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Can we stay in here now that 2chen died?

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720×9822.21Mb00:29[V LIVE] Come In-202638

we're dying, kpopgeneralbros!

720×10522.15Mb00:14[V LIVE] Come In-202638

Hyojung looks very pretty here


bros just realized kpop stands for korean popular music



die an honorable death, let's take with us!


no we're all here still



I don't think anyone is on there, doesn't make sense because you need an admin around to keep the kpgers away.



you are always welcomed in the /wood/ kpop general

you will have to share your Arin thread with other kpops tho

1596×16683.23Mb00:09(test) 200807 오마이걸 비니 직캠 ‘살짝설렜어(Nonstop)’ _ OHMYGIRL BINNIE FANCAM-7MpHMvMoY2k



not me, that's the actual name of the fancam, not sure what the fancammer was testing, maybe a color grading

> now has ads as posts



i find it weird that they say davichi-sunbaenim even though davichi aren't even present. why do they have to keep the honorifics when they aren't even addressing anyone



you wouldn't call your mom/dad by their first names just because they aren't present either, right?

I think that's a decent comparison



I wouldn't call them by name, but I definintelly use a slang that is a little bit derogatory in a way when talking about them when they aren't present



As I said. It's not that I am talking about them badly, it's just that the word itself is a little bit more harsh. It's hard to explain language nuances like this



hmm so koreans think it's equivalent to dissing them behind their backs? like as if I was using some derogatory term?



I understand, something just like this exists in my first language and I would definitely not say the ruder version in a more formal or public setting (like if I was there >>469136) but around just friends it would basically be the only normal thing to say


kinda different but similar enough, rather than a diss it would just be something either weird or not respectful to say

maybe if your Uni Professor was called John Doe, you would be referring to him as Prof. Doe even to your friends rather than calling him John

not only because it's respectful but also just because everyone knows him as Prof. Doe anyway



maybe i found the korean way so weird because i now realize that my culture is probably on the other extreme of the spectrum. people hardly ever use such honorifics as 'professor' or 'doctor' around here. certainly never with friends. in public speeches or some work-related ass-kissing happening you might hear them



They don't say that IRL, it's just for the cameras.

I've seen other groups mentioning their seniors and quickly remembering they need to be polite and they add the sunbaenim as an after thought, specially on vlive. You can tell it's not natural.

Someone like OMG are always polite in that way, maybe WM insisted on that in particular while training.

1268×818575.24Kb00:06[OH MY GIRL SKETCHBOOK 2] EP.22 비니 '썸툰 2020' 마지막 촬영 Behind-td7WYuv5An0

But more importantly, Binnie though...



tell mimi to apply for her silver button




guess I'll see you on /wood/ now, this was fun


if special arinposter is moving then i'm moving... though i won't be posting much then...


thank you based ILOGU

1090×1010473.86Kb00:03(Eng Sub) [ILOGU OHMYGIRL] EP02. OH MY GIRL Enjoying their Small but Certain Happiness I 아이로그U 오마이걸-s47yuj5Uf1Y



we could use some fresh webms from arin's new vlive... or do you rather wait until they get subbed to do that? anyways please don't tell me to do it myself since i'm technologically retarded



thanks, i should do that and get to work



Bit high bitrate there. Try to setup the file limit before export

But other than that, very nice gif

1508×9808.88Mb00:06[K-Choreo 8K] 에버글로우 직캠 'LA DI DA' (EVERGLOW Choreography) l @MusicBank 200925-zzv-XANGuVs

epic choreo


I guess we can stay in this general a little longer



me entering the room dressed in full Miracle clothes, it was so cringey but that's why Hyojung is not bothered since she has embraced the cringe



I can still live there, don't be like this Somi


i've come to like Hyojung more and more. She's really the perfect leader





I can't believe how good and charming she is every week



they should have asked for more, step one was pretty easy

826×6942.08Mb00:07200514 M COUNTDOWN 오마이걸 BEHIND THE SCENE + 살짝설렜어 + 1위발표


1280×7203.51Mb00:08200926 전지적 참견시점 오마이걸

good ol' tit grab, never fails

1256×1080603.03Kb00:02200711 SBS FIL Weplay 2 EP.02


888×50011.45Mb00:32200926 전지적 참견시점 오마이걸

hyojung fans btfo!

1020×10802.62Mb00:04200926 전지적 참견시점 오마이걸

970×10802.28Mb00:06200926 MBC 쇼! 음악중심 696회


i have a confession. one time on 2chen i pretended i was a duck but in reality i'm not a duck. i had to let it out or the guilt would eat at me forever

1920×10807.48Mb00:21IZ*ONE, High tension during ASMR #Star Road 06


Yena, is that you?