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In an alternative universe... edition


In an alternative universe... edition


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i couldn't even point her out in the lineup of niggers in US music industry


the second one on the pic

she was also very hot in Don't Look Up



It's crazy that I knew her first in the Nickelodeon show Victorious, it's like seeing someone like Tsuki going to IU/Lee Hyori levels of popular in like a year.



kek in terms of popularity of course, and Ariana was cute in that show actually, she had her normal skin color



noice but for me it's the scream performance

it's the perfect hype song for festivals/concerts, crowd went wild



yeah, hype songs are great for this type of event

Hip is also a good fit




shame liking mamamoo is gay tho so I would have to pretend that I'm not feeling it






Moonbyul releases solo every 3 months and sells 3/4 of what Dreamcatcher does after 9 months break




we don't compare our girls with other girls, we just check if they grow comeback to comeback



Yeah, it is nice to see a steady increase. I always wonder how much of that growth is a result of Sua's work and her connection to Wendy.



I've been trying my luck with motion tracking and super scale, looks good I think


in awe at the size of this lass



we are "eurocucks" as well

and I hope your mongrel hordes will get BTFO by hohols


good thing I have my cope cage on so eurocucks can't hurt me with their mean words

900×10801.65Mb00:02[IVE ON] IVE 'LOVE DIVE' PHOTOSHOOT [-_L-LjW73G0]

no more Sihyeons


lame, everyone knows eurocucks can only suck usa's cock and do nothing on their own



just wait till usa sacrifices your little useless countries for their own profit like they did multiple times

japan's Lost Decades is a great example of that



USA is too busy shitting up their own country right now




japan's Lost Decades

yeah but under russia you have nothing to lose lmao



we call it the gypsy fair fight

20 vs 1




40% population is russian


usa lackey


those damn russians hungry for usa cock



most of usa thinks africa is a country, they have no idea either of those countries exists


dumb cucks will make America pay for destroying their greatest enemy


eurocucks are shitting the best thread with politics now

you better post more sihyeons quickly



and who started it you god damn nigger?

seriously, are you really that clueless?



euros didn't start this fight either


I didn't know eurocucks get so seethe after calling them eurocucks


says the sething retard that started it


nah, I just said those sihyeons are great



just two more weeks to flatten the ukraine



nobody on imageboards support their own government, except the eurocucks



post more laughing emotes and maybe I will believe you aren't upset




we haven't said a single thing about our own governemnts

are you so mentally ill you are seeing posts that aren't there?



at least it's good russians accept they aren't in europe



jackal made those posts directly in his head


last post in eurocucks thread


35 minutes ago

yeah, they're shitting the good thread now because their own is shit


it was him


i knew there couldn't be two people on this website that retarded


3 more shitposts

nice work, proving my point


since he started the government talk

this is the only time I actually support those faggots, they are using country we dislike as a proxy to fight our biggest enemy

this is some 4d chess shit



just look at facts

I just said here >>747485 that I like this thread

you started that shitpost shitstorm including pol memepics for 50 posts because you felt offended, because I was right



i don't care about my gubmint at all, i didn't vote them in, so whatever they do is out of my hands so i might as well save my nerves and not care




I just said here >>747485 that I like this thread

you can't even comprehend your own posts

i am really worried now

get help



they came here because they missed you

some guy in the other thread told me today that he loved your posts and wants you back



"eurocuck" made you seethe? so sorry...


why do they act like retards then? push & pull?


try to get away from him, these levels of density are dangerous




USA is le evil because... it just is OK??


10 minutes left


he still can't stop

damn, some of you are really mentally damaged