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I like anonymity so when I get drunk I can lewd your waifu and you won't know it was me and we will stay bros after it



Yeah, as much as you are kchanon #1 to #5

I don't care much about that, but as mentioned earlier, some people are a lot better at spotting it



there's no way we're that few. 2chen had about the same amount and now we have a lot of new posters. we're like dozen people here, r-right?



if you were one of the spotters you would know she's not



I am always the one to take the L in arguments with friends just to salvage the relationship so I am used to that



I don't mind all the weird stuff from 4chan, like lewding and calling them whores or whatever, but oh god they're so unfunny most of the time


i dont know who this OEC poster is but i like him for giving me these pics



they are usually funny the first 3 times but after the 200th time I want to vomit when I see them


thank you… sunbae, please wrap up the year 2020 safely, and in 2021, a huge cow will bring you good fortune.”

what did Seunghee mean by that...



The fact that she is top 3 most pushed LOONA member means she will have plenty of screen time and thus making you very happy



i think that's right, around 6-10 max



that idol ground show with Lippy made me feel good



more like 3, plus all my personalities


It was a low hanging fruit, but not gonna lie I am pretty proud of that one




give me all your money... wait, is that a cow?


as a footfag...



I think she turned into an arthoe dyke some time after the debut

she actually wasn't bad in like oh ah




I think she turned into an arthoe dyke

Is this why she is dating a tattoo artist?



she does?

sorry I don't know all the recent twice memes



It's not a meme. Dispatch made news that she is dating some tattoo artist guy and JYP responded with


IDK, it's not my business

Which probably means it's true


Arin is in danger if she is dating

she got really popular so Dispatch won't feel bad about reveling her



I don't mean Cub

but a the beginning of the year Dispatch always posts news about an idol couple



Oh yeah, Jennie and Kai in Jan of 2019.

Who was it this year? Was it Jihyo and that Wanna One dude?




Who was it this year?

not my waifu for sure



#2 im a shapester and those shapes are great



OMG has been doing pictorials with Dispatch almost every year, if any of them is dating they're safe





super spreader


we only have one rule here

dont talk shit about my waifu


what went wrong/right?



Is the reason snakes crawl into boots, because they are all footfags


Is Heej, dare I say it, a bit of a pabo?



why did she leave April anyone?

DSP had no trainees left?



i guess dsp wasnt planning on releasing a slutpop group so they threw her inn



maybe she was like Jihyo in Twice, training for so much that she needed a group or else would be a waste




Not a simp. I just acknowledge that people are complicated with good and bad sides to them and everyone claiming to be holier than thou is full fo shit



maybe he is abused by his boss and he thinks stuff like that is normal



Why, even people who are on death sentence have defense, she was just a bit of a bitch



absolutely based


defending her before she admitted to doing it was not that bad but after was just simp tier



and if she does, I would still defend her



its one thing to defend someone from being executed and to defend someone from being fired from their job




she was just a bit of a bitch


he insulted our precious Renny



That is the thing. I don't think what she did would justify what people wanted as punishment for her


time to watch some vlives of my pure and kind waifus

(You) me when the granny cunt talk ends




what people wanted as punishment for her

the things i have read.... the ways in which people wanted to punish her were quite something


Time to tidy up the thread.

Everybody get in line like Jitho and post qts



there's a funny picture of a dog waiting in line in one of those marks, while the humans are all together in front of the reception without masks



Jitho would never do that, because she is careful