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Yejibros we are here


Yejibros we are here


very true

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there are only mods because that guy started spamming porn and gaypop



I mean the wood mods are reddit tier

deleting porn and gaypop is fine but they delete much more




but they delete much more

The rule 3 is there to avoid turbo autism


fucking 4chan mods man

I will curse them here every day


Bros what's new? Haven't posted here or kpg in a few days


busanbros we don't know what's new either


dead last

absolutely stone dead last

for chuu!


>>497893 ➡

you come to this thread when you are banned

would be cool to have an Eunha poster



every time the faggots ban me I come back stronger

it doesn't come off sounding right but it's literally their loss to not have me around anyway



hello brothers


not changing your ip in 20 seconds



lovely shart!


4chan is slow

post kpops


brothers is it time


brother's no one's been posting here for weeks


how long until every site bans us yejiniggers


i hate niggers brothers pogchamp


sorry for p word


yejibros did i get scammed? this isn't the afterlife



i actually did not mean it for the yejibro post i meant it for this post >>542396


brothers we are being stalked


my pussy dick is musky


very true


hey stop that you are using too much bandwith


yejibros does this place give us viruses or something?


brother i think you may have a brain virus


yejibros hi


this isnt crystalcafe brothers



I would reject humanity for this monke


last for chuu


last for me


brothers report your positions



ok stop fucking with me is it just down for me? or did they really pull the plug


coomers btfo


why is it so quite

where is everyone

I'm scary


When did it die for you guys? It was already bugging out for me quite awhile before it just stopped working altogether



no idea since I just woke up and barely made one post. it went down soon after

it was bugging out how?


is this the main place or do we go to


it crashed at the beginning of the worst hours so it's okay



ah ok guess that don't really say much. I was hoping maybe bugging out for hours, that could indicate servers just slowly degrading down due to some technical issue


sea are comfy



monitor both for now

might be more people arriving at both locations it looks like


brothers kpg just loaded for me


4chan is back


we're still dead nvm



I think the captchas are all fucked but otherwise seems to kinda be working again



yeah it seems to be that only pass users can post


all is well brothers


this morning a radical wing of kaypeegee, an underground incel community, known as 'the yejibros' or 'the shark men' conducted a series of suicide bombings across washington deecee

witnesses claim they heard them exclaim 'the great yejihad has begun' and 'for sharkanda brothers'

at the same time an armed militia of the so called 'jihanists' attacked military facilities across the country, they stated that 'kpop state in mississippi and missouri is upon us' and that it's 'very true', it was reported that they were nodding frantically during attacks


last for chuu


hello yejibros



bear with bear

wow, she's beautiful

thank you for posting my wife

she mogs my heart

wanna kiss it better


yejibros we are here


brothers this page seems to come out when you google yejibro


yejibros we are here


yeji suck my dick yesterday






yejibros we are ryujinbros now


4chan blocked our IP range brothers we're doomed