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#15 The Return Of The Cings Edition


#15 The Return Of The Cings Edition

764×7202.88Mb00:08170219 우주소녀(WJSN) [너에게닿기를] 부산 팬싸인회 직캠 - 팬싸 종료 후

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I guess they call her bubu pinky


not calling pinky pinky



what's your word for "faggot"?

they never want to translate it properly


kyulkyung to the brim doesnt really work, it needs to be pinky to the brim


her name is juju



will you go to the gulag if you say it out loud?



but what if I get hard on while walking on the street, just by looking to girls legs


there's always a chance they will suck you off right then right there, be glad


that's not how girls legs work


need to migrate to muslim country, girls don't reveal legs there


move to germany instead, same thing but immigration is easier


but you have hot girls there



it is, but people who spend most of their lives on the internet may have some different standards there


literal, unilateral, unadulterated, unironic full-blown sexual intercourse with nunu


sat next to a girl today, she wasn't even pretty but had a full blown boner for at least an hour

that's what kpop + a technical uni does to you



i would take a literal pupu on your unironic face



I thought they wear shorts for dancing



no, it was at uni

pretty rare to sit next to a girl, got 300 guys and 20 girl in my field



I've seen literally 2 passable girls at my entire uni so far it's depressing



word there's 20 girs but half of them look like guys, half of the rest are fat/ugly so that leaves 5, and they are all taken of course




she likes me

maybe send her a text



there's a dirty SEA girl

literally a worse human being edition. fat ugly and about 1.4m doesn't speak the language and needs thick glasses



maybe shes good at school

which country has only one seapeople


been listening a lot to that FACE rapper guy someone linked recently

really like the sound of russian



it's a fag and popular with you -> fagpop



its pinky, calling her kyulkyung is like calling jackie chan sung ryong


pinky's pipa


I just like how she is and looks and acts don't care how she's called as long as it's not pupu or some retarded name like that


I don't like the other name of Cathy tbh because it's hard to remember


kyulkyung isnt a good name either tbh the second k just doesn't sound right


it's ok in russian - кёль кён


tell me the word for faggot already


because we don't use swear words


tell me something about nunus torso



Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds: 123ms



the hero we need


just one message how do we save him


I don't understand the last 5 posts here


do russians not know about ourguy mrj



did he go to prison for that?


we don't talk about it


he deserves the chair for that tbh


for looking away I mean


just imagine

nunu is naked under her clothes


tfw 60 word essay due tommorow



imagine being with seola, inside her is the endless scary space of nothingness


its the 60 words meme again


imagine you need to write 60 word fanfic about your date with Roa


anyone else thinking about them or is it just me

why are they sooo cute


I have listened to almost every genre available, from the most iconic groups in music history to the most underground before getting into kpop. Plus working as music technician helped me to understand music in another different level, and my visual-artistic side complemented what I learned. Based on my knowledge and experience I must say, in terms of music in kpop world, Loona are way way waaay above other kpop girl groups. You can have your likes or dislikes, it's based on your personal taste. But objectively talking, Loona is a complete group. I hope one day you can understand music as me, then you will get why groups like Loona are literally gold in kpop.


Ive listened to 4 songs so far and still only like girl front. change my mind