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#11 Blast From The Past Edition


#11 Blast From The Past Edition


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her paradise


wish to come there at least once



her another paradise btw


saw it well


why is it so hard to find fancam by picture



often I find only useless pinterest links without any dates

and it might be hard to find particular video on kpopfap for popular idol


btw, kpopfap only allows 18+, they don't have girls like Rina, Lua, Xiyeon yet



360×6404.34Mb01:13remeDY - Ok so a very well known over-fanatic fan is going to propose to kyulkyung at today's fansign. Which is not normal


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No Linux version


modern kpop is even more lewd than early 2010-x tbh

back then there were mature girls with adult healthy sexuality

now it's teenagers which are both cute and lewd

Korea wtf is wrong with you we're all like it though



wtf Kyulkung don't touch yourself there


not touching herself right there


at least don't do that in public


eating a lot again because I'm bored


bad habit


I like the part when she undresses


Huh, just realized why they have another person at the end of the video.

It's the japanese way of doing things: you should have some person to introduce you if you're asking for something, e.g. when seeking employment.




At least jap girls are a bit more creative. All pd/unit introductions are completely identical



wtf yubseo is not that good

I don't understand what is "of Japan" and he didn't mention that her name translates as heart



because the extended version is supposed to be only for VIP viewers (which people pay for). We will also be subbing the behind-the-scenes videos but only those that are not marked as VIP

Where to download VIP c101 videos? I want some extra Mei Qi scene cuts.


Most of AKB48 girls are boring as fuck


these self introductions feel even more forced than the korean ones


japanese and korean sound pretty the same in general btw

you need to search for "sama" "des" "ski" and similar suffixes to say it's actually japanese

why in case of chinese the sound is drastically different




I like kgirls more tbh


i barely distinguish them unless their teeth are jacked. just more asian qts to love imo


come home


prepare food


nothing to watch


it's too early for japs



one jap girl said to keep tuning in for the next 4 months for her


or maybe she is memeing and drops on second elimination


how on earth can you handle 200 new potential qts in 2 weeks but not watching a show longer than 30 secs at a time


i watch yubs videos out of respect


I think I'll watch the rest of revel up season 2




how on earth can you handle 200 new potential qts

you need to tune your neural network for better memorizing of kqt faces


I see


p48 going to be amazing cant believe it

at least 5 more c101 episodes too


I have a strange feeling that I should do something very particular but I don't know what it is and I end up sitting around feeling guilty about it.

kpop for this feel?


any good daisy fapcams?


how do they do it


I am scared



Works better in static.


the chinks are going after fantagio music now


what chinks


the ones who fantagio was sold to for some of that sweet, sweet RMB


what could have been


Starship might pull out Doy and the Tiny


yuehua has korean trainees on p48 sorry ran out of usable suspects


pledis too

the most ironic one is Kaeun being supported by Raina

wtf wrong with you pledis


oh no no NO lizzy left pledis

my orange caramel


Her contract has expired, and she has decided not to renew with the company.

smart girl




they were discussing braaps on knowing bros too

the end is near




that's normal for asians



not really, both Japanese spoken words and written characters are drastically different from Korean. Japanese actually use Chinese characters