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Yujin looks like an adult woman

no pedo is attracted to her

t. pedo



I started this because I'm procrastinating


please calm down




my waifu is Moon Hyuna's daughter



my waifu is Haseul's 1yo daughter



as the father I have no choice but to challenge you for a duel





Is that the ultimate cuckoldry? Think about it rationally. You are feeding, clothing, raising and rearing a girl for at least 18 years solely so she can go and get ravaged by another man.



that's a cuck way of putting it, you're creating another human similar to you for her to enjoy the world and hit it, with rocket punch

I'm aware of the Pippin meme btw



so thats why they havent had a comeback lately



chill, I'll let you take a bath with her sometimes



seems like the only company doing things right is WM, waiting for Chaeyeon to debut a proper girl group with her, not rushing or delaying unnecessarily



oncels will have a field month thanks to this



we want to swap Lia for Minju



same but I kinda like the REMOVE BEANWIGA meme


Brave Girls celebrates first #1 win 1,854 days after debut


tfw T-ara had a 1,943 days long gap between their first after scandal win and their last pre-scandal win



this is a threat



I didn't even know Brave girls had line up changes tbh


only company doing everything right is minju's for sending her to live with me



don't click that link

there is no behind the scenes video there


I was really worried about something the whole day and it just got resolved in a very positive way

feels good bros



i dont know a kpop for this feel because this never happens to me

1280×720730.68Kb00:01TWICE "LIKEY" M/V TEASER <>




the good news keep coming


help, I'm too much of a chad, what do I do

960×5403.00Mb00:14160220 KT GiGA Legends Match - 우주소녀(WJSN, Cosmic Girls), Catch Me

the chad chink flip vs the virgin korean hand stand


"INTO VIOLET" by #PURPLE_KISS earns the Highest 1st Day Sales for a Kpop Girl Group debuted in this decade (2020 - 2021)

well if you put it this way



MeiQi aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh



highest grossing debut of all time for the month of March in 2021



I just want everyone to know that I liked them before they hit daebak



Stayc and Purple Kiss will pay for outselling Weeekly


I have to share this thought with someone but for your own sake do NOT ready it

I know you are curious but don't do it

last chance to move on

idk why but this pic made me imagine Yooa shaving her legs


I've been procrastinating for the whole hour now

I won't make it



imagine coping so hard that you are a lazy fuck that you come up with a fancy word for it

1920×10801.95Mb00:04210312 Music Bank E1065


I think they do laser and it lasts longer, should be monthly? but I'm guessing, I really don't know

I think that shaving looks like this, which should be done like twice a week


maknaes can get it

(love and support)



and I guess since they're Korean it's not a big problem

2160×38408.30Mb00:074K 직캠 OhmyGirl 오마이걸 아린 내얘길들어봐 청주 170506 Fancam-3mJAellkYto


based Arinbro

800×842531.58Kb00:03160715.OH MY GIRL Cut.韓ON! ファイティン!![MUSIC ON! TV]


the people have spoken

1056×1000775.05Kb00:02170730 판타스틱 듀오 2 오마이걸

1080×19202.81Mb00:03170518 오마이걸 아린 윈디데이 천안 백석대 4K OhmyGirl 04.58
800×9402.79Mb00:04170518 오마이걸 아린 내얘길들어봐 천안 백석대 4K OhmyGirl-5NgR2YE7AxU
432×7682.85Mb00:10arin p


there was an entire pastebin of kidrin gfycats


lovely dress mentioned



i have it saved as .txt but cant upload that here


lovelyz dress mentioned



like many other outfits, it's probably the right size but she's too thick