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#101 2 Yuris Edition


#101 2 Yuris Edition





worst edition since #58 edition

you guys are very egoistic and I don't like it


they don't even look alike



editions should be universal you pabo

imagine how boring it would be if every edition was


my waifu edition

that would be boring as hell



You could have posted all the kpops who love my waifu you moroni




you only think about yourself and your waifu and forget about chingus and their waifus


one waifu edition amongst tens of meme editions


throws a fit

how do we solve him


i still don't get the 2 yuris meme




I will stop being a bitch by making only


my waifu edition

from now on


why must you antagonize them


imo the only nigger her is the terrorist-nigger





1600×108026.71Mb00:57IZ_ONE 에너지 캠(ENOZI Cam) EP.4-sI1CtlyFi60

post all the buns

for research





she's really cute here

how come the haircut she usually has is the only one that doesn't suit her


friendly reminder to stay hydrated


gonna go drink water right now


remember to filter all the water you drink with high quality and eco-friendly Brita™ water fiters



I know its just a meme but I know for sure my local water people dont do that


yoona is never posted though?!


because lewdster is here and I want to protect her


you are welcome




she is a good rapper but I don't find her attractive


trigger warnings are dumb you didn't even insult her



what if Exy posts here?

she would be sad that I don't find her attractive



if you're polling everyone, then i'd just like to say i like exy & her big buttonnose



if you have a younger brother/cousin you should buy him a Brita™ water filter for Christmas






he just recommended a Christmas gift to him

that's pretty nice imo


they don't even need to pump drinking water to the cities here, gravity does the job

it even generates electricity along the way


freaking mountainjews


that's it! if I don't see at least 6 pictures of cute kpops posted I will NOT post cute yeonwoos





very nice posts

thanks for your hard work



don't post qts for the praise

post them because it is the moral thing to do

if praise happens, it happens, but it should not be one's purpose in life



I like her eye make up in #2

and socks in #4



i know the date, it's not there

i saved the one you posted though, so thanks anyway


ok I will work harder in the future


I like that we are all yeonwoo friends here


not me i'm a nancyboy sorry



i dont know why that person hasn't got the pics on their account, its frustrating when that happens


yeonwoo a ho


I will pay good pyocoin


his lunatics friends left again


why does loona make people lose their sanity


why is bo like this



pretty sure they lost their sanity before loona existed


this sort of shit is why the last place died out bo, don't ruin this one as well



what sort of thing? there's no banning going on here


pretty sure bo is into some obscure jpop now


what did loona poster even do?

they way Insee it that faggot bullies them literally for posting cute girls


so many lewd yeunwoos ITT

I can't brb



is bo and terrorist-nim the same person?

it's hard to believe that we have two mentally ill people in a small community as ours

btw posting Loonas to support everyone's right to post kqts they like


who is terrorist-nim?


5 fresh kpop pics a day, keep the suicide away



posting the gookiest gook in the gookland


Imagine laying your head down on Yves’ lap as she cradles your head with her pale slender arms. She looks down at your face and smiles warmly and asks “Are you hungry?” You nod your head. She raises up her top to reveal a beautiful breast with light brown nipples, and leans forward to bring her soft nipple to your mouth. You begin suckling her nipple and delicious warm milk fills your mouth. Yves hums melodically and you close your eyes as you continue drinking her milk.



I don't know but I'm happy that she exists


I wonder if Saerom knows how cute she is


she knows


Don't worry I tell her everyday


i wish they lived next door to me


Is ugichingu still posting here ?


no, leave


imagine being yooa's creepy neighbour, the one she's panically afraid of and thinks he might abduct her


the life


would you abduct your neighbour kqt though?


would abduct you


would you not abduct your neighbour yooaqt?


blog post

don't read it

aliens abducted me when I was a kid and no one believed me


which era yooa are we talking about in this hypothetical scenario?


181020 yooa


nigga yeah lol



you've bullied Gidle's stylist unnie you liar


I nominate Saerom as the best kqt who debuted in 2018



now you are being passive aggressive to me by not giving me a (You)


Saerom is a an ultra qt but she looks weird sometimes


she has a very unique face, in a good way


would marry and procreate tbh


would marry and protect tbh




only if you reflect and work harder in the future


yes that too


reminder that she would never marry you


my fave is not amongst the emotes




why not?

I'm tall, I'm fit, my mom says I'm very handsome and I have a nice job

if she wanted I would beat up every gaypop nigger she picks


we don't have faves here

we have waifus


emotes is about expressing yourself, not about being filled with specific girls




but this thread is full of egoists so it has to be THEIR waifu in the :smile:



i feel misrepresented and want reparations


If the mods can have their waifu emotes, I also want mine. Grab your pieces, niggas.



I said what?

I mean the anon who wowed the fact that his """fave""" wasn't amongst the emotes

he is an egoist for sure



Made me rethink about my actions. Thank you.


did we get a lot of new guys ?




just the old guys showing their true colors


Im not old youre old


I'm but a boy


I'm not even 40

that's still pretty young


he still has not said who his waifu is


my waifu is Sunny from kpop group SNSD


we can't do anything about no :smiles: if you don't ever post your waifu

if you're scared just do a noise post


The fave guy made me notice there aren't any twice emotes

Do something about it, moderators




my waifu also doesn't have a :smile: even those she is well known and loved by literally everyone but you know what?

I don't care, there's more to life than :smiles:


fuck your waifu, don't post your waifu. post my waifu instead



they are here to help us understand human emotions better

It doesn't matter who is on the :smile:




I'm from the streets

never heard about it

must be some shithole in africa



i thnik he means the british band, the streets


my wife kim hyunjin



make better ones already! all the seulgiposters could enjoy it


posting my wife's smile


I think we have a new guy and he likes twice




I'm actually happy, I like new guys

they increase diversity


I don't like the guy who uses Sana as a Emergency waifu

He's not respecting her



just because you don't know how to make smiles does NOT mean that you are a brainlet!



he is just a pabo and didn't think about it

I bet he likes Sana like every high IQ heterosexual male... and female


I'm happy that we agree that Sana is /ourgirl/



alright here's a tutorial just for you

1 find a high resolution good lighted picture you want to do a :smile: of

2 open paint on your windows vista home machine

3 click on the "select" thing in the top left that has a rectangle on it

4 make a square around the face you want to crop out for the :smile:

5 click on "crop" in the top left

6 click on change size right under "crop"

7 select "pixel"

8 write in 64 in botih fields

9 save it and change the size again and write in 32 in both fields this time

10 post both pictures



don't listent to this guy

this is a guide to make a bad :smile:



it will suffice for his first smiles and does not require him to download anything



I'm pretty sure I am older than you

actually we can bet

who loses posts 5 PyoCoins


only people that are experts at making smiles should make them

we don't need low quality smiles


well at least everybody should post the high quality source pictures that they would like a :smiles: of



and what makes you think that we need new smiles?

we have enough or too many already



to replace old ones nobody ever uses of course like this one


Thats a good one


it doesn't have to be super high quality photo

but it does have to be distinguishable emotion

also some cool high res photos with great emotions just looks bad at 32 pixels and there is nothing you can do about it

just let it go...



well you know what you PABO?

Sana deserves better than being someones ESW



I have a better idea

let's kill him, that will teach other people a lesson



oh look at this we have a real life bourgois over here



knew it

just post 5 PyoCoins and call me sunbaenim and we can be chingus




gambling is bad

gambling is very popular in korea

if you want to become a honorary korean someday you will have to give it a try


toby is a good name tbh


now we only need a family name and we will have a whole new chingu


at the goodbyes for a music show during Sephiroth promo they were using sign language to spell out "SOS" and "Help Us". It was absolutely chilling.


cant really see anything from 32px seul_wut



made it just for fun

32x looks weird


besides the big boy doesnt take new smiles so just use them manually


you need to post a :smile: you want to replace with yours I think

nominating for replacement:


we just need to design a better ui for smiles so no need to remove old




also like loona and elris

f*cking based

I love Smolfu and Olibia


another newguy and I still don't have a noonabrochingu to post noonas with



can you make :smile: with those ?

Far right would be :seul_sulk:

and the second from right :seul_smug:


omo gordon got a new chingu?


also 1-2 more genuine wholesome _smile :smiles: would be good

most of the _smile :smiles: are ironic and more smug



good thing Ronaldo left so all the fake fans like pic related left with him

now only real Madristas like our waifus stayed


I don't get the liking a club that belongs to a place you've not even grown up in meme


what's the best kpop nickname and why is it Kimberly Lippington?


tfw iced tea hugged Jaekyung and you didn't and never will


I think I'll wait with making a twiceboy folder until the 48 hours passed


Pristin VII debut in 2019

they will hit daebak and earn enough money for an After School comeback

screencap this post



I should make one too since my kpop folder got deleted out of nowhere last week


I'm not a liar

cute jappie




my kpop folder got deleted out of nowhere last week

maybe it was a sign from gods that you should drop kpop and find yourself a healthy white girl and make lots of kids?


why are you so obsessed with smiles?



the emotion is hard to see else sorry



according to the biggest pagan philosopher of XXI century gods are just ideas that are supposed to teach you something so yeah they probably didn't delete your kpop folder


personally I find the order by exact date method retarded



it's okay don't listen to the bullies


imagine finding a hdd with such a database full of pyocoins


it would actually be deflation if you'd post it




Would jesus like kpop

he would like some gaypop with 12 members



you sure about that?

the value of one PyoCoin would decrease so it would be inflation



nah, when pyocoins get posted they lose their value so everytime one is posted all pyocoins not yet posted increase in value since the amount of available pyocoins decreased




nah, when pyocoins get posted they lose their value

that's a very nice theory but I've seen anons paying with PyoCoins that were posted MANY times before



I don't think varg would appreciate white men going crazy because of cute korean girls



did you notify the authorities? we can't have another debacle like back in 2k07



the only authority I recognize is the village chief and he doesn't care about kch tbh


toby likes diversity




Wollim is a pretty nugu company

I'm sure they have to save money whenever it's possible

btw question for kpop experts, who's in the picture #3


some streetwalker?



the big man is afraid of adding more smiles with current ui


kagami is not unnormally tall or fat


I've heard from a good source that he is a big guy


so i was right too!


now that I think about it hate would be a cool name for a badass dog


Dalgom is best dog anyway


Dalgom is basically a barking cat

Siro is the patrician kpop dog


some cute yeonus for your enjoyment



I want to see video where she wears that device from #2 picture


i enjoywd them


i want to see a video of her wearing a different kind of device


I dislike yeonwoo ever since she said she was one of the least known in her group



disliking kpops for dumb shit like that is something only a pabo would do


we forgot to tell Toby the rules btw



1. Копчености, сексуальные фантазии и порно-контент запрещены, ведите себя как взрослые люди.

2. Оскорбление айдолов запрещено.

3. Оскорбления и провоцирование участников треда запрещены.

4. Обсуждение этой и других борд разрешено, но без скатывания в срач.

There you go Toyboy


is winku loving chingoo still here?



the start was promising

the middle was enthralling

and the surprise ending would make m. night shamalamadingdong weep tears of joy




... unless this place doesn't exist and i'm imagining you all

but that's not true is it

...i-is it



is it wrong that i want to pour milk into the little indentations made by her clavicles & then drink it all up


why does mpv accept links from actual links on web you drag and drop but if you select and drag or copy a text link it doesnt want it


because mpv is unable to tell it's a hyperlink not an instruction


have nice dreams about your waifu and wake up rested tomorrow well~~



omo thank you

nice cute korean girl btw


I like Ugi tbh



soon I hope

I really like cute kpop 4heads