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#102 Cat Ears Edition


#102 Cat Ears Edition


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how come terror-nim is still here?


maybe we could do kch marketing in 2k19 to get some more good posters



I think that a bigger community would require moderation and moderation on small chans like this one often sucks



I guess but 1-2 more active posters like gordon wouldnt hurt


we should just ignore lewdster, maybe he will get bored eventually and without him getting new quality posters would be much easier


also a world filter option would be cool

just filter "cum" and you are safe


word filters are kinda dumb



you're a "lady"? oh ok, I guess that's why you hate cum so much


I'm a playgirlz tbh


word filters are not a good idea



so, in your imaginary world men like cum?

are you some sort of secret gay?



and likes to share about that feeling



he should talk to brazilian slugbro

I've heard they had lots of feminine dicks there


dont bother I dont think being gay is an insult for him since hes not normal in the head


Cause there is no real world person with wich he can be sexually interacted. That kind of frustration leads to deviating behavior




Cause there is no real world person with wich he can be sexually interacted

what about his uncle Bob?


We had once russian chingu who liked to type about fluids. After a while he was exposed in homosexual relationship with a kazakh man.



who knows. ignoring is probably better than trying to hurt him




I will never (You) him or talk about him again



you mean the guy and the kazah both created a board of their own



Yeah, but they were helped by some crazies.


To be honest, their internet marriage didn't last long

That was an upset for all of us the spectators.



don't you have that faggot hunter in russia? you should have let him know about those two


maybe learning russian would be a good idea after all

free drama shows



the faggot hunter is haunted by the faggots in jail for don't remeber how losng exactly


btw I thought that faggots only ruled in US prisons



the russian jail faggots invented the rule that the one with passive role is the real faggot and the other one is a victim of circumstances


classic muslim logic


I dont think Ive ever met a real russian

lots of serbs/croats and poles tho

oh and one of my new neighbors may be russian



idk maybe. all I know is

poles steal

ukrainians are hungry

serbs and albanians are light skinned turks

and croats have pretty girls


Russia is diverse, there were collected near 3 hundred assimilated tribes, throughout documented history


what is the most mono-ethnical country in europe anyway?

I mean the "original" citizens no those migrants that got there after II WW or recently


does iceland count? maybe vatican city




pinky vlive subbed

subbed where

it's still not re-uploaded to their vlive





she could betray my penis all day long i don't care

i just want to know where it's subbed



The sub team disbanded since there were no new content i think


i'll link it once ive confirmed its safe to watch

wouldnt want the expansion plans leaked, lots of china opposers here



If pinky was from Taiwan pristin would be active


pro tip: other pledis groups have active in chyna stinky chinkies just fine




image of after school


reminding of the situation



because to do any sort of promotion in china you need to partner up with a chinese agency, due to the protectionist policies there

so whatever issues there are with the korean agency wouldn't apply there


reminding of the situation



thank you

maybe i should download it before it's struck down by the people's central cultural examination certification bureau committee


i love pinky

she's innocent