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more like kpoop


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Binnie's has the best shape but Arin shows hers more often, it's hard to pick tbh



Yooa's is nice too but you asked for the best butt



sorry for being late, but that was quite the revelation into the psyque of that anon



for some time, Jiho's butt was amajing but now I guess Binnie's because she keeps working out



when she lost weight her butt was the first body part that got smaller, sad!


I'm checking old OMG pics and I just realized they did a bikini concept



I bet they did

uncle fans are protective like that


Jane a qt

shame Arin didn't share food with her



miracles are really cruel


blogpost about geopolitics

just checked how many jews in Israel got vaccinated and I'm not afraid of the vaccine anymore

all the jews are getting it and they don't give any of it to palestinians



No vaccination is a great excuse to keep those arabs out of Israel, smart move by the Jews.




They also banned porn

for real?

I'm never watching porn again



i feel like i've overdosed on korean girls though




Korean girls are a better


those LeeHee Express vids are pretty lewd too and I keep watching them



I don't really know what that is but I guess they can't be anything extreme.



It is too complex of an issue.

State shouldnt be telling you if you can do it.

But also children shouldnt have access to it.




I'm not doing coke because I don't know anyone who sells it but if I could buy it at the store maybe I would do it just to check it out




State shouldnt be telling you if you can do it.

the "state" tells you how to behave every day, porn would be just another aspect

children shouldn't be allowed to a completely open device like a smartphone, we're barely getting into this problem and in the future it should be taught in school how to operate them


that's a terrible example



but probably koreans watch less p*rn than westerners, so the ban is principally working? ofc black market actresses have no rights which is a problem



they watch kpop, which make things worse since they get attached to the girls too



i don't think the average adult korean cares about kpop stars at all, they just coom to kpops/actresses and other hotties that are easily googlable. at least some videos in korea where they ask about kpops most people in the streets don't even seem to recognize their names...



depends on the kpop

when Jiyeon worked at a caffee for her vlog lots of people recognized her even tho she was wearing a mask



they're lying


arin? haha yeah, never heard of her thighs... what?


kids-teenagers watch kpop, adults with knowledge just watch any porn available on the internet, dads watch kdrama related stuff



tbh i wouldn't wanna admit to that stuff on an interview either...


Yves looked happy when Elly told her she watches all her fancams


if you have ucube check it out, dozens of new pics were posted today



like an Instagram for cube groups

funny thing that Gidle joined that new universe app, now they will post selcas on 4 different platforms


speaking of selcas

still no Everglow updates



unemployed and a bit desperate, that's my cue to appear in her life







you would be surprised

I saw single mothers who still excluded manlets in their tinder bios



being SinB's pants is a heavy duty job



i have been playing too, for most of the day



not much going on in kpop on the weekends


what vidyas do you guys play?..



true, but i'm not into those ghetto butts anyway, she just has remarkably flat butt. i'm more of a man definitely



i hate ghetto butts too but sometimes im disappointed that a lot of kpop have amazing thighs but fairly flat butts


Chuu is #15 in brand reputation ranking. Seems she is really getting people to know her



Karina confirmed better than Wintoh

I also find interesting how Arin is higher with someone as Hwasa, she seems to be a very popular soloist


such a pretty girl and such a nice picture, ruined by that awful smog




I remember watching some Battle Trip episode from europe and the kpops were surprised that the sky was clear