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#7 World Peace Edition


#7 World Peace Edition


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someone post seolagluestick


but without spoiler it will more likely be deleted

lets wait for mr. kag to go sleep


seola makes me feel weird feelings


if mr. kag is +4 and without summer time shift thing either around 12am should be safe

please anticipate whoever posts it first~


but who moderates the mods?


mods can moderate themselves




marry me seola!


don't do that

1080×19207.32Mb00:15180211 우주소녀 은서 직캠 (WJSN/EUNSEO) - 비밀이야(Secret) @라이브사이트 K-POP ì½Ë�

americans won't load this



what the fuck you did with character encoding this time :iu_huh:




i want to see seola at her most vulnerable now

In [44]: corrupted.decode('utf-8').encode('cp819', 'ignore').decode('utf-8', 'ignore').encode('cp1252', 'ignore').decode('utf-8', 'ignore')
Out[44]: '180211 우주  캠 (WJSN/EUNSEO) - (Secret) @트 K-POP 트(림)/Fancam By 쵸리(Chori) <>'

Did you do that on purpose



no but I redid the thing a couple times in webm4retards


Hm, it's actually UTF-8 → CP1252 → UTF-8 → CP1252, just double conversion

In [48]: corrupted.decode('utf-8').encode('cp1252', 'ignore').decode('utf-8', 'ignore').encode('cp1252', 'ignore').decode('utf-8', 'ignore')
Out[48]: '180211 우주소녀 서 캠 (WJSN/EUNSEO) - 비밀야(Secret) @브사트 K-POP 콘서트(강릉올림)/Fancam By 쵸리(Chori) <>'

wish seola would look me straight into the eyes



id go to a fansign just to have an intense sexual stare down with her



I always wonder what the fans and idols are talking about in these 1 minute long chats



the idols ask what name to sign on their merchandise and then it's just small-talk. The idols get training in it during their trainee period.


kpop makes me depressed



dafuq was that

sometimes it looks like they're genuinly entertained tho, is it all show?

what would you say to your waifu in that situation?




dafuq was that

"what the fans and idols are talking about"

he had two 10min videos with GFriend and AOA fansigns

it looked pretty creepy tbh. like they're 5 years old and don't know what to talk about except basic questions "what's your name" and "where're you from".


fuck I want to see the aoa one


money and not working hard... just jewish things


the first youtube page of "fansign experience" is 98% fagpop


why 8channers are so mean


it's just one guy


what's his name?




why kpganon is so mean


he gets lonely replying to himself


i'm actually very nice


no we're not


what did i do now


It's interesting that the russian communication is way less harsh than the european/american one




russian communication is way less harsh


have you read some wood posts? they talk like they know each other


how do you read wood posts


you click on all boards and then on the one that looks like "Nec"


I mean it's in russian, how do you understand that

I doubt google translate will give sane result for messages with a lot of slang


you are not as hard to understand as you think you are


that's why we need to use more memes


there is only one language I know that google overlords can't translate


quality of translatation is shit most of the time


do you use yandex to translate /int/?


yandex seach and most of its products is pure shit tbh

I hate that agressive marketing of shitty products


are russians actually capable of speaking english? most countries I've been to suck at it even though they claim to be good at it


english is basically the only foreign language we learn in school

I don't think average russian know it as good as west/north europeans though, but not as bad as japanese/korean people obviously


who would else listen kpop


mostly overweight or manlet brazilian guys like brazil-anon



they look pretty normal to me but I've only looked at arin...


the worst part is when they forced to show "aegyo" but don't khow what to do and end up with some stupid movement :iu_huh:



the close distance waving is the only thing weird to me




tfw really bad acting


Is it true that one russian anon is becoming a father soon?



did you read wood threads with google translate?

if you're talking about Seulgifag, then it might be


I was really bored...


imagine being a 30+ year old dad that still does the kpop thing


even worse


imagine being a 30+ year old dad that still does the kpop thing



that's different, he is actually doing "the kpop"


can I do one kpop with Somi please


I don't think she wants another kid with a white guy


will he name his child seulgovich?


you knew I was talking to (You) right?



I mean in modern soceity you can gain popularity just by reposting some thing most people are not aware about

it doesn't matter how simple/poor that particular thing is compared to other things in this domain, people would love/discuss it anyway


why bother with post ids if you can easliy follow by context