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Happy new year 12,022


Happy new year 12,022


Start the year bowing down to your queen

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I love the song, but the transition should have been slower, and if they wanted lore it should have been connected to the last comeback so the change would be expected and well received

they're still very young, they had a couple or more of the concept they had going already



glad you liked it, sounds very generic to me



it's about arin and even her live vocals made me omo


the video is actually mocking arin's vocals and everyone in the comments is bullying her... koreans are so f*cking savage



Arin was never a good singer, not sure why they're doing this right now. It's not like the video is particularly bad, she's just bouncing and her voice is cracking because of it. A Korean friend told me these are almost 100% roasties.


Me as Seunghee in the beginning.




But when aespa sings only with lipsync, they get mad at that....

what the fuck do the gook roasties even want

seems like they just seethe because kpops are 10/10 goddesses



definitely bored and mad at them, it's not like aespa has done anything wrong so far




it's not like aespa has done anything wrong so far





nigga I'm an incel

I would touch any (non-fat) female body


I got a new IP and it's site-wide banned on 4chan lol



yeah i would touch the heck out of that body


started doing yoga yesterday and now by back muscles hurt, though i did nothing but flail my arms around



you did it wrong, that's not supposed to happen, maybe you hyper extended muscles because you didn't feel you were working out





have you done yoga before? the downward dog pose or w/e is pretty intense physically



I did a bit, but the intensity should come from doing the pose properly for like 30/60 seconds; how much did you do? for me a 30 minutes rutine is very tough (not all routines are the same, some are to relax)

something I never managed to achieve was to control my breathing, since you're supposed to do big intakes and they're also supposed to be numbered; like one deep breath in while getting into the dog position, then a couple more and ending with a big exhale



I followed through some 20 minute beginners western yogabutt video, it didn't explain much at all about the breathing and the whole spiritual side of it. i was pretty knackered at the end of it the first time



yeah I also never followed the spiritual thing



Arin used: cuteness overload

it's super effective




I really liked Queendom 2, maybe even more than season 1 (just one ep. so far)


Yooa, Candy and Seunghee said that men and women can't just be friends non-romantically... Omo...


Candy insinuating that if I'm the only person left in the world with her then we'll have to do it...



what are you waiting for, that genocide isn't gonna happen by itself



i'm on my knees praying that God will send a deluge and save me and Candy


don't wanna to be that guy but it would be much easier to just r*pe her


Candy Pits is to respect and love



do you guys have female friends? I do, but since they're from school, the conversations are getting shorter and shorter since there isn't much to talk about

so I find their point of view very bizarre, I had a big group of friends in highschool, lots of female friends in a non romantic way



Not him but my best friend in high school was a girl. I am really greatful to her because she turned me from absolute autist into somewhat normal.



did you wanna bang her secretly? or maybe she wanted you. According to OMG this is how it must've been



based, on the first year of highschool also my best friend was a girl, she had a very pretty face but with punk clothes



also not him but back in those years, I had a very particular type, so it was easy to be friends with girls since they weren't my type



Yes but it is getting harder to keep up with friends in general when you don't live very close and have jobs.


New Weekly Idol with DC soon




did you wanna bang her secretly

Not really. Of course I thought about it in the hormone induced moments when your brain tries to convince you even fucking a hole in watermelon is a good idea, but I never really had a crush on her




Yoohyeon won't be there


Doni and Coni chads won't be there




kinda looks like a mix of Krystal and Eunbi







sculptor apparel underwear

she really has been sculpted, by the gods



nice! I only saw this in gif form and it was shit




A screenshot of Kim Garam’s old Facebook account was also uploaded along with the accusations. The contents shocked with the captions on her selfies that read, “What do you think of [having] sex [with me] today?”

OMO, I found my favorite lesserafim




She must have passed her school recently as she is 17-years-old.




already knows about s*x

it's over



that translation is very polite, more like "sex today, 'sup?"


I've reached a point when every "bullying" accusation makes me just want to strangle the cunt that brought it up


love bullying accusations because they turned gidle into a perfect group