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#14 No Bully Edition


#14 No Bully Edition


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encourage wanted behavior

the problem is: people are stimulated to get higher score, not to behave better

basically there is no much sense in doing kind things if you do them unsincerely

sure it's better than doing awful things but still stupid



yeah trying to micro manage peoples behavior on such a detailed level is a really bad idea, but like I said if you just do it like an incentive for wanted behavior like for example building big families.

governments do such things already with things like taxing cigarettes and alcohol to make their people healthier and getting insane amounts of money


mfw explaining soft power to my parents

1280×7201.22Mb00:06After School Club(Ep.236) TWICE(트와이스) _ Full Episode _ 110116

governments already give money for them childerinos

certain kind of families rake in some sweet, sweet cash through the system


although single parent families get even more $ so in the end its worse than not giving out money


universal basic income is a good idea when you really think about it



chinks social credits is a bit more than encouraging of healty life though


You won't be considered for public office


You'll lose access to social security and welfare


You'll be frisked more thoroughly when passing through Chinese customs


You'll be shut out of senior level positions in the food and drug sector


You won't get a bed in overnight trains


You'll be shut out higher-starred hotels and restaurants and will be rejected by travel agents


Your children won't be allowed into more expensive private schools

I bet this is just the beginning, to not fear the citizens. I heard there're plans to make AI in driverless autos take decisions based on your score. I.e. should it kill you or person you're being bumped to. Really scary stuff.



Even though the current system of family aid is very different from the one I talked about. getting a fixed amount of money per child per month is not the same as forgiven debt up to a certain point, you are right, it is being abused and does more harm than good but that's a natural consequence of the current situation. For social programs like this to work, there are many specific requirements.



influencing countries by forcefully importing foreign culture and buying up real estate etc


everybody in the world is learning chinese~

pic of yamy


<chinese language>




watching ep4 i thought the subber didnt know what they were talking about and wrote <chinese language> instead of <ching chong>



you better start to learn Chinese tbh


muh globalist agenda

chinks have no shame


probably the opposite, they talk about wanting to promote there own culture instead of getting americanized


it's shit no matter who does it.

fuck mcdonalds and starbucks and fuck chinese real estate buyers




instead of getting americanized

they failed it then


you guys have absolutely 0 cultural influence in my country so you are good in my book

896×5044.39Mb00:05[Dreamcatcher's Note] EP. 20 드림캐쳐 '악몽 -Fall asleep in the mirror' 팬사인회 현장-7cMnYZl5sps


well, yeah...

not a day goes by when i dont think about him


п-пожалуйста, можем ли мы starbucks а также mcdonalds также?


russians and north koreans are bffs. china too


우-우리도 백인을 가질 수 있습니까?


请让我们变成白色!! !




don't even drink the caffeinated jew

636×360397.17Kb00:04Shimazaki Haruka AKBINGO 21 Funny Compilation PART08


look at this cute hat instead



no you mad russky, they are both poison for you


the nearest starbucks is like an hour from here

and i don't mean going by foot


I don't drink coffee at all, only tea



It's over you're a globalist puppet now

have fun drinking "hot chocolate", loser


cold iced earl grey tea during summer is actually very popular in korea btw. have you ever tried it?



I mean without sugar and stuff, literally just earl grey tea cooled down with ice in it




are we globalist puppets because we like kpop


no, globalist puppets watch anime instead


i don't really like kpop, i just like cute asian girls


I came to appreciate kpop as a higher art form


a-at least we don't listen to fagpop


lol word


i genuinely like some kpop songs, but they're like very rare


i appreciate good production in all forms but i hate pop music and pop fans generally


I hate safety shorts and all that safety culture


word censorship is bullshit


censorship protecs childerinos

go ahead and watch porn instead


listening to <chinese language> again it's very clear that they used lots of artificial applause tracks


ive been listening to kpop since 2009 and i like approximately 3 gaypop songs




ive been listening to kpop since 2009

how many waifu have you had in total?


i've been into kpop since gee and not once have i ever sought ought a fagpop song, posted on onehallyu or read a single kblog



post something straight then

being gay will cost you a lot of social credits here


at first i only had 1 wife but then ioi happend


I only like some rap songs and the early songs of ziont

I don't consider this fagpop since they are solo artists and I only listen to the music


please don't deduct from /kpg/ credit for this



seulgi is to good for red velvet but im not sure this lady is the answer



don't he will do evil things with the information



this. based rainbrobrow seeing the forest for the trees likely from experience acquired over a very long career




kpg social credits

how much do I need for a least attractive idol?



You need money and a good appearance for that


we need idol list with tencent credits written behind each tbh



haven't seen the latest updates but all of fromis, april, loona and elris are core members of the list