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slow comfy general


slow comfy general


six years together with OMG

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People probably killed them off with bread



there are bunch of ducks constantly wandering around my apartment building



just a protip

they are free, you can take them home


quack quack quack quack



Sometimes I really laugh out lout on my own jokes as well

I am proud of them even if nobody replies




you are stealing the conversation from the christian thread!!! those posts are their intellectual property!!!!!




I am proud of them even if nobody replies




intellectual property

Doesn't exist

t. Chink car company engineer





nah, they are talking about socialism right now



mfw I post shit like "nooooooo don't look there" and then save the webm/pic






nooooooo she's not for that!

mfw 5 seconds later



same hahahahaha

just kidding for the lulz you know, just banter hahaha



nah I prefer to read a good book



is that their debut? I did like their debut song since the beginning but I wouldn't say I was a fan of them right away



I need to finish mein kampf... I got stuck somewhere in the middle



a bit cheesy and maybe wholesome, but since I post in here I laugh a lot more IRL compared to when I browse kpg, like I genuinely let out sound


I sometimes randomly remember memes I've seen and laugh out loud irl while waking on a street or driving



I was once thinking about shitposting when walking up stairs in university and started smiling to myself

suddenly, there was a girl walking in the opposite direction and she looked at me

I think she thought I was smiling at her and smiled back



she was probably smiling because she remembered the last night with Chad Thundercock




I think she thought I was smiling at her and smiled back

that reminded me of that one time I told my then gf that some girl smiled at me several times during the week, and I told her that she was cute lmao



I walked past an asian girl today on the street and she was Nako-tier short.

If I had a gf like that I would probably bully her 24/7




Nako-tier short

and you didn't kidnap her?

you will never make it



based, you showed her how your desirability


don't be too sad about it, it happens to almost every relationship



Yeah. My bad I got confused since her previous stage name was Tae-E




61 on The Unit

I need to finish that show, also Mix9 to see how many nugus I can spot



I wish looks like international fundraising won't happen


Girl group STAYC's steady but powerful growth

based Netizenbuzz noona




Luna denies f(x)'s disbandment rumors

What the fuck

They disbanded like 3 years ago


Big Bang updates SNS profile picture with group photo including Seungri

I understand why he is persona non grata but why are people in SK always try to go full Stalin mode and act like said person never existed?



This is not even about him. I mean in general. Acknowledging that a terrible person might have been a good actor/musician/whatever doesn't mean you are ok with how they behaved, you just enjoy their work



eh i mean, from what i gathered it just happened in his club and the extent of his guilt is being the middleman between hot girls and rich guys wanting to do them, thats pretty reasonable to me even if prostitution is illegal, because i dont believe prostitution should be illegal in the first place...



thing is, bunch of thugs and shady business men were at his birthday party and he's claiming he didn't know they were there, so his position is to deny absolutely everything


putting a sleeping pill in her drink and...



yeah but if i remember the story well it just happened in his club and thats it, i mean shit that happens all the time in clubs and im not sure the owner is the scapesgoat for it


yeah hes definitely lying about that, he clearly has a lot of connections to shady people



Telling her to all the eggs when she wakes up



yeah thats you tho, the average normie cant do it on the other hand


Hitler sunbaenim drew som pretty nice art



from what I read he was only rejected because that style wasn't popular at the time



if he knows what's going on and doesn't do something about it then he holds some responsibility



Yeah. But they did tell him to go study architecture instead and if he wasn't retarded he would have realized that is a lot better paying job than being an artist



yeah true, kinda big if though

and also if he does, it is immoral to not do anything about it but if he stood up against it his shady connections would probably cut him off and take his business away or who knows


just right now I was laughing pretty hard at my own joke lol



I was laughing at your joke as well so good job there



Nah. I think his hatred for Bolsheviks and jews and the monarchy would have still prevailed



do you use them or are you a fake like arin who only shows them?



that's not that big of an if given his rap sheet. and you can say millionaires are looking out for their business when they do shady stuff like exploiting workers or the local area



true, maybe the books would need to be just slightly different


he started to convince his art teachers, then the whole school was under his ideal



He was debating random illiterate people when he was working as a builder. Little did he know, Hitler was a proto-Twitteruser