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#12 Paradise Edition


#12 Paradise Edition



watching the accountant now because of you...


what accountant


does the protagonist look like you?


I'm more handsome and younger


i don't like this scenario at all


whats wrong with it?




were all friends here

how about a detailed list about everything that you think is wrong with it?


what about this one


do you chingus worry about the effects on your brain from all the looking at kpops sometimes?


im pretty sure its too late for everybody to comes here anyways




effects on your brain

you may get a boner just by looking at legs


imagine thinking about people you will never meet all day haha


there's nothing wrong with loving kqts from afar




you will never meet

just go to fansign event


but that is very superficial


really makes me think



you need to show your paradise to pass


1088×10802.96Mb00:06모모랜드가 커버한 4인조밴드 '아이즈'의 '엔젤'(Angel)


nancy's blank "i'm too sexy to make facial expressions" hot girl look is shit



her set sucks. they fucked up doyeon's individual shots too




asians have different mentuality though

they're ok with sexualization of little girls



Producer Han Dong Chul revealed a bizarre, unexpected, and provocative reason for why he created the show 'Produce 101'.

During an interview with 'High Cut', he was given the question, "Guys probably will not be interested in the male version of 'Produce 101'. How do you plan to attract male viewers?" PD answered, "Female or male, people will watch it if the program has a good, strong format. It's a matter of quality."

He continued, "I'm not sure how to say this, but the reason why I first created the female version is because I wanted to make healthy pornography for guys. Even though the contestants just seem like a younger sister or niece, aren't they adorable? I wanted to create a type of porn that gives you that feeling, and the male version will also serve as that type of porn for female viewers. I once heard that Rain's performance was like porn for girls. The male version of 'Produce 101' aims to fill in that fantasy, and if it's entertaining enough then male viewers will watch it too."


I wanted to make healthy pornography for guys



he has noble goals


why does he think it's healthy though?


because girls are young and pure (hopefully haven't done that yet)


seeing cute girls in pink skirts releases the same chemicals as seeing fully nude porn



you're wrong

my chemicals for cute girls are pure



so isn't part of the "unhealthy" thing about porn that you get that stuff unearned in a very high dose every day?



using mobile phones/social media is the same thing. everyone has their own poison


it's porn because the viewer is visually stimulated. it's healthy because the viewer wants their favorites to succeed, sees their difficulties, and hopefully develops some attachment beyond grug want smash


having an emotional attachment makes it better


I'm not sure about all of this


me either im just saying things


reading about that stuff always gives me anxiety and a feeling of nihilism tbh


you need to read more. read everything until nothing causes you to feel anything anymore


how would you enjoy kpop then


idk it just shows how little I'm actually in control of the things I do


i can stop fapping to kpop any time i w-want


We don't do that here



ahah me n-neither


russians will hate on us again for talking about "doing it"


into kpop


don't kfap

what even is the point then?


their faces when you're talking about fapping


Since we are talking about it anyway, I have a serious question related:

Is there a feasible way of blocking porn content on the router level if said router does not have a blocking feature and can't be changed?


you can flash another firmware

if by blocking you mean blocking IP of porn sites


I don't think I'm allowed to do that. it's the ISP's router


did you buy it? if yes, what's the problem

anyway you can set up one more router (firewall technically) after it



thanks, looking into it

is it possible to block an entire chan except for the /kpop/ sub site?


put one of em frozen pizzas in the oven

im not breadanon though so it has toppings



only for http sites

for https you have to MITM which is kinda bad solution


do you usually block incoming ips or can you block outgoing requests?

don't know shit about it tbh



normally you would block outgoing because you don't need extra traffic to blocked sites




put one of em frozen pizzas in the oven

don't give it to Rena


I feel like I should try it to help improve behavior of mine I don't like but at the same time it's kinda admission of a lack of willpower


she is on a diet



if you do something against it that's the opposite to a lack of willpower



just assume your willpower is constant value and you can't change it

behave accordingly (i.e. smart, don't abuse willpower)



oh you mean treat willpower as a finite resource


willpower is like cum. only spend it on worthy fancams. don't waste it on disgusting white whores


what the fuck


good thing i dont have any willpower to begin with, so i dont have to make any hard choices



yea, it's much worse when you have potential but too lazy to actually leverage it



is orlov even a russian name? I just wrote the first thing coming to mind


what is like 5 days until supposed c101 subs


you can watch p48 self-introductions while you're waiting



don't worry about it. rather fix your autism of only watching 30 secs at a time so we can watch it together



he is not me

and it's stupid to watch without pause because you're losing 80% of the information


I just assume everyone here is kagaminsk orlov tbh


fan cammers are getting tactical




kagaminsk orlov

that's not valid name


names are hard. how about Ivan Ivanovich Ivanov?


better, but rare, it's kinda obvious it's fake


why aren't you sleeping like all the other russian chingus?


don't have to wake up early


that article about p101 really makes me think tbh


we'll never know


we'll never know


you'll find the answer if you find that 2007 seohyun interview


this one is red but that's close enough


only like 12 pics in this thread

damn smiles



I use this site more for discussion than posting material and smiles are great shut up


i think im gonna go to sleep

i cant do this, ima failure


good night, failurebro



how does he know the head size though?


ah, by the factor of overall height

it's not totally accurate though because of perspective


why do you measure stones?



i dont want pristin to die just so i can keep looking at nayoungs tight body


and with outfits I mean the red sporty hotpants one


nayoung is a bit autistic though


would you pay for broken camera for her?


how was that autistic? she emphatized with the staff member and even helped her cover up the blame.

she was the opposite of autistic and totally aware of the situation, stop using the word "autistic" for everything, imbecile



have you seen the reactions of other girls?

they took the fall on themselves, nayoung just said "I don't know" and kept silent


i didn't but still dont' think it's autistic, I think the other girls knew it was a hidden camera so pretended to sacrifice themselves.

Nayoung is too pure for that, doesn't make her an autist.


will they pull the same shit in china?


it's a woohee is too drunk and runs to the toilet to vomit during a stream episode


comes back and nearly passes out





has that happened multiple times?


nah i was just referencing a /tv/ meme



hope you enjoy prison it's not so bad


hasn't seen nana x yuyu slime episode









stop that












juju (2)


remember these names


that's stupid and you know it


there just pet names, honey


lol Mijoo don't do that


which one is mijoo i cant decipher these smiles


on the left


Why Lovelyz is 15+ though :iu_huh:


i have to look if I want to see the show


I pray for oppo101 ep4 subs tomorrow and wil go to sleep now


why not


wasting of time


but ep4 subs will be out faster if I sleep


I doubt they out tomorrow


the episode is less than 3hours this time


subbers are still lazy as fuck


just like me


people shitting on this place again for no reason



it's americabro, he can't open images fast


wouldn't his normal instinct be to invade this place and liberalize it and steal every kpop picture as if it was oil




invade this place and liberalize it


currently not looking there



you haven't finished watching it in 6 hours?


I stopped the program when I saw fagpops at the beginning but started again eventually



you should've just skipped to Lovelyz

btw I barely remember anything from that show now because I'm watching/reading tons of stuff and my brain doesn't even bother remembering

feeling like goldfish tbh


I recently started using Anki, it's really helpful remembering things


This one?


I've been training with a bit. It's to improve working memory though, a bit different type of training.

Anyway I think the main reason is that I don't really need that tons of information I absorb. Brain just can't handle that much. Probably the information of idols/bands and other important kpop data take like 5% of my overall brain storage

And scientists say our brain normally can handle like 30-50 faces. Wtf I overflowed my brain like Johnny Mnemonic




30-50 faces

that might be the reason I can't remember all these new oppo101 faces quickly


oh and yeah that's the Anki I meant. It's really helpful for language learning or even such things as names when you're new to a company or something

its insane how good it works for me. it's even faster and more lasting than word games for me


Are you trying to learn korean?


n-no but maybe I should do that too


learn chinese and japanese too, it will be helpful for c101/p48


the day I learn even just one chinese word will be the day I gave up on life completely


what are you planning to do in your life instead of learning chinese?


never speaking with a chinese person for a start


but you can go China to speak with Mei Qi and Xuan Yi


chinese is one of the worst sounding languages in the world


since we are alone right now I'll reveal a secret. I don't even like those two that much




I don't even like those two that much


what for are you watching oppo101 then?


the heart wants what the heart wants



I like the show concept because it's healthy porn and some of the girls are great visuals



it helps to improve your working memory

I think it's more like measuring device than the actual agent

i.e. you start eating, sleeping, walking well and you brain will automatically work better, this program just helps to see whether it actually works better



it's a different thing

working memory is kinda the actual intellect

i.e. the number of objects you can operate in your brain simultaneously

you can think of it like improving your mental calculation or chess game skill

I don't know how old are you though. Normally you have issues with working memory after 25yo.



My brain is probably completely fucked up because of the 10 years of bad sleep schedule and shit food



you can try it then

physical conditions of the body are very important for the brain activity



I'm scared that it will reveal I'm no longer in the ~125 range


yeah I had to do it as a kid a few times


i thought we were talking kg


aren't they very much related? stop making me read about scientific stuff late at night


we don't have such tests in mother russia

well my working memory is pretty horrible tbh, yet I was able to do some progress in that app in few weeks

I'm just too lazy to handle my physical body properly, always eating shitty food, have bad schedule and walking rarely



imagine the potential productivity if you had discipline instilled by your parents

I sometimes wonder how different life would've been



you would think that but discipline in schedule and such actually makes you more free


pray for dia


no fuck dia, they're a horrible group that ruined 2 greats


probably false






that's the sudoku guy right? what a faggot



i don't pretend to know which two he was talking about


chae and cathy probably


I always forget the no insulting idols rule

10.81Mb04:39내꺼야 (PICK ME)

sugoi !!!!! ☆♬○♩●♪✧♩((ヽ( ᐛ )ノ))♩✧♪●♩○♬☆ ~~~



love the song but the player here has no volume control besides mute aka unusable



kagami added mp3 support in a matter of hours lol. there's so many other things to do first be glad it just works™


you're right I guess I complain too much


neko neko neko neko neko ya


word soty


just thankful for azngrlz


do you actually dislike white girls or just love asians?


asians x whites is the best ship


i'd rather watch my waifu's dance cover


he didn't post his waifus cover

whatever I'm over it



no i meant white girls are disgusting. physically and mentally




leave white girls alone



yeah she needs to lose some weight

1072×19201.96Mb00:03mei qi theme song fancam <>


don't like that neko neko ya tbh

han chu wo di ming zi is much better



how long dublekick is going to milk it


han chu whatever is shit, sweety

theres not even a build up part

and theres a rap section



its just your hormones speaking try to forget mq and rethink the song


try to forget mq

why would you do that


she needs to be given an empty basket to keep her humble


my motivation is running low

what the fuck iuc




not out yet


time to learn chinese


I've seen a picture preview of ep.4 and it looks like it's going to be glorious. they are in sport outfits


waiting for the mei qi in short shorts


and lots of tummy shots too probably


Don't understand the popularity of XY tbh. Basically she's just visual.


and not even a literal goddess tier visual at that

1000×1064563.18Kb00:02170222 Cosmic Girls en Weekly Idol

can you're waifu wink as good as her?



tfw naeun will never beat you with her bat


ywn drink a pint with a highly bio engineered super model


tfw mei qi will never lie on your knees



not even the biggest fashion faggots can ruin the artwork that is nana


word, but those are comfy clothes, nothing wrong with them

852×4803.29Mb00:29[ENG SUB] Star Show 360 E.4 - w/ I.O.I (Part 2)


he said Nana is the ideal type of girl


and he used about 500 words for it?


Nana is the sweetest and most beautiful girl. She is very modest and very shy, and sometimes shy. She is the ideal of the girl IRL. Such as Nana never betrays. She will love unselfishly. She will not need any iPhones, cars or apartments. She is an ideal. My Goddess.




She will not need any iPhones, cars or apartments

didnt she say her ideal boyfriend is rich so she can buy shit all the time?


that's not my copypaste chingu


Богиня (Boginya)


If I put that into translator, I won't find out it actually translates to "I'm a massive faggot" right?


I have been lied to before...


You've been living a kop for so long, but you still do not understand. You will never slip out of the spell of goddesses. We are all condemned here. While the heart beats, sit in the third-third and write a paste, boy.


though you may like this


my guesses:

rena roa eunwoo nayoung kyulkung


well you have to find Eunwoo by process of elimination


Nayoung is going to be so sweet and tasty

Other girls don't look sexy though


tfw no seeders on playgirlz bluray torrent


where them subs be at?!


I want my Mei Qi


I want to see zi tings huge thai eyes


i want to see autism but i guess zhaoyues mom told her to behave


4 messages in 10 hours




something went wrong

tfw you can't into marketing


better a small community than 4chan


smiles make this another discord

lacking actual kqts


I can post smile source pics


you should post this sourcepic



i think that guy is in jail now



check out CLC fancams, you will like them


i dont watch fancams



idk but that's probably part of the reason the photographer is in jail now




how do you know who the photographer is




he's a legend


lucky bastard


tfw you don't like nekoya at all

also fagging for nip shit is so 2000-x


naekkoya is amazing honey


why don't you love oppo101 song?


february 24

definitely in jail



what groups do you like?


welcome to paradise edition


i dont think paradise exists


he doesn't know


you think wrong


isnt life just a game of tradeoffs?


is kagami orlov advertising this place on 4chan?


anyway I'll go to sleep and pray for oppo101 subs tomorrow


don't go


how the fuck do we fix mouth breathing


she needs to visit Dr.Kim


shes cute


theres no escape


imagine having a boner in the class because of Kyulkung


might be weird with possible cqts around


what is this guy doing there btw


I mean look at this left hand


whats the catch with dreamcatcher



they would be entirely mediocre if it wasn't for the edgy concept imo


i will never see xiaoyus face again


you never deserved to see it in the first place




im coming, im coming, im coming~


ah ah ah ah ah imagine~


why should I stop


it's stupid webm


tfw out of loop


ah, that was seolaposter

ok, continue~~



just wondering what im supposed to be looking at


just keep posting seola's creepy face


does Seola have paradise btw


oh no he's mad =*((((((((((((((((((


uh oh





good lad


how do we solve 4chans


the thing I like about seola from watching dozens of videos, it's that you can tell she's deeply troubled inside.




solve 4chans

what do you mean by that


still waiting for ep3 (seola)


ep3 of what


seola webdrama


watch oppo101 instead


lets post some qts instead


i was never the guy to have many pics

ruff ruff


where are all the amerifats at, post some pics you lazy pricks


americans were never the strength of alternative boards and they dont like qts either


americans are afraid of the russians


ep5 will air in a day or two



I haven't seen any good pictures lately, sorry


still months and months before pristin v, taeyeon, oppo101 subs, p48, dia or basically anything at all


Kwang Soo says he regrets covering up the truth in T-ara/Hwayoung/Hyoyoung mess :kwangsoo:


hwayoung wins either way so who cares


but T-ara did nothing wrong and the people should know


I feel like shit and no oppo subs make it even worse


i think they gave up

just doing the 1 minute piece of shit behind the shit videos because its quick


looks like it yeah


how can 50 people be so behind?


probably they can't concentrate because of cqts


Im not not paying them to look at cqts


are you paying them at all


I dont pay for bad work


I would not mind giving them 5 moneyunits if they were dependable


you better give them 5 bowls of rice


maybe a local delicacy


they are fat enough


imagine chinese bros reading us right now


impossible, there aren't any chinese kpop fans

1920×8564.85Mb00:09「프리스틴의 서울랜드 PLAY▶」 Ver.2 <>

why are they clapping all the time


it's their "scrathing the nose or head" nervous gesture if they don't know how to handle a social situation but since they are idols and girls they've been taught to never touch their fucking head so they don't ruin the look




it's their "scrathing the nose or head" nervous gesture


why are you quoting me?


I'm saving quotes by great people


raon lee

who is she




and I bet you she has no safety pants under that short skirt

need some proofs



she rarely shows the lower part of her body and I have not managed to obtain proofs yet


she rubs the cold hands of her fans

does she realize what fans use their hands for?


no she is actually the purest "idol" out there because she is completely normal and would never suspect something like that


in japan idol fansigns are purely for handshakes


it would be weird if there wasn't an incident of a fan "doing it" right before so the idol would touch "it"


“Before the handshaking, they go to the toilets and onanise there, and attend the event with it on their hands. When one of the members goes to shake their hands, thinking them an ordinary fan, they get a sudden sticky sensation. Some members responded with a shocked ‘What the hell is this!?'”


why do they even allow them to shake hands at all

it's practically asking for things like this and shaking hands isn't normal in asia anyway




why do they even allow them to shake hands at all

to sell the fucking CDs that nobody needs anymore?


they have yet to make the leap of making the fan the product and themselves the seller to advertisers etc



fans are the buyers and they're selling handshake for such price that e.g. only 20% of them can afford



yeah that's the normal model but they can do it like google or any aggregator site. gain a huge fan base that has certain desirable demographics and then sell them to advertisers. instagram whores do it too. that way they don't actually HAVE to sell a lot



make themselves a platform for advertising

ever watched korean tv? every ad there has an idol in it



no in their case it would be the attention and good will of the fans towards their idol.



they already advertise tons of shit

like cosmetics and smartphones



we're talking about jap idols though and how they are still the product not their fans



yeah koreans are all already transitioning away more and more from the old album selling monetisation. japs seem way more extreme into the physical copy meme


chinks are the best though

just think about that: put the name of the phone into the show name



now that's what I call marketing talent!

1700×10802.50Mb00:04170827 프리스틴 목동 팬사인회_사인 종료 후 로아와 은우-ouUQJGGHs_s

giving nunu a sticky sensation


wtf Roa don't learn her bad things



i want to take a break but whats the point without c101

p48 powered by ourguy yubseyo who will never disappoint us cannot come soon enough


it's so hard to choose a waifu in pristin tbh

they're all sexy



about nekoya48, we could make a /kpg/ ranking of the girls before the show starts because we already have their introduction videos anyway. then we could directly compare how mainstream kpganon actually chooses


can't wait for pristin comeback


a full blown comeback with nana


1. Nayoung

2. Roa

3. Eunwoo

4. Rena

5. Kyukyung

1 (1-5)


none of the rolls count because you can't lose



I can't fap for Eunwoo tbh so that counts



they are falling for the bts 2 minute clips-meme


lol most of videos there have about 100-500 views

imagine perceiving elite content for the chosen ones


remember looking forward to eng sub

those were the days


why is she so beautiful

I'm crying


you will never get to see another oppo101 ever again


same reason as with cheng xiao


explain it right now


she was pissed because she had to endure all that time in china away from kpganon which made her very unsatisfied


it was acting




away from kpganon


implying she even knows he exists


food is ready, subs aren't. now I'm forced to watch "western videos"


watch behind the scenes


do you know top gear?




shut up I have no alternatives


does topgear have cute asian girls in it?


t-they did a vietnamese special once




I have no alternatives

you can watch Krauss & Nye & Dawkins & Tyson




you can watch a jew, two faggots and a nigger



what's wrong with jew


they are nation destroyers

and in nosies case heart destroyer



remember how that one girl dyed her hair blue then instantly got booted from the show and her appearance censored

t-those were the days


likely because ep3 was years ago


384×2884.24Mb00:16definitely NOT a jumpscare







remember loona?


i love loona


tfw hungry again

tfw still no subs wait hold up THEY ARE UP!


time to prepare food


time for new roros