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KPOPS, part 2


KPOPS, part 2


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someone asked if we would date jooe, she doesnt have good looks or a nice personality... what did you expect the responses to be?



we should all call each other jan now instead of anon/kchanon




if they did they would like a different group





people either wanting to pump and dump jooe



knees mean kneeling down and they get triggered because they are forced to kneel to the ccp



I think calling a celebrity uggo in your private conversations is not as bad as insulting a staff member face to face



nice double standards you have there

this is why no one takes irene haters seriously




nice double standards you have there


are you serious?




the guy living rent free

how is that even related


random thought but sometimes i like relaxing my leg/knee and wiggling my kneecap with my hand



this is the kinda thing you wont see in the other thread




she doesnt have a nice personality

how would you know

she might be a nice girl



from every variety ive seen her on she seems obnoxious but maybe thats her trying to make up for being the ugly one in the group




Joke so good the flop will ruin Anderson's career.


I didn't. I heard about the and found it funny. And thought this may be good place to ask.

Detention is still the best video games movie.



how's detention? i played the game and absolutely loved it but not sure about the movie


I love cute girls with kind personalities



chi knees is the same pronunciation as chinese



Jesus, Chinese are really fragile.


It is okay. The effects are somewhat cheap but the story is intact and it very well told. Good focus on the characters. Feels a bit like Asian discount version of Fire Walk With Me.




Jesus, Chinese are really fragile.

remember the Pooh incident



someone actually getting banned is extremely rare unless they post literal naked women



that's a freaking cute Rrrrrrrrrrrrromsae


international thread


on wood, instead of international board

Who would even defend this?



someone who posts 1 pic per second to flood the thread

usually they do it with something like gaypop or porn



it made sense back then

the international thread used to be on /int/ but they moved because of some coomer spamming the thread



there is no captcha here so a dedicated spammer can ruin the thread easily



she will sign with DSP and join April


october thread about irene bullying


most of the reddit comments actually realizing irene is a cunt and not defending her


thread from today with their performance


only one (1) comment addressing her being a cunt, its downvoted to hell

do reddit roasties really have that short of a memory or do they willingly forget it like drones?



starship buys over her contract and debuts her with wony and yujin



i thought he got banned quickly, makes sense that they moved if mods werent on him for a long time



everyone who dropped irene wouldn't bother reading comments about her



I think sane people just ignore RV now so only the reddit velvet roasties comments on their posts




if mods werent on him for a long time

there were no mods back then

I think he was also the reason we have more mods now



we'll see how many upvotes their comeback mv gets, if it surpasses the last title by a lot then red velvet lost nothing on that subreddit


why the fuck do you care what reddit thinks?


i was just curious to see if the very people you'd expect to turn a blind eye to the whole thing did it



Reddit has sociopathic tendencies.

There were some pretty messed up posts there when Mina tried to kill herself.

Most of 4chan posters are at least being ironic.




you will never meet minju at a your local mcdonalds after a gym session and fall in love with her at first sight


you will never keep going to the same place and order a meal just to see her


you will never get fatter each day and end up making minju be repulsed by your weight gain




local mcdonalds after a gym session




There were some pretty messed up posts there when Mina tried to kill herself.

what the fuck? i thought the nature of reddit's upvote/downvote system wouldnt let that happen unlike anonymity on chans




going to a mcdonalds after the gym



Kim Lip is my waifu


3k posts

make it 2021 edition


come up wwith a good OP title


KPOPS, 2021 edition


korean cinema general #2



It was mean in a different way. Not like "I hope she dies" or anything.

It was more in a weird detached way. Like nice on the surface but really strange implications.

Like you have girl trying to kill herself and they go like "maybe she is acting up a bit too much, she should deal with her problems alone instead of posting this things that are disturbing ME on the instagram"


Make it Mr. Kpops Thread



r/kpop is just full of female ifans that dont really care about anything that doesnt involve their oppars



reddit roasties being selfish, nothing surprising



i think mina had a bunch of problems and jimin definitely didn't help but it wasn't all her fault


I'm making a thread

save your memes