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#101 2 Yuris Edition


#101 2 Yuris Edition


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according to the biggest pagan philosopher of XXI century gods are just ideas that are supposed to teach you something so yeah they probably didn't delete your kpop folder


personally I find the order by exact date method retarded



it's okay don't listen to the bullies


imagine finding a hdd with such a database full of pyocoins


it would actually be deflation if you'd post it




Would jesus like kpop

he would like some gaypop with 12 members



you sure about that?

the value of one PyoCoin would decrease so it would be inflation



nah, when pyocoins get posted they lose their value so everytime one is posted all pyocoins not yet posted increase in value since the amount of available pyocoins decreased




nah, when pyocoins get posted they lose their value

that's a very nice theory but I've seen anons paying with PyoCoins that were posted MANY times before



I don't think varg would appreciate white men going crazy because of cute korean girls



did you notify the authorities? we can't have another debacle like back in 2k07



the only authority I recognize is the village chief and he doesn't care about kch tbh


toby likes diversity




Wollim is a pretty nugu company

I'm sure they have to save money whenever it's possible

btw question for kpop experts, who's in the picture #3


some streetwalker?



the big man is afraid of adding more smiles with current ui


kagami is not unnormally tall or fat


I've heard from a good source that he is a big guy


so i was right too!


now that I think about it hate would be a cool name for a badass dog


Dalgom is best dog anyway


Dalgom is basically a barking cat

Siro is the patrician kpop dog


some cute yeonus for your enjoyment



I want to see video where she wears that device from #2 picture


i enjoywd them


i want to see a video of her wearing a different kind of device


I dislike yeonwoo ever since she said she was one of the least known in her group



disliking kpops for dumb shit like that is something only a pabo would do


we forgot to tell Toby the rules btw



1. Копчености, сексуальные фантазии и порно-контент запрещены, ведите себя как взрослые люди.

2. Оскорбление айдолов запрещено.

3. Оскорбления и провоцирование участников треда запрещены.

4. Обсуждение этой и других борд разрешено, но без скатывания в срач.

There you go Toyboy


is winku loving chingoo still here?



the start was promising

the middle was enthralling

and the surprise ending would make m. night shamalamadingdong weep tears of joy




... unless this place doesn't exist and i'm imagining you all

but that's not true is it

...i-is it



is it wrong that i want to pour milk into the little indentations made by her clavicles & then drink it all up


why does mpv accept links from actual links on web you drag and drop but if you select and drag or copy a text link it doesnt want it


because mpv is unable to tell it's a hyperlink not an instruction


have nice dreams about your waifu and wake up rested tomorrow well~~



omo thank you

nice cute korean girl btw


I like Ugi tbh



soon I hope

I really like cute kpop 4heads