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That as well. She is like a mix of those two



Narsha said she likes to show of her body because it's nice and it won't be that way forever so she shows it off while she can



being a T-ara fan had some ups and downs but in the end we are pretty lucky

Hyomin is really active on IG, Jiyeon does some vloging, some noonas just disappear after disbanding


I'm pretty sure she gets paid for posting pics of those clothes

hell, she got paid for using and posting that Lotus car



Yeah, but for pics that show off product, the focus is on her legs




yeah and car commercials usually have hot women in them

you are supposed to associate the product with nice things, like k-thighs for example




I think she got invited to some YSL show few days ago and maybe shilling their (((products))) was part of the deal



if even Soyeon can afford a Maserati than Hyomin must be rolling in cash

I wonder if they would be so rich if not the scandal and chink money that came after it



maybe not, chink money is huge but at the same time snsd is hella rich so if they got on that level then maybe yes



I recently read somewhere that top chinese celebrities make ten times more than their korean counterparts



that's what you get for buying an album without our birdfu




It's ridiculous when compared with the BP album that cost me pretty much the same

But both of them have sweet pics in the photobooks so it's ok



Yeah, the BP album was definitelly worth the money. It includes so much stuff



No, I went to the shop and told myself that if I see a Loona album I am gonna get one because I want it



The albums are a lot more expensive though. Both of them were around ~30 euro. But imo it is ok since I have the album in my hands immediately and I don't have to worry some nigger will lose my package somewhere on its trip that is 20 000 kilometers long


google is shutting down those limited-unlimited plans



Fugg. I have to open my gmail accounts at least once in a while



mostly true but Siyeon said they had a proper world tour planned for 2020

also Dong would come back before Boca comeback if not the chink virus



imagine if the next comeback was as omo as minx but the concept would be dark




as omo as minx but the concept would be dark

they can never top that comeback then




From what I've seen on Immortal songs and shows like that, the boomers really like her, but that is not exactly a target audience for idols.



The average commenter on articles like that is roastie in her 20's



that's a very nice Doobu



yeah I read that

imagine if he met a girl like that BP Rania girl and they both tried to scam each other



I'd pay to watch that as reality show



maybe because presenters don't have 7 years long slave contracts and they don't have to hide dating from the public



Yeah, but kpops are usually out of the industry by 26-28 which is the prime time for marriage



maybe being rich is enough for presenters but kpop arthoes also want you to be /fa/ or something?



True. Roje constantly praises fashion designers for their vision and other similar shit buzzwords like that.

Good thing all of them are fags or pedos so she should be safe




Good thing all of them are fags or pedos so she should be safe

she is pretty flat so a mistake could happen



She is fairly tall so that should be enough of a sign


I still don't know what they meant by Untouchable lyrics

last time kpop lyrics made me think so much was after Secret Garden came out




Are all three from the same hospital? They look the same...

this sounds like a 4ch/kch comment lmao




this sounds like a 4ch/kch comment lmao

they also keep calling idols trannies/manfaces





I don't know that word but I will assume that's a compliment



So I’ll show you, only you, for the first time

Follow me, come with me bae

Hold my hand, you and me

There’s a precious place inside of me



from what I remember, "secret garden" in general is giving your love (in a pure way) to someone else, it's quite modern to make a sexual interpretation

but I'm gonna read it later, it'd be nice to have a serious site for lyrics translated though



how can we pretend they don't know when they sing lyrics like these?



"precious place inside of me" means the heart though

Remember that Secret Garden was featured in the book from the person who wrote the lyrics, and it isn't meant to be lewd




Remember that Secret Garden was featured in the book from the person who wrote the lyrics, and it isn't meant to be lewd

I did not know that

that's pretty cool



from the old perspective of keeping your memories and love in the heart, you can say it's a place