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#12 Paradise Edition


#12 Paradise Edition


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raon lee

who is she




and I bet you she has no safety pants under that short skirt

need some proofs



she rarely shows the lower part of her body and I have not managed to obtain proofs yet


she rubs the cold hands of her fans

does she realize what fans use their hands for?


no she is actually the purest "idol" out there because she is completely normal and would never suspect something like that


in japan idol fansigns are purely for handshakes


it would be weird if there wasn't an incident of a fan "doing it" right before so the idol would touch "it"


“Before the handshaking, they go to the toilets and onanise there, and attend the event with it on their hands. When one of the members goes to shake their hands, thinking them an ordinary fan, they get a sudden sticky sensation. Some members responded with a shocked ‘What the hell is this!?'”


why do they even allow them to shake hands at all

it's practically asking for things like this and shaking hands isn't normal in asia anyway




why do they even allow them to shake hands at all

to sell the fucking CDs that nobody needs anymore?


they have yet to make the leap of making the fan the product and themselves the seller to advertisers etc



fans are the buyers and they're selling handshake for such price that e.g. only 20% of them can afford



yeah that's the normal model but they can do it like google or any aggregator site. gain a huge fan base that has certain desirable demographics and then sell them to advertisers. instagram whores do it too. that way they don't actually HAVE to sell a lot



make themselves a platform for advertising

ever watched korean tv? every ad there has an idol in it



no in their case it would be the attention and good will of the fans towards their idol.



they already advertise tons of shit

like cosmetics and smartphones



we're talking about jap idols though and how they are still the product not their fans



yeah koreans are all already transitioning away more and more from the old album selling monetisation. japs seem way more extreme into the physical copy meme


chinks are the best though

just think about that: put the name of the phone into the show name



now that's what I call marketing talent!

1700×10802.50Mb00:04170827 프리스틴 목동 팬사인회_사인 종료 후 로아와 은우-ouUQJGGHs_s

giving nunu a sticky sensation


wtf Roa don't learn her bad things



i want to take a break but whats the point without c101

p48 powered by ourguy yubseyo who will never disappoint us cannot come soon enough


it's so hard to choose a waifu in pristin tbh

they're all sexy



about nekoya48, we could make a /kpg/ ranking of the girls before the show starts because we already have their introduction videos anyway. then we could directly compare how mainstream kpganon actually chooses


can't wait for pristin comeback


a full blown comeback with nana


1. Nayoung

2. Roa

3. Eunwoo

4. Rena

5. Kyukyung

1 (1-5)


none of the rolls count because you can't lose



I can't fap for Eunwoo tbh so that counts



they are falling for the bts 2 minute clips-meme


lol most of videos there have about 100-500 views

imagine perceiving elite content for the chosen ones


remember looking forward to eng sub

those were the days


why is she so beautiful

I'm crying


you will never get to see another oppo101 ever again


same reason as with cheng xiao


explain it right now


she was pissed because she had to endure all that time in china away from kpganon which made her very unsatisfied


it was acting




away from kpganon


implying she even knows he exists


food is ready, subs aren't. now I'm forced to watch "western videos"


watch behind the scenes


do you know top gear?




shut up I have no alternatives


does topgear have cute asian girls in it?


t-they did a vietnamese special once




I have no alternatives

you can watch Krauss & Nye & Dawkins & Tyson




you can watch a jew, two faggots and a nigger



what's wrong with jew


they are nation destroyers

and in nosies case heart destroyer



remember how that one girl dyed her hair blue then instantly got booted from the show and her appearance censored

t-those were the days


likely because ep3 was years ago


384×2884.24Mb00:16definitely NOT a jumpscare







remember loona?


i love loona


tfw hungry again

tfw still no subs wait hold up THEY ARE UP!


time to prepare food


time for new roros