing of this conflict is all the UA hotties that are gonna seek shelter in my country

I failed with kqts, maybe ukqts will be more achievable for me



7 and 8 out of 10

dunno why it says that instead of 9s and 10s, but I guess even a 7 from Ukraine is way beyond ugly w*sterners



Ukraine's population is 44 million

imagine what happens if 10% of them will move to your country?



Hopefully they genocide the gypsies and replace them, that would be the best outcome



are we supposed to let them get overrun?



they provoked it

Putin is considering Ukraine as Russian's area of interest, he only wanted it not to join NATO because that's anti-Russian organization

all of this wouldn't have happened if Ukraine was denied to join NATO, so it's your fault as well



Stop spouting Sputnik propaganda, there were no talks of Ukraine joining NATO in the forseable future as no country with territorial disputes is allowed to join.



Let's not pretend that the 2 trillion cubic meters of natural gas that was found in Ukraine in 2012 has nothing to do with it Because I am sure Russia would be just fine with Ukraine becoming a massive exporter of natural gas fueling Europe making them almost completely independent of Russian gas

that has nothing to do with matters at hand



Ukraine is part of Russia's "sphere of influence" according to anon, so it can't decide as a sovereign nnation



yours alone

now post more cute chaerys to atone for your sins



Not necessarily print, but maybe some instagram overlay thing idk



don't you think euros will live worse as well? maybe not 50% but 20% for sure

half of the Germany's economy depends on the Russian gas, imagine what could happen once those sanctions go out of the control



there were no talks of Ukraine joining NATO

not true


it can't


first time I hear that version


in a some sense yes, now we're all suffering because euros though Ukraine can do whatever it wants (actually whatever USA wants)




first time I hear that version

Because neither western twatter lefties nor propaganda swallowing gopniks have the IQ to see more than 5 cm below the surface so nobody talks about it



And I swear if Russia tries to attack Finland in the future that anon will say it's Finland fault



yeah lo

i'm sure attacking an EU member would come with its own problems



it's after minnight. it's expected to be weird at these hours



Perfect time to post more Slugi



Damn, holding phone in hands when it's freezing is really bad.

Hologram screen projection in front of my face technology when




that creates even bigger escalation, Finland is meant to stay neutral after the WWII


everything is not as simple as your politics tell you

it's a huge Russia vs USA struggle

USA tries to spread NATO's borders as far as possible, because that creates a threat for Russia

Russia is trying to defend but it has less influence across European countries so nukes is almost the only argument

don't you think we should try to find some better solution for this problem?



you're just using the same nato is moving to the east argument instead of seeing that these countries want to join themselves, and the one that didn't got invaded



there's a rumor of new group debuting soon with both russian and ukrainian members not at all awkward




don't you think we should try to find some better solution for this problem?

Yeah, not invading neighboring countries would be a good start



that's basically "we will do whatever we want otherwise we destroy your economy so go fuck yourself"

as I already said, we will all suffer because of such short-sighted decisions



are you watching kpop while walking



you make it sound like america pressured the baltic countries into joining NATO or something



not Germany but we're being told we'd have enough reserves for a couple months if Russian gas was completely cut now and that that's enough time to get gas elsewhere

more expensively, sure


Finland is not the kind of neutral that'd prevent them from joining


you know to preserve their status quo instead of having a puppet regime installed that follows everything a mad manlet says i.e. become Belarus


everything is not as simple as your politics tell you

I find this especially ironic since your answer to everything is muh USA



It's almost as if diplomacy existed for more than just threatening


on some days, I think about kpap all day



Because of the idle news and new pictures, I looked through some "old" idle videos and selcas.

man the world was so easy back then. I miss the rookie years



but they must all be like belarus or else russia will feel bad




more expensively, sure

yet you spend money on sending weapons to Ukraine even if it's going to lose anyway, are you sure it's a decision made by sovereign country?


that'd prevent them from joining

yeah, I think technically they can, it was status quo agenda which will create a lot of problems once violated


having a puppet regime installed

Putin would never install puppet regime in a country which is outside of Russian's sphere of interest

Ukraine clearly is, ignoration of that fact led to our horrible situation


muh USA

and your answer is "muh democracy" which is obviously fake reason



with pro-USA puppet regime

I guess you believe it's a good thing



anyone you don't like is a puppet regime?

they seemingly preferred it over being a russian puppet



you know what would be neat for us?

A big solo concert with huge crowd like the twice concert recently. with tons of different outfits and all the bangers of rv history.

pls dont let rv wither and die like blackpink where they almost never actually dance happily on stage anymore



of course they liked it because USA sponsored corrupted anti-russian regime in Ukraine

if you can't see that, you're clearly delusional



isn't gonna grow

there wasn't any signs of it during last 20 years

I understand your point "small country wants to be protected by joining an alliance" but that's unfortunately not the full picture since that alliance is controlled by a single country (USA) and wants to defeat other country (Russia), which is written in the military doctrine of the USA btw

also NATO has a rule that it can't be expanded if that creates a thread for other country which is clearly violated here




well great.

it better be really good with lots of fan interaction

also I blame you for not shilling that enough to me so I didn't know about it the daily wendy pictures made me numb to mapia posts tbh



I'll just listen to Putin's speech instead of reading your posts next time



the problem is that you think your point of view is the only correct one

I mean not personally you, euro politics' point of view




Putin is not the problem, every single euro politician is the problem

ok dude



he wants to protect his country, is that hard to understand?




russia is justified to invade another country because they feel threatened by them



nta but it's a dap not a dac. hiby r6