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K-pop thread for the month of February in the year of our lord 2021


K-pop thread for the month of February in the year of our lord 2021


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even she gets hot with silver hair

what kind of magic is this?



i saw a KB ep with her today and it reminded me how she's the most feminine woman



I have never looked at many of her pics because she is an uggo, but her nose here doesn't look natty here. Do we have som old pics to compare?




she's the most feminine woman

from all very true posts I've ever seen this is the very truest



her eyes look different too, she used to look really bad



she tried to arm wrestle the doy but that was like the weakest most feminine woman against the strongest lol



I really want to watch it but I have a severe case of k-variety burn out



i had nothing to do today so i opened netflix and went through some kb eps, i was really in the mood for it and the recent episode with tons of girl groups was very enjoyable


what the heck is this cross-over



mine does, the new episodes are delayed and come out a few weeks/months later but its really good otherwise, i think its also missing some very old episodes


the best one


it has two waifus I discovered this month, one of my main waifus and gowon

pretty daebak




it has one waifu I discovered this month, one of my main waifus, one of my older side waifus and gowon

its amazing indeed >>562403



the cute girls in school you will never talk to - the concept




it helps with getting a better waist and hips

I thought no one believes in those devices anymore



b-but, i have a lot of 2nd gen songs that aged well



i just made that up, i legitimately dont know what the device is for



Yeah, but a lot of them make me think


thank fuck we moved on from that



i only think that about the outfits, like the old 4 minute stuff, damn they really used to wear such shitty outfits lol

i even like the heavy autotune old kpop



you did that to underage girl????

police get him quick!



aahhh that song, yeah to me heavy autotune worked wonders in kpop and it was a style of its own then


oh no, it's "s" not "2"


sacrifice for the first win didn't work


la la la la la la

la la la la la la

la la la la la la

one two three four five six COMING



i come from the future, she gets featured with them on a stage on inkigayo 220102



yes and its one that i can accept



how are we doing?




if you dont recognize that ridge you are not worthy of knowing


lol same, the gfycat is better though, Minnie's face



maybe minnie did that to grab her attention so she doesnt bend over even more, but her slap ended up making the gfy way more omo


lol the show is reintroducing the global voting system next week

they literally removed it only for the one time dc went on there with this comeback



why is buying things so difficult? I bet life was easy during communism, now there's too much choice



He is one of those retards that are susceptible to buyers remorse




there are like 100 different vacuum cleaner models

I was able to pick only because only one producent was korean


i cant stop watching nanas dances


we want more woo!ah tiktoks


I hope she filmed something with Miyeon



I love Dami now



i hope!! wooah chads please enlighten us, idk their content



yes, she would be too good for me anyway