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#17 Arirang Edition


#17 Arirang Edition


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i think he just wanted me to watch it first

ill work on it~ was just demoralized after wangju interview


we should ask that he makes us able to stop/start on that channel too


did we just go through a 500 post edition in less than a day btw?!


8ch is down for maintenance


yeah but our 311 editions usually last 2-3 days at least


it varies a lot tbh, some days we blow through a 311 in half a day, other days it takes 2-3 days as you mentioned


it's a bit faster to post here


I mean the 8ch downtimes is the reason I came here in the first place so


because everyone from 8ch came here so we're all posting on one board instead of 2 with a split group


still like this site more


it's not for me, no one posts any pictures


its the smiles

everything else is amazing (and doable) but smiles directly cause a reduction in kqts


eh, I rarely post pictures on any site because there are 2-3 autists that are up to date with the newest stuff and post them anyway


the secret to 8chin is wujuautist

its also why theres almost nothing else than wuju there


what about iuc



yeah he's a big asset tbh

but I also like to post with russians sometimes tbh


i dunno about iuc, he chats here but doesnt post oc

maybe he does there


maybe we need to revisit the memecoins tipping for posts idea when kagami comes back from alanya


i think implementing upvotes will just make us more like reddit


every wuju pic on 8ch is wujuautist

this meme need stop.. i literally cut my posting in half months ago because of complaining



you wouldnt see how much a post was tipped

jsut a little motivator for poster of kqt~



it's okay, my OC is complete shit anyway~~


i have a few k in memecoin that dont make sense to move to eur as tax authorities wuold come after me

would be great to use for tipping~



you mean actual tipping with some bitcoin alternative? that would be quite an incentive for quality posts


yes, something like monero would be nice

you cant see where the memecoin is coming from but transactions can be named to post id for example



2 problems


-user group size probably too small


kpganon has always been 1to 3 guy, but why does that matter


well lets say we are about 5 core posters

if we are not already very active and somewhat high quality the board would just die out completely very fast right?

an Incentive system would have the goal to motivate some that maybe lurk more to post as well


Idk it was just a thought anyway



won't work since we're split into two different sites, not everyone posts both here or at 8ch and vice versa



it wouldn't be too hard to make BO-nim also BO-nim here, he could just ask kagami to give him mod powers. but I think we aren't enough people even when not split


totally random kpop post



fuck no, thats the worst idea i've ever heard.

if you want to suck him off go back to that place, this is a new community and should be grow organically.


maybe call it something else since tipping is a bit of a curse word



hypothetically speaking though, would you be actually willing to voluntarily give a small amount of cybercoins for posts you like?

1280×6222.92Mb00:09[D-9] [두니아~처음 만난 세계] Character Teaser #1 루다 <>
1280×7202.71Mb00:03[D-9] [두니아~처음 만난 세계] Character Teaser #1 루다 <>

Luda's show airs today ~~




only problems with payment is convenience and anonymity

games only needed convenience so steam won even over literal free stuff (piracy), in here we need anonymity as well



I have absolutely 0 experience with cybercoin, is it really convenient?



getting the initial usd->memecoin conversion is ass, but once you get over that you can make for example a browser addon that does a thing with just a click


8ch is old news in every way, this site has a way better user experience and uptime, let the chips fall where they may...



it would probably have to be a chrome/firefox addon specifically for this site to make it really convenient (and some backend code to share receiving addresses)

though kpgent does have an in-house development team so no problems there~



chu is so weird

does anyone know where she came from


well let's make this idea more controversial, would you be willing to for example recruit discordfags to increase the potential capital base and organically regulate their behavior through the incentive system?



the stork brought her of course, dummy


now i have to watch yyxy again


watch it


i dunno why discordians would ever leave there servers

advertising is probably a bad idea, we can only take few people at once so they can be assimilated



yeah only 1-2 people at a time would be useful

don't know discordfags was just the first thing coming to mind



the best way that i could think up is that clicking the tip button generates a cryptocurrency wallet, this site waits for confirmation that some amount has been transferred to that address and then gives the other guy the keys to the wallet via a notification




this site waits for confirmation that some amount has been transferred to that address and then gives the other guy the keys to the wallet via a notification

how can the site check for that?

I guess you could deposit the key in the user account



havent thought that far into implementation


wife sent me this

gives 1 meme coin to myself



every wallet is composed of two keys, a public key which you can use to recieve cryptocurrency and a private key which you can use to send cryptocurrency

the keys can easily be generated, the first guy just gets the generated public key so he knows where to send the crypto and the other guy would get the private key

you can check if a transaction went through on the blockchain, by searching if the public key recieved any crypto, can also use many website's API's to do this (they also check the cryptocurreny's blockchain)

not an expert on crypto but that's my understanding on how it works



so it could technically work like the other anon said with the site letting such a checking site check the public keys and put the receiver key into the user account of the poster


would be best if posters could set there address in options which would be stored on the server

and when you sent money to the post you would send it to server who would receive it and forward it to original poster



i mean, i guess kagami already knows which posts are from the same user so it would be ok to store the wallet address



and then in the future when this site is bigger kagami can run off with all the crypto that people left in their wallets and fuck turkish whores for the rest of his life



I guess you couldn't just openly put your public key in every post because you couldn't post anonymously anymore



nah, us regular people would send it to servers add with post id as message

the server would have the post id -> address information


also people would use there own mymonero or whatever wallets


the thing is as soon as you make user accounts mandatory, kagami will know exactly who you are even if you anonymise your posts for other users.

however that is actually also the case for us now because we are so few people from so many different countries that he can just look up the ips


user accounts are balls, just add a field in options and save it in local storage

and yes, kagami already knows

and changing your wallet is basically the same amount of work as changing your ip so if you want to do it you can with relative ease



with saving it in local storage you mean like cookies or what?



something like that, whatever he uses for language/theme options

each post would then get marked on the server with the wallet address if its used by poster



that would work too, it's also possible to generate thousands of different public keys for one private key, so a different one could pop up everytime someone wanted to tip the same poster


so in the end from a users perspective you would do the following

-create a wallet and buy some memecoin

-activate the option on this site to receive memecoins yourself

-click some icon on a post you want to tip and trust some shitty server to redistribute the tip to the public key of that post


it sounds amazing tbh

idea being that its a relatively low amount so you dont really give a shit, more of a fun factor



yeah of course we're not talking about 5$ or something like that




- option would be activated by default

- server wouldn't redistrubute the tip, would just generate wallet address and send it to the other guy


generating wallet addresses generates too much effort, then the receiver need to move it from there to his own wallet

imo it needs to be opt-in, the poster would have to create the address and set it to make the post tippable



well yeah not redistribute exactly but it's the same problem, you have to trust that it won't just send it to kagamis address

would you be ok with that risk?would others be? I mean of course you don't really give a fuck if it's 0.05$ or so but still on principle it's a problem


kagami is one of the top ourguys and regularly parties with turkish whores on mediterranean beaches

we dont need to worry about him



would also create fun moments when you could lament over someone forgetting to set his address


I find social engineering things like this idea very interesting but it's a bit gimmicky for such a small thing tbh would try it though


we'll revisit this idea later this year when our team returns from summer vacations

gonna wind down with some c101 now, hopefully with less wangju later in the episode~



you're still watching episode 5 right? did mextex-hoe already complain about her shit ranking?


i mean i really appreciate you guys are being innovative and useful to our community here, but i'm a programmer for a living and I come here to unwind, so it's a bit let down to read all this technical stuff.

i come here for the qts..



there's room for both you know



it's 4am, even later in russia

everyone gone to sleep i guess

1280×7202.98Mb00:15Simply K-Pop _ SMore Simply K-Pop _ Ep.231 _ 090916


same here, maybe i should try not sleeping today at all to reset my schedule



I have to do this but I also want to be awake for the oppo viewing in the evening



memecoin is the best idea i have ever heard in my life. where do i invest?