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#16 Best China Edition


#16 Best China Edition


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kqts need to fix there monetisation strategy so we dont haev to worry about el disbandment

im not sure crowd funding money for your 15 million dollaruus in debt company is the answer though


raon looks good in non-meme hair




so we dont haev to worry about el disbandment

most bands being disbanded because of generation interchange, not because of CD sales issues

322×182435.12Kb00:14Inuyasha OST - Affections Touching Across Time┃Cover by Raon Lee


yeah she looks great


keep going back to the loogirls song

what will happen to mouth breath nim


how would you ever notice that

polite people don't look to girls mouth


normal people look at girls faces

not there, its just a meme


you don't look at girls mouths?


is that considered rude in your jungle country?


I look to other parts


link me a good raon


a good raon song or?



%%are there other stuff%


not that guy but she's really good, thanks for sharing


glad I can help


never understood the msrp meme but this is amazing


what's msrp?


asmr maybe


it's completely different characters though


think im gonna go to sleep

not even laon can keep me awake


she can serenade to sleep as well


sleep is not too bad even if its for a few hours only


but the loona song is stuck in my head so i have to watch that again



best hapa


best hat


i want to squeeze her face


please pray for oppo subs


how do i solve this loona situation in my head


what situation


can you believe the situation?



I still wanna know what situation



what's up with their old-curtain-dress


i cant really into latagirls except ugi and soyeon


where is she touching her


you should like oppo101 more than p48 tbh

btw, thinkig now about that last voting at original p101, it was utter shit with all that crying

chinks are doing much better and I'm afraid nips will cry as natural babies again


all that crying


chinks are doing much better


they almost don't cry


I'm at that moment for an entire week already

don't close the mpv window but don't want to finish either


coming coming coming coming coming

what did they mean by this


there is recent changes by tistory and the program is no longer work to download original pictures


is there a good kpop related 😅


subs coming in any minute now


wouldn't watch unless meiqi undresses or something like that


supposedly they were originally planning to but because mq has other skills to market herself they will undress xy instead




they will undress xy instead

we can see it in her movie instead


thats what i mean, they switched roles


I would rather watch to undressed cheng xiao tbh, she has some curves unless plain xy


she needs to crash her career to fall that desperate


but that would give her huge ratings, what's the point of hiding your curves

that's like wasting your money for no reason


maybe im just behind times

i wish you luck


whats the best way to watch raon songs in chronological order


imagine if she sang digimon - braveheart


the first three or four digimon openings were dope


actually imagine how amazing these covers would be if you were animuboy


oppo subs still not out


there twitter account inactive since ep5

this is why i was looking for increasingly nervous kpop reaction



is this like a best of

gonna watch them all chronologically first so i can see her growth


just downloaded her entire channels, now i just need to delete the vlogs



im just out of ideas waiting for spotify discover weekly to update


is she dating this pelle lad


no just making more youtube money with "collabs"


anyway, sounds pretty good

why cant kpops harmonize, its always the one line per girl and then round again



the producers always use shitty autotuned "harmonizing"


thanks I worked hard for it