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#9 Jew Edition


#9 Jew Edition


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that's just Eunwoo sitting in my room, what's so special?


imagine going with Eunjung to same Young Pioneer camp


we had a guy but he kys'd 'mself




sleep deprivation from becoming their #1 fan on vlive i think


his vlive was jiu's husband in korean



imagine being ashamed by the idol you love in front of entire world


he was pretty hardcore

judging by his broken english he was probably slav too

miss him a bit



he was definitely slav. he liked to falseflag and shit on pristin a lot


slavs has perfect english tbh


slavs have really grown on me



not sure but i think it's based on how much time you spend spamming heart emoticons in the vilve chat on their channel



he should be pretty mad

if that was me I wold better write script and use lot of proxies


tfw to dumb paint 3d



tfw smart enough and then some



there is an explanation hidden behind multiple menus in the app

the you gain level based on how much you watch, how much you press hearts and apparently watching live raises your CHEMI-BEAT(tm) more than watching normally

i don't know if watching on desktop works, you can't press hearts there and that might be an easy way for them to make >>126039 more difficult



wujautist has worked fitting wuju faces in images previously

this lads work is better sorry for bad engoo


who do you think made it...


tfw my work is so good I'm outshining myself


wujuautist is probably responsible for about 90% of OC tbh




please get back to the good stuff™ in the near future if u so good now




i don't know if watching on desktop works

Yes, you need phone to run their app and sniff api requests it sends.

They probably use some signing but should be not too hard to hack by disassembling apk with Procyon.

I've already digged through it to hack vlive+ streams. I was able to find a way to dump live streams (even without paid account) but failed to decrypt VODs. If I had more time, real phone, account and more useful debugger it would have been much easier


still waiting for more tall luda tbh




that would cost you extra



i think theres a saying in some languages like practice makes better


why is that guy at 8chan so mad


why are you cross-posting a question that you could ask him there?


dont make the american angry you might start a new cold war...


make it a little warmer by posting hot kqts


how hot


we'll unite with China this time


why does gidle rhyme with dreidel


maybe xy will be happier in new group

i always feel like they throw her under the bus in wuju just like the thing she had to do in super tv


Post some cute chinese girls



i guess

most of the time she seems really out of it when other girl tell her to do

afterward she seems really embarrased


lets wish her luck and vote so she can make it

460×3141.01Mb00:10Also Sprach Zarathustra (Thus Spoke Zarathustra)



Im just waiting for a fromis comeback without jackets tbh



she's a thinker. infact she's the thinkest


Roa is smartest in Pristin tbh


word i love her


608×10801.00Mb00:04roa yehana 170903 프리스틴(PRISTIN) WE LIKE 예하나(YEHANA) 직캠



haven't seen this one but


why do all fags go to /wood/?




i never noticed her during pledis girlz



they were so much better as a cover group. at least we got to see them


pledis are bunch of faggots

even cube is much better


make a new thread idiots


so who makes up the userbase of this board? are most of you /kpop/ posters?


yeah i post kpop occasionally



if you're talking about /int/ it's 8channers, few russians and probably few 4channers






stop that


tfw I'm only at 48th position

2440 fancams left :iu_huh:

1920×10802.39Mb00:06이달의소녀탐구 #331 (LOONA TV #331)


tfw iuc watching all my fancams


it's not iuc