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Korean cinema general


Korean cinema general



it was a great movie, glad i decided to watch it tonight

The Yellow Sea



is that memories of murder or something? definitely need to watch it again, I have 0 recollection of that one


i don't get it. is this a continuation of the last thread of its own thing?



yes, sorry if it's confusing, I didn't consider that


slowly but surely our 2chen heritage is fading away...



geez, dodgeball in Korea is serious business

that one short haired girl with the mean attitude is really cute




soon they will ask us to combine the threads

that already happened and it almost happened, but we have different things going I think



also, I think someone there gets really annoyed if something offtopic shows up




i'm thinking it's a continuation

I will post kpop here then



a bittersweet life, it has tfw no kgf vibes so watch it



omooooooooo kqts

omoooooooooooooo gone girl


Yeonwoo gf is so cute, I can't handle it

why is he mad at her though



no way 3 guys can't beat a single one


>>519642 ➡

I'm here then






it's worse than her previous songs

what did she mean by this?


why are we posting kpop in kmovie thread



he is the anti-pope

he is the end of christanity


what do you guys think it's better: ps or xbox


+ exclusive games

+ better gamepad


+ better design

+ cheaper games

both have pros



it better to spend that money on your waifu's albums




+ exclusive games

ps because ^, the only thing you need a console for


I just came back from Ikea with a new office chair and it's really comfortable, feels good bros



it's more convenient to play on a console though

I've bought xbox because it was easier to buy but I'm not sure if it's the right choice



it is, since i have a ps4 i have only played like 2 games on pc




I guess it's a kch approved chair


Been using this chair for 3 months and found it uncomfortable for petite women like me.



good thing I'm not a petite woman


tfw poor and you have to sit like Tzuyu here


winter got the smallest res pic

oh nonono winterbros

we got too cocky



will you buy ps5?

I like its games and gamepad but xbox is much more pragmatic device, that kills me



maybe when the new god of war comes out if i made it by then, i dont think i'll have made it though lol




made it

you mean finding a job?

I already have one, but it's much worse situation, I'm feeling like it's not the best job I can find, but finding better one will require tons of effort so I just go with the stream



i already have one and you are literally me

the pay is shit but for a while i slacked off a lot so it was comfy although recently im starting to have a lot more stuff to do at work, my contract ends this year though and im not sure if they'll renew me and even if they do the pay upgrade wont be much, i need another better paying job but i dont ever work on improving myself in my free time and i just watch korean girls dancing....




i need another better paying job but i dont ever work on improving myself in my free time and i just watch korean girls dancing....




i got a call today for an interview in something i dont know that would pay slightly better but id probably learn relevant stuff there unlike here

time to see who will win: korean girls dancing or my motivation to work on myself for the interview


i thought everyone here is some programmer making 60k€ a year



I'm making 1200 euro and it's considered a good pay :welp


not much but we are fucked when it comes to electronics or cars



ive tracked it once and with one online concert included i think my monthly expenses, while living very cheap since theres no going out with corona and cooking at home 90% of the time, my expenses ended up being ~90-110% of my wage, im unsure if i tracked it all properly or whatever

so im just scraping by


i could hope for something like that maybe in 1 and a half years...



is it a high barrier to entry that's preventing this?


what went so horribly wrong after soviet union fell?



it's not only about money, though it makes you sad that you could have earned much more if just tried hard enough

I don't feel great room for growth at my current job, but I don't know what I should do instead either

if I will apply for a job with a bigger salary I think I will be unhappy as well, because I have to know I do something important but I'm not smart enough for that

maybe bigger salary with help me relax more though and don't think about meaning of the life...

I can trip to Korea and debunk it, and play ps5 in my spare time without any regrets


I'm programmer btw, I joined my current job because it felt like something important and challenging, but I don't feel like that anymore and salary isn't high



I never thought about leaving

I like it here, and it's not like my life is shit just because xbox is relatively more expensive than in western europe

also the last time I saw a nigger was few months ago and that's priceless



totally not me, i hate that even if you're well off here you're still behind western eu middle class or american middle class or whatever first world



as a programmer is it not relatively easier to get a remote job from outside your home country that would pay more?

t. has no idea about programming



no, at least not as a junior

its literally hard as fuck to even get a junior job here let alone a remote one where you have millions of pajeets applying willing to work for less peanuts than an eastern euro bro


Little Lee Luda is pouting again



government only takes from me

and now they want to make some new tax for being an incel

like dude do you think I want to be a lonely loser? just assign a wife for me if it bothers you so much




and now they want to make some new tax for being an incel

what do you mean?



if you aren't married/have kids after certain age you will pay higher taxes

it's both for men and women tho



i've heard it suggested before that those who have kids should have lower taxes, instead of penalizing those who don't have kids. but i suppose it's all relative




Friend from Latvis is really pissed recently. He has a company in his name and works as contractor for somebody else. The Latvian government apparently decided that since economy is weak because of rona they are raising the tax for this type of company from 15% to 40%

Fucking sucks for him


taxation is theft

when we had the Kingdom here each tax was for a specific purpose, like this goes for army, this goes for King's bitches etc

now they take it indirectly in VAT and spend it on some dumb shit



i mean if you're working as a contractor you're already kinda cheating at the game and make a lot more than the average wagie...




tfw contractor

when I buy electronics or gas I only pay like 2/3rds of the price



That is in his case, but these sort of small companies are people who own shops, who own gyms, etc.

They are the people who got fucked by corona the most and now government is fucking them on top of it



i know, by cheaters i meant people like programmers who create a one man company to get that



corona was created to destroy small business

when it's over everyone will be working for big corporations



But corporations don't pay taxes so where is the gubmint gonna get money



I did. Though I couln't finish the original because the gameplay tilted me off the face of the Earth.

Human Revolution was a lot more about where humanity is heading as a whole and corporations and government only played secondary role there. I played Mankind Divided for a few hours and then uninstalled it because the gameplay sucked again




I have a nice ass, don't you think?



Every time I see those pilates machines it just looks like some BDSM stuff



It has loads of straps, chains, swings. It just looks like very elaborate fucking device


my imagination stops at hand holding

anything above that is too lewd



it popped due to high temperature since Olivia's tummy is super hot



imagine the strength of olivia's tight hip muscles...


Gowon ASMR would be so cool

her voice is great for that


I finished the Yuqi show

I think she is my waifu now




just assign a wife for me if it bothers you so much

I bet you wouldn't be happy with assigned wife

have any experience with employment exchange?




anyone here who knows jav lookalikes for idols?




smol girls in big jackets are peak comfy



why do you need lookalies if you can follow ex-idols in jav/kav


Soy looking like a Lion



tfw no big and super beautiful Doy gf


tfw no real life anime Elly gf

1280×7205.63Mb00:06200225 SBS MTV HD The Show E206


Elly is pretty cool


another group where youngest girls are the tallest



I wish I was a 1thek staff

they get to work with so many cuties


would you take a hike with this woman?



Pee Poutda is the cutest tho


I finished reworking my set up at work. I can finally go back to watching 4k videos and vertical fancams.

1408×10009.48Mb00:0720180719_Mnet_프로듀스48 (6회)



tfw no 4k fancams back then

at least we have them now



she has very heavy sexy makeup in there, I think she looks slightly different now but only because she's still growing



it is very weird that the youngest got the lewdest outfit and makeup




but all the super sexy groups flopped

Stellar was mega flopping with their cute/space concept, so the sexy concept was a massive improvement



honestly I don't see the girl crush part in aespa

it's just sexy pop with banger music



I think they're more like female empowerment, woman crush



It's such a lewd song as well. The lyrics are beyond whore pop

1362×10004.51Mb00:05180629_Mnet_프로듀스48 (3회)

tfw no produce 48 season 2


i am determined , i will work hard to try to get this job and spend 80% less time this weekend watching korean girls dance



good timing

work hard on the weekend, enjoy IZone comeback on Monday



if that new job isn't disbanding next year it can wait



its not but it might be a good job, it definitely cant be worse than my current one



she's just playing a gf isnt she? shouldnt be hard for someone like her


I'm watching some old show with Gidle and Super Junior and some of those Super Junior dudes look like turbo chads

it's so weird because all the current gaypops look like clowns or fags



They have been in the industry for 15 years and probably got to gf a lot of /ourgirls/ no wonder they behave like chads




probably got to gf a lot of /ourgirls/





or they just don't have to pretend to be twinks for fangirls anymore


half of the files on my phone are invisible

Why is software in 2020 so shit

Give me my old mp3 player back, fuck the future



At least VLC can see those files. People shot on it so much on chans but at least it just werks



Might as well watch deepfakes at that point







Why is software in 2020 so shit

neither grandmas or zoomers even know what files are and both of these groups need to be milked for easy profit

it's your own fault for using software for grandmas/zoomers too



Another omo mole



don't ever mention hyojung and dick in the same sentence ever again



more girl groups than gaypops

finally some good year end show


you have to send them an e-mail to watch it

that's weird, but at least it's free I hope


is SM too poor to get them jackets?

it's around 0 degrees in Seoul lately



if they get sick there will be nothing to see



She probably needs to wear padding elsewhere as well



I wonder how he posts here

I'm sure it's difficult for a blind person



Karina's bust looks way too big for her body frame. Is it dr Kim's job



actually Jiselle, Karina, Winter, Ning


nice hat



Yeah. It's like she knows something and is going to bully you for it. That is pretty hot




It's like she knows something

I hope she doesn't know about my kpop addiction



that would be the best christmas present



you can't use an xbox on schedules or during a break in the company building


Interesting question


Lippy looks so good in pants

All the Loonabutts look amazing in them




kpop is fucking amazing in 2020

can't word this enough

there were so many good albums this year



Karina is so obviously not yet comfortable with this sort of stuff



imo she did pretty good for a lookie

also her speaking voice is very cute



She just has that classic lookie flaw of feeling like you need to be 100% all the time. She will get over it with experience. It's just always so funny seeing girls that are 10/10 badass on the stage suddenly feel like a kid because nobody taught them what to do in variety shows like this one



would be cool if they had some bts show like I-talk

those always feel more real and less scripted



I love behind the scenes bits. It's always fun



personally it's my favorite kind of content

I'm glad more and more groups are getting official subs for it



so i think bona is doing acting. is the rest of wjsn just jobless right now?



i asked cause i didn't know. she's already in the subunit so there's still 6 other members



I don't really follow individual activities of kpops so I have no idea


poor jiho


show is over



her whole outfit is cute af

for me it's Isa's low waist jeans tho


purity mentioned




girl love will only make Jihan purer




they changed her birth name because other celebrities had it but didn't check weather there are celebrities called Yeonwoo before



she likes to live like a neet and play games and watch movies a lot


me too




8K Moksori in full length



at 4:44 when she gets up and pretends that she is leaving she reminds me of Woohee so much



she can come to my place, I have the latest and greatest one




not a fan of binnie though, candy would be better



Woohee is acting too

would be cool to see them in one drama/movie together



they should exist but probably too far away from us

I believe in Simulation theory more though, out world is too weird to be real



What about the VR/matrix theory for aliens. It sounds pretty interesting



The theory says that before civilisations reach the technological potential to leave their solar system, or achieve ability to transmit signal to other galaxies, they reach a point when their Virtual reality technology becomes so good that they just lock themselves in it and stop expanding outwards, thus remaining unseen by other civilisations.

It's a pretty interesting thought exercise imo.



nice theory but i give it a 0.00001% chance of being true tbh



ah, I've heard it

dunno, sounds pretty dumb to live forever with your own thoughts, without exploring the real world

they should at least develop unmanned missions



Dunno. Imagine you could literally live out your life with your waifu have kids etc, without worries about illness, accidents, money, etc., just comfy laifu



That's most of our theories about space




just comfy laifu

it will be enough for some but not all, that's in our human nature, that's why we progressed that far


I (and thousands of people) would surely go to space given such ability

don't mix dreams and limitations of our current economic model



but instead of making it possible you fap to fancams

and many other people who could make it possible do the same




but instead of making it possible you fap to fancams

ad hominem, a lot of people do it, in my case it's a bit problematic because I don't have proper education and money, why would I spend all my resources on something I'm not good at



said the guy

don't you think it's stupid to confirm your theory with a single example? and even that example is wrong


it's lame to brave your inability to give proper arguments and discuss topics


I don't know anything about this topic

I just saw an opportunity to bully you a bit


also bro


ad hominem

are you from krautchan? those guys loved serious discussion so much




when you are always the bullied one

I'm not, but it sounds weird that you can get some sort of satisfaction from that



I just find it funny when you take shitpost about fapping to fancams so seriously and call it a theory




btw why are people saying it's their last comeback?

even if they disband soon it will be sometime in 2021 right?



>still thinking izone is going to disband

its their 2nd last korean comeback




still thinking izone is going to disband

who are you quoting?


I hope they won't disband but only because I don't want the Duck in Everglow


Starship won't let Wony and Yujin go

they are big enough to make it work, they already did it with the thighs girl and wjsn


Apparently there are rumors that companies like Starship and CJ are trying to grab Minju from Urban Works too


watch some T-ara fancams to kpop and chill


youtube recommends you some cuck shit





that would be great, she is my favorite member so I hope she will keep being an idol




At least I know which thread has the autists now

the answer is both



it would be rude if I told you why I don't want her

this is just my opinion and it's not rude at all



A lot of blogposting, not much talk about news and not much shitposting or autism duels

Basically a bit dull


shitposting mode: ON



question for a kpop expert

#4 is Apink's Hayoung

#5 Hyomin?

#2 seems like DreamCatcher girl

#3 Apink's Naeun? though I don't remember her in that outfit. Hani maybe?




which one is half-right?


you are asking not answering there, but it's one of the girls you mentioned



ah, it's Hani, written on the photo

#2 is DreamCatcher though? but I don't remember them

and #5 is maybe Hello Venus?




#2 is DreamCatcher though?



and #5 is maybe Hello Venus?

very wrong


tbh I thought those were easy af



maybe wait for someone else to answer

you're not even close


2/5, not bad though


#5 is Lovelyz or not? I don't have a lot of options left


didn't know it's fromis



hints for #1 and #5 since you got the rest right

#1 - absolute goddess, kpops best visual

#5 - it's a Sin to Be as based as her




absolute goddess, kpops best visual

that doesn't look like Arin


it's very easy to confuse her with Mijoo and some noonapop tbh


What the fuck are you guys smoking

#1 is obviously Yeonu



for Jisun it was kinda cheating for me, I already knew that photo


you guys were really bad

you have to look at kpop butts way more from now on


you got 1.5 right actually



your quiz is lame, it's impossible to guess Minjoo on that photo


#4 is obviously lovelyz since I'm seeing Kei at the back



maybe for Wizones, I only save picures of Minju and I don't remember that



oh right, didn't zoom enough to her nose



you are just mad because you didn't even get 50% right so you failed the k-expert test




famous Minju photos

so you basically suggest to learn exact photos instead of how idols look? that's a dumb advice



ah it's fine, I'm not an ass man and I don't follow those groups

I would score better for new groups



I think he says that he doesn't like butts

what a faggot


for me it's kpops from head to toes


who is this without looking at the watermark? from the thumbnail I thought it was someone else


anon, I left my wallet at the arcades, can you buy me a gatorade?



I was going to make new ones, but in a couple of hours



I think I know whom you thought it was instead



yeah there isn't a way to know much, except for her hair



people only guessed Hani because they knew the outfit

so it's similar


checking my pics, 90% of them include the face, the other 10% are just faces lol

I'm a face guy I guess



tbh faceless pics are rare

especially when butt is the main point of the photo, photographers get bullied for those


oh I found some



no but im depressed when i forget about this tab and miss out on fun talks

yesterday it was mostly dead while i was paying attention to it



it seems like you are complaining that this place is active

stop doing that




I've never seen this hairstyle from the back, it looks great



Mijoo, HV girls had the exact same outfit as on #5, how would you guess it



I'm an expert when it comes to SinButt


what is kchen's honest opinion on twice?

people on kpg love them or hate them and it seems there's nothing in between



both, love the girls (most of them) and hate the music; also, love their coreographies and hate the choruses in their songs



not at all, almost none of their songs

I thought Dance the night away was fun, but the trumpets were a bit annoying





not at all

heol, I thought Fancy was one of the best songs that year

but word I don't like most of their title tracks, they have some top tier b-sides tho



love the content but hate jyp's marketing strategy


never had any issues with my newish phone


class requieres the use of Zoom


phone is dying

god damn chinks


Yooa solo really made her climb my OMG ranking

I'm a huge fan now



it was similar with Lovelyz Sujeong but Yooa's had even more impact


gf just sent me this



I have two songs from their last album in my top 20 most listened songs on spotify

I think it was a very interesting comeback



really? I think it's the first Lovelyz album I didn't listen, gonna check it out



it's my favorite Lovelyz album ever

but it's nothing like their previous albums


tfw went down the stairs heading to the store to buy a pack of because i craved them, but i stopped, thought about my waifu and climbed back the stairs up



you should have thought about her before going down the stairs


I wish /mygirls/ had a cool mug like that OMG one



I wish I didn't wait for black friday to buy it... it was sold out already




its just 5 euros mate

Depending on how much you smoke that will be 20 bucks in 2 weeks and that is an album



okvit was offering free shipping that day, usually it's +20 for anything, even for the small yooa keychain



that's how I got omg banana's sweater, it was $50 plus $50 for shipping normally, but it was free that day



it's dark blue, and it has some monkeys at the front, and some really small bananas at the back


All these rappers want the clout and the life of being famous

I just wanna be stable, tell my family we made it




and some really small bananas at the back

if you ever go to brazil don't wear it there



based brazilian bro

what if I say "filho da puta" to everyone and pretend someone told me it means hello?



by an off-duty cop... my worst nightmare


are brazilians corrupt or why can't they become 1st world country?



she loves all her brazilian fans. brazil hwaiting!



her recent eyemakeup really improved her visuals imo

and her nice body



for me it was the inkigayo pics

she looked amazing



same but Giselle looks a bit goofy so idk about her yet



that was the firsst one for me, the side pic, not this one though

and then came that pic i posted and its been decided now


for me it's Stæekly


if Aespa doesn't win a show with Black Mamba it will be a bit embarrassing

even Gidle won a show with their debut song and CUBE is much smaller than SM



now i must watch the rest of the show


my wife's gf just sent me this




at least they can enjoy being at the bottom for a while




I don't Karina can be on top with those huge karinas


Karina looks like she would like to be on top tho


huge karinas and nice karinass paved Aespa's road to fame


i really like karina's talking voice



should I watch all of that? kinda want to but I'm not sure if it's cringey



ill watch in like 15-20 mins when i have dinner and report back




why would it be cringe

because of the fan interaction, but I'll watch it now


I can't like Winter after I found out the truth




why would it be cringe

all non-korean fans are cringe



the truth that's it not her real name?




I watched half forgetting it has subtitles lol

I did somehow understood Karina said she likes reading, and the other members didn't believe her




I did somehow understood Karina said she likes reading, and the other members didn't believe her


that was funny



I think that's popular with idols, saying they like reading. And it's always false according to their own members.



Gidle had an album with physical sales though



old testament is too scary

I will have nightmares


after hearing how softly she speaks, i dont think shes a bully anymore






Breast implants: what not to do after the first week


how do karinas karinas manage to look small in tops like that sweater that cover it all, but relatively big when she shows more? this is like the opposite of padding



yooa's dolphin dance break is more pure these days than in original choreo...



oops I'm sorry for even asking

ur right


ah, it's because they sound it like dada da-da-da, i.e. first two are very close

but yeah, it's 9




i slowed it down for u...





they sing the bold one as da-da, seems like lyrics aren't exact


are you trolling mate



after slowing it down, its 10

at some points 3 or 4 are really fast so its confusing



da da da da




I have seen people how talk slowly, but so far I haven seen a person who hears slowly



Fucking fat fingers on stupid phone keyboard


oh, no way, I think you are right >>520559

but it's really hard to hear the first da in normal tempo, it's really short


its midnight posting time



idk bro

they make me feel happy and calm, like ASMR without the weird talking



thats true for me too most of the time but sometimes it really hits me in the tfw zone



gooks are so fucking lucky

I will never hug a kpop


The stupid fucking delivery is taking ages

I want my pizza


i got a tfw no kgf video meme idea



Yes, as soon as I sent that message my phone rang

It was delivered by a guy driving a car with no branding of the service or restaurant on it and had some very tired/annoyed looking woman in the passenger seat

1920×1080464.35Kb00:02Red Velvet 레드벨벳 - Psycho @ReVe Festival FINALE






had some very tired/annoyed looking woman in the passenger seat

did you come outside your house to get your order?




i dont think shes a bully anymore

she looks like a cold person to me, I think she knows how to bully pretty well

1280×7202.91Mb00:09Dreamcatcher(드림캐쳐) 1st Album [Dystopia : The Tree of Language] Jacket Making Film #02 <>


they will get more when they win a show



don't houses in your country have a entry phone/house intercome?



10, but the first 3 of last 6 are really fast



I made it more than one year ago! they were the zoomer group back then


I would have used weeekly today




hmm that's the name of aespa's song

let's just wait until they released their own Ice Cream Cake


Shu is the biggest footfag in kpop



it took them so much to notice how lewd that was omo, pure girls


those spread legs...

590×5902.30Mb00:12[Full]WJSN X LieV - 우주소녀의 눕방라이브! <>


that show has so many omo moments

and it's live so it stays with us forever



no, read the rules at OP:


1. This thread is for the discussion of Korean cinema


korean cinema mentioned



you can't even see the feet




makes me imagine that she has huge hips

1280×5562.93Mb00:3015547560670550 (2)

k-action cinema is Bollywood tier



if someone like Nana is starring, it's probably some cheap B tier movie though


can't believe Pledis was able to kill two great groups like AS and Pristin

Rena was my waifu so it really hurts




I think I have seen some of those. Or maybe he was on some variety show like KB

He sort of looks like asian version of Mad Mikkelsen too



ill take that as he kinda looks like a korean chad and i agree both him and mads are absolute chads


Good thing I have figured out where I have seen him otherwise I wouldn't be able to fall asleep because of it


I'm surprised how high Everglow is



K/DA doing better than Twice




one of the members of GLAM tried to blackmail him, and she was sent to jail for that




what the fuck, why specifically him? hes surely an A-list celeb in korea



I think she was close to him in some way, but not that close